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September 15, 2006

The Making of a Nation or Disintegration of a Nation

by Carlisle U.O. Umunnah (New York, USA) --- There are lots of ramifications, courage, conditionalities, sacrifices, etc, involved in crafting a nation off of this situational landscape—Nigeria, for her to become a true-nation.

It is therefore an altruism that from the aforementioned conceptualizations, it is my considered opinion that the member-state called Nigeria is not yet a nation; but rather it is a geographical expression made up of nations-states—an accidental engineering that is trying to become a nation if all the stake-holders at stake agree[s], treated fairly and squarely. Otherwise, over time, it will practically and markedly disintegrate.

I hate to use Europe and North America as my yardstick or measuring benchmarks, for other nation’s challenges, constraints, proficiencies, capacities or lack of it thereof. Nevertheless, I will attempt were possible to reduce the tendency of doing exactly that. May I unequivocally state, that it is egregious, irresponsibility on the side of the feds to declare shot at sight orders inside Niger Basin or what some call Niger-Delta. These actions/orders evidently have triggered promptly indiscriminate, mass killings of our peoples; rapes, and other crimes against our humanity. This criminal behavior is pretty much alarming. The shoot at sight option does not by any means make a nation livable, rather such actions create chaos, facilitate the emancipation of more nations-states inside the bogus-nation, called Nigeria. It is this writer considered opinion therefore, and without hesitations—condemns this criminal aggression against the Niger-Basin peoples and warn the fed to stop its criminality against this people today or face unbearable consequences from the citizenry. I have in the past communicated via articles, that military option is no option; dialogue, diplomacy should be vigorously considered.

No institution, be it multinationals or any other in this category has a monopoly of violence. Violence breeds violence. Not even the Americans or Muslim fundamentalists in gulf peninsula can claim monopoly of violence, their military might, notwithstanding. There is limit to what these suffering masses can take. Iraq and Afghanistan is a typical example of these expressions of violence that begot violence. Make no mistake, given time—there will be increased and strengthened militancy in defense of peoples’ freedom to choose in these lands, which rightfully belongs to her, etc. An aggression against this people will, if appropriate care is not taken, escalate this war.

Under conflict resolution conceptualized texts, it is arguably believed that War is a necessary component toward making a nation, peaceful; correct me, under this argument if it is wrong with a rebuttal of your own. From ancient days, power has always belonged to the people. All that the people needs is consistent leadership for proper guidance to actualize their freedom from aggressors. It is this power concept that can bring them self-rule, freedoms, liberties irrespective of better fighting equipment were necessary which, would usher in true nationalism.

By 1776 America gained its independence from the imperial British powers in Downing Street—that shocked Privy-Council in London. It took blood and sweet to actually and finally win such engagement. Folks, I am talking about sacrifice, dedication and love for nation. French Revolution in 1700 through 1800 took similar turn for her to be free from foreign imperialism, including, German occupation if its land, after WWI & WWII. In fact, Europe as a whole in its revolt against oppressive regimes, that rapidly ushered in its nation-states, vis-à-vis industrial-revolution; supported by massive workers uprising against landowners/lords that made it possible.

In Cuba, the making of the nation in 1959 Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro butted, American backed Batista’s capitalist regime and ushered in a new Cuba. A new nation was born for its citizenry that enthroned work-ethics, character, love for nation, quality-education for all Cubans. These accomplishments have sustained her till today. Cuban doctors are in high demand in Europe, Latin America and Africa. Have you wondered why? Answer: it takes staying steady and principled and uncompromising leadership qualities to pull it off.

By 1927, Russians Stalin moved quickly, to butt-out Czars aggressions alongside landowners that oppressed the landless working people. However, due to lies and corruption in Kremlin, after 70 years of its reign it could no longer provide bread for its peoples hence its attended collapse. The people lined up all day without bread. By 1999 Perestroika and Glasnost under Mikhail Gobechav administration started a re-construction, a new Russia, that summarily dismissed party lords and finally Russians can make decisions for themselves. The collapse of former Soviet Union [USSR] became real because the people believed in themselves for change. Freedom to its different republics were unstoppable and thus emergence of Countries of Independent States [CIS] or countries with economies in transition. Liberty, freedom became the admirable singing platitudes at its platforms.

In our backyard, J.J. Rawlings of Ghana, and his colleagues made history for Ghana by cleansing her of looters that have pillaged her. Today Ghana regardless of its pitfalls is respected and can engage in technical matters, commerce and international trading negotiations amongst the comity of nations boldly, firmly with integrity.

In Red China, witnessed a sweeping takeover of the ruling blocs from its British imperial influence in its shores that contributed to the freedom and independent-States India and Pakistan albeit, some of them are still going through changes but there is rule of law in the land. India in particular is doing its stuff, and has resisted foreign dominance over its soil and resources. Its movement and choice became a primordial benchmark that launched her into nationalism. China today, has become an emerging economy, a rising sun off of Asian-Peninsula, which surprising over time will position itself as strong global-competitor, a global-economic threat to United States dominance, and squeeze its strategic interests in the global market-economy.

What’s the heck is wrong with ECOWAS countries or SSA bloc? In ECOWAS member states, led by the bogus Nigeria-state which, according to other observers, does not exist in real sense of it has dominated the SSA bloc. In reality, others argue that Nigeria, is a geographical expression of pseudo-nationalism that have corrupted the macrocosm of the small neighboring member-states, for example, Togo, Liberia, Togo, Sierra-Leone and what not. Those claiming and championing its [Nigeria] cause for nation-hood do not have credibility to accomplish such a herculean-task, so to speak. There is no better time, to call for a Sovereign National Conference [SNC] were all former regional blocs under the parliamentary rule as founded, stakeholders, and its smaller nations can converge to summit in other to formulate the direction, wherewithal, and benchmarks of good-governance, good-neighborliness to occur today. We all know that the so-called Nigeria-state, has never held any credible elections in the land; our elections are usually hand-picked elections before the actually elections take place, after-all. Both the parliamentary and Presidential systems are borrowed systems experiences. Nothing in that political space is locally engineered and those that want to promote local engineer technology and science capacities faces persecution and roughen up.

Curiously, as that is not enough, there is a machination by this current administration in 2006 as it continue to do thing wrong. According to insiders, data-statistical evidence shows that this administration is calculating—attempting by all means to impose on the citizenry a puppet-leadership to hid its seven [7] years pillages against the wishes of the people. We need to stop them now. Allowing them to continue with this fraud is differing the evil days which shall surely come upon her if rapid change is did not occur.

There is no reason to continue to post-pone the evil and wicked days which, shall surely come. Doing so is treachery and a disservice to this generation and generations yet unborn. There is no greater call than service to protect our children, women, and our seniors. Our commitment, dedication is needed now, especially standing-tall today to demand fairness, justice and equity are most needed today more than any other time for our peoples.

In conclusions, the making of a nation is not a child’s play; it is not a cake-walk; it takes bold sacrifice and commitment. If we need a better, egalitarian and viable and functioning society with rule of law in place without grudges, then we have to overthrown this present administration through mass uprising. Yes, we understand that many we go or die in the process but that is the prize that comes with building a nation. And by-the-way, of what use is this life if you have nothing dying for and become just moving corpses only? Our old people without necessary amenities, no pensions, no safety-nets, for those who have contributed immensely, they live in thatch-houses, slumps, and need us today to change their conditions; they need us today especially with the information that we have. Our peoples are languishing in man-made poverty, penury and deprivation while others live in their stolen wealth. We have to face our waterloo today once and for all for us to live a better life, in other to better the life of our children. Going for the precipice is the bitter pill but it is a better option available that there is to restructure these embarrassments we face today.

Feasibility studies, show that in the current challenges we cannot afford to shrink for if we do, history will not forgive us; if we refuse to learn from our yesterday and today by restructuring, rebuilding, re-roading, re-employing, re-educating, re-universifying, re-ethicizing, re-socializing, restoring the dignity of man through mass-mobilization and mass-participation then of what use are we.

A great American poet, George Santayana once remarked: “Those that failed to learn from their history are condemned to repeat it.”

Intensive dialogue not military option is a good start. The current arrogance and victimization of our peoples by EFCC, and its creator is not the way to go. The only left option is by fundamentally and logically following Constitutional options predicated on the rule of law; abiding, and following due processes as enshrined in the constitution is our possible and best option. Observing this foregoing will fall within the international instruments, which respect and support universal human rights for all, as enshrined in the constitution and as one of the nation-states that ratified the UN Human Rights Charter.

The current bogus-Nigerianization of other member-states inside this contraption, called Nigeria, as currently constituted under the criminality of the British amalgamation of 1914, without the consultations of the ingediginous peoples, would have gone down as one of the grossest leadership failings ever construed by man.

Secessionists and other freedom fighters are part of nation building and the making of a nation and must be allowed to champion its causes in the land freely without molestations, killings and harassments. The likes of Adams of OPC, Uwazurike of MASSOB, and Dokumbo of MEND, should be released without any conditionality and without further delays.

Today, in the United States, you still have people flying their confederate flags without molestation from other Americans, and were molestations exists, on infringes on their human rights, or violated, there is always a recourse in the judicial institutions that is instituted to redress in such matters. Folks, it is called freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.

For Nigeria to become a nation, the make-ups or the ramifications surrounding its delusional claims over other nations-states inside its frontiers has to be reviewed, re-examined, re-adjusted, and re-ratified for and by all stake-holders. At this 21st century, no region or individual or groups of individuals, no matter how powerful can impose itself on others at will without meeting peoples’ resistance. This is also called optimizing your options: self-determination and self-actualization. The making of a nation in a free-society, in a new world-order seriously calls for consultations and dialogue not militarization of our lands. Balkanization of nations-states’ territorial integrity, either by omission or commission will not be tolerated. Friends, nations-States, inside Nigeria-state, know its boundaries and have the options to opt-out or stay within such arrangement if they so chooses.

Other observers talk much about the new universal converging nations-states elsewhere, for example, some point at European Union [EU] or African Union [AU], but, these progenitors of such unionizations, do not understand the detailed ramifications for such convergence or such unionisms.

The universal convergence elsewhere could mean universal divergence elsewhere. 1960s continental Africa or Ethiopia does not by any means, mean 1960 Europe, North-America or South-America. These spaces and times have its different trajectories, ramifications globally; including their mass-schooling/educational needs. These variations can also be seen in each bloc economical and its military arrangements then, which, have different scopes, thickness and depths, rather than what the “big boys think”.

Different regions or nations-states can influence each other but cannot in totality control these different entities, geo-political and its economic globalizations at will. Comparing different global universalism as one and the same things is highly intellectual arrogance, erroneous, misinformation, egregiously outlandish, and grandstanding by any standard in this writer’s considered opinion. The making of a nation is a complex initiative that involves all stakeholders’ participation. Until we as a people realizes this phenomenon surrounding the hypothesis above based on consultations, dialogues, toward creating and making a new nation, Nigeria will continue on the part of failings, discredited score; backwardness, bogus-leadership, directionlessly walking the sliding rope of disaster, lacking the true-nationalism at the turn of 21st century shall be its portion.

We hope otherwise.

Carlisle U. O. Umunnah
Is New York Based Freelance writer

Posted by Administrator at September 15, 2006 11:13 AM


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