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November 16, 2005

Role Model of a New Generation: Mohammed B. Bulama

by Ali Alhaji Ibrahim (Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria) ---

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincered effort, intelligent direction and careful execution ~~~ Willa A. Foster.

Some are born great, some attained greatness through hard work, determination, honesty, intelligence and humility. Society respect and recognized the latter category perhaps, Mohammed Bulama belongs to the latter category.

Mohammed Bulama, a University Don currently on leave of absence and a politician of no mean standing is one of the most respected politicians from Borno.

Because of his worthiness both in learning and character his Alma Mater employed him as Graduate –Assistant. His quest for knowledge took him to a far away Lagos State. He registered for in the University of Lagos and he successfully completed. The search for knowledge seemed insatiable for Bulama, as he registered for PhD these times in the University of Jos. This was at the eve of the 2003 election. He couldn’t complete his PhD because of his desire to serve his community in elective position to contribute his quota immensely, as he contested for the House of Representative to represent Maiduguri Federal Constituency in the National Assembly. But he could to not make it to the House.

Mohammed Bulama was never carried away by his impressive academic achievements, he remain simple, selfless by his impressive academic achievements, he remain simple, selfless, understanding, soft mannered, generous and above all God fearing. These impressive qualities have endeared him more to all who have encountered him.

Mohammed Bulama is respected by the university environment for his powerful oratory, his speaking of English with ease and impeccable resonance which is an exceptional gift of nature as well as his commitment to his chosen career of training young men and women both in learning and character have endeared him to many in the university community.

Mohammed Bulama never reduced himself to ethnic or tribal differences or regional jingoism that is why his friendship and relation with people both within the Ivory Tower and the wider world cut across ethnic, tribal or regional line. This is as a result of his good Islamic upbringing. People believed that if one is exposed so much to the western world with its individualistic tendencies he would change completely. Mohammed Bulama proved such assumptions and believed wrong. He was never change in his attitudes, he accommodated everyone have’s and the have’s not’old or young. Really, God have endowed him with good characters a shinning example which have made him great as M.W Evart once put it:

There is nothing great in the world but man. There is nothing truly great in man but characters.

Mohammed Bulama is a man who has concern for the underprivileged and impoverished segment of our society, especially the youths and women. He demonstrated this in his mission statement went he contested for the House of Representatives:
I shall work day and night for the empowerment of the marginalized and impoverished segments of our society, especially the youths and women
Not only that Mohammed Bulama was aware of the state of our education especially the public ones which is very pathetic. His action plan should he have the privilege of receiving the mandate of good people of Maiduguri Federal Constituency to go to the House of Representative he would carry out amongst others’
Championing through legislation, the noble cause of responsive, accountable, transparent, democratic and good governance in Nigeria
Championing, the return to glory of public education in Nigeria by ensuring adequate and proper funding among others

A highly educated and experienced, Mohammed Bulama has many held many responsibilities in and outside the Ivory Tower, elective and non elective that is the reward of hard work, determination, honesty and sincerity of purpose. Mohamed Bulama lectured in the Department of Political Science, University of Maiduguri for good 13 years (1986-1999). While in the University he was elected by his fellow comrades as Chairman of ASUU UNIMAID Branch from 1991-1994.He faces a lot of challenges as any other ASUU Chairman faces during the time but he took the bull by the horns like a Spanish matador and fulfilled what he believed was right and stand firmly to protect the good interest of his fellow comrades in the University who gave him the mandate.

Mohammed Bulama did not restrict himself to the four walls of the University alone, it goes beyond that. He was a Member, Editorial Board/Opinion Columnist Vanguard Newspapers from 1988-1992. Guest Writer, TSM (Magazine) 1990-1992. He was also a Member, Social Democratic Electoral Board 9 (SOBED) that organized the 1992 SDP Presidential Primaries. He was also appointed Chairman Caretaker Committee of the NRC in Maiduguri Metropolitan Council (MMC) November 1992-April 1993. He was also a Member National Caretaker Committee of the UNIMAID Alumni Association 1992-1995. Mohammed Bulama was also a Member, 4 Man Presidential Delegation to observe the 1st Multi Racial Election in South Africa April, 1994. Mohammed Bulama was a Recipient of the famous Fulbright Research Scholarship (The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, USA), October, 2000-June 2001. Mohammed Bulama served as Special Assistant to the Director General/Senior Fellow, National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) Kuru, Jos from Jan 2002- 2002

Mohammed Bulama was also a member of many National and International Associations among which includes; Member, Nigerian Political Science Association, Member, African Political Science Association and a Member American Political Science Association.

Lest I forget, Mohammed Bulama has the feeling of the underprivileged young men and women and is a generous and has demonstrated his generosity by assisting many young men and women financially who cannot afford to pay their West African Examination (WAEC), National Examination Council (NECO) as well as University Registration and Accommodation fees for secondary and university students respectively of which this writer is a beneficiary. Infact, he symbolizes auspicious hope for the youths. Infact, his vision for the state and the nation as a whole is quite futuristic. Certainly, God willing he has important role to play in the theatre of Nigerian politics. As he rightly put in his handbill went he contested for the House of Representatives;
Should I have the privilege of receiving your mandate to go to the House of Representatives, I shall consider such mandate sacred and a covenant with you. I will, Insha Allah, devote my time, energy and talent, working alone and in concert with others in government and civil society to the attainment of; the speedy emergence of the prosperous, democratic, strong, stable, united and egalitarian Nigeria

Mohammed Bulama currently serves as Special Assistant to the Chairman Nigeria Railway Corporation. He was married to a wife who is Medical Doctor by Profession in the person of Dr. Halima Deribe the daughter of a renowned and influential business magnet and political financier late. Alhaji Ahmed Mai Deribe.

Ali Alhaji Ibrahim,
Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria.

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Tribute to Late Alhaji Wada Nas

by Ali Alhali Ibrahim (Maiduguri, Nigeria) ---

The Almighty Allah Gave life for a term and when completed took it back. Life is given on a loan that must be paid back ~~~ Late. Wada Nas
The death of of Alhaji Wada Nas would have been too much to bear if not for the Qur’anic injunction that; “We are from Allah and to him is our return”

Death of Alhaji Wada Nas remains fresh in my mind as it was yesterday because he was honest, dedicated, selfless, and trustworthy and a fearless vanguard of the Nigerian masses. These impressive qualities have endeared him more to Nigerians.

Late Wada Nas touched the lives of many in several ways. His concern to the flight of ordinary Nigerians as manifested in his writings and utterances in print and electronic media is remarkable. Indeed his wisecracks has enrich the the fourth republic.

Late. Wada Nas remained independent even out of government and committed himself in raising the consciousness of the people by commenting on almost every issue without fear whoever is involves however powerful or influential he is.

Late. Wada Nas decision to remain behind the family of his friend and boss late. General Sani Abacha endeared him to many Nigerians who described him as a reliable and trustworthy friend a friend indeed. He depended his late friend Gen. Sani Abacha his family and his government.

He showed Nigerians and indeed the world that friendships never get old, obsolete or worn-out. Whether death or illness, joy or grief, success or failure, friends remain together in mind keeping the hope, trust and confidence of friendship alive. This he demonstrated more than any other person that served the Late. Gen. Sani Abacha’s government except one elder from Borno State in the person of Late. Barr. Mohammed Kaloma Ali who also stood behind the widow Dr. Maryam Abacha and his children in court to defend the family when everybody was afraid to even identify with anything relating to the government.
In one of his write-up late. Wada Nas wrote in his remembrance in honour of Gen .Abacha;

Even your ardent critics have come to agree that yours was a golden Era as everything is almost coming to a complete standstill, with our Great country drifting backward “The Naira was N 82 to the dollar during your era as against N138 post Your era. While they use their media power to keep on insulting you over alleged, cases of corruption, both British and American agencies reported that 56% of the corruption in the country now securely located in the presidency”
Nigerians remember you as a true patriot and an achiever, who refused to bow to the dictate of auctioning his fatherland trough dubious foreign loans and enslaved privatization programme

~~~ (Weekly trust May 31-June 6, 2002 p 24)

Wada Nas’s death came at a time when his wisdom, constructive criticism and commitment was needed by Nigerians as many dramas in our democratic set-up. If dead were to speak or write, one would have been pleased to hear or read from Wada Nas on Confab and selection of 50 people by Obasanjo alone, Presidential Library, Osuji and Wabara saga, Debt relief by the Paris Club, most importantly on 2007 race in which Gen. Obasanjo is being groomed to succeed Chief Obasanjo and the recent face-off with his vice Atiku Abubakar.

Wada Nas, our prayers will follow you day and night may Allah broaden your entrance into the most elevated and choicest abode in paradise Firdausi. Ameen.

Ali Alhaji Ibrahim,

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