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May 30, 2006

NAZIria, Not Nigeria

by CID Oguagha (New York, USA) --- Saturday May 27, the Association of Biafran Christians (ABC) and all Biafrans present honored Biafran heroes past, present and future with a mobilization conference in Los Angeles, California. The goal of the discourse was the rebirth of Biafra, which went limbo since January 15 1970.

It was indeed an uplifting occasion to the peoples of the East and the Mideast, otherwise called the Biafrans, whose so-called compatriots of other races have sentenced to unmitigated estrangement, and whom their Naziria nation is in full throttle to extinct.

Naziria, dubiously named Nigeria, is the graveyard of Igbo and her cognate neighbors. It is the pandemic Frederick Lugard’s mistress god mothered after the river Niger of her coarse fascination. But then, Naziria should not be romanticized as Nigeria; certainly not by its Biafran casualties, and not by its savage Nazirian beneficiaries either, assuming they still retain the least speckle of humanity in them.

On the one hand, to hail this rogue federation, Nigeria, is the same as desecrating all the supreme sacrifices of Biafra’s fallen heroes and heroines. On the other hand, to begin to label this bandit country by its sterling name, Naziria, is nothing more than paying overdue respect to the same fallen heroes and casualties of our first Biafra.

The amalgam of 1914 wasn't Nigeria, it was Naziria, and it took a question of time for polite Nigeria to manifest essential Naziria. It began three decades after in 1945 Jos ethnic cleansing of the Easterners and Mideasterners. By the time the pseudo-country finally became the Federal Republic of Naziria in 1960, its character and destination were all too manifest both to the predator and the quarry alike.

Those who gave their lives that pathetic cowards, later enshrined as Nazirian heroes, namely: Yakubu Gowon, Murtala Mohammed, Theophilus Danjuma, Olisiego Obusonjo, Anthony Enahoro, Obafemi Awolowo, et cetera, could not wrangle all Biafrans to their fast multiplying crematoria across Naziria and even within Biafra did not die in vain.

Here are some few scenarios that throw the weight of Biafran heroes’ tragic humanitarian work in bold relief: Yakubu Gowon provided for and protected all Northern Nazirian criminals who disemboweled pregnant women, slaughtered babies and beheaded men, altogether numbering about 50,000 Eastern/Mideasterners in a single year, 1966.

Muritala Mohammed was famed for wiping out the entire male folk of Asaba, and conducting genocide on Biafrans who surrendered to him in Awka and Onitsha during the war. Theophilus Danjuma smashed General Aguiyi-Ironsi's brains on a road in Ibadan, and till today saved a bullet for Ojukwu, the Biafran warlord.

Obafemi Awolowo stole about 6 billion pounds from the war-wracked Biafrans for the Nazirian coffers. Enahoro recommended decimating the Biafran population through abject starvation. And finally, Olisiego Obusonjo calls the government representatives of East/Mideast felons, and has lashed out an unending scourge called Chris Uba against Anambra State.

United Nation's definition of the crime of genocide includes cultural extinction of a peculiar people; the Biafran fiasco and resultant conundrum should convict Naziria on first degree charges of genocide in the World Court. Naziria should be sanctioned to pay reparations to Biafra, and Biafra should then be provisioned by the United Nations to secede from Naziria.

To romanticize Naziria as Nigeria therefore isn't only tantamount to spoofing the invaluable and incalculable heads and limbs, which heroes and heroines threw in to put out the holocaust, but smacks of insensitive self-abuse as well. In the final analyses, to refer to the rogue nation for what it basically is, Naziria, is the least regard Biafrans could have of themselves, at least for now.

All Biafrans should refer to Nigeria as Naziria. Others, Nazirians or not, should follow suit; such being the only justifiable thing to do to this monstrosity Britain contrived to blight the manhood of the entire black race.

Surely, before Hister, sorry Adolf Hitler, began Nazi Germany in the beginning of the 1930's, the same infamous Nazi dots were already connecting here in the armpit of Africa, courtesy of imperial, nay Petite Britain.

It will not be well with Britain at all, also because they would not repent of their villainy. Hope is the basic expediency you could give people, in this respect, peculiar peoples. But that is exactly what Britain is adamant to deprive the Biafran peoples. Biafra's fate cannot rest in your foolish hands oh Britain! Biafra's fate is in her nimble limbs, and you know what else? She has already overcome your disgusting sleight of hand, which manipulates the span of her peace and the reaches of her endeavors. Yea, Beloved has overcome! Retire in shame.

After her eventual epic triumph over Nazirian occupation, Biafra should be renamed Beloved. The name Biafra is bereft of meaning, yet she could bear it for now. What does it actually mean, besides the defunct Bight of Biafra on the map of Naziria? The word is one of the imperialists's numerous jawing across Africa, of which self-preserving African nations like Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and so forth cast off at some points through their nationhood. After victory, Biafra should be christened Beloved or some other name that unifies her confederate ethnic nationalities.

Time is far gone for all Easterners and Mideasterners, from Calabar through Port Harcourt and Enugu to Agbor, to launch at least the home coming of our hearts and minds from a parasitic federation that lives off Biafran material and human resources. A country errantly called Nigeria though it overreached its true self as Naziria forty years ago with the holocaust against the Biafrans, which the Gowon regime gleefully presided over for four sore and upended years.

Physical mass return may still wait, and may never be total as desirable. After all that which severs, though re-fixed shall fall short. But spiritual return is the absolute answer to Biafra's soul searching against the groundswell of allied Nazirian siege. She should begin now to rework all her ethnic and personal interrelationships. Blend in her differences. Hold her ethnic nationalities in unmatchable esteem way above outlandish neighbors.

Biafrans, work vigorously to rebuild your nation with the understanding that outlandish rapprochements, with the Nazirians, that jeopardize mutual relations in East and Mideast can only serve up your wholesale liquidation in their cannibalistic platters.

The Nazirians are skunks, cheats and sneaks. None of the Biafrans: Rivers, Crossriver, Delta, Anambra, Ebonyi, Imo, Bayelsa, Enugu, Akwa Ibom, or Abia states has gained from having coalesced with Fulani, Hausa, Yoruba, Bini and so forth. Instead these Assyrians and Philistines of Naziria have continued unrelentingly to disconnect your ecology, siphon and flare your oil products, confiscate your estates, impede your commerce, frustrate your future, deny your welfare, and police your freedom.

Any sibling nationality that has so much as gained half as much as she has lost in consorting with any of the Nazirian criminal ethnic nationalities should go ahead and scream her objection to this treatise! Haven't all of you been hurting one way and another? Haven't your own leaders brainwashed, and Naziria instigated your deep-rooted aversion to one another; so much that you have inadvertently and prodigally bankrolled your quasi-compatriots' junketing and squander mania; your quasi-compatriots whose difference to the White neo-colonialists is they are uncivilized and blacker than you.

Your ethnic groups are hard working and spare. Unlike the Nazirians, you are all beautiful and resourceful people. Why should you then allow Naziria, pettiness, past mistakes, slithering aliens, and sleek clansmen to monumentalize mutual animosity and distrust amongst you? Arise Biafrans! Gravitate to self-galvanization in your second and final effort.


Posted by Administrator at May 30, 2006 09:10 AM


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