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February 23, 2006

We got Hoodwinked Again

by Chibuzo Onubogu (Clayton, NC, USA) --- I can now say with all authenticity that Nigeria is country full of wise people yet stupidity reigns supreme. The most recent magic act that was performed on us should still be fresh on all our minds. Remember the Gbenga Obasanjo interview or non interview? That was the magic act.

Think my fellow country men/women, think! If you chose to believe the company line and call it a gaffe, or if you truly believe that Gbenga spoke from his heart, somewhere in that conversation lies the truth about how my country, your country, is being taken to the cleaners. In my own humble opinion, I truly believe that the only thing Gbenga omitted was his own father’s complicity in the whole caper.

In a system of government where the 2nd in command is treated with disdain, and sometimes even below the status of a houseboy, it would be highly impossible for Atiku to execute all the shady deals all alone. How can the number one micro manager in the world allow for such independence in all the underhanded shenanigans going on in his domain, the presidency? What I believe is that Gbenga may have had a few drinks (hic) and confessed the inner workings of a rotten administration. His craftiness was the deliberate omission of daddy in all the deals. There is also another possibility that the journalist who wrote the article conveniently removed any mention of daddy OBJ for fear of real persecution.

Once again the truth about this bunch of selfish rogues in the presidency is told, and all we do is crucify and castigate the messenger. Instead of investigating to find out the truth we rubbish the guy and turn him into one without respect for elders. We even make him apologize. Don’t speak ill of the elders my foot. If the elders are a bunch of “armed robbers” will we be saying the same thing? We talk so much about fighting crime and eliminating corrupt practices, yet there is no outrage on our part after reading the interview? We continue to wait for the day God will jump down from heaven and deliver us from the evil done against us by our own brothers and sisters. Haba my people! Gbenga Obasanjo handed us a rope and all we did was hang him with it. He cried out for help and we totally ignored him. What exactly will it take for us to truly rise up and take back our country? Don’t you think we have been lied to, used and abused enough?

Another issue is General Malu’s statements which is now the new rallying cry for lies, confusion, and deception. All those ranting and raving about his statements are no more bloodthirsty than he is purported to be. From those who want him dead to those who are calling for his disgrace every one of you is pathetic. In a democracy, people’s thoughts don’t kill. Isn’t there supposed to be some freedom of speech or expression? After reading the General’s remarks I don’t know what the noise is all about. General Malu thought about overthrowing Obasanjo, yet Obasanjo in the past had ordered the killing of innocent Nigerians and we are making so much fuss about it. I wonder who the real criminal is. Once again we are being taken down the path of stupidity just to make us lose sight of the real reason the General made his statements. According to an Igbo proverb: Onye uno ya na’ agba oku adigh achu oke.” “One whose house is on fire does not spend time trying to get rid of rats.” Nigerians arise and put out the fire that has been burning your house since independence. Leave the rat chasing to cats and other rat eating animals.

Another issue I have with all the dumb attacks on General Malu for thinking about a Coup is that of pure and total hypocrisy of Obasanjo’s defenders. Didn’t Obasanjo himself carry out a coup in 1975? Yeah, so people say we are in a democracy. What democracy? The one where there is no press freedom, the brand of democracy where people are never elected but rigged into office? We certainly have a brand of democracy where the majority of the populace and citizens do not know their rights. Since it is now a crime to think about coup what do we do to all those who actually thought about it and carried it out? How about arresting all those alive who have thought about, planned and carried out a coup and publicly disgracing all of them. Better yet, let’s kill them all. Now we know that it may just be what we need to eliminate all our leadership and corruption problems.

It is common knowledge that third world leaders including the ones in Nigeria have the penchant to run their countries like a private enterprise. We know that it has taken place in Nigeria before, so why would anyone with a semblance of sanity say that Gbenga Obasanjo would not know the inner workings of his father’s kingdom. Hey remember Ghaddafi, Sadaam Hussein, Abacha, Babangida, Mobutu, and Houphet Boigny. Have we forgotten that Daniel Arap Moi wanted his son to succeed him? How about Eyadema’s son succeeding him in Togo? There are many other the third world countries where we have children of rulers occupying positions that they either merit or not.

Posted by Administrator at February 23, 2006 07:38 AM


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