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September 01, 2006

All Roads Lead to World Igbo Congress (WIC) Boston, Massachussettes

by Carlisle U.O. Umunnah (New York, USA) --- As the International community Awake to a new dawn at the turn of this century, World Igbo Congress [WIC] delegates will converge in Boston, Massachusetts, for an unprecedented annual summit starting this month—August 31st 2006. In this summit, delegates are expected to deliberate on critical issues of concern including security and other technical matters, strengthen its ranks and files to improve the lives of Igbo-nation and Nigeria as a whole.

Practitioners from all works of life are expected to be in attendance; they are equally expected to unequivocally send a tacit message to Nigeria-state, as 2007 elections draws near. The summit, must carve-out common-grounds, offer methodological techniques to respond to staggering challenges that face her.

Igbo-nation have lost many of its sons and daughters to religious riots, soicio-economic-political turmoil within this past seven [7] years of Obasanjo administration. Many Igbo villages such as: Umuaka, Onitsha, Odi-oma, Obi-Oku and many others have been burnt down or destroyed; while her children, women and old people have been killed by Federal troops, police, and state intelligence [SSS] at the orders of Obasanjo. Igbo leadership must respond to the plight of Ndiigbo and/or Biafrans inside Nigeria-state especially the political leadership of this country.

As it stands, Invitations have been extended to friends of Ndiigbo such as: international community, world Jewry, international watch-dogs on human rights violations, think-tank groups, community based organizations for sustainable development, and many interests groups, and other interested parties inside and outside Nigeria that supports better understanding, peaceful and harmonious existence amongst peoples, exchange of ideas/information, tradition of friendships and goodwill to Igbo-nation and to all men.

Ndiigbo with this opportunity has the chance to articulate its position with respect to 2007 elections; she must take strong stand on matters that is of strategic-interests to her and the nation, and at the same time without hesitations must WARN the nation that the new wave of genocidal acts of—aggression, and hostilities against Igbo-nation and other nations inside Nigeria cannot be tolerated forthwith and has to stop with immediacy, otherwise, the nation will face incalculable consequences. Nigeria must listen. WIC must in furtherance, make it clear to the international community that it is time for Igbo to takeover the helm of affairs of leadership mantle of Nigeria after Obasanjo administration. It is important and noteworthy to remark that after 46 years of the so-called freedom from western colonialism—internally imposed imperialism, contraptions against our peoples exists and has increased. The nation therefore needs a re-direction, re-position, and re-focusing through a credible leadership, after many years of disastrous misrule, mismanagement, marginalization and other de-humanizing vile-policies that only benefited the elites, whilst shamefully, the masses are left to dwindle in poverty and penury. It must resolve without hesitations, by putting forward from WIC platform: sweeping recommendations, resolutions, decisions, and definitive options for Igbo-nation and Nigeria-state, on the way forward.

Let there be no misunderstanding, this might be the last chance for Ndiigbo to unequivocally make it clear to fellow citizens whether it wants to remain inside Nigeria or opt-out for security reasons—if attempt, on these considerations, resolutions and consultations fail. This might be Igbo last chance to communicate to the international community on her situation and the desire to lead Nigeria at this time or otherwise opt-out.

Domestic and international observers believe those 46 years of its subjugation and marginalization inside Nigeria, Ndiigbo deserves the right to provide leadership to the nation, of course, with the support of fellow citizens. The summit will strategize forwarding-looking strategies, present its blueprint and strong position[s] on how best to moving Nigeria-state forward. This can be done through strengthening and increasing its stakes of operations for a stronger and smarter progressive agenda that would enthrone a brighter, greener future for our children and children yet unborn.

At this august occasion, may we warn that all mischief-makers, enemies of Ndiigbo to stay away from this summit especially if you are not invited. Security and intelligent surveillance capacities have been set-up and monitored jealously. This monitoring and collaboration are in partnership with United States local Security apparatuses in Boston, Massachusetts. Nigeria-nation, Igbo-nation, peaceful and law-abiding citizens of America supports and promote security pr-cautionary measures today more than any other time in United States history; especially after 9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. soil. It is therefore, significant that the protection of lives and property of Ndiigbo and Nigerians, and US citizens as whole is paramount and perhaps central to this year’s summit, however.

Suffice it to say that over 20,000 Igbo have been killed across the country from varying violence circumstances including, religious and political riots. As our sons and daughters, parents/children, rail from these immeasurable killings across the country, it is therefore, essential that the security of our peoples across Nigeria be honestly addressed and solutions strongly followed up by law-enforcement agencies. The criminal aggression against Igbo-Nation cannot be mistaken or mixed up with comatose—as business as usual mentality as we witnessed and continue witness all these years. Ndiigbo had made it clear that Igbo will defend itself from all fronts across the country through the New-Igbo-Doctrine [NID]. Something must be done in respect to zero-security, because no nation can technologically, educationally, spiritually and scientifically improve its progressive file[s] under insecurity and lawlessness.

Capacity building, social development, industrial revolution, economic-emancipation, economic-development and other forms of investments and capacities including educational and skills-acquisitions of our children are all interconnected and interlaced to security of the Nigeria-State. And, if the nation fails in security matters as being witnessed recently, by its subjects or citizens, then, the whole nation has failed. It is security now or nothing. Regardless of our challenges and its attended constraints in this area, total over-haul of nation’s security arrangement is critical. Restoring security capacities truthfully and honestly will assist the populace restore confidence in themselves and confidence in the state. Security and integrity are challenges we face today that needs be addressed with urgency, and confronted head-on. There is no better time to address security of Ndiigbo and Nigerians than at this crucial and comely summit.

Conversely, we are pleased to inform readers and commentators that eminent Igbo sons and daughters, respected dignitaries and personalities from around the world have been earmarked to present papers at this summit. They have been appealed to, to be gracious enough to participate in this important discussions, as the gathering focuses mainly on the security of our peoples and right to self-determination. Boston will be busy. Boston will be bustling and hustling with streaming visitors of Igbo and non-Igbo-extractions from around the world and much more. Key note speakers of respectability and integrity have been slated to address Igbo-nation. The list includes amongst others: Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe [rtd], and Former Minister of finance/Foreign Affairs, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, among others. Our representatives residing in Boston, Massachusetts has learnt that there is additional respected dignitaries to address the Congress, including Constitutional Lawyer, Professor Ben Nwabueze, and Prof., ABC Nwosu, these and others are expected to speak to the congregation on the occasion on legal-jurisprudence related matters and on the way forward for Igbo-nation and Nigeria-state. Indeed, this is a fascinating time for Igbo-nation across the world.

As you all are aware 46 years later Igbo are yet to be blessed with the opportunity to provide leadership to Nigeria-nation and its peoples. The clamour for Igbo-leadership is intensifying and growing. Observers and think-tank organizations and interest groups, believe that the only way for peace to reign in the land is for the nation to support SE/SS Igbo Presidency, especially having had two major-ethnic representatives complete, and/or, about to complete their tenures in providing leadership for the nation. There is no better time for Igbo to provide this needed leadership to the Nigeria-state than today. Indeed, Igbo and fellow-Nigerians have able and qualified personalities that can honestly and undeviatingly provide leadership to Nigeria-state, today more than any other time. All that is required is providing them with the platform, supports and opportunity to make it happen.

This summit is in short, an ample opportunity for Ndiigbo: its sons and daughters to showcase what they are capable of providing to Nigeria-state. It is therefore, important that those vying for the high offices including the presidency, to present their manifestoes and programs for public scrutiny, review, re-evaluations and for their considerations. These individuals must show that they have credibility and character. They must show amongst other things that their characteristic-indices include: duty, accountability, responsibility, transparency and qualitative leadership to the citizens are ingrained within and around them in discharging their duty if elected today.

In conclusions, to the media houses and other information networks, we have been advised to be sure that media houses or organizations to cover the summit credibly and accredited. It is important that communication agencies contact their partners and program planners electronically for more guidelines accordingly. Media institutions without proper invitations, accreditation documentations and or proper clearance from the Organization Planning Committee [OPC] for this event must think twice. Uninvited guests are advised to differ appearing around the premises of this year’s summit, to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, as security details will be heightened at this year’s gathering. We gathered that prior consultations, preparations and early arrangements are best bets to secure tickets to the event.

Finally, those with proper invitations from around the world, we learnt are advised to book for hotel spaces and make alternative accommodation arrangements. Logistically, this is just in case a “Plan A” fails there is always a “Plan B”. We learnt that due to organizational technicalities surrounding security and other matters, late-comers would have themselves to blame as program is already over-booked and congested. Round the clock jam-packed responsibilities, including budgeting and more are unprecedented in this year’s summit. This year’s WIC annual summit is expected to be congealed and loaded with never seen attendance in its history due to upcoming elections, security concerns, and in part, due to the worsening killings of politicians, Ndiigbo in particular and Ndi-Nigeria at large.

As all road leads to Boston, Massachusetts, United States, for World Igbo Congress [WIC], slated for August 31st to September 4th 2006, this writer wishes all participants a wonderful summit and hope you enjoy it. We take this opportunity to thank those visiting from remote places—thank you for your time and dedication; to those visiting from within the United States, thank you; many thanks to communication electronic-media houses such as: Cablevision and others that would be picking-up and circulating information, and, covering this event[s] as they unfold. Our appreciation goes to representatives of member-states, scholars, legal practitioners, world Jewry, engineers, educators, doctors, and all practitioners from all works of life including foes of Ndiigbo alike, who would be documenting and recording detailed communiqués for future analytical reviews and academic researching—you are all welcome! Again, through this medium, permit me to kindly wish each delegate, observers, strangers and all, a wonderful and productive summit and pray that the final discussions, presentations, resolutions and decisions would expectedly add new capacities to enhancing the lives and well-being of our peoples especially the lives of those in the homeland and those of our kinsmen and kinswomen in the Diaspora. God bless Igbo-nation, God bless nations-states--Nigeria.

Carlisle U. O. Umunnah
Is New York Based Freelance writer

Posted by Administrator at September 1, 2006 05:59 AM


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