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December 26, 2005

The Emperor has shown his Nakedness, Again

by Chibuzo Onubogu (USA) --- Haba Obasanjo! what a buffoon you are and will continue to be. In your eternal wisdom or lack of it you summed up the cause of the crash of Sosoliso 1145 as corruption. It’s obvious that you have no inkling about what you are doing as president of Nigeria. What a shame that a country with greatness written all over it continues to wallow in mediocrity due to the fact that we have continued to produce village idiots as our leaders.

From Gowon, to Obasanjo, to Shagari, Babangida to Abacha to Abubakir, and now you again Obasanjo. Isn’t it time you ex- military retarded morons realized you are not fit to rear cattle not to
talk of being presidents of a country with such promises yet unfulfilled? Take stock, for if you have any sense of nationalism or patriotism you would stop seeking public office. Your mark has been total unequivocal F in all subjects presented. Obasanjo we have heard enough of your stupid corruption banter, for in the land of the corrupt you are king. The fact that you have done absolutely nothing to wage a war (like Buhari and Idiagbon did) clearly shows that you
are either the most corrupt or a bungling nincompoop unfit to lead. I guess its today trend all over. The world today is full of mediocre leaders in office and I guess that’s why you fit right in.

When you mentioned corruption, whose corruption are we talking about? The Federal Government of Nigeria, The Rivers State Government, The Private Sector, The Airline Industry, The Fire Service, The Health Department, Emergency Services, NEPA, Sosoliso Airlines, The Police? The entire Nigerian Populace? Who Mr. Obasanjo do you mean is corrupt? The fact that you narrowed it down to the Airline Industry and or Sosoliso Airlines, shows, that once again you have no concept of what the big picture entails and never will. That is what I mean by lack of leadership. Check out the list I have above and it shows you who is culpable.

Plane crashes happen everywhere, but in some other country other than Nigeria the entire crew and passengers may not burn the way they did. The Bellevue crash though not less devastating may have been unsalvageable given how remote of a village it occurred in. For it to happen in Kaduna and then Port Harcourt with no visible Fire Service or Emergency Services shows the full extent of your “CORRUPTION”.
Cities the size of Port Harcourt and Kaduna do need serviceable Fire and Emergency Services. Please never again say that New York City is richer than Nigeria. Where do you get such warped logic from? New York City probably generates and manages its budget and revenue better. New York City is definitely more accountable to the people it serves than you and your predecessors have ever been, so enough of the misinformation. Nigeria has more resources, more manpower and more
land than New York City so what is your point. If you and the past counterparts had not led porously corrupt and morally bankrupt governments then there would be accountability. We would not have an abundance of bogus millionaires whose wealth cannot be traced to
any inheritance or hard work.

Why would Mr. Okemini watch his own daughter die in that Aircraft fire without any attempt at putting it out? Why would Mrs. Ezue’s husband die and also lose his watch to a heartless thief who dared steal in such a condition? Or could it be that it was stolen by security operatives at the airport? Governor Odili, with all the wealth generated by oil in your state what real viable tangible projects have been accomplished after being in office for 6 years. I do not believe that the only crooked governors are Dariye and Alams. I also do not think Tafa Balogun is the worst ever IG. Is Fabian Osuji the only minister who dipped his hands in the ministry money? Did Chris Ngige rig himself into o office? What did Audu Ogbeh
do? Why is Atiku suddenly a misfit? The pattern and trend of selective punishment is glaringly obvious. So who are you really fooling with your corruption fight?

Being a Nigerian must either be a curse, a burden, or a misfortune. If not why would the Fire Service in Port Harcourt not have water to at least pretend that they were putting out the Aircraft fire? It would also amount to the highest level of incompetence if cities
like Calabar, and Lagos all “SORROUNDED” by water would have any kind of disasters that is fire related and don’t have the capacity to fight it. Let’s take a trip down memory lane Mr. President and recall the Ikeja cantonment incident. How time flies? I am sure this is a blur in your memory now. The bombs exploding in Army Barracks and the subsequent mass confusion and mayhem that followed also shows a country with absolutely no leadership. People panicked and died needlessly because there were no plans of emergency or evacuation. If the Nigerian leaders ever cared of its citizenry, I am sure that by now since that was the first time it ever occurred there would be training geared towards the civilian populace to avoid such a situation happening again. I would love to see such a plan if it exists. I am willing to bet that there is none. Instead, I am sure that we will continue with our off the cuff type of approach to everything. Just like when we woke up one morning and suddenly decided
we wanted to host the World Cup. Laughable! Our President in his infinite wisdom supported such a dumb move, formed a committee people collected all kinds of pays(because I know it was not done for free),
nothing in Nigeria is ever done with a patriotic fervour, then poof one day they idiots packed up and went home. The timing was wrong I think they said. The question is why would the Nigerian ruling class care? You are never elected into office by the people so why be accountable to them. Such responsible leadership and governance is only shown in situations where elections are actually contested and won. Typical example is in America today where Emperor/ King George
has continued his tyrannical/ oppressive and autocratic leadership knowing fully well he rigged himself into office twice. So Baba Sege, carry on you are in good company. The only thing I don’t ever want
to hear from either Obasanjo or Bush is their Religious bullshit because neither of them believe in God. Back to the corruption issue, I would love to see a new approach to your fight. Probe your self first for all you did from 1976 to 1979, and then give up all your illegal acquisitions that you have currently amassed. Then and only then will whatever you are doing make any sense. Other than that you have amounted to nothing but a toothless bulldog, barking profusely after nothing.

Once again, on the wealth, revenue and money issue, yes we have/ had money and continue to do so. Crude prices have been at an all time high, prices at the pump continue to soar. Since we decided to abandon all other forms of revenue and bury our heads in oil maybe we will not make as much. Since corruption and bunkering and payoffs take a giant toll we continue to manage our resources the same way. I t cannot be enough for a country growing in leaps and bounds in population. Oddly enough, Nigeria has more minerals per square inch than most other countries of the world. We have abundant farmlands rivers and oceans. In the 20th century, we have produced and continue to produce the most brilliant minds comparative to any country in the world yet we cannot get anything going. As long as we continue to bog ourselves down with trivial issues like Tribe and Religion we will continue to be bottom feeders. We need true unblemished and patriotic leadership. Let us stop all this nonsense about what divides and dwell on what makes us work, there and then will we achieve any meaningful goals in leadership. If we continue to
produce non nationalist, unpatriotic, parochial leaders we will continue to be doomed. If we are truly fighting corruption let us go all the way. Let us stop picking and choosing and stop all the grandstanding.

Chibuzo Onubogu writes from the USA

Posted by Administrator at December 26, 2005 07:03 PM


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