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June 19, 2006

Stop Ducking NAZIria, Oh Biafrans!

by CID Oguagha (New York, USA) --- It’s about time Igbos and their cognate neighbors started referring to long misconstrued Nigeria by its actual name, Naziria.

This bandit country known in the comity of nations as Nigeria is really a terrorist polity of a peculiar sort, which has masqueraded for not less than forty years in vestment and fatigue.

Squarely defined, Naziria is brutal indigenous neo-colonialism of the Igbos and their neighbors by the Yoruba, and Fulani/Hausa ethnic axis of evil. These two ethnic nationalities overwork in concert to geld the Igbos as they transfer the oil resources and proceeds of now baptized South-South to their talismanic Western and Islamic Northern parts of the quasi-country.

Identification of a problem is a primary step toward solving it. Correct classification of Naziria therefore is requisite to our (that is Biafra’s) restitution. If there’s one factor that could seal our fate to the very end, it is our misguided ducking and slacking along dank corners of Naziria, as though this bandit federation were our neocolonial master (or is it?).

Do we honestly believe we could wish evil Naziria away? That someday somehow defunct Biafra shall wake up in Lekki Beach hammocks with their amok accusers? Give me a break. Aren’t you Biafrans wicked to entertain such a criminal indisposition? There are times inaction is wicked and criminal. From the generation of the great Zik to the present (three generations) are guilty of reckless and insensitive endangerment of their peoples of the East/Mideast. Don’t we have superfluous reasons in Naziria’s resolve to extinct us to re-launch our secession? What more grievous rationale could there be to, at least, begin with ousting Nigeria moniker with surname Naziria?

Rightly referring to Nigeria, as Naziria from today onwards is not a trivial way to start a life and death struggle. On the contrary it is a rudimentary approach that will provoke an intense process of unlearning and relearning amongst our populace, which shall build up to eventual and redoubtable groundswell that will topple the Fulani/Hausa/Yoruba ethnic axis of evil.

Surely we must not monkey with this travesty of godmother Britain’s and Fulani/Yoruba axis’, unless we delight to. Sadly, we have. And, determined to skirt renewed conflicts, we have also deluded ourselves with all manner of ostensible and cowardly clichés: about being the vanquished, about flouting some feces and fart Nazirian constitution, about courting another holocaust, about legitimizing Nazirian war crimes and about other flotsam and jetsam.

Enough of this self-deceit Beloved! Arise like men and women! Whoever must become free the same is doomed to breast bullets. Other peoples have, and will you rather piss you pants? There is no recess of the world where freedom from draconian rule was or is ever freely brooked; freedom exacts conflicts. Naziria with Britain seeks to squander our national soul, and we have all but granted it both by omission and by commission. Burst asunder your morass and metaphysical dungeon this moment, oh Biafrans!

If the Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, Bini and other minority hedonists who pillage us through Naziria's crooked configuration would not repudiating their banditry and their criminal anti-East/anti-Southeast or Mideast deportment, how much more we their victims. We should screech their crimes from our rundown estates; we should match against both Naziria’s catacomb principalities and the remote, polite dictatorships of the Western and Arab worlds. We should breast their bullets even as we lodge ours in their spines. And have they tucked to safety their own sweet lives in the rafters?

In this contemporary era, micro-worlds such as polities, provinces, villages or clans are no longer exclusively intact preserves of citizens and residents. Neighbors, traders, wayfarers, vacationers, even illegal aliens jam the corporate affairs of nations, and somewhat they share as much stake with indigenes they may well never have visited. Without the initial interferences and ultimate interventions of Britain, U.S.A., Arab World and Russia on behalf of Naziria, Biafra would have won that 1967-1970 war; yet we did not join issues with any of these foreign busybodies who usurped and fought us for their surrogate Naziria.

Today's technetronic world chips away at the socio-political inviolability of nations, worse still developing nations. Gone are the ages when every domain hardly was infringed by neighbors whether far or near, except of course in a situation of obvious war or tributary. The paramount factor in globalization is vested interests; so inextricable and camp following that barest domestic issue of today could dilate overnight to the most complicated international concern.

Internal and international affairs of nations have become irretrievably interwoven, more or less depending respectively on how weak or powerful, for instant, a country in question is in the comity of nations. Years of yore when the entire peoples of the earth were, metaphorically speaking planets apart from one another, livelihood was so much more independent and worthy; but in the prevalent world order, interdependence has degenerated from complicated to duplicitous. Right is no longer unassailably right, nor wrong absolutely wrong, because focus has become transferred from the unlike poles of truth and falsehood, correct and incorrect to their median of nuances or hues and shades.

The foregoing scenario is the global wildlife in which the exponentially out-numbered Biafrans must fight for survival.

We are mortally pitted against majority Nazirians under the aegis Western super powers, whose singular object was their unconscionable pry in the prospects of an Africa led into techno-economic self-reliance by the Biafran revolution. The West would not have Africans transformed from consumers into competitors in science and technology. That is another White man's nightmare; that is another White man’s grave. Nor would pan-Arabists retreat from Naziria; their sponsorship and incitements of Islamic fundamentalists remain back-to-back punishments to us and to their Nazirian proxy.

We are therefore like roaches besieged by chickens. Whence comes justice for the roaches in the court of the chickens? Yet to let up like we have is never the solution to our penury. No it is not.

Let Igbo, Ibibio, Efik, Ijaw, Ogoni, et cetera, stop our infighting and unite; is there another viable and credible option in here? Naziria drilled the cold war we wage among ourselves; it needs it to continue to ravish the mineral resources of Biafran minority nationalities and to prosecute the total emasculation of the human resources of the Biafran Igbo nationality.

Until Hitler Gowon, the Igbo leopard scared the fledgling and vicious Fulani/Hausa hyena from overrunning the (so-called minority) lands of petroleum products. Let's stop selling out to our detractors and undertakers in worthless and fetid hopes of acceptances, and start rebuilding bridges of mutual interaction and understanding.

It is war friends, rise to the occasion.


Posted by Administrator at June 19, 2006 10:34 PM


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