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September 27, 2006

An Open Letter to a Fellow Nigerian

by Collins Emeka Eke, Los Angeles, CA ---

Dear Friend,

I generally agree with you on your critique of President Obasanjo's Adminstration except on the first two paragraphs where you appeared to give him some credits. Well, I for one can not possibly think of any where I credit him for work well done.

Obasanjo presidency has being the worst Nigeria has ever experienced throughout Nigerian history. I cannot imagine any area where I could possibly say that he has done a good job, none whatsover.The president is uninspired and intellectually bankrupt. A leader that has nothing new to offer at the same time his stobborness does not allow him to accept new ideas from others. Nigeria as a country is yet to prove to the world that we can sucessfully run anything including ordinary Post Office. Governments around the world adivce they citizens not do business with Nigerian or visit Nigeria. Nigeria is worst today than it was in 1970s, in other words we are going backward.

The president has failed to offer any reform in all the areas of government such as Law enforcement reform where Nigeria still have the old system of national police. On the judicial system where cases can be in the court for 10 years without being addressed and majority of the judges are corrupt. Where the Muslim North essentially have their own judicial system regardless of what the constitution states.

Six years of Obasanjo has been one of the worst Seven years of Nigerian history. Nigerian currency has become so devalued that they are worthless in the world market. The word Crime has become synonym to the word Nigeria both at home and abroad. It is now unusual for a Nigerian any where in the world to be honest about anything in life from the so called politians to ordinary Nigerian at home in Nigeria or abroad. Since the so called democracy came back to Nigerian four senators have being accused of corruption and none faced charges, yet we have police and attorny general, what kind of a country is this were people accused or suspected of wrong doing will be allow to go free.

The president's best friends are now some of the worst Nigerians you can think of today. A man by name Chris Uba from Anambra State who vowed to make that State ungovernable unless the state governor hands him Billions of Naira from State treasury. Now, with the support of Obasanjo who by the way is his in-law, formed his own militia army and order them to destroy the entire state properties and businesses.

Another good friend of the president is former dictator Babanjida. Who according to rumor plans to run for president and wants the president's blessing. Babanjida is a billionair who made his Billions not from his great business ventures rather from Nigerian treasury. The president, Chris Uda and Babanjida none of these people ever attended University yet they dominate one of the third world best educated countries, what a shame. Nigeria has now become a country where we have to listen to likes of Buhari, Babanjida, Abubbakka, Abacha, Chris Uda who by the way is a high school dropout, and off course Obasanjo intelligent ideas on how to govern Nigeria. Babanjida wants to be the next Nigerian president.

A president suppose to promise to obey, protect and defend the laws and constitution of his country, Babanjida makes a mockery of Nigerian laws and constitution. He overthrew an elected government Shehu Shargari, he refused to obey the wishes of the people of Nigerian people when he cancelled the election of Abiola, he refused to appear before in Oputa commission yet he wants to be elected president?. I ask you are these the image of a good leader?. People asked why are Nigerians who live abroad refuse to come home (Nigeria) and fix the problems in the country, well is because of the frustration of having to face people like Obasanjo and Babanjida.

I must tell you who I am. My name is Emeka Collins Eke. I am a political scientist and I have being living in the United States for 25 years. I have also written numerous articles in
"Africa Today" the magazine I saw your opinion page. My articles have also appeared in many African oriented magazines and in several newspapers around Nigeria and across this country the United States.
Thank you

Emeka Collins Eke
Los Angeles, California U.S.A

Posted by Administrator at September 27, 2006 10:33 AM


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