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September 15, 2006

Support for International Protection Force for the Niger Delta Basin: Letter to Kofi Anan and Linda Greenfield

by Prof. Chudi Ikwueze, Ph.D (New Yourk, USA) ---

Mr. Kofi Anan
Secretary general
United Nations
New York, NY

Mrs. Linda Greenfield
Special Assistant to the US President on Security in the Gulf of Guinea
The White House
Washington DC

Dear Mr. Anan and Mrs. Greenfield,

Support For International Protection Force For the Niger Delta Basin

The Peoples Mandate Party (PMP-USA, is a Nigerian Political Party, whose mission is to facilitate fair constitutional rights, good governance and respect for civil, religious and human rights, as well as press freedom for Nigerians. Reports in some Nigerian newspapers have been brought to our attention, regarding rejection by Nigeria’s Government, of deployment of US Marines to Nigeria’s Niger Delta. We want to state our vote of no confidence in the ability of the current administration to provide appropriate protection of life and property of the people of the Niger Delta basin and other disenfranchised peoples. We therefore call on the United States of America, the United Nations and the European Union to constitute a tripartite international group to investigate the on going atrocities on the Niger Delta basin as well as other regional, political and religious crises that have rocked Nigeria, especially under the current Obasanjo’s administration.

As widely reported, President Obasanjo like his predecessors has responded with intimidation and brutal repression, to the legitimate demands of the Niger Delta basin peoples, for a political and economic arrangement that is responsive to their desire for sustainable development and meaningful participatory processes. Undoubtedly, the consequences of failure on the part of successive governments to manage the numerous crises bedeviling Nigeria especially the Niger Delta crisis are both local and global.

Despite over 40 years of oil production and $400 billions of oil revenue, the local peoples of the Niger Delta remain in abject poverty without even the most basic amenities such as decent roads, schools, clinics, water and electricity. Their rivers and farmlands have been devastated by oil pollution making access to food extremely difficult. As a result frustrated young men have formed various militant factions, resorted to arms struggle in order to bring about self-determination, and equity in resource control and allocation.

In recent times, these militants have stepped up their attacks on the delta's oil industry, the biggest in Africa and have killed members of the security forces, kidnapped and released western hostages and blown up several oil pipelines, resulting in global oil market shock waves. According to Nigeria’s Central Bank, these caused crude oil exports to dropped from 1,96-million to 1,85-million barrels of oil per day from January to February. This translates to a total of 51,8-million barrels sold in February, down from 60,7-million barrels per day in January.

The genocide in Anambra state-another spot on the Niger Delta basin, unsolved political assassinations , and the ongoing blood bath on Niger Delta basin states of Bayelsa, and Rivers are ticking time bombs beyond the comprehension of President Obasanjo and his hired mouth pieces; and if nothing is done to address the issues, Nigeria risk being plunged into a civil war with its attendant humanitarian and global economic consequences.

We therefore support and call for establishment of a tripartite group comprising of the US, UN, and EU whose ultimate goal woild be to exert their influence by compelling Nigerian government to negotiate with the peoples of Niger Delta Basin so as to forestall the ongoing disintegration of Nigeria.

Faithfully yours,

Prof. Chudi Ikwueze

Mr. Joseph Aralu

Signed On Behalf Of Peoples Mandate Party (PMP) USA,
Committee on Conflicts Resolution

Peoples Mandate Party (PMP)-USA
P.O. Box 91425
Washington DC, 20090

September 11, 2006

Posted by Administrator at September 15, 2006 12:16 PM


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