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September 15, 2006

An Illogical Trajectory: Kettle Call Pot Black

by Carlisle U.O. Umunnah (New York, USA) --- This paper will review; analyze the implications of immaterialism, and materialism that is facilitated, and predicated on human greed and emptiness. Perhaps this writer will attempt were possible to offer solutions on the present national-shame motivated by the rumbling at Aso-Rock, which, houses nation’s Presidency. Remember the upcoming 2007 elections and beyond.

May I remark that, in the final analysis, it is important to tentatively draw my conclusion, explaining what surrounds these con-artists in Nigeria based on their fantasy world of infallibility; the egotistic selves.

First and foremost, the biblical or scriptural trajectories informed us that during Christ earthly ministry, many of His great teachings were conveyed essentially on the law of retributive justice: what you sow is what you reap; that includes do unto others as you would want others do unto you. Remove the moths in your thick-eyes before removing the moths in your neighbor’s eyes otherwise great consequences follow[s].

In today’s Nigeria-political scene, Obasanjo and EFCC claims it is fighting corruption but uses selective measuring barometer to deduce that which, is not universally acceptable or I would say, that which is not nationally susceptible and plausible in respect to acceptable standards, fairness and equity. I do not have all the answers, but, one would hope that in all intents and purposes, Obasanjo and his administration would have acted responsibly, print their names in the golden books; unfortunately, his administration looked the other way. This administration has broken the law time and again, in disregard to nation’s constitution that were crafted under the military regimes, anyways. Now, clear evidence exists and speaks volumes at Bell University, Ottah Farm Inc, private Library project, and colossal properties inside and outside our shores, owned by bother-line ego-centric mechanized farmer-President, Olusegun Obasanjo. By omission or commission, funds for these projects were stolen from state coffers that were intended for public ventures but were diverted to personal ventures. This act is in total violation of the law. Episodes at Transcorp and others like it are evidence of misappropriations by this administration under the leadership of Obasanjo. Obasanjo administration did everything under the sun to impede, cover-up, these illegalities by deploying intimidation, bribery, coercion and brute political assassinations tactic.

The quest for power and materialism, were upped and swallowed by human greed and emptiness as exemplified in this administration’s contradictions, insofar. Yesterday they were friends looting together today, they are enemies looting separately. Who is fooling who? Obasanjo/Atiku feud is a national disgrace. Both men are just wrong. Both men broke the law by their illegal practices which they are now washing in public domains; some call it constitutional compliance but, I call it constitutional irresponsibility.

One would hope that National Assembly under Senate President Nnamani would do the right thing for the nation, by swiftly requesting for classified communications of these two rogues from state intelligence agencies and proceed with investigation that would lead to their impeachment[s].

We heard that money was wired from one Bank to the other. Admittedly, Obasanjo some months ago ordered, his agents at the central Bank of Nigeria [CBN] to action, they moved unapproved funds by the National Assembly worth over eighteen [18] billion dollars, Gani Fawehinmi and his legal-tugs did not see that as an impeachable offense, but sees Vice President Atiku Abubkar, money transfers at BNP, illegitimate. Whether these fraudulent transfers were illegitimate or legitimate, somehow they amount to impeachable offense[s]. Oh, have you wondered why there are no street protests these days in the west? What a hypocritical double-standards, talking with both sides of their months.

According to Daily Champion, Okey Onwuchekwe & Tony Ailemen reporting from Yola: “Lagos-based lawyer and activist, Chief Gani Fawehinmi [SAN] yesterday, called on the National Assembly to swiftly commence the impeachment of for alleged abuse of office; adding that Nuhu Ribadu administrative panel report indicted Abubakar of sleaze, adding that such alleged misconduct automatically disqualified him from contesting next year’s election. According to report, Vice President in a statement Wednesday claimed he received a letter from President Olusegun Obasanjo asking him to resign or face impeachment by the National Assembly.” Other observers report, culled that the said EFCC indictment were manufactured by Obasanjo’s administration to taint Atiku and his group's credibility. What is more, isn't this whole fuse about 2007 elections in Nigeria? Have we had any credible elections in Nigeria before now? They are money bags—cash and carry.

In my view, it is a Public Relations war. This PR war is between those backing Atiku, who argue in disagreement to the alleged indictment tabled by EFCC/Obasanjo as fraud and suspicious. According to report Atiku uses Habib Bank to track Obasanjo and his loot and the President’s men discovered it and now are not happy about it. Both Obasanjo and Atiku have insiders in government that does their dirty jobs for them. The suffering Nigerian masses know[s] little or nothing of these transactions and do not trust Obasanjo or Atiku. Things are getting messier my friends each passing day. It is a complicated and confused ongoing report. If my information is current, the development reveals certain aspects of wired funds. We have heard report of Bank BNP “wired” money to another Bank, they say Adenuga Bank—which, was used to finance the activities of Globacom, and Atiku deposited the federal Government of Nigeria [FGN] funds in the same bank eight months ago. But as it stands, how are we sure that the interconnectivity of funds which occurred in Bank are traceable to Atiku people, how was EFCC able to prove that indeed the funds were used for said activities of Globacom, was exact funds that Atiku deposited in the Bank and not the one dispatched and deposited by BNP? It is clear that both Obasanjo and Atiku are moving money around; moneys that belongs to all Nigerians against 2007 electoral charades. Both of these men are guilty of illegal transactions and must be punished according to the law if found guilty.

Conversely, it is indeed curious to this writer, about the time-line when EFCC indicted Atiku on a report of the Panel after Obasanjo, communicated the report to EFCC. The question is did EFCC ever conducted an investigation independently; contests or confirmed Obasanjo’s communicated content panel materials ahead of adopting the report? In a short space of time can EFCC indeed affirm and defend its investigation if indeed it conducted one, comparing the time-span of investigation and time-span of panel investigation?

In the meantime, according to report, as many of these questions linger on, the Advance Congress of Democracy [ACD] in a statement signed by its chairman, Media and Publicity Committee, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has urged the National Assembly to ignore Obasanjo’s request to impeach Abubakar. In their remarks, it is a considered opinion of the Advanced Congress of Democrats [ACD], that the whole idea of investigating an office holder, who has constitutional immunity and who on account of his office, has no proper opportunity to respond to all issues arising from such an investigation is inappropriate. It added that asking the accused to respond to the charges against him amounted to stripping him of his immunity as enshrined in the constitution. The party faulted EFCC on the findings of the EFCC which allegedly indicted Abukakar on the Globacom deal.

In this writers view, since both of these men have the tendency of moving State funds illegitimately, it is my considered opinion to impeach both of them by the National Assembly as Kettle cannot call Pot Black.

Where as this paper showcases both men as ego-centric and bullies, it also shows that the citizenry do not have all the details of PR war and must be on alert for any eventualities. Both men are obsessive-bother-line individuals that need assistance from their assigned healthcare-providers or therapists. It also shows both men are by application, in bad light as they have defeatists’ inclinations. They have failed the people and must therefore face the consequences of abusing their respective offices with misplaced priorities, choosing and projecting their selfish egos above peoples’ needs. Every public domain must be handled with care as it belongs to all. A misrepresented and misplaced power as we are witnessing are resultants of gross irresponsibility that results into massive misappropriations.

The results, lessons learned and continue to be learned is that the ongoing debacle between these shameless men is that man is fallible not infallible. Therefore, those aspiring for high offices, or to lead the nation must learn wisdom and humility in order to present themselves genuinely to the service of the citizenry. We also learned and continue to learn that no matter our positions, accomplishments in this life, whether it is scholastically, legal, medical, or other disciplines or fields, it is important to know that the great law of retributive justice will always catch up with us. It will come, knocking on our individual doors demanding for our stewardships to, society, and fellow-men and to our creator. Courageously, we will learn to remove the moth in our eyes before removing that moth which is in our brother’s eyes. After all said and done, the quest for materialism and immaterialism are swallowed by human ego, which, is manifested in human greed, incompetences and failings.

In conclusion, from the above hypothesis, it is evident that nation’s constitution is more or less a trash paper. The constitution has been in violation, since 1999 both men assumed office and beyond. It is therefore, my considered opinion that the National Assembly has history on their side if they follow issues before them constitutionally. It is an amazing opportunity to impeach both Obasanjo and Atiku and speedy up election 2007. The electoral engineering could be harnessed, by providing adequate funds to INEC to prepare the nation for the upcoming elections, if any. Another part of this paper shows that both men are ego-centric and have a misconception of what they are able to do. Both men are obsessive bother-line individuals that needs help with their medications. It also shows both men in bad light, having failed the people and must therefore face the consequences of abuse of power, via, impeachment. The resultant of lessons learned is that man is fallible regardless of his acclaimed invisibility. Again, those aspiring for high offices, who want to lead the nation, must present themselves genuinely for service to the citizenry. We also learned that no matter our positions in this life; whether it is scholastic, legal, medical, or practicing in any other fields, we must realize that the great law of retributive justice will always catch up with its violators. According accounting for our stewardships public or private must not be overemphasized. The quest for materialism is swallowed by time and space, greed and avarice. It would be gross stupidity committing the nation, its citizenry, to these ill-conceived, illogical, ill-prepared, constitutional-debates, wasting state funds that would have gone into essential amenities such, good roads, schools, hospitals, employments, and others like these, etc. It is constitutionally irresponsible wasting state funds on these discredited rogues and their cronies while, the masses can not have bread on their table.

In summation, the Great King Solomon of old, after revisiting his leadership dexterity, scholarship, his socio-economic and political influence, declared: it is all vanity.

Carlisle U. O. Umunnah
Is New York Based Freelance writer

Posted by Administrator at September 15, 2006 11:09 AM


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