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July 04, 2006

Yoruba/Fulani Protectorates and Us

by CID Oguagha (New York, USA) --- Plumbing our revamping solidarity, Igbo patriotism undoubtedly resumes in earnest. At last, thirty-some years after, we are poised to captain this second momentum to replace, once and for all times, our wrongheaded Nazirian zealotry with Igbo cum Biafra nationalism. Shall we despair midway like before? Shouldn't we be adamant now to discontinue our association with the same union that scheme our ruin?

Let the crops of fence sitters, fifth columnists and self-haters amongst us therefore take cue of this prevalent update for their own good. Things definitely are looking up now. And, we will fight each in-house foe and infiltrator until they yield, even as we have turned our cannon on Naziria and its insufferable Western and Arab patrons. No one has two heads, neither the bellicose Arab nor the invincible Caucasian. Let them mind their ends of the world, and stop exporting and fomenting discord here in the axilla of Africa and elsewhere for their pecuniary benefits.

Our credulity has cost us half-century servitude to Naziria, fifty-some years of modern slavery, which concede our husbandry to locusts. We toil to better our lot, however, we don't guard against Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba locusts that strip all our bloom to bare stalks. We cannot reap the fruits of our labors because the Fulani-Hausa and Yoruba evil alliance grips the mechanics of the Nazirian state in spoliation.. On one hand, it is the natural resources of the East/Mideast (now-called South-South) and the Igbo human resources that network country and continents, which fund this ill-fated Nigeria project. But, on the other hand, it is the Yoruba/Fulani mafia, who by the way never ever brings any meat to the national table, who aggrandizes and monumentally mismanages our lopsided national sacrifice.

Members of this mafia or cult or axis of evil are the only ones who salivate for the legendary and so-called national cake painfully baked 80% in Biafra's territorial integrity.

These ethnic vampires reserve for their obscene gratifications the ports of entry, foreign missions, ministries, financial institutions, crude oil industry, multi-nationals, military, police, the federal government and what else federal. In their nepotistic occupation they strangulate these organs, and by increment the polity itself, that is the Nazirian quasi-nation. The Igbo has nothing whatsoever to do with any of these positions of perquisites, except hustling with minority tribes for occasional and grudging crumbs from the Fulani/Yoruba masters' table.

And what is worse or rather who is worse than the Fulani/Yoruba axis of evil? It is the Igbo's neighbors, namely: Ijaw, Ogoni, Efik, Ibibio, etc., who readily underwrite all Fulani/Hausa wastefulness and Yoruba avariciousness, while ever ganging up to dispatch their embattled Igbo neighbor. Aren't the Ogoni, Ijaw, Efik, Ikwerre, and et cetera detractors of the Igbo flat-out pathetic cowards? Since 1966 Hausa-Fulani/Yoruba-Bini cult began to maul Igbo these neighboring ethnic minorities have rallied like hounds of Esau. They would hamstring the Igbo ox but the curse of Edom would open. As such, let them better be advised to desist!

Let our cognate neighbors: Ijaw, Ogoni, Efik/Ibibio, etc., and a lot of errant elements of our kindred Ika, Ikwerre and others, take our comely heed against our real enemies not imagined ones, like us their brethren, at whom they mistakenly point fingers. What did we do to them? What ever it was, was it worse than the Fulani/Hausa and Yoruba/Bini axis of evil that suction them limp of their resources while never giving a farthing in return? How could the chicken let alone the knife that slaughtered it to become the victim of the cooking pot?

If the Eastern minorities aren't sensible or courageous enough to align their resentment aright, let them not subvert the interrelationship of the East/Mideast for their foolhardy, outlandish camaraderie. For though (and to South-South sadistic delight) Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba/Bini mafia is in full throttle to minoritize Igbo in the scheme of things, Igbo ultimately will re-emerge ever stronger at the ebb of ovation.

We are determined to liberate the entirety of our former region from the Hausa/Fulani vampires and Yoruba vultures, which swooped since the juntas of Hitler Yakubu Gowon and the deuce, Murtala Mohammed to build their ravenous talons in our fleshood. Both are outlandish ethnic compatriots whose single object is to under develop and siphon our vast mineral and human resources to develop and surfeit the regional endowments of their Aboki and mgbati lands.

The middle of 1966 was really the first time we began real Igbo consciousness. Before then, and regardless of the lean and hungry rooting for Arewa and Oduduwa ethnic separatism, narcissism pervaded the Igbo society. Little wonder that first pan-Igbo consciousness was bipolar in articulation and tragic in conduct. It lasted for three epic years in the parenthesis of the Biafran war, and then capitulated to the European cum Arab assisted Nazirian holocaust mongering.

And when Naziria emerged from its Pyrrhic victory in 1970, it started immediately to set up the already balkanized and vanquished Igbo for eternal pauperization. No thanks to Hitler Gowon and his Finance and Information Federal Commissioners Obafemi Awolowo and Anthony Enahoro, respectively. The twosome masterminded the heisting of billions of pounds from Igbo owned bank accounts, the fraudulent nationalization of coveted foreign firms as capitals to their clansmen. With Ken Saro Wiwa, Dieta Spiff, Elechi Amadi of today's Rivers/Bayelsa States, they declared properties and estates of the Igbos in their areas, from Kaduna through Lagos to Port Harcourt, abandoned and commandeered, often times to their private assets.

Our re-conscientization after some thirty years (1970-2000) amnesia therefore had better lead up to a movement that will engage this monster Naziria contraption of all our woes, full time until relative peace is achieved. Particularly considering the facts that ours has been one reckless ramble in recurrent havoc for too long a time now. And the longer we put off the expected liberation struggle to our succeeding generations the more rapidly we decay and the far more lives and limbs shall be incinerated eventually.

Only Igbos and some minorities ever are patriotic Nazirians. Other federating peoples, most especially Yoruba and Fulani-Hausa, are from national inception consummate ethnic patriots. But all romance with patriotism really makes no sense whatsoever any more. What has rather made uncomfortable sense is how both ethnic jingoists have respectively and ostensibly corralled and made protectorates of myriad minorities of Midwest and Middle-Belt. Together they also got their mishandle on the Eastern minorities.

This should be unacceptable.


Posted by Administrator at July 4, 2006 10:04 PM


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