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September 24, 2006

How Dare you Criticize Nigerian EFCC?

by Collins Emeka Eke, Los Angeles, CA --- Recently several leading Nigerian politicians have being criticizing the methods Economic and Financial Crime commission (EFCC) is using to investigate and prosecute suspects in Nigeria. These so political imposters for whatever reason have being traveling around the country acussing this fine organization of violecting Human Rights of some Nigerians.

For example, the Governor of Zamfara State Alhaji Sani Yerima because he is under investigation for Billions of Naira he stole from the state fund, he is acussing EFCC of Human Right violation. This is a man who supports such barbaric and primitive act of cutting peoples hands and legs for stealing goat that worth less than Ten Naira and stoning women to dead because adultery all in the name Sharia law, but against investigation of Billions of Naira stolen by him and his friends. Another so called politician is Mr. Rochas Okoracha of Action Alliance party who acussed EFCC of selective investigation. Now, if Mr. Rochas Okoracha have evidence of people that should be investigated he should forward their names and the evidence to EFCC instead of critizing the only organization that is trying repair the image of Nigeria around the world.

All Nigerian Diasporas in the United States and Europe believe that EFCC is perhaps one of the institutions in Nigeria that is trying to improve and repair the image of Nigeria. Any one that have traveled outside Nigeria or that reads the news media around the world will tell you the state of Nigerian image. To the rest of the world Nigerian people are not to be trusted in business because they are involve in all kinds of International Crime whether is 419, Drugs and political corruption you name it Nigerian people are guilty of it all. The Nigeria EFCC is the only organization that is trying to tell the world that we can punish any one that betrayal Nigerian people.

Here in the United States we are (All Nigerian)are planning to luch an international campaign to lobby or pressure Nigerian on legislature to double the staff and the Budget of EFCC. We will also demand that the organization be given more power to move aggressively against any corrupt official or private person who engaged in ruining this great country. We want EFCC to deal with any one that makes a mockery of Nigerians laws and constitution. We demand that Immunity for politicians be removed from the Nigerian constitution no one should be above the law.

We are saying to Mallam Nuhu RIbadu, the chairman of EFCC is that help is on the way. We are willing to do whatever it takes to see that you do your job however you see fit and we will even support some compromises on liberies if it means removing corrupt people from Nigerian society. We were all shock to hear that General Babangida is planning to run for president. For the fact that this man have the gut to show his face again to Nigerian people is a classic example of how bad things have become in Nigeria. General Babangida caused more hardship and more damage to Nigerians image at home and abroad for eight meserable years than any one in the history of Nigerian republic.

The outgoing NBA president Mr Lanke Odogiyon is out of touch with the reality of the state of Nigeria. Obviously this is a man who have a different agenda and took the opportunity to criticize the EFCC in his speech to Nigerian Bar Association.Nigerian Bar Association under Mr. Odogiyon leadership has never disciplined any of his members. He is merely using the the NBA platform to highlight what is obviously his pervasive view of what law enforcement should be. Mr. Odogiyon wants Nigerian to be governed the same way he ruled NBA. Mr. Odogiyon have to recognize that EFCC is a law enforcement agency, its job is not to appease society rather prosecute any person that breaks the law.

Thank You

Emeka Collins Eke
Los Angeles, California U.S.A

Posted by Administrator at September 24, 2006 10:45 AM


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