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June 27, 2006

Nigeria is a Time Bomb

by Carlisle U.O. Umunnah (New York, USA) --- It is important to state here and now that Nigeria state, its agents and their current deployment of troops in Onitsha, Anambra State, and other illegitimate actions against Ala-Igbo and, Nigerians in general is totally irresponsible. Their actions are irresponsible because of their inability, under—coordinateness of this administration and other regimes before her, to respond to massive unemployment, corrosive lawlessness, and, massive corruption across the land.

And, to make matters worse, this administration misplaced, misguided priorities is a provocation that mesmerizes and distresses the population’s psyche. The population is already distressed because of the aforementioned maladies. Today, average Nigerian or Biafran family is not capable of putting three square meals on the table, they are—highly incapacitated. When this administration creates, behaves, and acts belligerently toward this people, violent their human rights and right to know state practices, by-pass National Assembly and withdraw between 20 to 34 billion dollars from excess crude funds, ignores judicial directives, it is natural to expect equal measured consequences, or even worse. And now, if anyone thinks Babangida regime, abused, plundered the nation’s treasuries as we know it [which we are not letting him off the hook by no means], that individual must think again, because Obasanjo has surpassed Babangida’s treacheries.

With the new development and cabinet reshuffle[s] couple of days ago, with Madam Ngozi Iweala, now former Minister of Finance; lady believed to be a no-sense individual, who happens to be a stumbling block to these looting campaigns or intentions, has more reason to weep for the nation. The flood-gate-of-hell is wide-open, they now have their way as, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, is now moved for unspecified reasons. Mark my word, the nation will be visited in the coming months [I was told], with unspecified mother of all looting, led by Obasanjo with some of his Yoruba kinsmen [thieves] at the Central Bank of Nigeria and other financial districts.

Obasanjo professes Christianity. However, it has become clear that Obasanjo is neither a Christian nor a Muslim. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is an opportunist. At best he is an atheist. His actions and his current lootings called withdrawals, without passing through appropriate channels—the National Assembly, is, a contradiction of his acclaimed transparency and accountability charades. The brazen fraud surrounding this administration, calls for immediate investigation.


EFCC should probe their boss over the looting of 20 to 34 billion dollars. The foregoing figure was secretly withdrawn, without the knowledge of Finance Minister as she testified, before the Special Committee for Finance, at the National Assembly. I guess her honest testimony distressed Obasanjo, especially over his discredited accountability and transparency program.

If indeed, EFCC thinks it is independent from Egba-leadership, this is the time to act. It is time to swing into action and show Nigerians and perhaps the world that it is autonomous and investigate this administration head-on. This administration has no respect for Igbo-nation and other disparaged nations inside the enterprise, Nigeria. Since this administration came to power through fraudulent elections in 1999, it has acted with impunity to anything Igbo and other marginalized nations in Nigeria. To be sure, the aforementioned misplaced power and misguided governmental behavior of this administration is troubling and very alarming to any rational mind[s], particularly, for those who really care.

The lunacy of this administration encourages her to projects transparency and accountability, while its actions and records show otherwise. Recent hypocritical manifestations and ignominious ineptitude in her folder will provide mountainous case study materials for researchers/scholars on: good governance, international relations, national economy and organizational management/mismanagement and other failings for future scholastic investigations.

Conversely, when it comes to niggarization and militarization of nation-state such as ours, records show that this administration has used and continues to use military means, to maim and kill this people—examples are widespread. It is this writer’s view, to contend that these unprogressive tendencies and actions like the ones displayed at Obi-Oku, Umuaka, Odi-oma, and recently at Onitsha, the commercial nerve center, Anambra State, buttresses the foregoing positions.

Readiness and Preparedness

Ndiigbo and Nigerians need to be on guard, in order to monitor and stop the unfolding large scale fraud which, in all intents and purposes will defile past frauds records in history, obviously. Before now, we were told that Federal Reserve was at thirty-four [34] billion dollars. But as records began to hit newsstands, there began to emerge series of contradictions to that figure [34 billion]. From financial information in our disposal today, the foregoing 34 billion has dipped to nine [9] billion dollars; this nine [9] billion predictably has become the actual figure in federal Foreign Reserve. Just as they squander financial reserves, they also squander human capital.

It is now on record that over 26 MASSOB members have been killed over the weekend. Now, with the indiscriminate killings of members of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra [MASSOB], a non-violent group, across former Eastern region, it is important that we act and approach these aggressions on our peoples with a sense of urgency on the dangers ahead. Readiness and preparedness, toward the protections of these peoples becomes something we must not compromise. It is important that alertness and other defense mechanisms be employed to protect our families and relatives in el’Nigeria.

Equally, time demand that we re-view and re-evaluate with immediacy, what’s has gotten into the head of the leadership of this violent administration. No nation can coerce or foster its illegitimate actions against its peoples and survive. Effective and efficient governance is managed and supported by the citizenry. The citizenry do this by act of volition and cooperative citizenship participation. Only through free will and participatory means, can a nation be considered and accepted as a nation. Any acclaimed nation, without these universal standards, ideals, in the day to day running of its operations would meet resistance, and will definitely succumb to its folly.

The question is what prevented Obasanjo and his sycophants from deploying troops in Maiduguri, and elsewhere, when Igbo nation and those that look like them were being slaughtered in thousands cross the nation? These questions are very critical, and we demand for answers. We demand that Obasanjo withdraw the troops from Onitsha-Town and other surrounding Towns without further delays. Every Igbo son or daughter, whether they are inside the government or outside the government must be aware of his/her surroundings. We warn the Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, or whoever, in what ever capacity h/she found themselves especially any party collaborating with this illegitimate administration whose time is far spent. We warn you to be mindful of what time it is, otherwise you are acting on your own, and will have yourself to blame in the long run.

At the Summit, Raising Standards

It is about time to raise the standards. And, raising standards, we have to begin at home. All these double standards and bogus patriotism have to stop at some point. And it has to stop today. As we have counseled in the past, we again rekindled our warning to Nigeria state and advise her to listen: Anybody who thinks that Igbo-nation wherever they maybe are not united, must think again. Recent summit at Owerri, June 17, showcased that indeed, Igbo-nation, can do anything they aspire to—whether it is individually or collectively. We therefore, salute Igbo leaders who met at Concorde Hotel, Owerri, Imo-State, to support, project our positions, including many issues troubling the nation. At the meeting, which was chaired by former Chief Justice, Justice Chukwudife Oputa; they met, articulated with purpose, Igbo aspirations and challenges it and other nations face inside Nigeria. At this meeting, matters arising focused on 2007 elections.

Present at the summit were: Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Commodore Ebutu Ukiwe [rtd], Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Professor A.B.C. Nwosu [one of the organizers] and other respected dignitaries that graced the occasion. These patriots spoke eloquently with one voice. The dignitaries also put the Nigeria state on notice, that Igbo is not taking a back seat and is not backing down to nobody. In this progressive meeting, through education, communication, and counseling means they advised the nation in unequivocal terms, stated amongst other things, that for the nation to move forward, the cycle of Presidency has to be completed with Igbo as the next president.

Disgraced and Discredited

Other events at the summit: we will be doing our readerships a disservice, if, we fail to inform her about discredited and disgraced sons of our. It is important not to forget, that some individuals of Igbo extraction whose practices yesterday and today had been detrimentally disgraceful to Ndiigbo and Nigeria.

These individuals have shown opportunistic tendencies, treated themselves and the nation lightly; by singing praises of every administration that coerce itself on us. These individuals were booed by the delegates and, participants at the aforementioned summit. The discredited, opportunistic Senator Arthur Nzeribe, Professor Joe Irukwu, President Ohaneze Ndiigbo and others, were booed at repeatedly and were not allowed to speak at the summit. They were summarily disgraced because of the role they played during the third term project at the detriment of Ala-Igbo and Nigeria.

The Way Forward for the Nation

In a ten point communiqué, last weekend Friday, June 17, Igbo leadership across the country in consensus agreed that Igbo extraction should produce the next president of the country, Nigeria. Amongst other things, they demanded that Imo and Abia States be included in the Oil Coast States [OCS]. The host governor, Achike Udenwa, remarked that, “the gathering featuring the geo-political groups in the country are currently fine tuning strategies to grab the top-most office—President of the country in unfolding political space.”

On resolutions reached at the last summit, Udenwa recalled that, "the South-East and South-South shall, either way, produce the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, come 2007". To avoid commotion, and for this enterprise, not titter into the abyss, concerted efforts must be made to support Igbo Presidency. Nigerians must unite behind Igbo presidency. It is on record, that the North and now the West [West will soon complete eight [8] year cycle providing leadership for Nigeria] have all completed or will soon complete its presidency. It is therefore logical to state that the South-East and South-South, must take its turn. It is on record, that when it comes to sharing of political largesse of the country, you will all agree that the South-East geo-political zone has been largely short-changed this past 46 years of nation’s existence.

It is important that we call on all Nigerians to support this blueprint. The Outcome of any election[s], if properly executed could be smooth without firing a shot. The concept of disintegration and other predictions will become something of the past, if we adhere to this simple logic. This would be possible if and only if, the playing field leveling, free and fair that would provide a platform of equal gaming zone, with a framework of action which, strategies and socio-econo-political thinking is people centered.

Other Recommendations

In alternative, if it becomes clear that we are head hardy and cannot get along, it is important to remark that there are other plausible alternatives. A peaceful disengagement would be just fine for all party involved, rather than few individuals raping national treasuries to unconscious coma.

For example, the former Soviet Union [USSR] and former Yugoslavia republics disintegrated peacefully. Both conducted themselves well, and naturally went their individual ways without firing a shot. This happened after communist party leadership, dominated their political pace for seventy [70] years; yes, seventy [70] years of reign of a totalitarianism against the wishes of the people.

I have given examples in other articles at other times specifically on: I] East Timor; II] Kosovo and III] Canada as illustratable case studies. It could be a daunting challenge, especially with the country’s checkered history which, has been confronted and depleted her over time, but can be done. Brazen neglect, political deprivation and gross marginalization of its people, Ndiigbo and their South-South brothers and sisters in particular 45 years later, enough is enough.

The conversation and propositions not withstanding, Anthony Enahoro, has a different view with respect to power shift matters in 2007. For one of the foremost nationalist, read his remark: “The current agitation for power shift among the nation’s geo-political blocs, it a time bomb that is capable of tearing the country apart.”

Thus far, my take on that point of view, is even further. The said geo-political blocs have been tittering toward this direction before now which Enahoro is part of its architects and the architecture. Other geo-political blocs North and West have had their turns. Former Eastern region demand for completion of the cycle by taking their turn come 2007, and it is the right thing to do. If after another eight to ten [8 to 10] years the cycle is complete, and by application, if we decide to base nation’s politics, on true democratic principles, meaning that, it doesn’t matter where your region is, your ethnicity doesn’t count that would be great, if, feasible. But for now, every citizenry of this land, must have, feel a sense of belong in the scheme of things first of all.

By the way, if he is talking about the time bomb allegory, I would even expand further on that: the nation as holistically is a time bomb on itself, due to long drawn illegalities, marginalization, massive elitists corruption, incompetence at local, regional and national level of the leadership; a corrosive mediocrity from many decades of military dictatorships in the land. For this writer and perhaps multitudes out there, the only way to disallow disintegration is to support capable candidate from former Eastern region to lead Nigeria to freedom and better future. We have tested the Northern and Western political leaderships; we have the assessments and know what the results are.


In conclusion, if I may recap, the recent removal of Ngozi Iweala, from Finance ministerial position to Foreign Affairs is a suspect; it is another calculated provocation, marginalization of Igbo extraction; is a misplaced and misguided advisement to say the least. The woman is trained economist, what has she got to do with foreign affairs? Total contradiction, albeit some claim she is multi-tasking. It is believed by Obasanjo and his acolytes that Ngozi Iweala, will still head the finance team and so forth, from her new post. It is the most imbecility of remarks to make. Think that a foreign Affairs Minister will be on a diplomatic mission say in far away Tokyo, Japan, and still have the capacity to monitor financial operations back in Nigeria and elsewhere is must ludicrous. The truth of the matter is that Nigeria hate standardized structured mechanisms, rule of law, and accountability, it believes in shadowy deals. The foregoing move is most suspicious since information gathered show that the lady was a stumbling block to many plunderers at the center, regardless of Iweala’ s affiliations to the Bank/Fund, or being Bank’s gatekeeper to be precise. We were told she has done well for the nation.

Wo! wo! wo, unto you Jerusalem, the eyes of the Lord have seen your abominations and your nakedness … wo! wo! wo, unto you Nigeria, for the eyes of the Lord have seen your abominations and nakedness … thou daughters and little ones litter in the streets unattended… Change your wicked ways or desolation shall besiege thee and become your portion forever ….

Now that Iweala is gone, welcome to our world of massive looting[s], a looting without breath or end. As long as this charade remains the practice of el’Nigeria political space, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Obasanjo should just create his Egba-land republic, Arewa republic and leave Biafra republic frontiers alone, and to each to their individual way[s].

Folks, the end game approaches… someone has to pay for the crimes against humanity. It is up to el’Nigeria state to defuse the time bomb called Nigeria or face the seemingly irreversible consequences that awaits her. Again, we are all enlisted in the Lord’s engagement until the conflict is OVER …

We want to use this opportunity to also call on the international community and Western world to speak up, speak up unto your gatekeepers and oil-multinationals blood suckers in Nigeria frontiers. Advice your oil empires to henceforth cease from the killing of our peoples, stop forthwith, the polluting of our lands, waters and air that puts the region on the edge, and, at the mercy of emissions and other ecological problems. You have to listen because this is for your strategic interests. Lives and properties are at stake here, including those of the Sub-Saharan Western African economic bloc. Prevention they say is better than cure. A return to regionalism as it were in the 60s, or quasi-confederate system and or a full fledge federalism is the nation’s best bet. Be smart; choose wisely, choose a-right, while there is today.

Carlisle U.O. Umunnah
Is a New York Based Freelance Writer

Posted by Administrator at June 27, 2006 11:31 AM


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