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February 23, 2006

Why Kill Another Man's Wife

by Chibuzo Onubogu (Clayton, NC, USA) --- I read with bewilderment and utter surprise the article where Abubakar Rimi claims that he knows his wife’s killer. He went further to say that it was some businessman residing in Abuja. My God, is this the state that our country has really degenerated into.

The brutal killings of Barrister Igwe and his wife is still fresh in our memory, and an unsolved mystery. Also we have the murders of Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, Marshall Harry and others still in question, now its Abubakar Rimi’s wife? I am not a saint, but it is near impossible for me to really understand the idea of taking an innocent life. I am assuming her innocence based on the fact that she may have been killed for what she did not know. If Rimi is to be believed, then this must either be a business deal gone bad, or the businessman in question does assassinations for a living. If the target was Rimi, what then is the meaning of killing his wife? Is this the part of the murderous villains residing in the ruling PDP as described by Wole Soyinka? We can recall the statement made by the Professor after Bola Ige was brutally assassinated.

What is it that could have transpired between Abubakar Rimi and the person or persons he believed killed his wife? Whatever it is, does the end result have to be the death of another? In Nigeria of today, it has become quite obvious that human lives now have equal or less value than that of animals .The wanton and reckless murders occurring now seems similar to the slaughtering of cows, goat and sheep. In fact, human lives really do not have any value in Nigeria except if the dead person or persons were rich.

Case in point; while on my recent trip home to Nigeria, I saw a very highly preventable accident while travelling from Onitsha to Lagos. A truck travelling from Lagos to Onitsha overloaded with what appeared to be bags of Tom Tom mints, went from its side of the expressway to the other side and ploughed into a bus and a 504 car killing all except the driver of the truck. First issue here is that the truck had no business going that distances carrying more than its capacity based on the deplorable state of parts of the road. Where were the police and Road Safety? Another issue with the vehicle was how it looked like it belonged to the junkyard instead of being used as a means of transporting that much cargo. Again, whatever it was that caused it to lose control may have been unavoidable, but the thick forest in the median had no business being there, because when it lost control it showed that it went a long way in the median before it got on the other side of the road destroying unsuspecting lives.

In a country of so much unemployment, would it be a crime to get people employed to cut the grass on the expressway before they grow into forests. All these are simple safety matters which could have been addressed if there is value placed on the life of every Nigerian.

In the case of the assassination of Saudatu Rimi are we going to have the same endless and fruitless search for her killers? Is this going to fall by the wayside as per the deaths of Dele Giwa, Alfred Rewane, Moshood Abiola, Kudirat Abiola, Barrister Igwe and his wife, Bola Ige, Musa Yaradua, Tunde Idiagbon, Marshall Harry, and Chuba Okadigbo? Wow we now have surpassed The United States in terms of unexplained mysterious deaths of prominent citizens. What it tells me is that there is total official misconduct, connivance and collusion in these deaths. I have not even done a death count on the lesser known Nigerians who have been killed by the Police, by unnecessary accidents, by worthless arguments, by armed robbers, by their own family members and other avoidable means. I reiterate that we have become a society with no value or premium placed on human lives.

Just like Rimi pleaded in his statement about finding his wife’s killers, I join him in his appeal for the truth to be made known to the public. Wouldn’t this be a nice addition to Obasanjo’s so called war on corruption? Maybe this time a killer will be unmasked and end the spate of unsolved mysteries. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Adieu! Saudatu Rimi! Maybe your death will mark the beginning of something new in Nigeria…the search for the truth.

Chibuzo Onubogu writes from the USA.

Posted by Administrator at February 23, 2006 04:10 AM


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