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August 29, 2006

There is No Such Thing as Niger-Delta

by Carlisle U.O. Umunnah (New York, USA) --- Recently, there had been socio-economic-political upheavals over resource producing states. This economic hostility is obvious at the national, regional and at the local level. The said national summit focused particularly on revenue allocations with respect, and peculiarity to resource producing states, what the derivational percentages [%] should be or, not be. During these debates, the feds, have always [since after the civil war 1967-1970] played politics with this important topic.

So-much-so, that the discourse and, its end results, always results to failed conclusions. Each of these times, Feds have successfully derailed our collectivism of speaking with one voice. In each case, attempts to divide our lands and our peoples are grandstanding and unprecedented.

To a greater degree, feds have succeeded in meeting its objectives by keeping the people divided, at other times it has failed woefully in its ploys. Its successes in this area have left behind more ignorant and illiterate population wallowing in self-pity, gulliblistic-poverty, while its failures in another hand, have been triggered by its failed management of our resources toward bettering the lives of many either at national, regional and or at the local governmental units respectively. For example, in Port-Harcourt, feds made sure Igbo-mainland[s] and its ancient heritage were redrawn or criminally institutionalized in an effort to take away its ingenuousness from its Ancient supreme constitutionality that formulated them, for example again Rivers state was created. Igbo-nation noticed these pending alternations went to court to change these frauds but was ruled against by the court[s] of law. Under feds policy-of-containment, copiously designed against Igbo-nation, fed instructed Okilo’s administration and others after him to disfigure these frontiers, disfigure anything with Igbo-nomenclature[s], by any means necessary. Landmark names like: Obigbo, Umuokoro, Umumasi, Nwaoji, and many other indigenous landmarks were changed to Oyigbo, Rumukoro, Rumumasi, and Woji et al. However, despite this institutional internal systemic imperialism against our people designed through one of the grossest academic fraud in history, to circumvent truths, for the doubting thomases, we are still here and still, we know who owes the land.

This land-grab motivated-imperialism orchestrated and engineered by imperialistic cronyism at one end, which, its main-goal is to confuse, obfuscate the population in other to steal from its resources while its lands and peoples dissipate into decadence and precipice. Another fraudulent machination aggressively pursued by feds to disparage the ingenious landowners, sons of the soil, is the creation of Niger Delta off of original masterpiece: Niger-Basin Development Authority. Today’s Niger-Delta is made of waterways and creeks of these coastal states. But again, if you go to the original masterpiece, it is—Niger Basin Development Authority. NBDA was the original blueprint, formulated benchmarked for development of major resource producing areas, which, covers all resources producing areas of the country. States under NBDA are as followed: Benue, Plateau, Anambra, Imo, Abia and Ondo and all states within the coastal waterways including Rivers State and Cross Rivers. Anambra state for instance, has a large quantity of gas deposits in its landmass larger than what you have in the whole of Bonny and its environs put together. What people don’t know is that Anambra state unexplored Gas minerals deposits are staggering. It is mind-boggling; to observe a notch, that for the fact that Anambra is undisputable Igbo-heart land [i.e., Obigbo] every disingenuous ploy is at work, premeditatedly deployed to make it unattractive to foreign explorers and investors. In the foregoing mainland areas, the aforementioned states have large quantity of oil and gas that is yet to be explored also. The act and creation of Niger Delta is disingenuous by its internal-imperialistic-creationism by its creators. It was created to put Igbo lands in a disadvantage position when it comes to mineral producing areas and developmental projects accorded them.

Surprisingly just recently, Edo state, a non mineral producing state was included in oil coastal states, while, Imo, Anambra and Abia were intentionally left out in oil producing states projects. The institutional idea, intentionality, is to deny them the attended sustainable developmental projects that come with it, based on its resource producing capacity are thusly denied her.

Under the World Bank Assisted Projects in the 80s, the original acronym was NBDA, meaning Niger Basin Development Authority. For example, we had then the World Bank Rice Project under the Niger-Basin Development Authority [WBNBDA]. My own dad worked as a staff with this institution in the 80s. The agency produced products such as rice, vegetables, oil and what not. Today, no one hears anything about NBDA or its affiliate institutions. Out of jealousy, vile-discrimination against Igbo-speaking states, this agency [NBDA] was stifled, degraded and finally it disappeared with the thin air. Why close down NBDA? It was aggressively and egregiously brought to a close because it benefited Igbo population and its surroundings, created jobs for its population, brought development closer to the people and more. Today, from the look of things, the whole of former Eastern Region have been disparaged, shortchanged, by this winding administration led by Obasanjo. Obasanjo administration has continued these vile-policies of intergenerational-discriminatory practices against Igbo speaking states, this happens especially, when it comes to mineral producing states, fund allocations and resources disbursements to mention be a few. In what follows, unprecedented egregious developmental fraud continues to be perpetuated by this hapless administration and has gone unchallenged. Whether this illegal and discriminatory administration is gone the way of the abyss come 2007 does not matters to this writer. What matters most, is, that we will continue to use every state-of-the-art, every capacity within our reach to expose these injustices and crimes against humanity and other grandstanding acts, wherever they are found. We are unrelenting when it comes to these unbalanced policies/issues. Today whether it is international projects or domestic resource allocations, as long as these discriminatory matrix rear their ugly heads they will be confronted aggressively regardless.

Indigenous-imperialism or international imperialism or a combination of both against world peoples must be fought against from all fronts irrespective geo-political location. We have to fight them corner to corner, street to street, bloc to bloc until we cripple these illegitimate acts and install legitimate government, with good governance, good practices to the best of our ability. The economic and political failings today are man-made and it’s our duty and responsibility to expose them forthwith for all to see them for what they are: ugly representations. Census computation is another critical area to pay attention to. Census figure are usually manipulated to the disadvantage of former Eastern Region and the whole of Southern Nigeria. This has to stop forthwith. The population in the South is far greater to the population in the North. Tele-phonic industrial-expansionists with its agents across the country have discovered and admitted this fraud of census fraud having visited the North.

Having articulated the foregoing pre-planned suffering of the masses predicated on the profiteering of the few with their foreign partners. The current hostilities against Igbo-land and its neighboring states is a challenge we all face. The facts remind us that larger population of our peoples are suffering and dying while they live in the means of plenty. Irrespective of these discriminatory and totalitarian actions against our people, including siphoning of our resources by these ghost-workers with their foreign multinationals-friends, we still have fledging options to confront these murderous looters to set free our suffering masses today. They use the military and police to maim and kill our old, women and children everyday.

Today because of military actions against our land, sea and the air, our population and its debilitating conditions, has once-more worsened, and has revealed yet again the vile, and devilish acts against our friends and families and remind us that these dastard acts know no boundaries and therefore we must unite and confront it today: now.

This passed Thursday, over 60 MEND members were killed by Federal troops under monstrous executive orders from Obasanjo. These criminal directives of Obasanjo, have, left innocent villagers killed; villages were burnt down to ashes; women and children were either killed or left to suffer homelessness in their own land. It is evidence that Obasanjo just added more blood to his bloody sucking folders, which, has placed him on the category of administration and leadership that committed crimes against humanity. Yes, they are spilling the blood of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children. These acts of aggressions will not go unpunished as long as we live. This year alone over 786 MASSOB members have been killed in the Eastern region in its quest for self-determination to free itself people from the aggression and contraption of this administration. It has used SSS operatives and government agencies against our people. It is on record that these crimes are ongoing and designed to subjugate stilly any opposing voice or other alternatives to liberate our lands.

A military solution is no solution. Diplomacy should be seriously considered. Time and again, Obasanjo administration has sent in troops to destroy the villages, kill civilians, including women, and children. These actions were indiscriminately carried out without any consideration of innocent citizens about their businesses. The aftermath of military investigation is another cover-up and unacceptable to us, as we know too well about this civilian-military-regime with failed inquiries after sending in troops to kill our people time and again. These dastardly actions makes MEND and MASSOB population and strong[er] amongst the people within this region. Regardless of these death tolls of MEND and MASSOB, irrespective of its casualties, yet support for these organizations have rather increased and strengthened over time not, diminished.

As long as we refused to acknowledge that the mineral resource that is explored from under our feet belongs mainly to the indigenes of the land, resistance shall remain the only option to defend itself against these aggressors. Mineral resource should not be a curse or tool of destructions of our people, but rather, such resource[s] must serve as a means to better their lives. This vicious circle of aggression against our land is evil and wicked. And, rather than the multinationals with their imperialistic tendencies continue to loot our lands carelessly and recklessly, with its dehumanizing degrading fallouts, with depleting ecological negativity which, impact our lands and its environs they, should contribute to the development of the land or leave the land today. No doubt, surely someday the sanctity of human life is seen precious before the creator and we must demand for restitutions from them and tomorrow. Foreign multinationalism is imperialistically imposed on our people. Be informed that your acclaimed civility and decency will be called into question at the comity of nations and comity of communities you have raped and ravaged. Extrajudicial executions and disappearances of our peoples day-in and day-out because of mineral resources and exploitations cannot go unanswered, unpunished.

Finally, be it known that there is a relativism of internal imperialistic criminality, vis-à-vis, those of their foreign-imperialistic exploitative counterparts. The two imperialisms equals imperialism against our peoples; and fashioned to retain and maintain a particular lifestyle, materialism based on foreign thinking is one of the most debasing dehumanizing options at the turn of this century.

Warning: You can divide, discriminate, separate and segregate our peoples as much as you want, one thing is clear to us, we have refused to be divided, and there is no such thing as Niger Delta because it was instituted to cause divisions against us, what we do have albeit, is Niger Basin. These institutional divisions, disuniting designs, gave birth to Niger Delta against the backdrop that it will sidelines their designed arch-enemy: Igbo-nation. But, the vile-laws, revisionists’ policies and politics that follow heads-on and left the country redundant till date is shameful, even a corporate shame. This situation, have always played to the gallery of mischief-makers, to the detriment of our dying people whether in the whole of Niger Basin or what you today call Niger-Delta. Our villages, our women and children either way have benefited negatively by way of deaths and destructions of our villages, towns and cities. But, rather than a developed, sustainable, institutions, viable communication vehicles, educational capacities for a sophisticated and civilized society what we have reproduce over time is, more ignorant, increase in illiteracy, dropouts, mundane society were its tertiary institutions are nothing but, a glorified primary schools.

In conclusions, domestic institutional cronyism and institutional individualism, stupefied, with their unholy alliance with their individualistic foreign imperialistic operators which, serves as its off-shore conduits, its interlocutor has destroyed anything that looked like statehood. A true nation-state, would have served as primordial matrix that would have launched her to an enviable nationalism. Today, what we have is Niger Basin not Niger Delta. Niger Delta is an external-creationism imposed on us to keep us divided, disorganized to display irresponsibility to our families and own kind. Now that you know the genesis behind Niger-Delta and the collectivism found within the framework of Niger-Basin Authority, the attended deprivation based on non-visionary, non-peoples programs and the other based on visionary, peoples programs what do we do?

Carlisle U. O. Umunnah
Is New York Based Freelance writer

Posted by Administrator at August 29, 2006 05:53 AM


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