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March 09, 2006

To your Tents Oh Nigeria!

by Chibuzo Onubogu (Clayton, NC, USA) --- While being an ardent supporter and advocate of one united Nigeria, I will not fail to register my displeasure for the recent unprovoked killings of my people by the Muslim Northerners. What exactly did these Nigerians being killed in Katsina and Maiduguri do to deserve these attacks?

Why are you these Muslims so bloodthirsty and murderous that they feel they can just take to the streets and start killing innocent Nigerians? A Danish cartoonist makes a caricature of Mohammed and Nigerians have to be killed for it? I need someone to explain it to me.

Please tell me why Southern Christians have to suffer once again for something they have no knowledge of. When will you Muslims stop shedding the blood of innocent Nigerians? This recent incident has come to prove that maybe we need to separate. Maybe we need to fight another civil war since it seems we are not satisfied with the previous one. One thing that irks me is how Muslim leaders come and tell us the same nonsense about how Islam is a non violent Religion; yet time after time their followers take to the street to kill people who have done absolutely nothing to them. Just like always we are sold the dumb idea that it was done by hooligans. Who are these hooligans, and why are they always after Christians especially the ones from the South? Someone needs to convince me that you so called Muslim leaders are not the ones behind all the mayhem and carnage brought upon unsuspecting innocent Southerners.

I want to use this opportunity to call on Christians to stand up and fight back. I do believe it is time to stop dividing yourself by tribe and get together and fight your own religious war. Are you going to continue to be murdered and butchered anytime the Muslims feel like it? Just as I was writing this I saw the reprisals in Onitsha. Let’s not relent in our efforts at retaliation. We need to kill more Muslims so that they will think twice before they start their murderous acts again. I am calling on well meaning Christians in all the southern cities to join the people in Onitsha and burn a few more mosques.

I think that this incident is one of the reasons a lot of people do not want Nigeria to remain one country. The life of a typical southerner is seen as worth nothing by these Muslim fanatics. Just like racism in which blacks suffer against whites, religious intolerance is often relegated to the realm of extremists, but I beg to differ. It is my contention that moderates will always outnumber extremists of any political, religious or tribal group, but the tendency to be complacent and sit on the sideline and watch will make them lose their power to change the order of things to the radicals or extremists.

If we cannot guarantee that there will not or never be a Muslim attack on innocent Christians anymore, then we ought to start singing “Nunc Dimitis” on the concept of a united Nigeria. I will always contend that we ought to work together to build a great nation one and all, but if the lives and property of Christians will continue to wasted by Muslims, then it would be better if Nigeria ceases to exist.

Chibuzo Onubogu writes from the USA

Posted by Administrator at March 9, 2006 09:26 AM


I have just read Mr. Onubogu's article dated March 9, 2006 and captioned “To Your Tent Oh Nigeria!” As a Christian, this writer’s view has in deed caught my attention and I cannot resist the urge to strongly endorse it.

The recent killing of innocent Christians by the Muslim religious fanatics in the northern section of our country Nigeria is really shocking and heartbreaking. Why should the Muslims in the north be allowed by their leaders to be killing innocent southerners especially the Ibos and destroying their properties for no justifiable reasons? How can the adherents of a religion which is acclaimed to be a peaceful one continue to shed the blood of those who have done them no evil? Aren’t the actions of these murderous worshipers proving beyond any doubt that they are of the devil who has been a murderer right from the beginning (John 8:44)? How can Nigeria continue to remain one and indivisible entity when the lives and properties of the southerners cannot be safe in the northern part of the country? How can one be an unwelcome stranger in one’s own country? How can two persons walk together except they agree? I believe that it can never be possible! I also believe that it can never work at all! United we stand, but divided we fall.

I believe it is now time for us southern Christians to think twice and reconsider the possibility of our continual existence in one country with the blood-thirsty, violent and destructive Muslim lunatics in the north. Quite contrary to their claim to be peaceful and loving worshipers of God, their religion has for centuries been the most violent, harmful and destructive religion this world has ever witnessed. Action indeed speaks louder than voice!

(By Rev. Fidelis O. Nwaka, North Carolina, USA)
Tuesday, March 14, 2006.

Posted by: Rev. Fidelis O. Nwaka. at March 14, 2006 09:08 PM

No country has ever co-existed peacefully with a large muslim population alongside other religions. The best thing that the British did for the Indian subcontinent was the separation of muslims in Pakistan from others in India. Today, India is almost becoming a world power while their northern muslim neighbors in Pakistan are wallowing in fanaticism and penury. The brand of Islam preached by the modern house of Saudi known as Wahabism that is spreading around the world stresses ignorance and a message that promises bliss in the after-life. With foolishness such as is promised an illiterate and poor populace, we in the south are at risk.

Nigeria would not be able to advance as a nation until we have rid ourselves of this cancer. We will be spending the rest of our valuable time as a nation putting out needless fires. A good book to read on this subject is Toyin Folale's excellent book "Violence in Nigeria".
Prof Nkukut

Posted by: Prof. Umo Nkukut at March 16, 2006 02:06 AM

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