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September 27, 2006

The Struggle for Nigeria's Soul

by Collins Emeka Eke, Los Angeles, CA --- The religious violence in Nigeria between Christians and Muslims and other potential divisional problems facing the country will never end until we Nigerians come togather to determine whether we are really belong togather as a united country.

President Obasanjo has vowed that he will rather die than to allow a national conference to take place. This is Obasanjo at his best, once again mixing dictatorship with democracy.President Obasanjo is a leader who is unipired and intellectually bankrupt.

A leader that has nothing new to offer at the same time his stubborness does not allow him to accept new ideas from others. The president has no constitutional right to tell Nigerian people whether they should have Sovereign National conference, therefore we do not need his approval or his permission to hold such a conference. Nigerian intellectuals and like minded people should come togather across the country to determine the future of Nigeria at this critical time. Those who are inspired to organize and carry out violence acts against other religion seek to bring about a disintegration of the country. When 12 Northern Muslim States insist on having a different judicial system (Sharia Law), this represent a threat to the unity of Nigerian. I strongly believe that those 12 muslim States in Northern Nigeria want a Muslim state (country) were Koran is the constitution just like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

I therefore suggest that they should be given the opportunity to establish a muslim state, but as a different country, this can be done peacefully and has been done in different parts of the world peacefully. These 12 states cannot hold the rest of the country hostage simply because we do not want to lose a part of the country that contribute less than 1% of Nigerian revenue. It was the late Ayatullah Khomeini of Iran who declared that Islam and politics are inseparable he was right. It is high time President Obasanjo and other nonbelievers understand that throughout Muslim world politics and Religion go hand in Hand. There is no Muslim country that practices democracy because democracy does not function when mixed with religion. A muslim country is a country where at least 80% of the people are muslims and Nigeria is not one of them.

I challenge any one out there to name any Muslim country that practices democracy from Noth Africa to Middle East to Asian countries. We just cannot let Northern Muslims to continue to dictate the direction the country should take and continue to object policies most people believe are right for the country. They are oppose to Polio Vaccination, Identification cards, Presidential Zoning laws and many others. Their opposion in these issues are mostly religious based, not on any scientific research or intelletual thoughts.

These things are a major embarrassment for the country as a whole.The former Czechoslovakia is now Czech Republic and Slovakia peacefully, it can be done in Nigeria. What we need is a state by state referendum to determine which state want religious bbaesd government such as Sharia law. At the end all the state that want Sharia law will form an independent country and those that want secular country will form their independent country all these can be done peacefully.

Emeka Collins Eke
Los Angeles, California U.S.A

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Margaret Ekpo: an Agent of Change: 1914 to 2006

by Carlisle U.O. Umunnah (New York, USA) --- She was born to Okoroafor Obiasulor family a native of Agulu-Uzo-Igbo, close to Awka Anambra State—and, Inyang Eyo Aniemewue of King Eyo dynasty of Creek Town in today’s Cross Rivers State.

Her political career was by accident. She got married to a medical practitioner, Dr. John Ekpo in 1938. Dr. Ekpo had great reservations for British colonial administrators but as a civil servant his hands were tired and as such could not participate in the populace-movement then, in their quest for freedom and end British colonialism. For this reason, Dr. Ekpo delegated his wife to represent him in these political actions as it were. Margaret Ekpo did not disappoint.

Margaret Ekpo began to participate in only male rallies with the support of her husband. Albeit in the beginning, she struggled to fit-in into the political mainstream, mostly dominated by male activists and politicians. She was the only women in the early days of her political career. She observed the likes of Nnamdi Azikiwe, Awolowo, Mazi Mbonu Ojike, M. I. Okpara, Jaja Nwachukwu, and Malam Aminu Kano, etc, confront foreign-occupiers with fiery speeches relentlessly and, relentlessly, putting their lives on the line. She allied herself with Flora Azikiwe, wife to Nnamdi Azikiwe, Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti and others.

By early 40s or mid-fifties, she had made her mark. She was appointed to the House of Chiefs, alongside Olufunmilayo Bansome Kuti to the Western and the Eastern Houses of Chiefs respectively. By 1964, she has been nominated to represent Nigeria at the Inter-Parliamentary Conferences; represented Nigeria—in World Women’s International Domestic Federation conference in 1963; served as member of the parliament in 1960-66. She also served in many other consultative conferences on constitutional matters in the 50s and 60s and served in many other capacities.

She also assisted in forming many women organization for example: Aba Market Women Organization in Aba-Ngwa North; while, the husband worked in the famous Aba General Hospital.

As the British imperial-criminal-colonialism intensified across our frontiers so did rallies and protests matches intensified across the country against the British infamous policies against our peoples. There were many new carved out mottoes from the NCNC party Stewarts led by the likes: Nnamdi Azikiwe, Herbart Macaulay, Mbonu Ojike and others who championed the freedom causes using different mechanisms and tactics including: “Boycott the boycottables” etc. Margaret Ekpo had little education according to records. She made it to standard six. However, due to her love for learning by 1948, with this enthusiasm for education, she obtained her Diploma from Dublin Ireland on Domestic Economics.

She was detained for three [3] years by the authorities of Peoples Republic of Biafra [PRB] for unspecified reasons. According to insiders report, she was detained for security reasons. It was gathered that she campaigned for the Balkanization of Biafra, calling for the creation of Calabar and Ogoja States respectively from the former Eastern Region.

But her greatest accomplishment was the formation of Women’s organization using salt as a weapon to make women register into women’s associations. The idea if that, if a woman registers with women organization, she automatically had access to salt to make food for her family. Salt monopoly by women’s organization was effective because women controlled and managed marketplace. Equally relevant to remember about salt tactic was the Salt-boycott deployed during Gandhi’s movement against the British aggressions/oppressions against Indians. Salt was Key to dislodge the British. Its fallouts precipitated into granting the Indians its independence in 1949 by the British authorities.

Margaret Ekpo showed resiliency and doggedness in her political career in the face of many challenges. In her words: “Campaigning around the country as a woman was not easy. Sometimes, our opponents would send thugs to throw stones, bottles and sticks at us. Some of us ended up in hospitals, severely traumatized, and with injuries. Sometimes, we were inconvenienced by having to sleep on floors or in the open air. It was not as at all easy, but we had to do it so that women cold begin to enjoy some of their entitlements today. Additionally, she contested elections and won.

“I faced seven men in that election, including late Barrister Anyiam Osigwe. I won the election, thus becoming the first woman to be so elected in Aba. I held that post until 1967 when the war [Nigeria civil war] broke out. I tabled many motions, argued, and got some of them passed into laws. My accomplishments paved the way for women who were interested in pursuing political careers, and motivated them to do so with greater confidence.”

Today many facilities and complexes have been named after Margaret Ekpo including, Margaret Ekpo International Airport—Calabar, Cross-River State.

Margaret Ekpo was a pace setter. Margaret Ekpo an agent of change has passed on to our ancestors. She will be remembered for her great contributions. She is survived by family members. May her soul rests in perfect peace, Amen!

Carlisle U. O. Umunnah
Is New York Based Freelance writer

All Copyrights Reserved………….

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An Open Letter to a Fellow Nigerian

by Collins Emeka Eke, Los Angeles, CA ---

Dear Friend,

I generally agree with you on your critique of President Obasanjo's Adminstration except on the first two paragraphs where you appeared to give him some credits. Well, I for one can not possibly think of any where I credit him for work well done.

Obasanjo presidency has being the worst Nigeria has ever experienced throughout Nigerian history. I cannot imagine any area where I could possibly say that he has done a good job, none whatsover.The president is uninspired and intellectually bankrupt. A leader that has nothing new to offer at the same time his stobborness does not allow him to accept new ideas from others. Nigeria as a country is yet to prove to the world that we can sucessfully run anything including ordinary Post Office. Governments around the world adivce they citizens not do business with Nigerian or visit Nigeria. Nigeria is worst today than it was in 1970s, in other words we are going backward.

The president has failed to offer any reform in all the areas of government such as Law enforcement reform where Nigeria still have the old system of national police. On the judicial system where cases can be in the court for 10 years without being addressed and majority of the judges are corrupt. Where the Muslim North essentially have their own judicial system regardless of what the constitution states.

Six years of Obasanjo has been one of the worst Seven years of Nigerian history. Nigerian currency has become so devalued that they are worthless in the world market. The word Crime has become synonym to the word Nigeria both at home and abroad. It is now unusual for a Nigerian any where in the world to be honest about anything in life from the so called politians to ordinary Nigerian at home in Nigeria or abroad. Since the so called democracy came back to Nigerian four senators have being accused of corruption and none faced charges, yet we have police and attorny general, what kind of a country is this were people accused or suspected of wrong doing will be allow to go free.

The president's best friends are now some of the worst Nigerians you can think of today. A man by name Chris Uba from Anambra State who vowed to make that State ungovernable unless the state governor hands him Billions of Naira from State treasury. Now, with the support of Obasanjo who by the way is his in-law, formed his own militia army and order them to destroy the entire state properties and businesses.

Another good friend of the president is former dictator Babanjida. Who according to rumor plans to run for president and wants the president's blessing. Babanjida is a billionair who made his Billions not from his great business ventures rather from Nigerian treasury. The president, Chris Uda and Babanjida none of these people ever attended University yet they dominate one of the third world best educated countries, what a shame. Nigeria has now become a country where we have to listen to likes of Buhari, Babanjida, Abubbakka, Abacha, Chris Uda who by the way is a high school dropout, and off course Obasanjo intelligent ideas on how to govern Nigeria. Babanjida wants to be the next Nigerian president.

A president suppose to promise to obey, protect and defend the laws and constitution of his country, Babanjida makes a mockery of Nigerian laws and constitution. He overthrew an elected government Shehu Shargari, he refused to obey the wishes of the people of Nigerian people when he cancelled the election of Abiola, he refused to appear before in Oputa commission yet he wants to be elected president?. I ask you are these the image of a good leader?. People asked why are Nigerians who live abroad refuse to come home (Nigeria) and fix the problems in the country, well is because of the frustration of having to face people like Obasanjo and Babanjida.

I must tell you who I am. My name is Emeka Collins Eke. I am a political scientist and I have being living in the United States for 25 years. I have also written numerous articles in
"Africa Today" the magazine I saw your opinion page. My articles have also appeared in many African oriented magazines and in several newspapers around Nigeria and across this country the United States.
Thank you

Emeka Collins Eke
Los Angeles, California U.S.A

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September 24, 2006

“Shock and Awe” Diplomacy Confronts American Exceptionalism

by Ben Tanosborn (Vancouver, Washington (USA)) --- Forcing American ben tanosborn media to give front page coverage to what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez had to say this week from the podium at the United Nations – a very appropriate political closing to the summer – could be described as “shock and awe.” Truth was dispensed via a large syringe instead of an eyedropper and to many people that represents shock and awe.

If not the measured remarks on the unfairness of the UN by Iran’s president, what Hugo Chavez had to say certainly had a “shock and awe” effect domestically. Americans are raised in the belief that they are the possessors of unquestionable moral authority for the entire world because of their “original virtue” – American exceptionalism – in total contrast to the rest of the world who are born with the “original sin”… out of grace simply for not being Americans. Yes, it all started back in 1831 with Alexis de Tocqueville.

But “American exceptionalism” has been debunked as nothing more than a 21st century attempt to globalize the 19th century Manifest Destiny – a pseudo moral authority to annex much of Western Continental US, which resulted in kicking Indians and Mexicans out of both their cultures and their lands. Unfortunately, such Manifest Destiny, even with its Monroe Doctrine addendum, only covered “our rights” to the Americas, a puny hemisphere for a nation with an apparent galactic appetite to govern or influence.

Down to the nitty-gritty, American exceptionalism, whether a few generations ago or today, is not an iota different from what European imperialism was centuries past. And the idea that America sets the norm for human rights behavior, or even adheres to it, has proved to be presently, if not always, wrong. America’s behavior since the end of World War II has shrunk the idea of American exceptionalism to that of a self-centered, chauvinistic justification for Americans to portray themselves as a people they are not. Yes, Americans are different, powerful in many ways, but definitely not superior.

The bottom line as to what Messrs. Ahmadinejad and Chavez brought to the table is simple and to the point: peace and tranquility in the world are unlikely to be achieved with present international structures, such as the UN, which are unfair to a majority of nations and peoples in this planet. A product of the WWII conflict, the United Nations has only catered to the desires of the victors in that conflict – those already powerful – and not to the needs of emerging peoples – those who lack any power – and who are most in needs of institutions that can give them a fair hearing in their political, social and economic struggles. To these two gentlemen, whose thinking probably parallels that of most nations, the US brings forth a behavior counter to peace and tranquility… or even social justice. And driving that behavior is President Bush.

The preppy squatter living in the White House may not be the devil, as portrayed by Chavez, but indeed the trail he leaves behind, in both domestic and international deeds, stinks of sulfur and hydrogen sulfide. Infinitely more important than the odor, however, is the pain, death and destruction caused by his myopic decisions.

One surmises that Hugo Chavez spoke in jest to get our attention, and his point across.
The reality is that George W. Bush does justice to a common definition of the Prince of Darkness, and the association we have made with some horrendous historical people. Even a benign idiot crowned with an office of tremendous power, such as the US presidency, can cause insurmountable damage to mankind… become a he-devil. [I am convinced that if a devil does exist, it is not a she-devil, nor gender-neutral.]

Americans, whether members of the media, politicians of both fraternities, government officials or the public at large, have for the most part become irate to what they consider the impudence of these two people, branding them with demeaning and highly insulting names. [American exceptionalism is alive and well, and bipartisan in political affairs.]

Whether or not the truth made a dent in Americans, Ahmadinejad and Chavez gave a moment of glory to the disenfranchised many, whether nations or peoples, who aren’t offered a podium from which they can voice the iniquities they suffer. Mahmoud and Hugo, if for a moment, became their voice to the world… whether anyone listens or not.

Did these speeches bring diplomatic “shock and awe”? Not really, not when those who have the reins of power are heartless and shock-proof. But hope springs eternal.

© 2006 Ben Tanosborn

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This King is Stark Naked

In Tondu's Naija Chronicles by Aonduna Tondu (New York, USA) --- That the persona of the current tyrant at Aso Rock has been one big lie is no longer in doubt. As a matter of fact, amongst members of the intellectual class at least, only those who chose to ignore the ample and incontrovertible evidence as to the profoundly corrupt identity of Kabiyesi and his sinister regime can now express surprise regarding the latest revelations about the immoral and criminal activities associated with the doomed Nigerian presidency of Matthew Okikiolakan Olusegun Obasanjo and his confederates.

Today, in the aftermath of the deserved collapse of the fraud aimed at ensuring the perpetuation, beyond May 2007, of his imposition as supreme dictator, it is safe to say that this king is not only naked but also mad.

Madness and a resort to puerile, if violent tactics would seem to be informing the conduct of the Abuja ogre in his unedifying spectacle of revanchist persecution against the person of the vice-president, Atiku Abubakar. The abduction by the Gestapo-like SSS of Atiku’s media consultant, Garba Shehu, though hardly surprising, has underlined once more the pedestrian recklessness of the Aso Rock tin god. It has also served to reiterate the deeply troubling notion that the Nigerian presidency is peopled by unimaginative and grotesque types who are increasingly relying on brute force and coercion as a weapon for political ascendancy and relevance. The desperation of these Cro-Magnon men is frightening, to say the least, and Nigerians must rise and confront these beasts in order to help restore sanity to the polity. The unconscionable use and abuse of state resources by Obasanjo and his thugs in the likes of Nuhu Ribadu cannot be allowed to continue without a riposte. Col. (Rtd.) Dangiwa Umar has rightly indicted the witch-hunting of the dictator’s perceived enemies by Ribadu’s EFCC. Says he, inter alia: “As we move closer to the 2007 polls date, the EFCC seemed to have mobilized all its resources for just one objective: arresting, investigating, indicting and prosecuting Chief Obasanjo’s political opponents…

The assault being inflicted on the President’s opponents by the EFCC seems directly proportional to their capacity to win the seat if a free and fair election is allowed. The way the Commission has scampered into the wholesale arrest, investigation and indictment of opposition politicians, gives an impression that no crimes are being or have been committed by the president or his cronies and appointees. Yet, even the blind could see or at least smell the stench of billions of naira that are disappearing without trace through the president.”

Importantly also, those who seem to have only tardily woken up to the violent and unconstitutional ways of the dictator from Otta should be reminded that the sustained debasement of the Nigerian presidency by Obasanjo has been taking place since 1999, except that those who should have known better and fought against the lunacy preferred to seek refuge in the intoxicating regimentation of born-again apostasy and sectarian schisms actively canvassed by the profligate potentate and his henchmen. I will say it again.

Obasanjo’s atrocities are many and varied: The massacres of innocent civilians in Odi, Zaki-Biam, etc, the ‘419’ elections of 2003, the attempted coup in Anambra, the coup in Oyo, the destitution, at gunpoint of Chairman Audu Ogbeh, the erstwhile PDP chief, the rampant corruption at the presidency as revealed by the former Acting Auditor-General, Azie, the illegal transfer of state-owned assets into private hands through shady or questionable means like in the case of the outfit called Transcorp, unauthorized expenditures by the government, inflated contracts, dubious withdrawals from the sale of oil under the watchful eyes of the de facto oil minister, the born-again Messiah, etc.

It is one of those ironies that this usurper and wrecker of the Nigerian constitution (as well as its commonweal) should be trying to use national institutional structures in his sleaze-exposing duel with Atiku. As I have said elsewhere, Obasanjo’s actions are rarely imbued with a sense of rationality and the common good. In his single-minded obsession to avoid the day of reckoning which is fast approaching for him, the sadistic dictator is apparently hoping to use both his praetorian guard - the police, the SSS, the EFCC and perhaps the army – and the National Assembly to cage those he perceives as formidable foes in his ambition to either stay in power beyond May 29 2007 or at the very least impose a surrogate who will be willing to shield him from richly deserved retribution which should come sooner than later. What this means is that Obasanjo and his fellow bandits cannot be trusted with the organization of the forthcoming elections.

The National Assembly should immediately enact a law to insulate INEC from the temptation of executive tyranny and suggestion. Whether or not this happens prior to the elections, Nigerians must be vigilant this time around and refuse to succumb to the kind of unabashed rigging perpetrated by the likes of Obasanjo and his PDP in 2003. In the meantime, as has been suggested in other quarters, citizens should insist that Corruption Inc., that is to say the Obasanjo presidency, be thoroughly probed. The regime’s skeletons must be exposed. There will be a re-visiting , for instance, of the Pentascope scandal and the questionable sale of NITEL and other national assets. Also, Bode George’s tenure as chairman of the corruption-plagued Ports Authority as well as that of Anenih as Works minister must be thoroughly investigated. Above all, the books on the sale of Nigerian oil and gas must be opened in a transparent way.

A few months ago, Vice-President Atiku took a courageous stand against a deeply troubled despot who seems willing to further endanger the welfare of Nigerians in his immoral bid to hang on to power by hook or by crook. The National Assembly (and eventually the courts) should initiate a dispassionate probe of the presidency, more on account of the latter’s track record as an abode of sleaze than on the basis of the dubious report submitted to it by the Obasanjo side-kick called Ribadu. Should the findings of the National Assembly irreparably impugn Atiku, he will consider that as a sacrifice worth making for Nigerian democracy. That said, the pointless call by some individuals that Atiku resign even before any thorough and impartial investigation by the National Assembly is concluded should be seen for what it is, namely, an eccentric attempt at mischief. If anyone should resign, it is the dictator whose catalogue of crimes has been in the public domain for some time now. Obasanjo and his acolytes cannot be allowed to once again truncate the sovereign will of the people to choose their leaders.

In the same vein, it is absurd to claim that the vice-president is showing disrespect for the presidency in his response to the unwarranted humiliations Obasanjo has been inflicting on him in the last few years. Obasanjo further debases the Nigerian presidency with his crude hounding of the vice-president. Atiku’s belated counter-offensive against the coarse skulduggery of an unpatriotic and vindictive tyrant should be hailed as a necessary rampart against evil. Obasanjo has continued to desecrate the Nigerian presidency and he deserves a robust response from citizens. That the vice-president is at last standing up to Kabiyesi’s cowardly antics should be seen as a welcome development. Poltroons in the mould of the Aso Rock monster cannot be allowed to impose a reign of terror on the nation unchallenged. A word of caution: It is misguided for rival contenders to the presidency to want to capitalize on the dictator’s illegal tactics against the vice-president. The critical objective at this point should be to get rid of corrupt garrison-style politics as symbolized by the leviathan and his followers or allies in the likes of Adedibu, Chris Uba, Bode George and Ribadu. And as I did mention in my commentary entitled “Chief Ogbeh: Exit at Gunpoint”, there should be consequences, not just for Obasanjo , but also for his subalterns actively participating in the tyrant’s atrocities against the people. The dictator has committed treasonable offences and deserves to be impeached.

Aonduna Tondu.

New York
E-mail :

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Separation of Religion and Politics

by Collins Emeka Eke, Los Angeles, CA --- Recently the federal government of Nigerian sponsored a Christian Pilgrimage to Jerusalem a very dangerous precedent and possibly unconstitutional if any Nigerian care to follow the constitution. President Obajanjo Adminstration decided without pressure from any Christian Organization to officially pay for all the expenses for 12,000 Christians to visit Jerusalem.

For years the propponets of Sharia Law have argued that Religion and politics in Nigeria are inseparable and constitutional, Mr President with this policy you have made it easier for the supporters of Sharia Law to maintain this divisive issue. This year it is estimated that about 500,000 Nigerian Muslims will be making the annual Pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Legally, the Adminstration must equelly sponsor them by providing them with the same amount of money you gave to their Christian counterpart. I have recently discovered that various state governments have also involed in this stupid policy.

The very idea that someone in the government elected or unelected could suggest such a thing proves once again that we have leaders that are intellectually bankrupt and more importantly that we Nigerian either do not understand what democracy is or that we are not ready for a democratic government. Some of the best Democracies in the world are those that emphasize separation of Religion and Politics. President Obasanjo argued that Sharia Law is unconstitutional because the court involves in making decisions that are clearly should be made by the government and I and all democracy loving people around the world agreed, now he is involved in a policy that clearly run in opposite direction. Nigeria is currently faced with embarrasment of Sharia Laws which insist on sentencing women to be stoned to dead which to the rest of the world is barbaric. Instead of the President advocating policies that emphasis separation of politics and Religion he involves with sponsoring religious pilgrimage.

The question is can Nigerian people afford to sponsor yearly Religious pilgrmage for both Muslims and Christians throughout Nigeria?. We are talking about a policy that will cost Millions perhaps Billions in years to come, this is a very wrong policy. Democracy emphases a small government, that means not getting involve with private programmes such as Religion and business. Any individual or organization who chooses to go to religious pilgrimage should do so on his own time and money that is how it is here in America and in all Democracies around the world. Nigeria have so many problems that we could use public money to solve, such as reliable electricity, water and telephone these could create millions of jobs throughout Nigeria.

Emeka Collins Eke
Los Angeles, California U.S.A

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Impeaching Atiku and Obasanjo: The Constitutional Immunity Clauses

by Carlisle U.O. Umunnah (New York, USA) --- In the past recent weeks, the nation-state, Nigeria, has witnessed not surprisingly, reports full of inconsistencies, inaccuracies, illogicalities, and funds moving criminally from one bank to another operated by the duo: Atiku and Obasanjo and their cronies. With EFCC, dwindling each passing day, there is increase in credibility crisis at its peak at the nation’s presidency in Abuja, Aso-Rock.

In my view, this illegitimate fund movement requires an investigation and possibly leads to impeachment. There has been mounting calls for impeachment of these two men: Atiku and Obasanjo, for alleged improprieties this eight year. Nonetheless, I will not bother readers with lists of old accusations and counter accusations. Though, there are staggering misappropriations on both sides. These issues have their constitutional merits. It is therefore the constitutional responsibility of the National Assembly [NA] to set up ad-hoc committees to immediately investigate both the President and his Vice President over billions of dollars misplaced and mismanaged this eight years particularly the PTDF agency.

Constitutional scholars and political analysts have wondered what are the constitutional ramifications or implications at this time with respect to impeachment, as both the president and vice-president have constitutional immunity clauses that somehow shield them from being tried or prosecuted while in office. For these arguments, I have therefore attempted to draw your attention to:

In part, Section # 308 of the constitution to argue these postulations, and, constitutionally perhaps review the logic and illogic behind its merits and demerits.

Section #308:

(1) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Constitution,
but subject to subsection (2) of this section -

(a) no civil or criminal proceedings shall be instituted or
continued against a person to whom this section applies during his
period of office;

(b) a person to whom this section applies shall not be arrested or
imprisoned during that period either in pursuance of the process of
any court or otherwise; and

(c) no process of any court requiring or compelling the appearance
of a person to whom this section applies, shall be applied for or

Provided that in ascertaining whether any period of limitation has
expired for the purposes of any proceedings against a person to whom
this section applies, no account shall be taken of his period of

(2) The provisions of subsection (1) of this section shall not apply
to civil proceedings against a person to whom this section applies
in his official capacity or to civil or criminal proceedings in
which such a person is only a nominal party.

(3) This section applies to a person holding the office of President
or Vice-President, Governor or Deputy Governor; and the reference in
this section to "period of office" is a reference to the period
during which the person holding such office is required to perform
the functions of the office.

Section #144:

(1) The President or Vice-President shall cease to hold office, if -

(a) by a resolution passed by two-thirds majority of all the members
of the executive council of the Federation it is declared that the
President or Vice-President is incapable of discharging the
functions of his office; and

(b) the declaration is verified, after such medical examination as
may be necessary, by a medical panel established under subsection
(4) of this section in its report to the President of the Senate and
the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

(2) Where the medical panel certifies in the report that in its
opinion the President or Vice-President is suffering from such
infirmity of body or mind as renders him permanently incapable of
discharging the functions of his office, a notice thereof signed by
the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of
Representatives shall be published in the Official Gazette of the
Government of the Federation.

(3) The President or Vice-President shall cease to hold office as
from the date of publication of the notice of the medical report
pursuant to subsection (2) of this section.

(4) the medical panel to which this section relates shall be
appointed by the President of the Senate, and shall comprise five
medical practitioners in Nigeria:-

(a) one of whom shall be the personal physician of the holder of the
office concerned; and

(b) four other medical practitioners who have, in the opinion of the
President of the Senate, attained a high degree of eminence in the
field of medicine relative to the nature of the examination to be
conducted in accordance with the foregoing provisions.

(5) In this section, the reference to "executive council of the
Federation" is a reference to the body of Ministers of the
Government of the Federation, howsoever called, established by the
President and charged with such responsibilities for the functions
of government as the President may direct.

Some constitutional observers say NO, the immunity clause does not trump or supersede the impeachment clause. While in consensus, some legal scholars say no!!! The immunity clause does not trump the impeachment clause. Obviously, if an official challenged the constitutionality of impeachment proceedings, and cited the immunity clause, there and then, it falls within the jurisprudence and responsibility of the Supreme Court to determine the outcome or how the two clauses might be reconciled.

In this writer’s view, unwise outcome can cause untold damage to the national coherence as divided this state is. At this time of the nation, it could brew crisis if unwise ruling is handed down on and to the populace, which states that a power expressly granted to the legislature by the Constitution, to rein in officials who are deemed to have abused their offices and their powers as null and void, because it conflicts in some ways with grants of privileges to certain offices. Such a ruling will amount to a finding that some government officials are of course ahead or above the law which, in-so-far, have been displayed at various pedestals of this presidency.

Accordingly to Fubara David-West: “One can only hope that in jurisprudential practice, the immunity clauses will not be interpreted as covering only official conduct, which neither amount to a criminal act, nor is initiated during a period of an illegal political government. Also I do not think that these events will set the nation ablaze. In the end, the fire and its embers will probably burn both camps and their allied classes, while leaving the state's democratizing institutions as virile and progressive as ever.”

Apparently these views and others remain very uncertain as to the direction of impeaching the president and the vice president will land the fragile nation to. Some have delusional views as to what the outcome will be. Others believe that rather than confront our demons today, some wants the evil days postponed. By application it is even more delusional for men in power to think that the state is wrapped up in their individual delusional egos and nothing else matters. Culturally and politically, it is self-evident that cultural and political forces unleashed by the President Obasanjo without looking at his personal record in recent past, have done more damage to his credibility to lead the campaign on corruption. However-so, he might have set the stage to cure many political operatives in Nigeria of their cultural delirium, and lead to a fully “democratized polity”.
But with more exposures from Atiku, Vice President seems to be on the loose, there is no end in sight of exposing the president for all he knows about him for all to see.

Just today according to report from Akin Durodola, Abdul Musediq, Akeem Nafu and Taiwo Adisa, it seems Atiku is on the offensive. According to the reporters, there are more startling revelations which have made it to the airwaves over the controversial Petroleum Technology Development Fund [PTDF] account:

Vice President Atiku Abubakar remarked that out of $700 million realized in 2002/2003, only $145 million was released or reported to PTDF. And this is coming in the heels of reaction from VP, to Olusegun Obasanjo’s camp that there was no approval for the deposit of PTDF funds with the Equatorial Trust Bank [ETB] and the Tran International Bank [TIB]. The foregoing release was by VP’s Media consultant, Mallam Shehu, today, Sunday, September 17, 2006, who alleged that the President Obasanjo abused his office by withholding some facts concerning PTDF account. I guess at this point the pertinent question been asked is: Where is the remaining balance, since $700 million was realized during 2002/2003 bidding rounds but only the sum of $145 million was released to the PTDF?

Who used it and under which law authorized this appropriation sub-head?

Folks as you can see things have fallen apart as they are no-longer at ease. Other observers are calling on the Nigerian Senate and the National Assembly convenes immediately to proceed with impeachment proceedings. Dododawa at remarked: “Nigerian Senate plus the House of Assembly -- should convene immediately and stop this very shameful exchanges going on between OBJ and his VP. It is more like which thief stole more money -- you or me kind of stuff. It is shameful that the so called entire Nigeria actually claimed to have voted for OBJ in 1999 and of course what happened in 2003 if the stuff of history. The two houses should throw both of them out of office and immediately.”
Evidently, from the above commentaries and others it shows how the citizenry feel about the impact of this national and international shame; what it has become for Nigerians who have self-esteem, who live in the homeland and Diaspora.

Another observer added: “To impeach Obasanjo and Atiku now would mean that Nigeria will have to change that constitution first because the two are protected by the "immunity clause." They know about this before becoming reckless with our money. Without the immunity I should have supported their impeachment, and that would mean that Nigerian nascent democracy is strong. We cannot continue to be afraid of the consequences all the time. We have to take chance sometimes without minding the consequence.”

Friends, no nation strives for betterment today without risks, tasks, challenges and constraints unless utopia-nation, otherwise it is something else. This writer is all for immediate convening of the National Assembly [NA] to begin with investigation, and other impeachment protocols in order to dispose-with ones and for all the nemesis: Atiku and Obasanjo, to start with. They are total embracement. They are a national and international shame if they know what shame really is anymore. Impeachment will assist the republic reduce the damages already done to her; but invariably will not address the pandemic itself, the decadence and mother—corruption that have destroyed all known human values, ethics and principles.

Carlisle U. O. Umunnah
Is New York Based Freelance writer

All Copyrights Reserved………….

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How Dare you Criticize Nigerian EFCC?

by Collins Emeka Eke, Los Angeles, CA --- Recently several leading Nigerian politicians have being criticizing the methods Economic and Financial Crime commission (EFCC) is using to investigate and prosecute suspects in Nigeria. These so political imposters for whatever reason have being traveling around the country acussing this fine organization of violecting Human Rights of some Nigerians.

For example, the Governor of Zamfara State Alhaji Sani Yerima because he is under investigation for Billions of Naira he stole from the state fund, he is acussing EFCC of Human Right violation. This is a man who supports such barbaric and primitive act of cutting peoples hands and legs for stealing goat that worth less than Ten Naira and stoning women to dead because adultery all in the name Sharia law, but against investigation of Billions of Naira stolen by him and his friends. Another so called politician is Mr. Rochas Okoracha of Action Alliance party who acussed EFCC of selective investigation. Now, if Mr. Rochas Okoracha have evidence of people that should be investigated he should forward their names and the evidence to EFCC instead of critizing the only organization that is trying repair the image of Nigeria around the world.

All Nigerian Diasporas in the United States and Europe believe that EFCC is perhaps one of the institutions in Nigeria that is trying to improve and repair the image of Nigeria. Any one that have traveled outside Nigeria or that reads the news media around the world will tell you the state of Nigerian image. To the rest of the world Nigerian people are not to be trusted in business because they are involve in all kinds of International Crime whether is 419, Drugs and political corruption you name it Nigerian people are guilty of it all. The Nigeria EFCC is the only organization that is trying to tell the world that we can punish any one that betrayal Nigerian people.

Here in the United States we are (All Nigerian)are planning to luch an international campaign to lobby or pressure Nigerian on legislature to double the staff and the Budget of EFCC. We will also demand that the organization be given more power to move aggressively against any corrupt official or private person who engaged in ruining this great country. We want EFCC to deal with any one that makes a mockery of Nigerians laws and constitution. We demand that Immunity for politicians be removed from the Nigerian constitution no one should be above the law.

We are saying to Mallam Nuhu RIbadu, the chairman of EFCC is that help is on the way. We are willing to do whatever it takes to see that you do your job however you see fit and we will even support some compromises on liberies if it means removing corrupt people from Nigerian society. We were all shock to hear that General Babangida is planning to run for president. For the fact that this man have the gut to show his face again to Nigerian people is a classic example of how bad things have become in Nigeria. General Babangida caused more hardship and more damage to Nigerians image at home and abroad for eight meserable years than any one in the history of Nigerian republic.

The outgoing NBA president Mr Lanke Odogiyon is out of touch with the reality of the state of Nigeria. Obviously this is a man who have a different agenda and took the opportunity to criticize the EFCC in his speech to Nigerian Bar Association.Nigerian Bar Association under Mr. Odogiyon leadership has never disciplined any of his members. He is merely using the the NBA platform to highlight what is obviously his pervasive view of what law enforcement should be. Mr. Odogiyon wants Nigerian to be governed the same way he ruled NBA. Mr. Odogiyon have to recognize that EFCC is a law enforcement agency, its job is not to appease society rather prosecute any person that breaks the law.

Thank You

Emeka Collins Eke
Los Angeles, California U.S.A

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September 19, 2006

Justice According to the Vindictive Witch of Aso Rock

by SpinCity Spinoza --- The amala scientists are at it again. Their drums of injustice are again beating mercilessly against Atiku Abubaka, the Vice President of Nigeria. A few months ago, the same drums sounded furiously with Yoruba fists of fury, invoking all kinds and patterns of iambic voodoologies to effect their trance possession on anybody who disagreed with their blatant injustice on the Constitution of Nigeria.

They are at it again. Their deception demons are at work again. Their sound is again deafening, and the variegated tribes in Nigerian are again at the middle of their shameless ceremonial magic and sophistical sorcery. In the past, their slogan was One Nigeria according to their messiah. Today, their slogan has become Justice for Nigeria according to their messiah. But Justice has nothing to do with devilish sorceries and tribal psychosis. Justice obeys the laws, treats everybody equitably, and harms no innocent citizen with impunity.

For Nigeria to exist as One, there must be justice for all. You cannot have justice for all if one man continues to trample upon the instruments of justice. If the chief law enforcer continues to behave as if he is above the laws of Nigeria, then there can never be justice for anybody in Nigeria, including Atiku or you and me. Atiku may be your comfortable victim today. Tomorrow, it may be your turn to suffer the same injustice at the hands of the same vindictive and lawless chief.

Justice demands equity because without equity there is no remedy and without remedy there will be no justice. If Atiku is corrupt, so is your messiah. If your messiah is corrupt, so are his children, wives, concubines, Ahmadu Ali, Chris Uba, Adedibu, Anenih, and thousands of his killers in SSS and police forces. Justice requires that the laws of Nigeria be equitably applied to them all. If you must prosecute Atiku, you must prosecute them all. If Atiku must be prosecuted today, they all must be prosecuted today. Anything less is injustice and sorcery.

If a citizen of Nigeria has harmed the interests of the peoples of Nigeria, then he or she must be prosecuted by the laws of Nigeria. This is Mill’s Harm Principle as delineated in his “On Liberty”. So long as a man or woman is not harming any other person in the society, he or she must be left alone by the government because the government has no authority to abridge the liberty of a harmless citizen. This is the undeniable foundation of all laws under all democratic arrangements. The principle requires that all offenders be dealt with swiftly and justly, because by not doing so you would have harmed both the interests of the offenders and the interests of the society. The only purpose for which a lawful body such as the National Assembly can justly and rightfully exercise the power of punishment over any citizen of Nigeria, against his will, is to remedy past harms or to prevent future harms to other citizens of Nigeria. To use the power of the Nigeria government to censor or obstruct any individual from giving expression to his wishes and ideas will likely come back and HARM Nigeria, for as the wind blows, so do the views of justice/injustice and today's 'just' ideas will become tomorrow’s 'unjust ideas' and the censors/obstructers would likely become the censored/obstructed.

Can you honestly and in good conscience claim that Obasanjo is not a thief and a murderer? Can you claim that Bola Ige was not murdered by Obasanjo and his thugs? If you can not prosecute the crime against the Attorney General of Nigeria, then you have no rights to claim that another citizen of Nigeria has harmed the interests of the people of Nigeria. If Obasanjo can be allowed to enjoy an unlimited capacity and power to satisfy his egotistical cravings of harming all his enemies with the instruments of the Nigeria State, then you have no legal or moral basis to administer punishment to any other Nigerian. If Obasanjo should be allowed to continue to use Nigeria resources for his own private ambitions at the expense of the starving masses in Nigeria, then you must not hound any other citizen of Nigeria for whatever reason.

We are all predisposed to doing things that would satisfy our personal interests and desires. The rules of justice require that we generally do things that will promote the interests of the society in which we live because doing so helps to satisfy our own individual interests. By helping to maintain functional roads and schools and hospitals in our society, we are therein helping our own individual interests. If Obasanjo must be allowed to use our God-given resources to satisfy his own personal interests in his private libraries, private universities, and private farms, then you must not waste your time looking into his personal vendetta against his own personal enemies. But if you must allow the man the pleasure of satisfying his over-bloated ego and the interests of the people in his immediate environment while prosecuting other Nigerians, then you must know that you have unleashed war of all against all; every Nigerian has the same God-given power and equal capacity to harm the next Nigerian; everybody will be in a state of war with everybody else.

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September 16, 2006

Oprah’s Heart Glows for Girls in South Africa

by Odo Akaji (United Kingdom) --- Oprah Winfrey Recently, Oprah Winfrey visited South Africa. The talk show legend and philanthropist was in South Africa to personally interview the first intake of a Leadership Academy for Girls she helped build in Soweto at a whopping cost of USD40, 000,000. According to informed sources, this huge gesture was in fulfillment of a promise she made to the revered former President of South Africa, Nelson “Madiba” Mandela, on her first visit to South Africa in December 2002.

On that occasion, she had promised Madiba that she would put USD10, 000,000 in building a Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. She ended up spending USD40, 000,000 in order to get an institution with top-notch facilities that would translate her dream for the girls into a robust reality.

Oprah’s choice of the historic town of Soweto and her preference for girls from underprivileged background is quite instructive. Soweto was where children literally offered themselves for slaughter to the evil Apartheid machine. It is not surprising too that her interest is in little girls from disadvantaged homes. That she took out time to personally interview the girls meant she was unafraid of revisiting her own humble beginning, having come from a similar background and having been raised by her grandmother as is the case for some of the girls that would attend the Academy.

In a country where children are being orphaned at a very high rate by the scourge of HIV/AIDS, Oprah’s intervention could not have come at a better time. Little girls in South Africa are the most vulnerable group of those who are being adversely impacted one way or the other by the AIDS pandemic.

Again, it is good that this is coming at a time, when girl child education is beginning to attract the attention it deserves across Africa and the developing world. Hitherto, the education and empowerment of the girl child was grossly neglected, especially in Africa. Now, the tide is changing. And this is for the overall good and progress of the world.

In January 2007, about 150 little girls would have the opportunity of becoming the pioneering students of Oprah’s vision; Oprah Winfrey Academy for Girls. Everything in the Academy is free. The challenge the girls would face is to be of proper conduct. They are expected to work hard, be determined and focused and become really distinguished in future. It is hoped that some of them, if not all, would go on to the best universities in the world and there after become leaders of their communities, South Africa and the world in various areas of life.

The number of young girls being taken as pioneers may seem insignificant considering the number of kids in South Africa who need to be educated and empowered in like manner. However, the quality of training they would receive would mean that their impact would be greatly felt wherever they are found in later years. It needs to be stressed though that more of such schools should be established in Africa as there is a correlation between leadership and development. The continent remain in dare need of quality leadership and catching them young as Oprah has implied in this her pet project is the best approach.

Oprah has set an excellent example for the rich and famous Africans both at home and in the Diaspora. For in Oprah we have the most influential woman in the history of television who has already demonstrated by her credible achievements what a woman and an African American woman is capable of, not satisfied to give high value for money “motivational talks”, but she had actually rolled up her sleeves to spend from her hard earned wealth. Africans not just South Africans are grateful to her and would be waiting and watching to see who would match her very wise initiative.

Odo Akaji
United kingdom

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Losing Weight while Gaining Fatso

by Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa --- I love to eat and I get jealous when I see people who love to eat more than I do put on no weight whatsoever. Every little food I overeat shows up on me so I have to watch everything I eat. There are so many enticing foods that I used to eat, but as I get older, those ones, I can not even eat anymore.

If I do, it has to be very little and only once in a while. For the fact that I can not eat them as much or as often as I used to, it becomes a craving. But what the hell, life is not fair anyway. There are people with lots of money that can not buy as much food as they want with it.

There are genes specially made for food. Some on the extreme, who no matter what they eat, never register on their bodies, have inefficient digestive processing system. Some pregnant women can be easily spotted from a distance, of course if their belly is showing. I do not mean those ones. Women develop certain characteristic even when the belly is not showing. There are some that are heavily pregnant; one may not know looking at them from the rear. As soon as they have their babies, they bounce back into shape. But they hardly bulge in pregnancy in the first place. I am talking about naturally gifted women and men who can eat anything and the women even get pregnant and still remain in shape. Ask some of them how they do it, they claim that they work hard at it. Sure!

They are the exercise guru that come out and tell the rest of us how to get in shape. Please give us a break! What gets me is that, if they are lucky to be a celebrity, they come up with all these video about how to get in shape as if they have ever been out of shape in their life. Apart from a few that juggles back and forth in weight gains, these celebrities, physicians and exercise gurus tell the rest of us what they can not do in our skin. A Few of the actresses have been caught performing tummy tuck immediately after delivery of their babies. Working hard at it, eh?

There is nothing more profitable these days than putting up a sign as an expert on Weight loss. Unfortunately, the real experts in this area, Nutritionist, are the least profitable. We do not have to be a nutritionist to be educated patrons of weight loss programs. The most dominant profiteers are the actors, actresses and exercise gurus. Some talk show hosts and psychologist have joined the bandwagon. There is no doubt that celebrity counts for everything, anywhere. The physicians are the next in line, not because it is their field but because everyone listens to their doctors and by extension to physicians on nutrition. I must say physicians as many scientists, have the background in clinical chemistry, physiology and anatomy among other subjects in understanding nutrition. However, the nutritionists are the best on advice about what to eat.

Many diets have gained prominence including the Atkins Diet by a cardiologist. The end result of all the diets is that none of them fits everyone. We have all tried variety of foods and abstained from variety of foods with the hope of loosing weight. Many of us end up frustrated because we gain the weight back after some months. Some people cheat of course, but some of us who have held rigidly to the rituals also fail. What can be going on can be attributed to many factors.

One of those factors is how body regulates any food that we eat and turn it into fuel or energy necessary to perform our daily bodily functions. No matter what we eat in the form of protein, fats and carbohydrates, our body needs energy. Whether we starve or not, the most readily available food that can be converted to energy is carbohydrates. The next form of energy source is fats before that protein is converted. In terms of efficiency, carbohydrates are the best source of energy. In reverse to starving, the body can also store the excess food we eat from the three categories of carbohydrates, fats and protein.

The problem of evidence of good living, as we commonly say, is not necessarily going above our weight to height ratio. As we gain weight, excess food is being stored by the body for later use. In many cases, that later use never materializes especially for those who always have enough to eat and drink. This is where we have problems. How can you store what you may never need?

There are so many psychological and ritual attachments to food. How can we have our money and not be able to eat? Food is part of many ceremonies and the art of preparation itself can be sociologically fulfilling. Comparisons have been made between different Mediterranean diets, French and American diets. Apart from African and Asian diets that are very rich in fiber, which is now regarded good for the prevention of colon cancer, there are other many advantages. African foods are also known to be medicinal, as in bitter leaves, okro and other vegetables like “agbo.” The recent breakthrough, like many, made in sickle cell anemia drug in Nigeria came from refined traditional “ekrube”.

We generally agree now that over processed foods as in flour can trigger high triglyceride that is not conducive to good functioning of the heart. I have friends who have cut rice and potatoes completely out of their diets. Some opt for brown rice. But I look at people in Asia who eat rice with or without chop sticks (how much rice can those pick up?) everyday and they are not obese. The Irish, like everyone else made use of potatoes very well to get them out of famine. There has to be more than eating rice and potatoes to blame for obesity.

Protein diets has now lost the previous popularity because the body has a way of converting any food we eat in excess up to a point until it becomes a problem. The French are known to eat more fats in the form of butter than Americans and they do not have the type of obesity prevalent in American population. It has been postulated that the size or portion of European servings are smaller that that of American. The Mediterranean diets are credited for their variety of fruits and vegetables as the reason we do not see the excessive body weight.

I have come to the conclusion that the best diet is African. Before you call me biased which I am not denying, I think many types of food in moderation are the key to our problem of obesity. I will be the first to admit that many times our food in Africa can be monotonous. If we vary what we eat night and day, we may be able to offer the rest of the world a solution to this problem of obesity. Some of our foods are “hits” outside Africa if some of you had noticed at parties while out of the Continent. Moi-moi, jollof rice, peanut soup, edikaikong. We have other different vegetables; millet, gari and yams in different forms, bush meat, esi-ewu and beef. They complete all the needed ingredients and energy needs for healthy functioning of the body.

It is a conclusive fact that too much fat in the food will lead you to a cardiologist. Some people have tried vegetarian diet to stay away from animal fats. There are essential fats that can be moderately left unsaturated in the body compared to saturated fats that clog the arteries. The point I am trying to make about African foods is that they are not as finely processed retaining most of their fiber and nutrients. Same is true of Asian foods.

Another important factor about our diets is our behavior to over consume because of greed and availability. African man must feel fufu bulging through before his bellyful.
Are we really hungry for triple deck burger or all you can eat when we are out? We know we always deny that we eat too much, even when we do. Do we really need a guru to tell us that we have to exercise and be active, the primary reason we need energy derived from food? It may be too simplistic to say the less energy we use, the less food we should consume. We do realize that brain function as thinking, worrying and anxiety require energy. It boils down to what we overeat is what we see as Fatso. After all, we can notice evidence of too much grass consumption in a fat cow.

Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

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September 15, 2006

Support for International Protection Force for the Niger Delta Basin: Letter to Kofi Anan and Linda Greenfield

by Prof. Chudi Ikwueze, Ph.D (New Yourk, USA) ---

Mr. Kofi Anan
Secretary general
United Nations
New York, NY

Mrs. Linda Greenfield
Special Assistant to the US President on Security in the Gulf of Guinea
The White House
Washington DC

Dear Mr. Anan and Mrs. Greenfield,

Support For International Protection Force For the Niger Delta Basin

The Peoples Mandate Party (PMP-USA, is a Nigerian Political Party, whose mission is to facilitate fair constitutional rights, good governance and respect for civil, religious and human rights, as well as press freedom for Nigerians. Reports in some Nigerian newspapers have been brought to our attention, regarding rejection by Nigeria’s Government, of deployment of US Marines to Nigeria’s Niger Delta. We want to state our vote of no confidence in the ability of the current administration to provide appropriate protection of life and property of the people of the Niger Delta basin and other disenfranchised peoples. We therefore call on the United States of America, the United Nations and the European Union to constitute a tripartite international group to investigate the on going atrocities on the Niger Delta basin as well as other regional, political and religious crises that have rocked Nigeria, especially under the current Obasanjo’s administration.

As widely reported, President Obasanjo like his predecessors has responded with intimidation and brutal repression, to the legitimate demands of the Niger Delta basin peoples, for a political and economic arrangement that is responsive to their desire for sustainable development and meaningful participatory processes. Undoubtedly, the consequences of failure on the part of successive governments to manage the numerous crises bedeviling Nigeria especially the Niger Delta crisis are both local and global.

Despite over 40 years of oil production and $400 billions of oil revenue, the local peoples of the Niger Delta remain in abject poverty without even the most basic amenities such as decent roads, schools, clinics, water and electricity. Their rivers and farmlands have been devastated by oil pollution making access to food extremely difficult. As a result frustrated young men have formed various militant factions, resorted to arms struggle in order to bring about self-determination, and equity in resource control and allocation.

In recent times, these militants have stepped up their attacks on the delta's oil industry, the biggest in Africa and have killed members of the security forces, kidnapped and released western hostages and blown up several oil pipelines, resulting in global oil market shock waves. According to Nigeria’s Central Bank, these caused crude oil exports to dropped from 1,96-million to 1,85-million barrels of oil per day from January to February. This translates to a total of 51,8-million barrels sold in February, down from 60,7-million barrels per day in January.

The genocide in Anambra state-another spot on the Niger Delta basin, unsolved political assassinations , and the ongoing blood bath on Niger Delta basin states of Bayelsa, and Rivers are ticking time bombs beyond the comprehension of President Obasanjo and his hired mouth pieces; and if nothing is done to address the issues, Nigeria risk being plunged into a civil war with its attendant humanitarian and global economic consequences.

We therefore support and call for establishment of a tripartite group comprising of the US, UN, and EU whose ultimate goal woild be to exert their influence by compelling Nigerian government to negotiate with the peoples of Niger Delta Basin so as to forestall the ongoing disintegration of Nigeria.

Faithfully yours,

Prof. Chudi Ikwueze

Mr. Joseph Aralu

Signed On Behalf Of Peoples Mandate Party (PMP) USA,
Committee on Conflicts Resolution

Peoples Mandate Party (PMP)-USA
P.O. Box 91425
Washington DC, 20090

September 11, 2006

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The Making of a Nation or Disintegration of a Nation

by Carlisle U.O. Umunnah (New York, USA) --- There are lots of ramifications, courage, conditionalities, sacrifices, etc, involved in crafting a nation off of this situational landscape—Nigeria, for her to become a true-nation.

It is therefore an altruism that from the aforementioned conceptualizations, it is my considered opinion that the member-state called Nigeria is not yet a nation; but rather it is a geographical expression made up of nations-states—an accidental engineering that is trying to become a nation if all the stake-holders at stake agree[s], treated fairly and squarely. Otherwise, over time, it will practically and markedly disintegrate.

I hate to use Europe and North America as my yardstick or measuring benchmarks, for other nation’s challenges, constraints, proficiencies, capacities or lack of it thereof. Nevertheless, I will attempt were possible to reduce the tendency of doing exactly that. May I unequivocally state, that it is egregious, irresponsibility on the side of the feds to declare shot at sight orders inside Niger Basin or what some call Niger-Delta. These actions/orders evidently have triggered promptly indiscriminate, mass killings of our peoples; rapes, and other crimes against our humanity. This criminal behavior is pretty much alarming. The shoot at sight option does not by any means make a nation livable, rather such actions create chaos, facilitate the emancipation of more nations-states inside the bogus-nation, called Nigeria. It is this writer considered opinion therefore, and without hesitations—condemns this criminal aggression against the Niger-Basin peoples and warn the fed to stop its criminality against this people today or face unbearable consequences from the citizenry. I have in the past communicated via articles, that military option is no option; dialogue, diplomacy should be vigorously considered.

No institution, be it multinationals or any other in this category has a monopoly of violence. Violence breeds violence. Not even the Americans or Muslim fundamentalists in gulf peninsula can claim monopoly of violence, their military might, notwithstanding. There is limit to what these suffering masses can take. Iraq and Afghanistan is a typical example of these expressions of violence that begot violence. Make no mistake, given time—there will be increased and strengthened militancy in defense of peoples’ freedom to choose in these lands, which rightfully belongs to her, etc. An aggression against this people will, if appropriate care is not taken, escalate this war.

Under conflict resolution conceptualized texts, it is arguably believed that War is a necessary component toward making a nation, peaceful; correct me, under this argument if it is wrong with a rebuttal of your own. From ancient days, power has always belonged to the people. All that the people needs is consistent leadership for proper guidance to actualize their freedom from aggressors. It is this power concept that can bring them self-rule, freedoms, liberties irrespective of better fighting equipment were necessary which, would usher in true nationalism.

By 1776 America gained its independence from the imperial British powers in Downing Street—that shocked Privy-Council in London. It took blood and sweet to actually and finally win such engagement. Folks, I am talking about sacrifice, dedication and love for nation. French Revolution in 1700 through 1800 took similar turn for her to be free from foreign imperialism, including, German occupation if its land, after WWI & WWII. In fact, Europe as a whole in its revolt against oppressive regimes, that rapidly ushered in its nation-states, vis-à-vis industrial-revolution; supported by massive workers uprising against landowners/lords that made it possible.

In Cuba, the making of the nation in 1959 Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro butted, American backed Batista’s capitalist regime and ushered in a new Cuba. A new nation was born for its citizenry that enthroned work-ethics, character, love for nation, quality-education for all Cubans. These accomplishments have sustained her till today. Cuban doctors are in high demand in Europe, Latin America and Africa. Have you wondered why? Answer: it takes staying steady and principled and uncompromising leadership qualities to pull it off.

By 1927, Russians Stalin moved quickly, to butt-out Czars aggressions alongside landowners that oppressed the landless working people. However, due to lies and corruption in Kremlin, after 70 years of its reign it could no longer provide bread for its peoples hence its attended collapse. The people lined up all day without bread. By 1999 Perestroika and Glasnost under Mikhail Gobechav administration started a re-construction, a new Russia, that summarily dismissed party lords and finally Russians can make decisions for themselves. The collapse of former Soviet Union [USSR] became real because the people believed in themselves for change. Freedom to its different republics were unstoppable and thus emergence of Countries of Independent States [CIS] or countries with economies in transition. Liberty, freedom became the admirable singing platitudes at its platforms.

In our backyard, J.J. Rawlings of Ghana, and his colleagues made history for Ghana by cleansing her of looters that have pillaged her. Today Ghana regardless of its pitfalls is respected and can engage in technical matters, commerce and international trading negotiations amongst the comity of nations boldly, firmly with integrity.

In Red China, witnessed a sweeping takeover of the ruling blocs from its British imperial influence in its shores that contributed to the freedom and independent-States India and Pakistan albeit, some of them are still going through changes but there is rule of law in the land. India in particular is doing its stuff, and has resisted foreign dominance over its soil and resources. Its movement and choice became a primordial benchmark that launched her into nationalism. China today, has become an emerging economy, a rising sun off of Asian-Peninsula, which surprising over time will position itself as strong global-competitor, a global-economic threat to United States dominance, and squeeze its strategic interests in the global market-economy.

What’s the heck is wrong with ECOWAS countries or SSA bloc? In ECOWAS member states, led by the bogus Nigeria-state which, according to other observers, does not exist in real sense of it has dominated the SSA bloc. In reality, others argue that Nigeria, is a geographical expression of pseudo-nationalism that have corrupted the macrocosm of the small neighboring member-states, for example, Togo, Liberia, Togo, Sierra-Leone and what not. Those claiming and championing its [Nigeria] cause for nation-hood do not have credibility to accomplish such a herculean-task, so to speak. There is no better time, to call for a Sovereign National Conference [SNC] were all former regional blocs under the parliamentary rule as founded, stakeholders, and its smaller nations can converge to summit in other to formulate the direction, wherewithal, and benchmarks of good-governance, good-neighborliness to occur today. We all know that the so-called Nigeria-state, has never held any credible elections in the land; our elections are usually hand-picked elections before the actually elections take place, after-all. Both the parliamentary and Presidential systems are borrowed systems experiences. Nothing in that political space is locally engineered and those that want to promote local engineer technology and science capacities faces persecution and roughen up.

Curiously, as that is not enough, there is a machination by this current administration in 2006 as it continue to do thing wrong. According to insiders, data-statistical evidence shows that this administration is calculating—attempting by all means to impose on the citizenry a puppet-leadership to hid its seven [7] years pillages against the wishes of the people. We need to stop them now. Allowing them to continue with this fraud is differing the evil days which shall surely come upon her if rapid change is did not occur.

There is no reason to continue to post-pone the evil and wicked days which, shall surely come. Doing so is treachery and a disservice to this generation and generations yet unborn. There is no greater call than service to protect our children, women, and our seniors. Our commitment, dedication is needed now, especially standing-tall today to demand fairness, justice and equity are most needed today more than any other time for our peoples.

In conclusions, the making of a nation is not a child’s play; it is not a cake-walk; it takes bold sacrifice and commitment. If we need a better, egalitarian and viable and functioning society with rule of law in place without grudges, then we have to overthrown this present administration through mass uprising. Yes, we understand that many we go or die in the process but that is the prize that comes with building a nation. And by-the-way, of what use is this life if you have nothing dying for and become just moving corpses only? Our old people without necessary amenities, no pensions, no safety-nets, for those who have contributed immensely, they live in thatch-houses, slumps, and need us today to change their conditions; they need us today especially with the information that we have. Our peoples are languishing in man-made poverty, penury and deprivation while others live in their stolen wealth. We have to face our waterloo today once and for all for us to live a better life, in other to better the life of our children. Going for the precipice is the bitter pill but it is a better option available that there is to restructure these embarrassments we face today.

Feasibility studies, show that in the current challenges we cannot afford to shrink for if we do, history will not forgive us; if we refuse to learn from our yesterday and today by restructuring, rebuilding, re-roading, re-employing, re-educating, re-universifying, re-ethicizing, re-socializing, restoring the dignity of man through mass-mobilization and mass-participation then of what use are we.

A great American poet, George Santayana once remarked: “Those that failed to learn from their history are condemned to repeat it.”

Intensive dialogue not military option is a good start. The current arrogance and victimization of our peoples by EFCC, and its creator is not the way to go. The only left option is by fundamentally and logically following Constitutional options predicated on the rule of law; abiding, and following due processes as enshrined in the constitution is our possible and best option. Observing this foregoing will fall within the international instruments, which respect and support universal human rights for all, as enshrined in the constitution and as one of the nation-states that ratified the UN Human Rights Charter.

The current bogus-Nigerianization of other member-states inside this contraption, called Nigeria, as currently constituted under the criminality of the British amalgamation of 1914, without the consultations of the ingediginous peoples, would have gone down as one of the grossest leadership failings ever construed by man.

Secessionists and other freedom fighters are part of nation building and the making of a nation and must be allowed to champion its causes in the land freely without molestations, killings and harassments. The likes of Adams of OPC, Uwazurike of MASSOB, and Dokumbo of MEND, should be released without any conditionality and without further delays.

Today, in the United States, you still have people flying their confederate flags without molestation from other Americans, and were molestations exists, on infringes on their human rights, or violated, there is always a recourse in the judicial institutions that is instituted to redress in such matters. Folks, it is called freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.

For Nigeria to become a nation, the make-ups or the ramifications surrounding its delusional claims over other nations-states inside its frontiers has to be reviewed, re-examined, re-adjusted, and re-ratified for and by all stake-holders. At this 21st century, no region or individual or groups of individuals, no matter how powerful can impose itself on others at will without meeting peoples’ resistance. This is also called optimizing your options: self-determination and self-actualization. The making of a nation in a free-society, in a new world-order seriously calls for consultations and dialogue not militarization of our lands. Balkanization of nations-states’ territorial integrity, either by omission or commission will not be tolerated. Friends, nations-States, inside Nigeria-state, know its boundaries and have the options to opt-out or stay within such arrangement if they so chooses.

Other observers talk much about the new universal converging nations-states elsewhere, for example, some point at European Union [EU] or African Union [AU], but, these progenitors of such unionizations, do not understand the detailed ramifications for such convergence or such unionisms.

The universal convergence elsewhere could mean universal divergence elsewhere. 1960s continental Africa or Ethiopia does not by any means, mean 1960 Europe, North-America or South-America. These spaces and times have its different trajectories, ramifications globally; including their mass-schooling/educational needs. These variations can also be seen in each bloc economical and its military arrangements then, which, have different scopes, thickness and depths, rather than what the “big boys think”.

Different regions or nations-states can influence each other but cannot in totality control these different entities, geo-political and its economic globalizations at will. Comparing different global universalism as one and the same things is highly intellectual arrogance, erroneous, misinformation, egregiously outlandish, and grandstanding by any standard in this writer’s considered opinion. The making of a nation is a complex initiative that involves all stakeholders’ participation. Until we as a people realizes this phenomenon surrounding the hypothesis above based on consultations, dialogues, toward creating and making a new nation, Nigeria will continue on the part of failings, discredited score; backwardness, bogus-leadership, directionlessly walking the sliding rope of disaster, lacking the true-nationalism at the turn of 21st century shall be its portion.

We hope otherwise.

Carlisle U. O. Umunnah
Is New York Based Freelance writer

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An Illogical Trajectory: Kettle Call Pot Black

by Carlisle U.O. Umunnah (New York, USA) --- This paper will review; analyze the implications of immaterialism, and materialism that is facilitated, and predicated on human greed and emptiness. Perhaps this writer will attempt were possible to offer solutions on the present national-shame motivated by the rumbling at Aso-Rock, which, houses nation’s Presidency. Remember the upcoming 2007 elections and beyond.

May I remark that, in the final analysis, it is important to tentatively draw my conclusion, explaining what surrounds these con-artists in Nigeria based on their fantasy world of infallibility; the egotistic selves.

First and foremost, the biblical or scriptural trajectories informed us that during Christ earthly ministry, many of His great teachings were conveyed essentially on the law of retributive justice: what you sow is what you reap; that includes do unto others as you would want others do unto you. Remove the moths in your thick-eyes before removing the moths in your neighbor’s eyes otherwise great consequences follow[s].

In today’s Nigeria-political scene, Obasanjo and EFCC claims it is fighting corruption but uses selective measuring barometer to deduce that which, is not universally acceptable or I would say, that which is not nationally susceptible and plausible in respect to acceptable standards, fairness and equity. I do not have all the answers, but, one would hope that in all intents and purposes, Obasanjo and his administration would have acted responsibly, print their names in the golden books; unfortunately, his administration looked the other way. This administration has broken the law time and again, in disregard to nation’s constitution that were crafted under the military regimes, anyways. Now, clear evidence exists and speaks volumes at Bell University, Ottah Farm Inc, private Library project, and colossal properties inside and outside our shores, owned by bother-line ego-centric mechanized farmer-President, Olusegun Obasanjo. By omission or commission, funds for these projects were stolen from state coffers that were intended for public ventures but were diverted to personal ventures. This act is in total violation of the law. Episodes at Transcorp and others like it are evidence of misappropriations by this administration under the leadership of Obasanjo. Obasanjo administration did everything under the sun to impede, cover-up, these illegalities by deploying intimidation, bribery, coercion and brute political assassinations tactic.

The quest for power and materialism, were upped and swallowed by human greed and emptiness as exemplified in this administration’s contradictions, insofar. Yesterday they were friends looting together today, they are enemies looting separately. Who is fooling who? Obasanjo/Atiku feud is a national disgrace. Both men are just wrong. Both men broke the law by their illegal practices which they are now washing in public domains; some call it constitutional compliance but, I call it constitutional irresponsibility.

One would hope that National Assembly under Senate President Nnamani would do the right thing for the nation, by swiftly requesting for classified communications of these two rogues from state intelligence agencies and proceed with investigation that would lead to their impeachment[s].

We heard that money was wired from one Bank to the other. Admittedly, Obasanjo some months ago ordered, his agents at the central Bank of Nigeria [CBN] to action, they moved unapproved funds by the National Assembly worth over eighteen [18] billion dollars, Gani Fawehinmi and his legal-tugs did not see that as an impeachable offense, but sees Vice President Atiku Abubkar, money transfers at BNP, illegitimate. Whether these fraudulent transfers were illegitimate or legitimate, somehow they amount to impeachable offense[s]. Oh, have you wondered why there are no street protests these days in the west? What a hypocritical double-standards, talking with both sides of their months.

According to Daily Champion, Okey Onwuchekwe & Tony Ailemen reporting from Yola: “Lagos-based lawyer and activist, Chief Gani Fawehinmi [SAN] yesterday, called on the National Assembly to swiftly commence the impeachment of for alleged abuse of office; adding that Nuhu Ribadu administrative panel report indicted Abubakar of sleaze, adding that such alleged misconduct automatically disqualified him from contesting next year’s election. According to report, Vice President in a statement Wednesday claimed he received a letter from President Olusegun Obasanjo asking him to resign or face impeachment by the National Assembly.” Other observers report, culled that the said EFCC indictment were manufactured by Obasanjo’s administration to taint Atiku and his group's credibility. What is more, isn't this whole fuse about 2007 elections in Nigeria? Have we had any credible elections in Nigeria before now? They are money bags—cash and carry.

In my view, it is a Public Relations war. This PR war is between those backing Atiku, who argue in disagreement to the alleged indictment tabled by EFCC/Obasanjo as fraud and suspicious. According to report Atiku uses Habib Bank to track Obasanjo and his loot and the President’s men discovered it and now are not happy about it. Both Obasanjo and Atiku have insiders in government that does their dirty jobs for them. The suffering Nigerian masses know[s] little or nothing of these transactions and do not trust Obasanjo or Atiku. Things are getting messier my friends each passing day. It is a complicated and confused ongoing report. If my information is current, the development reveals certain aspects of wired funds. We have heard report of Bank BNP “wired” money to another Bank, they say Adenuga Bank—which, was used to finance the activities of Globacom, and Atiku deposited the federal Government of Nigeria [FGN] funds in the same bank eight months ago. But as it stands, how are we sure that the interconnectivity of funds which occurred in Bank are traceable to Atiku people, how was EFCC able to prove that indeed the funds were used for said activities of Globacom, was exact funds that Atiku deposited in the Bank and not the one dispatched and deposited by BNP? It is clear that both Obasanjo and Atiku are moving money around; moneys that belongs to all Nigerians against 2007 electoral charades. Both of these men are guilty of illegal transactions and must be punished according to the law if found guilty.

Conversely, it is indeed curious to this writer, about the time-line when EFCC indicted Atiku on a report of the Panel after Obasanjo, communicated the report to EFCC. The question is did EFCC ever conducted an investigation independently; contests or confirmed Obasanjo’s communicated content panel materials ahead of adopting the report? In a short space of time can EFCC indeed affirm and defend its investigation if indeed it conducted one, comparing the time-span of investigation and time-span of panel investigation?

In the meantime, according to report, as many of these questions linger on, the Advance Congress of Democracy [ACD] in a statement signed by its chairman, Media and Publicity Committee, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has urged the National Assembly to ignore Obasanjo’s request to impeach Abubakar. In their remarks, it is a considered opinion of the Advanced Congress of Democrats [ACD], that the whole idea of investigating an office holder, who has constitutional immunity and who on account of his office, has no proper opportunity to respond to all issues arising from such an investigation is inappropriate. It added that asking the accused to respond to the charges against him amounted to stripping him of his immunity as enshrined in the constitution. The party faulted EFCC on the findings of the EFCC which allegedly indicted Abukakar on the Globacom deal.

In this writers view, since both of these men have the tendency of moving State funds illegitimately, it is my considered opinion to impeach both of them by the National Assembly as Kettle cannot call Pot Black.

Where as this paper showcases both men as ego-centric and bullies, it also shows that the citizenry do not have all the details of PR war and must be on alert for any eventualities. Both men are obsessive-bother-line individuals that need assistance from their assigned healthcare-providers or therapists. It also shows both men are by application, in bad light as they have defeatists’ inclinations. They have failed the people and must therefore face the consequences of abusing their respective offices with misplaced priorities, choosing and projecting their selfish egos above peoples’ needs. Every public domain must be handled with care as it belongs to all. A misrepresented and misplaced power as we are witnessing are resultants of gross irresponsibility that results into massive misappropriations.

The results, lessons learned and continue to be learned is that the ongoing debacle between these shameless men is that man is fallible not infallible. Therefore, those aspiring for high offices, or to lead the nation must learn wisdom and humility in order to present themselves genuinely to the service of the citizenry. We also learned and continue to learn that no matter our positions, accomplishments in this life, whether it is scholastically, legal, medical, or other disciplines or fields, it is important to know that the great law of retributive justice will always catch up with us. It will come, knocking on our individual doors demanding for our stewardships to, society, and fellow-men and to our creator. Courageously, we will learn to remove the moth in our eyes before removing that moth which is in our brother’s eyes. After all said and done, the quest for materialism and immaterialism are swallowed by human ego, which, is manifested in human greed, incompetences and failings.

In conclusion, from the above hypothesis, it is evident that nation’s constitution is more or less a trash paper. The constitution has been in violation, since 1999 both men assumed office and beyond. It is therefore, my considered opinion that the National Assembly has history on their side if they follow issues before them constitutionally. It is an amazing opportunity to impeach both Obasanjo and Atiku and speedy up election 2007. The electoral engineering could be harnessed, by providing adequate funds to INEC to prepare the nation for the upcoming elections, if any. Another part of this paper shows that both men are ego-centric and have a misconception of what they are able to do. Both men are obsessive bother-line individuals that needs help with their medications. It also shows both men in bad light, having failed the people and must therefore face the consequences of abuse of power, via, impeachment. The resultant of lessons learned is that man is fallible regardless of his acclaimed invisibility. Again, those aspiring for high offices, who want to lead the nation, must present themselves genuinely for service to the citizenry. We also learned that no matter our positions in this life; whether it is scholastic, legal, medical, or practicing in any other fields, we must realize that the great law of retributive justice will always catch up with its violators. According accounting for our stewardships public or private must not be overemphasized. The quest for materialism is swallowed by time and space, greed and avarice. It would be gross stupidity committing the nation, its citizenry, to these ill-conceived, illogical, ill-prepared, constitutional-debates, wasting state funds that would have gone into essential amenities such, good roads, schools, hospitals, employments, and others like these, etc. It is constitutionally irresponsible wasting state funds on these discredited rogues and their cronies while, the masses can not have bread on their table.

In summation, the Great King Solomon of old, after revisiting his leadership dexterity, scholarship, his socio-economic and political influence, declared: it is all vanity.

Carlisle U. O. Umunnah
Is New York Based Freelance writer

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Nuhu Ribadu: Let he who is without Sin Cast the First Stone

by D. Akinsanya Juliuson (Great Britain) --- We all like to meet people who are all the things this society defines as perfect. Beautiful, brilliant, compassionate with a liberal dose of humbleness. When we meet this concept of perfection and over time reality dawns, what do we come up with? Damn! Not all the things I envisioned.

Something is missing we say. I must continue my search, and so friendships, marriages, work relationships often suffer, simply because of the temporary illusion. I am a very open minded human being, who knows he is but a student in this classroom called life, and believe me, I am learning and growing with each lesson that comes my way.

Man is such a harsh judge. We so readily want our own indiscretions and mistakes to be over looked, but seldom are willing to overlook someone else's. Why does it sometimes seem as if we revel in the chance to find fault in others? Is it because we feel better about our own shortcomings when we compare them to those who are more obviously flawed? Yet does this give us a right to pass judgement? In life, we must learn to be fair. It is not our job to right a wrong. It is quite sufficient for us to acknowledge that something has been less than ideal….and to do our best to avoid a recurrence. I’m now speaking of a time to forgive, to forget and to move gracefully, profitably on and that time is now. We must understand one thing in life, when we are angry, we hurt something in ourselves. Psychological self protection mechanisms come at a price. Like moats and drawbridges on a castle, designed to keep invaders at bay, they also prevent friendly visitors from dropping by.
The worst has already happened; the best is yet to come. That's true of the history of the human race. It's also a true thing to say about our nation. No matter how bad things get, they won't ever be as bad as they were once before - and no matter how good things have been in the past, we are going to see moments that far outshine these rays of hope and inspiration. Let’s for the love of God, keep that in mind today. As we look ahead we must be willing to embrace all the positive magic that tomorrow has in store.
In life, we can’t set anyone else’s boundaries for them. We can, though, set our own. We can decide what we do or don’t find acceptable and we can refuse to cross that line unless there is an exceptionally good reason. This won’t necessarily make us popular, but it will bring a degree of clarity to a situation that is rapidly growing confused. It will also afford us some protection. We surely need to feel comfortable and we need to be satisfied that we are doing the right thing regardless of how anyone else may be behaving around us. If we keep an open mind, we could end up believing almost anything. If our heart is open too, we reduce that risk. Somehow, we’ll be guided towards what’s right, even if we have become convinced of the wrong idea.

People judge us by what we wear. How we look. How we speak. What we appear to be doing with our lives. Or even how many resources we seem to have at our disposal. That should be their problem. We should never let it be ours. We should certainly never judge ourselves by these trivial tokens. Who are you inside? How much love, kindness, warmth and wisdom dwells in your heart? Look for this in yourself and look for it in others too. Then it will be very easy to separate the superficial from the truly meaningful. Even the Most High, said we must stop judging unjustly; but we must no longer be partial to the wicked, the hypocrites and the ungodly. We (Nigerians) must defend the rights of the poor and the orphans. We must learn to be fair to the needy, the oppressed and the helpless. We must rescue them from the power of the wicked, character assassins and the brood of vipers. Many of us would prefer to have a little less blind faith and a lot more by way of sensible strategy. There’s nothing wise, about jumping to a premature conclusion. But in life, we must learn to give crucial information a chance to reach us before passing judgements.

Half the books in the library these days seem to be about relationships – and how to improve them. We are always being encouraged to become better communicators, to learn to listen or to grow more adept at asking for what we really want. Interestingly, there are no manuals to instruct you and me in the art of being nasty to one another. That, apparently, is something that comes quite naturally, especially in Nigeria. So, too, is the ability to create confusion, controversy and consternation. 'Before you judge someone, you should first walk a mile in their shoes.' The true origins of this famous saying are lost in the mist of time. Almost certainly, they date back to a period when most people wore adjustable sandals. In these modern times of rigid shoe sizes, God! We could do ourselves serious damage by attempting this exercise. However, the statement is not supposed to be taken literally.

“They say honesty is the best policy”. They could, of course, be lying. They could only be saying this to elicit as much information as possible from an unsuspecting audience. Or they could sincerely believe the statement but be deluded as to the nature of honesty. Something needs to change in Nigeria. That's indisputable. There is no debate about what has to alter, but there is a reason to discuss the method by which we alter it. Tiresome though it may be to go over everything with a fine toothcomb and consider all those ifs, buts, maybes and could-be's, the process is necessary. We have to be sure we are doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons. We won't know that till we have explored all the permutations, weighed up all the options and dispelled all the doubts.

'The truth will set you free’ so they say.' That, though, is not everyone's experience. Some people find that candour gets them into an awful lot of trouble. It's a bit like saying that a key will open a lock. It will, but that same key will also close it. Much depends on how it is used and which way it is turned. Lies, though, never liberate anyone. The most they ever do is help us trade a small amount of trouble today, for a whole load more in the future. Most people are extremely selective with the truth. They see things from their own point of view, not the viewpoint of others. If they do look beyond this, it is with the intention of supplying misleading information. Life’s only sensible option is to play it straight and avoid playing politics with Nigerians lives. If we play it safe we can make many gains.

Honesty is not the best policy in Nigeria of today. Sensitivity is. Some people are born insensitive, some achieve insensitivity and others have insensitivity thrust upon them. This is not the right quotation. But I am sure we all know why I make that remark now. We are dealing with several silly someones, several brood of vipers. If only we had a thick skin, a thick hide, this would be fine. But no matter how heartless, careless or callous the people around us may choose to be, we can and must summon no such quality. Does this make us vulnerable? No, it makes us wonderful.

Moral authority in Nigeria should be measured against shared standards of human rights, democracy and rule of law. To hoist the flag of freedom in our country and ask that others follow our lead is to invite deliberation. Serious discussion of the ideas and policies we choose to advance. Free men and women of this great nation do not simply salute and fall in line, No! Free people ask by what authority, on what evidence, by what right do you ask me to hear and heed your policy prescription for our nation’s ills? Our response to those fair questions cannot be slogans and brands. Effective public diplomacy in Nigeria requires respectful dialogue and vigorous engagement at the level of ideas. Let’s all think about that today.

If the truth is a sword, secrecy is a shield. There is a time and a place for both. In life, we must learn not to tell everything to everybody. We must understand and remember that discretion is not just about our choice of words, but about finding the right moment to deliver them. Certain things can remain veiled forever. There is no harm in this. Other matters, though, must be openly and honestly expressed. As we set about identifying the difference, we must be guided by our deepest instincts and ignore the pressures of both convention and obligation.

Like I said before, we don’t win arguments by shouting the loudest – or by taking back our bat and ball and refusing to play any more. We win by being wise, being responsible; by standing back, holding back, thinking carefully and choosing our words well. If we really want to win, we transcend our fear of losing. We give way when we can and seek compromise rather than conflict. Hollow victories are easily attainable. But meaningful agreements, while it may be more difficult to arrive at, always prove infinitely more rewarding. If we are certain of something, let’s stick with it. If we are unsure, let’s not pretend otherwise. Though others seem to look up to us more when we look as if we know what we are doing, it’s a false comfort if secretly we have no clue at all. But as long as we just keep doing what needs to be done, we will make the right kind of progress. Sometimes, though, we find it much easier to do what doesn’t need to be done. Distractions excite us. Irrelevances attract us. All alternatives, no matter how empty, seem more appealing than the task in hand. We must learn to face our fear. Overcome our inertia. Make our effort. To our surprise and delight, we will find that the further we go down seemingly difficult road, the easier and more enjoyable our progress becomes.

If we didn't have friends, we couldn't have enemies. We'd have nobody to fall out with - nobody to disappoint or to feel let down by. Who would we do favours? Who could we go out of our way to help? Who could we share our secrets with? Who would we have to blame when those secrets were then passed on to someone else? Friendship is a mixed blessing - but then so is wealth. The problems it brings are, by and large, worth having. In life I believe many people have covered enough ground to be very wary of this human race. Even when your spirit feels like yielding in trust, your mind says…perhaps not. I know most people, even with the best intentions are still at the end of the day only human and humans make many mistakes, but trust me, those who are most vulnerable...have much more to lose.

Trust is an easy thing to talk about and difficult thing to feel. With the ability to trust and love deeply comes the greatest fragility. To shatter into a thousand pieces and find it very difficult to put each piece back in place. Even then the glass is never the same. So it’s always wise to tread very carefully through this life of ours. I do not blame or criticize, I always love to tell it as it is...for in this life, many of us have encountered many wolves who do not even yet know they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, many rogues in royal robes and many apostles and punching preachers from who knows where?. They become greatly offended when you inform them of their rapacious nature.

They go far out of their way to show you, to proof to you, to convince you that...Hey! I am a sheep, can you not see my humble passive nature? Then, the mind begins to overrule the spirit, which more than anything recognizes exactly what it feels. The eyes and other senses convince the mind...yes this is a sheep. It is only when the true nature of the wolf, the hyena, the leviathan reveals itself that the spirit is able to break free and scream....why on earth do you never listen to me mind? I tell you this today, there is always someone standing out there with a noose waiting to put it around your neck, but the question we all need to ask more often than not is, who knows who? Nigeria we hail thee, our own dear native land. Though tribe and tongue may differ in brotherhood we stand…..In brotherhood we stand? Oh Lord! Please give us a sign.

We spend a lot of time worrying about whether we are getting things wrong. We dwell on the mistakes we feel we have made and further errors that these in turn may be leading us to. Things have a way of turning out well, even when they have recently turned out badly. That's certainly the case in Nigeria. Let’s look back and give thanks to the Lord for some of the lucky breaks we have enjoyed and give glory to the Lord Almighty for blessing us with few unique leaders who are at least trying their possible best to make our blessed country the best and a nation no longer deserted. Now, let’s be hopeful and look forward. I surely believe there's something good ahead for the righteous in this country and by God 2007 will be a year of restoration, with brand new generation of God fearing leaders and brand new political agenda.

D.Akinsanya Juliuson
Diplomacy Practitioner and Specialist Investigator
United Kingdom

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September 11, 2006

Is there any Reason why a Biafrian can't be President?

by Fabian K. Ekeanyanwu (Pennsylvania, USA) --- The answer to this question I am afraid to say is a resounding yes. Did any one ask for the reason? The reason is simple..... us. History has shown that the Igbo man is his own worst enemy. Starting from the time we were involved in the civil war with Nigeria till the present dispensation.

The likes of Ifeajuna and Nzeribe have continually shown that the Igbo man can be bought. What bothers me more than any thing else is that these men have the shameless boldness to parade themselves as leaders in their respective communities. Since the advent of what may not pass as democracy in the civilized world our people have been electing selfish and greedy fools to the national assembly even to the state houses. when I look at the state of the Biafran nation and those piloting its affairs I weep for the unborn generations.

It is disheartening that almost all our elected officials supported the ill feted third term for OBJ irrespective of the fact that the people they are supposed to be representing did not approve. Yet they have started making noises about re-election and aspiration for higher office. In my opinion. the time to throw out the brain dead fools have come. I don’t know who died and left them in charge. At times like this I remember with pride the job the the late Chief Mbakwe did for the people of Imo State in contrast to what is happening now.

At times it becomes difficult to associate your self with your people and most of the time one is tempted to blame the people at home who keep taking money and voting these tricksters into office. Next year we will be presented with yet another chance to sell our birth right. If I was a betting man I will bet that the Biafran nation will once again sell out to the highest bidder and thus eliminating any chance of one of us ever becoming president. Shame unto the person in his hands and actions the plight of the Igbo man will continue to flourish.

Let us for once in our life time remember those who made the supreme sacrifice to ensure that there is still a place in the map that we can call home. The wish of every father is to have his son take over from him and hold the mantle of leadership. IN our own case the reverse is the case. Our old men do not acknowledge their old age any more. The want want to die chasing money instead of making way for their children and children's children to take over and lead.

One does not wish ill on the elderly but at times like this when they are the ones causing us untold hardship, I wish we had only young men and women as our elderly people have not only failed us but have also disgraced us. May they not have eternal rest, those of them that have mortgaged our prosperity and sold us into bondage.

Fabian K. Ekeanyanwu is a community activist based in PA USA.

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September 03, 2006

Is Oil Worth a Drop of Blood? - Part 2

by Henry Chukwuemeka Onyeama (Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria) --- Oil was discovered in Nigeria in 1956 at Oloibri in Bayelsa State. But this was not the beginning of the challenges that bedevil the Niger Delta. However, the oil factor has significantly greased a situation rooted in political quagmires exacerbated by ethnicity, negative inter group relations, and a heartless petro-capitalist system.

Anyone familiar with the Niger Delta knows that it is different from other parts of Nigeria. Its crisscross of creeks mean that its peoples depend on water for their survival, and any government that seeks a better life for them must consider this. Given their numerical inferiority vis-à-vis their closest neighbours-the dry-land dwelling Igbo and Yoruba – and the nature of Nigerian politics, tensions were inevitable. But were these tensions at the root of their problem? Or were they exploited by the alliance of petro-capitalism and a succession of governments dating back to pre-independence?

The peoples of the Niger Delta did not kowtow to colonial masters who grabbed their oil-in this case, palm oil – through a mixture of deception and conquest. The resistance by rulers like Nana the Itsekiri is an example of 19th century resistance to international adventurers by Niger Deltans. But these adventurers improved on their strategies and capitalized on inter group polarizations to achieve their ambitions.

The 1950s witnessed agitations among the minorities in Nigeria. By no means were the minorities solely in the Niger Delta. Many of them are in the Northern part of Nigeria, which is dominated by the mostly Muslim Hausa-Fulani. Those in the Niger Delta had the Igbo and the Yoruba to contend with, the former to the east, the latter to the west. In the bid to succeed the British the major groups got involved in power-juggling exercises that did not pay much attention to the interests of their smaller neighbours, who in some cases, were split by antagonisms. For example, the Urhobo and the Itsekiri of Warri became pawns in the hands of the Yoruba-dominated Action Group, a Nigerian political party of the 1950s and 1960s. But this should not have been the case. If the British did not fashion out a structure to accommodate Nigeria’s different nationalities, couldn’t their indigenous successors do so? The following observations from ‘The Price of Oil’, the 1999 Human Rights Watch report on the Niger Delta are noteworthy: ‘Conflict in the Niger Delta is directly related to the debates, ongoing since before independence, about the structure of the Nigerian polity. It can be assumed that there would have been disputes as to the relationship between the centre and periphery in Nigeria in any economic circumstances, given the complexity of the country and the lack of established nationwide democratic institutions at independence. Yet the addition of oil production and oil wealth to the difficulties already posed by the problem of ruling a country of at least 250 ethnic groups, each with its separate traditions of government, has greatly increased the potential for conflict and the stakes at play in that conflict.’

To assuage the concerns of the minority groups in Nigeria the British set up the 1958 Henry Willink Commission. As Akinyemi put it the Commission declared the Niger Delta ‘a special area which requires special attention.’ There were demands for states in the Niger Delta as a means of protecting the smaller groups from the Igbo-dominated government. West of the Niger Delta was home to a dominant Yoruba presence. Whether the fears of Niger Deltans were justified should be seen within the context of the earlier quote from the Human Rights Watch report.

Evidence indicates that the Commission, while rejecting the demands for state creation, recommended the establishment of regional advisory councils for the minorities and constitutional assurances. It also established a federal board to cater for the interests of the Niger Delta. This board became operational in 1961. It only carried out surveys and made recommendations to the government. It operated from Port Harcourt, a city that though dominated by the Igbo, was contested as part of Niger Delta. The Ijaw, the largest of the Niger Delta peoples, did not find this funny. Many of them demanded that British treaties that yoked them to Nigeria should be revoked.

Militancy reared its head in the Niger Delta for the first time in January 1966. Isaac Boro, an Ijaw, led his fighters to declare a state in the Niger Delta. By this time oil was becoming a factor in the national economy. The political class had designed ethnicity as a badge of Nigeria. Boro’s movement was predominantly Ijaw. Although Boro failed, courtesy of the Ironsi military regime, the dogs of war had had their first taste of blood.

Till date the roles of the Niger Delta peoples during the Nigerian civil war is a sore point. While many other factors propelled the government led by General Yakubu Gowon to end the secessionist enclave called Biafra, the oil factor was significant. By 1967 the oil companies had discovered Nigeria’s potential as a counter weight to the volatile Middle East. Breaking Biafra’s backbone by granting concessions to the minorities was a decisive ploy by the Gowon regime. Were the minorities’ true allies of the Igbo during the civil war? The evidence is a mixed record. Non-Igbo from the Niger Delta also suffered from the mayhem of May-September 1966 which formed the background to the secession. But there were prominent Niger Deltans who believed that secession was wrong. Some even put their lives on the line to prove their belief. The Rivers writer, Elechi Amadi, fought on the Nigerian side. The renowned Ijaw poet, Gabriel Okara, was a staunch believer in the Biafran cause. Isaac Boro died on the battlefield as a Nigerian soldier fighting Biafra. In the words of Sola Odunfa, ‘he was reported as saying he would not swap his Nigerian citizenship for that of a Biafran under domination by Igbo.’ How many people know that a non-Igbo coined the name Biafra?

To be continued.

An award winning writer, Henry Chukwuemeka Onyeama
lives in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria.

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September 01, 2006

All Roads Lead to World Igbo Congress (WIC) Boston, Massachussettes

by Carlisle U.O. Umunnah (New York, USA) --- As the International community Awake to a new dawn at the turn of this century, World Igbo Congress [WIC] delegates will converge in Boston, Massachusetts, for an unprecedented annual summit starting this month—August 31st 2006. In this summit, delegates are expected to deliberate on critical issues of concern including security and other technical matters, strengthen its ranks and files to improve the lives of Igbo-nation and Nigeria as a whole.

Practitioners from all works of life are expected to be in attendance; they are equally expected to unequivocally send a tacit message to Nigeria-state, as 2007 elections draws near. The summit, must carve-out common-grounds, offer methodological techniques to respond to staggering challenges that face her.

Igbo-nation have lost many of its sons and daughters to religious riots, soicio-economic-political turmoil within this past seven [7] years of Obasanjo administration. Many Igbo villages such as: Umuaka, Onitsha, Odi-oma, Obi-Oku and many others have been burnt down or destroyed; while her children, women and old people have been killed by Federal troops, police, and state intelligence [SSS] at the orders of Obasanjo. Igbo leadership must respond to the plight of Ndiigbo and/or Biafrans inside Nigeria-state especially the political leadership of this country.

As it stands, Invitations have been extended to friends of Ndiigbo such as: international community, world Jewry, international watch-dogs on human rights violations, think-tank groups, community based organizations for sustainable development, and many interests groups, and other interested parties inside and outside Nigeria that supports better understanding, peaceful and harmonious existence amongst peoples, exchange of ideas/information, tradition of friendships and goodwill to Igbo-nation and to all men.

Ndiigbo with this opportunity has the chance to articulate its position with respect to 2007 elections; she must take strong stand on matters that is of strategic-interests to her and the nation, and at the same time without hesitations must WARN the nation that the new wave of genocidal acts of—aggression, and hostilities against Igbo-nation and other nations inside Nigeria cannot be tolerated forthwith and has to stop with immediacy, otherwise, the nation will face incalculable consequences. Nigeria must listen. WIC must in furtherance, make it clear to the international community that it is time for Igbo to takeover the helm of affairs of leadership mantle of Nigeria after Obasanjo administration. It is important and noteworthy to remark that after 46 years of the so-called freedom from western colonialism—internally imposed imperialism, contraptions against our peoples exists and has increased. The nation therefore needs a re-direction, re-position, and re-focusing through a credible leadership, after many years of disastrous misrule, mismanagement, marginalization and other de-humanizing vile-policies that only benefited the elites, whilst shamefully, the masses are left to dwindle in poverty and penury. It must resolve without hesitations, by putting forward from WIC platform: sweeping recommendations, resolutions, decisions, and definitive options for Igbo-nation and Nigeria-state, on the way forward.

Let there be no misunderstanding, this might be the last chance for Ndiigbo to unequivocally make it clear to fellow citizens whether it wants to remain inside Nigeria or opt-out for security reasons—if attempt, on these considerations, resolutions and consultations fail. This might be Igbo last chance to communicate to the international community on her situation and the desire to lead Nigeria at this time or otherwise opt-out.

Domestic and international observers believe those 46 years of its subjugation and marginalization inside Nigeria, Ndiigbo deserves the right to provide leadership to the nation, of course, with the support of fellow citizens. The summit will strategize forwarding-looking strategies, present its blueprint and strong position[s] on how best to moving Nigeria-state forward. This can be done through strengthening and increasing its stakes of operations for a stronger and smarter progressive agenda that would enthrone a brighter, greener future for our children and children yet unborn.

At this august occasion, may we warn that all mischief-makers, enemies of Ndiigbo to stay away from this summit especially if you are not invited. Security and intelligent surveillance capacities have been set-up and monitored jealously. This monitoring and collaboration are in partnership with United States local Security apparatuses in Boston, Massachusetts. Nigeria-nation, Igbo-nation, peaceful and law-abiding citizens of America supports and promote security pr-cautionary measures today more than any other time in United States history; especially after 9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. soil. It is therefore, significant that the protection of lives and property of Ndiigbo and Nigerians, and US citizens as whole is paramount and perhaps central to this year’s summit, however.

Suffice it to say that over 20,000 Igbo have been killed across the country from varying violence circumstances including, religious and political riots. As our sons and daughters, parents/children, rail from these immeasurable killings across the country, it is therefore, essential that the security of our peoples across Nigeria be honestly addressed and solutions strongly followed up by law-enforcement agencies. The criminal aggression against Igbo-Nation cannot be mistaken or mixed up with comatose—as business as usual mentality as we witnessed and continue witness all these years. Ndiigbo had made it clear that Igbo will defend itself from all fronts across the country through the New-Igbo-Doctrine [NID]. Something must be done in respect to zero-security, because no nation can technologically, educationally, spiritually and scientifically improve its progressive file[s] under insecurity and lawlessness.

Capacity building, social development, industrial revolution, economic-emancipation, economic-development and other forms of investments and capacities including educational and skills-acquisitions of our children are all interconnected and interlaced to security of the Nigeria-State. And, if the nation fails in security matters as being witnessed recently, by its subjects or citizens, then, the whole nation has failed. It is security now or nothing. Regardless of our challenges and its attended constraints in this area, total over-haul of nation’s security arrangement is critical. Restoring security capacities truthfully and honestly will assist the populace restore confidence in themselves and confidence in the state. Security and integrity are challenges we face today that needs be addressed with urgency, and confronted head-on. There is no better time to address security of Ndiigbo and Nigerians than at this crucial and comely summit.

Conversely, we are pleased to inform readers and commentators that eminent Igbo sons and daughters, respected dignitaries and personalities from around the world have been earmarked to present papers at this summit. They have been appealed to, to be gracious enough to participate in this important discussions, as the gathering focuses mainly on the security of our peoples and right to self-determination. Boston will be busy. Boston will be bustling and hustling with streaming visitors of Igbo and non-Igbo-extractions from around the world and much more. Key note speakers of respectability and integrity have been slated to address Igbo-nation. The list includes amongst others: Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe [rtd], and Former Minister of finance/Foreign Affairs, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, among others. Our representatives residing in Boston, Massachusetts has learnt that there is additional respected dignitaries to address the Congress, including Constitutional Lawyer, Professor Ben Nwabueze, and Prof., ABC Nwosu, these and others are expected to speak to the congregation on the occasion on legal-jurisprudence related matters and on the way forward for Igbo-nation and Nigeria-state. Indeed, this is a fascinating time for Igbo-nation across the world.

As you all are aware 46 years later Igbo are yet to be blessed with the opportunity to provide leadership to Nigeria-nation and its peoples. The clamour for Igbo-leadership is intensifying and growing. Observers and think-tank organizations and interest groups, believe that the only way for peace to reign in the land is for the nation to support SE/SS Igbo Presidency, especially having had two major-ethnic representatives complete, and/or, about to complete their tenures in providing leadership for the nation. There is no better time for Igbo to provide this needed leadership to the Nigeria-state than today. Indeed, Igbo and fellow-Nigerians have able and qualified personalities that can honestly and undeviatingly provide leadership to Nigeria-state, today more than any other time. All that is required is providing them with the platform, supports and opportunity to make it happen.

This summit is in short, an ample opportunity for Ndiigbo: its sons and daughters to showcase what they are capable of providing to Nigeria-state. It is therefore, important that those vying for the high offices including the presidency, to present their manifestoes and programs for public scrutiny, review, re-evaluations and for their considerations. These individuals must show that they have credibility and character. They must show amongst other things that their characteristic-indices include: duty, accountability, responsibility, transparency and qualitative leadership to the citizens are ingrained within and around them in discharging their duty if elected today.

In conclusions, to the media houses and other information networks, we have been advised to be sure that media houses or organizations to cover the summit credibly and accredited. It is important that communication agencies contact their partners and program planners electronically for more guidelines accordingly. Media institutions without proper invitations, accreditation documentations and or proper clearance from the Organization Planning Committee [OPC] for this event must think twice. Uninvited guests are advised to differ appearing around the premises of this year’s summit, to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, as security details will be heightened at this year’s gathering. We gathered that prior consultations, preparations and early arrangements are best bets to secure tickets to the event.

Finally, those with proper invitations from around the world, we learnt are advised to book for hotel spaces and make alternative accommodation arrangements. Logistically, this is just in case a “Plan A” fails there is always a “Plan B”. We learnt that due to organizational technicalities surrounding security and other matters, late-comers would have themselves to blame as program is already over-booked and congested. Round the clock jam-packed responsibilities, including budgeting and more are unprecedented in this year’s summit. This year’s WIC annual summit is expected to be congealed and loaded with never seen attendance in its history due to upcoming elections, security concerns, and in part, due to the worsening killings of politicians, Ndiigbo in particular and Ndi-Nigeria at large.

As all road leads to Boston, Massachusetts, United States, for World Igbo Congress [WIC], slated for August 31st to September 4th 2006, this writer wishes all participants a wonderful summit and hope you enjoy it. We take this opportunity to thank those visiting from remote places—thank you for your time and dedication; to those visiting from within the United States, thank you; many thanks to communication electronic-media houses such as: Cablevision and others that would be picking-up and circulating information, and, covering this event[s] as they unfold. Our appreciation goes to representatives of member-states, scholars, legal practitioners, world Jewry, engineers, educators, doctors, and all practitioners from all works of life including foes of Ndiigbo alike, who would be documenting and recording detailed communiqués for future analytical reviews and academic researching—you are all welcome! Again, through this medium, permit me to kindly wish each delegate, observers, strangers and all, a wonderful and productive summit and pray that the final discussions, presentations, resolutions and decisions would expectedly add new capacities to enhancing the lives and well-being of our peoples especially the lives of those in the homeland and those of our kinsmen and kinswomen in the Diaspora. God bless Igbo-nation, God bless nations-states--Nigeria.

Carlisle U. O. Umunnah
Is New York Based Freelance writer

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