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Professor Wole Soyinka

Wole Soyinka

Wole Soyinka

in Conversation with Omoyele Sowore, Michael Mbabuike, and Okey Ndibe
BNW: [H]ow do you expect me to stay in a place where someone like this is not only in charge of the nation, but actually thinks that he alone is entitled to rule the country? And so, itís a really serious issue; it has consequences beyond the immediate issue of power....Chinua Achebe Foundation --- (BNW)

The Theology of Condom and the Choice of Life and Death

O. Chukwunwike (BNW)
Christ would have sanctioned the use of condom by married couples in the fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS. He would probably have asked which is lesser evil to contact a disease and.....

Obasanjo is Not that Desperate Afterall

Farouk Martins (BNW)
We know that many Nigerian dictators campaigning today would send out troops to force us into compliance. Never mind that it could result in suicide for them. What about the poor souls that will die with them? .....

Ozodi Osuji Weekly Lectures on African Countries #23 of 54: Guinea Bissau

Ozodi Thomas Osuji (BNW)
Guinea Bissau was part of the ancient empire of Mali. However, its contemporary history began with the Portuguese visits to the Guinea coast in ....

BNW: Biafra Nigeria world Writers A to Z

BNW Writers A-Z

Chinua Achebe Foundation
The Chinua Achebe Foundation Interview Series

Paul I. Adujie
Articles by Paul I. Adujie

Emmanuel Agu

Igbo Musicians: Their Plight and Frustrations

Mary M. Ajayi
Bob Ejike out with "Fiesta"

Odo Akaji

Papa Lerue Anya: Fare Thee Well (In Memory of Elder Eke Akaji Eke)
When Igbo Heritage Embraced the Catholic Arch Diocese: Memories from Odenigbo 2004
Okpuruka Gbata, Osukwu Gbata: All Hands on Deck!

Laolu Akande
June 12 Protest: Flag of Biafra NigeriaGambari not Worried
Why Annan Promoted and Named African Gambari as top UN Political Chief: Secretary General moves to advance reform of world body, eyes legacy
Controversial Adisa Dies in London Hospital After Auto Crash in Nigeria
The Udumeze, Ruler of Ohafia, the Mighty Warriors of Igboland, Reigns High in America

Ejiofor Alisigwe
Ogbanje in Sanskrit: A Poem

Jude A. Akubuilo
, Ph.D.
Jude Akubuilo: Rebuttal to Alleged Threat to Ehirim

Austin Alozie, Ph.D.
Nigerian Government Wages War on the Catholic Church: Bishops, Priests, Laity Targeted

Dr. Emeka J. Amanze
From the First Restatement: Of the Politics, Territories, and Sociology of Biafra and Nigeria - Issue: What is BiafraNigeria?
Your Constitution or your Republic - the Shagari-Buhari Paradox

Ikechukwu Anakwenze
Innocent Doctor Found Guilty Because of his Race and Nationality

Prof Chike I. D. Anamdi, MD
The Rot in the Nigerian Judiciary
Anamdi: The Light at the end of the Tunnel
The President's Wealth

Kevin Ani

Nigeria: The Last of Africa's pseudo-Federations
How Nigeria will Collapse: Some Thoughts on the Yugoslav Model

Emmanuel Anozie

Ndi Igbo in Ottawa Endorse the Anambra Council of Chiefs' Resolution Supporting Anambra State Governor, Dr. Chris Ngige

Dharma L. Appavoo

Un-sung Hero of Africa: Robert Mugabe

Kyallu M. Ashafa

Behold, Goje State!

Okechukwu E. Asia
Articles by Okechukwu Asia

Dr. Ndukwe Azuewah
Seeking to Succeed Senator Anyim: Dr. Ndukwe Azuewah's Senatorial Candidacy

Umar Bello, Alkhobar, KSA
Diary of two Nigerians

The Biafran Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS)
FOBP: The Future of Biafra Project
Nigeria: The Rise of the Warlord State

Gimba A. Bida
Open Letter to the Management of Federal Polytechnic Bida Niger State: What a Candidate?

BNW Staff
State-sponsored Harassment of General C. Odumegwu-Ojukwu: A BNW Editorial
BNW Face-2-Face: MASSOB Leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, Takes the "Hot Seat"

Renee Bridgeford, Esq.

Atiku Abubakar and the Mansion at Sorrel
Cultural Diversity in Nigeria: Perculiarities of the Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba, and Igbo

Ojewale Caleb
Nigerians are the only way out for Nigeria: Not Leaders without Passion for the Nation

Osita Chiagorom

Nigerians Living in Fear in China
Word of Advice to "Osita H. Olisa": A Repy to "Ndigbo, Ojukwu & Biafra: Where Did We Go Wrong"
A Reply to Oyeyemi's "Ethnic Journalism et al."
To Obasanjo and His Fellow "Tourists" -- Charity Begins at Home
A Reply to Professor Omo Omuruyi's -- Neither a Candidate Nor an Office Holder Be!! [1]

Okumephuna Chukwunwike
In Defence of Arinze's Candidacy

Paulo Coelho
The Alchemists's Universe: Articles by Paulo Coelho

Stephen St. Denis
On Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and Tuberculosis: Nigeria's Government Has Dropped the Ball

Dikando Wa Dikando
For an African Currency: The "Afro"

Aloysius Asonye Duruji
The July 1966 Coup: A Full Account and Chronology of Massacre and Mayhem

Fr. Charles A. Ebelebe, CSSp.
Save the Igbo Language

Ambrose Ehirim
The Ambrose Ehirim Files: Articles by Ambrose Ehirim

Kelechi Ehirim
Igbos, Wake Up from your Slumber

Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye
A Mother Like Lady Stella!
Anthony Olubunmi Cardinal Okogie in Conversation with Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

Aloy Ejimakor
The Second Amalgamation of Nigeria, under Obasanjo: PRONACO is why the Federalists always win, Part II
The Second Amalgamation of Nigeria, under Obasanjo: PRONACO is why the Federalists always win, Part I

Peter Ejirika
He that is without Sin should Cast the First Stone
The Legacy of Dr. Anthony Ukpabi Asika
Anthony Ukpabi Asika's Obituary

James Ekechukwu
Ekechukwu Straight Up: Articles by James Ekechukwu

Ifeanyi Geoffrey Ekenasi, Attorney at Law
Corruption: The Bane of the Nigerian Polity
Ojukwu's Exclusion: A Nigerian Affair
Count Ogbeh Out!
Does the Military Baron in Agbada Understand what Nigerians are Saying?

Nkem Ekeopara
Emeka P. Echeruo (1939-2002): A Tribute to a Pathfinder to a Generation
Tears of a Country

Dr. Sampson C. Enwere
Biography of Late Ezinna Chief Thaddeus Onyenze Enwere

Anthony U. Esealuka, Ph.D.
House without Foundation, Fortresses without Moats, and Castles in the Air: Nigeria's Decision to Acquire Fifteen F-7 Fighter Planes from China

Peter C. Eze

Adieu Nigeria!
Obasanjo, Nigerian Execu-thieves, and PDP
Does Obasanjo Really Mean Well for Nigeria or is he just an Obtrusion?
"General Olusegun Obasanjo:" The Greatest and Hypocrite and Deceptive President, Part II
Obasanjo: The Greatest Hypocrite and Deceptive President
Obasanjo and Babangida: The two Greatest Evils in Nigeria
Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo: "After Thunder Comes Rain"
Obasanjo is Igbophobia Positive
Obasanjo's "Broadcast" on War Declaration on Igbos

Chioma K. Ezeilo
Ezeilo Uncensored: Articles by Chioma Ezeilo

N. Ndubueze Godson, III
Godson's Common Sense: Articles by Ndubueze Godson, III

Aliyu Habeeb
Weep Not for Atiku

Ali Alhali Ibrahim
Role Model of a New Generation: Mohammed B. Bulama
Tribute to Late Alhaji wada Nas

The International Coalition of Igbo Organizations (ICIO)

Igbo Solidarity with Dim C. Odumegwu-Ojukwu
The Nigerian State Security Service (SSS) Harassment of His Excellency, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu: A Subversion of Clemency

Marshall C. Ifeanyi
The Church and Sowing of Seeds

Ikechi P. Ihejirika
Census as the Little Known Fact that Keeps the Igbo Nation in Perpetual Bondage in Nigeria

Ugwumba Irondi, Ph.D.

Orji Uzor-Kalu and his Determinate Flippancies
BBC's Souleimanu Habuba, his Lies, and his Partisan Reporting on APGA's Choice of General Ojukwu

D. Akinsanya Juliuson

Nigerians are a Lot of Things, But Failure we are Not
Nigeria Must be Made a Leader of changes in Africa and the World
What would Nigerians Change if we had the Freedom to Change Anything? (Part 1)
Be a Miller President Obasanjo, but Grind not the Faces of the Poor
Why President Obasanjo Must Choose a Route he can be Proud of
Why Nigerian Leaders Need to Learn from the Best
Nigerian Democracy Must be Made to be Admired
The Key to Progress in Nigeria Lies in Sincerity, Not Cynicism

Sam Kargbo

A Seasonís Toast for Bola Tinubu

Chido Makunike

Whites in Africa or white Africans?

Ifeanyi Malu

Paging the United States: SOS
Poem: To whom it may Concern

Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa
Articles by Farouk Martins

Rev. Fr. Eusebius C. Mbidoaka
Articles by Fr. Eusebius Mbidoaka

Odi Moghalu
Self-Determination of Nations
Biafran Gratitude


Nehlah S. Nchami
BNW Face-2-Face: Ohaneze on the "Hot Seat" - Part II
BNW Face-2-Face: Ohaneze on the "Hot Seat" - Part I
The Fleecing of Biafra Nigeria: The Case of Kogi State Governor Abubakar Audu -- Part II
The Fleecing of BiafraNigeria: The Case of Kogi State Governor Abubakar Audu -- Part I

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Uzochukwu J. Njoku
Njoku's Review: Articles by Uzochukwu J. Njoku

Uche Nnadi
The Ndigbo Attitude

Tobe Nnamani

Biafra in Retrospect: Still Counting the Losses - Part II
Biafra in Retrospect: Still Counting the Losses - Part I

Rev. Fr. Columba Aham Nnorom, Ph.D.
Biafra: The Bones Shall Rise Again
Hebrew Congregations, Others Grace Igbo Landing
Islam in Igboland: Lessons in History
"Freedom's Warriors: African American Churches and U.S. South Africa Policy"
Never Biafra?
4th of July Afterthought (revised)
Journey to Biafra

Amuzie Nwachukwu
Nigeria's Technological Advanement

Aham Nwankwo

Advancing Nd'Igbo in a New Century: Of Igbo Presidentists, econo-Politicians, neo-Biafrans, and neo-Federals
Probe: The Death of Igbo Society
Nd'Igbo: Of Leaders and Pretenders

Onyema Nwazue
Their Bones Shall Rise Again: Ndi Igbo in Canada Commemorate Biafran Victims of Genocide
Bogus Resolution of Ndi Igbo in Ottawa, Canada: A BeautifulType of Ineptitude
Contentious Resolution Divides Ndi Igbo in Ottawa, Canada: A Preliminary Report

Lawrence C. Nwobu
Ohanaeze and the Igbo Leadership Question

Ogbonna George Nwogu
Ohanaeze Ndigbo: From Teratism Toward a Rebirth for a Fecund Igbo Agenda

Uche Nworah
Nworah's Journal: Articles by Uche Nworah

Nnamdi N. Nwuda
Nwuda's Diary: Articles by Dae Nnamdi Nwuda

Chinelo Obialor, Pharm.D.
Alex Ekwueme and Babangida's Electoral Fraud Machine has IBB Found an Igbo Errand Boy?

Most Rev. A.J.V. Obinna et al.
Building a Just Democratic Nigeria: Restoring the Rights of the Igbo People

Nnamdi Obodoechi
Infrastructure and Development in the eastern states of Nigeria (Biafra)

Simi Obohwo
Nigerians in Diaspora: Are you Worried that your Kids do not Know Nigeria?

Oyibo E. Odinamadu (Mrs.)

Articles by Mrs. Oyibo Odinamadu

Ekechukwu Ogbah

Open Letter to Obasanjo: President of the Federal republic of Nigeria

Vincent Ogbudibe

My Very First Niece: Adieu Chidera Alexandria Nnaji

Franklyne Ogbunwezeh

Franklyne's Ratchet: Articles by Franklyne Ogbunwezeh

Austen K. Oghuma
That Attack on Dr. Julius Kpaduwa

CID Oguagha
Arise Biafra: A Poem

Nwachinemere Iheahuta Ohia
Enough is Enough for All Igbo Traitors: It is Judgment Day

Okechukwu C. Okeke
Why Ngige Must not Resign

Dr. Chidi Okorie
Where Are they Now?: A Review of the Music and Lives of Eastern Musicians and Songwriters of the Post Nigeria-Biafra War Era

Obinna Okoro
Militarization of the East and Delta
Between the National ID Card Figures and Registered Voters Figures: the Big Fraud
Political Violence in Ikwere Land
Deceit Begets Fraud! Fraud Begets Distrust!! Distrust Begets Anger!!! Failure to Control Anger Begets Pandemonium!!!!
The Whirlwind of April 2003 General Elections: the Spilt Milk

Barrister Uche Okwukwu and Nwamazi Obinna Okoro (CRIDO)
Political Violence in Ikwere Land

Prof. Samuel Ejikeme Okoye
Marginalization in Nigeria: The way out for Nd'Igbo

Sam C. Okudah
A Response to Sunday Olawale Fajinmi

Ifeanyi Omoregie
I Cry for my Country

Sowore Omoyele & Jonathan Elendu

The Ibori Clan: Their Game Plan
Independence Day Protest in New York by Nigeria Liberty Forum (NLF)
Obasanjo and Atiku War: Fasawe Arrest - Too Close to Call!
Bayelsa Governor's son cries out: "It is my father now; it will be Ibori next"
The War Against Corruption: Obasanjo Oily hands!
President of Vice: The War on Corruption and Obasanjo's Complicity
Potomac Mansions: Kalu and Atiku are Neighbours

Chibuzo Onubogu
Mr. Obasanjo: You had a Chance at Greatness.... Even Immortality
Nigerians in Exile
Who is Afraid of SolarinÖeh sorry Soyinka, Fawehinmi, Achebe?
It's a Poor Country: Isn't it?
The Emperor has shown his Nakedness, Again

Nnaemeka M. Onumonu
Biafra Movement - A Report (4): A Report to the People's General, Maazi Philip Effiong (Obong) - Putting it all Together
Biafra Movement - A Report (3): A Report to the People's General, Maazi Philip Effiong (Obong) - Which Way Forward?
Biafra Movement - A Report (2): A Report to the People's General, Maazi Philip Effiong (Obong) - Ideology
Biafra Movement - A Report (1): A Report to the People's General, Maazi Philip Effiong (Obong)

Henry C. Onyeama
The Lords and Ladies of the Pen: A Celebration of Contemporary Nigerian Literature
Chukwuma Nzeogwu: The Saint or Devil of January 15, 1966?

Charles O. Onyenwe

Nigeria Set to Plunge the World into Utter Darkness

Ted Onyeji

Farewell My Mentor: Adieu, Chuba Okadigbo

Eze Nri, Nri Enwelana II, Obidiegwu Onyeso
1005th Igu-Aro Ndi-Igbo: 2004 AD (Saturday 21st February 2004)

Victor Onyiliagha
Open Letter to Christian Ubah

Peter Opara

Opara's Mightier Pen: Articles by Peter Opara

Emmanuel A.C. Orji
Africa Shall Rise, When?

Ozodi Thomas Osuji
, Ph.D.

The Osuji Papers: Articles by Ozodi Osuji

Michael Ozulumba
, Esq.

Obasanjo's Christmas Scud Missile
Obasanjo vs. Nigeria Constitution
US Visit of Anambra Governor, Chris Ngige: Moving Anambra Forward
Pure Murder!: A Nest of Killers
Homeward Bound?: The Myths and Realities
The Persecution Against Igbos Continues...

Ngorom Peterside
Who Burnt Zik's House

Aigbokhan Prest

The Lawyer: A Platform for Regeneration

Aonduna Tondu

Tondu's Naija Chronicles: Articles by Aonduna Tondu

Chukwukere Uche, LL.B.
Biafra Lives: A Life Mission

Jackson O. Ude
The Abacha in Obasanjo

Fada Jon O. Ukaegbu, Ph.D.
Prayer for Biafra and Nigeria
Igbo Cultural Activism
The Dawn of Igbology
The Kola Nut: As an Igbo Cultural and Social Symbol

Emmanuel Ukpe

Dictators in Civilian Clothing: Letter to President George W. Bush

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