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August 05, 2006

Middle East Crisis: Solutions and a Quick Synopsis et al

by Carlisle U.O. Umunnah (New York, USA) --- A Friendly Relationship with Jerusalem has a Practical Relevance, Regionally and Internationally: Belligerent Postures by its Surrounding Neighbors, Threatens its Existence, the Entire Gulf-Peninsula, and World Peace.

From biblical times of the Hebrew nations, its exodus from the bondage in Egypt, and the subsequent takeover of the land of Canaan and other lands under the commandment of God, Israelites under the leaderships of Moses, Joshua and others were warned by Great Jehovah not to comprise this land-related commandment and other spiritual commandments. By application, that means, no matter what or who becomes the stumbling block whether enemy or friend, it must not blink. May I state here, that in an effort to facilitate the fulfillment of his promises to father Abraham, father Isaac, and father Jacob, the Lord was steady in handing-down these instructions, Elohim, expected its observance by Israel for world peace. The mountain top and what constitutes today the present day Israel and beyond including Lebanon, is, very important to the Lord; if there is any hope for the security of Israel, the world, or a strengthened security and protected borders for that matter, she must remember and keep these commandments, if not, it shall know no peace. Arise now oh, Israel and defend thou tents, enlarge thou camps and defend thou territorial integrity. Know yeah, that internationally and locally, your position and location is the world’s center of gravity; thusly world peace and or its troubles emanates from the activities within this place, politically and/or economically from this region. Always, remember that that in wherever or whatever situation you embrace or found yourself, always remember these sacred instructions. Arise and go forth.

To buttress the above disposition[s], record show that by 1948 the United Nations [UN], with the assistance of the United States, Great Britain and other member states provided the buffer legitimacy within international laws and its instruments and other necessary legal ramifications here-to-for observed, ratified working documents for this purpose: creation of Israel. By this act, the State of Israel was born, or if you like it was formally created, accepted amongst world’s peoples—within the comity of nations. Regrettably yesterday and today, many Arab nations have refused to recognize the State of Israel. Recently, Iran under its present leadership have threatened that Israel be wiped off of the earth-plate. Other terrorists groups including Hamaz and Hezbollah funded by Iran, a rouge state, with other Islamic fundamentalists continue to threaten the existence of Israel. May I state that Israel, in the face of this and present dangers, and threats reserves the right to track, find and element those that threaten its existence in self-defense. If this requires her going to war and declaring total war against enemies of God’s peoples so be it. One thing must be made clear here by this writer, it is a duty and responsibility that the Great State of Israel must stand tall and defend its existence and most importantly must defend Jerusalem.

Israel most be on high alert, show readiness and preparedness in its current challenging milieus and future dangers. Its clarion call must be meshed with above all, the protection of its peoples, its territorial space including parts of Lebanon, part of Syria, Iran, Iraq and the whole of East-Jerusalem. Jerusalem must not be divided under any circumstance. Its Capitol must be moved from Tel Aviv to the center of Jerusalem today without further delays. Thou kingdom’s come. Israel must embrace its God and keep its commandments. If it does that, its actions militarily, economically and otherwise will surely succeed to its full measure and glory. When Israel keeps these instructions from the God of our fathers, it shall enjoy all the promises made to our fathers: father Abraham, father Isaac and father Jacob. This is not time for retreats; it is time to stay steady and enlarge its camps in fulfillment of these instructions, for its survival depends on its actions and inactions internationally and domestically.

This writer regrets the killings of innocent civilians and children in the recent conflict within its border especially recent expanded conflict in Southern Lebanon. People, tongues and nations must know, that, no matter what happens today Israel can never be destroyed nor defeated until the end of time, until the return of our Messiah, thus says the Lord through His prophets—His messengers.

Finally, I would encourage nation within the gulf peninsula and around the world, to change their belligerent attitudes toward Israel. I encourage them to stop this foolishness; rather than display belligerent postures, it should develop cordial relationships and friendships with the State of Israel. Rather, than become enemies of God’s people and suffer grave consequences, however, they should look at the trajectory of events and history itself and be reasonable. It is important to inform nations that Israel is a friendly nation and would reciprocate the great tradition of friendships with nations that act friendly toward her. Experience shows that present day Egypt, Jordan, and others have learned from its past mistakes and the fallouts of bad behavior, wars or misconducts and the acts of attacking the Jewish state that attracts here-to-for, grave consequences. Today, the aforementioned nations have turned the corner and are great benefactors of this great and new tradition of friendships. Through improved friendly relationship with the Jewish State, the aforementioned nations have strengthened their geopolitical, economic and strategic capacities and interests accordingly especially in the Middle-East. A friendly relationship with Israel by its neighbors and vice-versa, will, facilitate and create a climate that permits peaceful relationships, trade and commerce, and respectable international borders especially those found within and around-about the Gulf Peninsula.

Carlisle U. O. Umunnah
Is New York Based Freelance writer

Posted by Administrator at August 5, 2006 06:58 PM


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