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October 15, 2006

Obasanjo War on Corruption: Real or Fiction

by Collins Emeka Eke, Los Angeles, CA --- Nigerians should not take President Obasanjo serious on his recent war on corruption until he starts from himself. Throughout his political life Obasanjo has never been known as someone interested in ending corruption in Nigeria.

So why all of a sudden after six years of his presidency he decided to fight corruption. The possible reason is becuase after wasted Nigerian money traveling around the world begging world leaders to forgive Nigerian debts without any progress, because all insisted that Nigerian problems are not the debts rather corruption, mismanagement and poor law enforcement system. Nigerian problems is not in the world capital but in Nigeria.

If the president really wants the world to take him serious with regard to the so called crusade against Corruption, he should start from himself. The president's adminstration has consistently refused to prosecute Christ Uda who admittedly kidnapted the Governor of Anambra State. Mr Christ Uda vow to make Anambra State ungovernable unless the governor hands him Billions of Naira from the State treasury. The president refused to prosecute this criminal because Chris Uda is rich and is his in-law. Lately, the president has being associating with Babangida, one of the world most corrupt dictator and plans to help him win the presidency in 2007.

Most of Nigerian senators and members of house of representatives have personnaly admitted taking bride, like one senator put it, "it normal to receive money from ministers". Recently, Nigerian Apex Bank, the central Bank has admitted paying members of National Assembly to enable them to pass favourable legislations, fellow Nigerian this is corruption at its worst and the president is very much aware of these behavours. In Nigeria we essentilly have criminals as politicians.

For example, currently the leader of the Republican party here in the United States will now be prosecuted money laundry and two of the President George Bush and Vice president closest friends are now under investigation. In the United States no one is protected investigation be you reverene, a Bishop or Sultan if you are suspected of a crime you will investigated and evidence is found you will be prosecuted according to the law, that is democracy.

Transparency International, a Swedish based international Organization specializing in monitoring governments performance around the world rated Nigeria the world most corrupt country and advice businesses around the world not to do business with Nigerians. If the president can collect all the money stolen by these so called politicians in the last six years we will have more than enough money to pay the $40 Billions debt.

I live in a country where the law enforcement officers are independent and no one is above the law. To Americans law enforcement meant, the police, State and Federal Attorney Generals and the judges. When any politician or any person for that matter is suspected of a crime, it is the responsibility of the law enforcement to investigate and arrest the suspect. Any politician or any individual that comments or get involve with criminal investigation will be arrested for obtruction of justice.

Emeka Collins Eke
Los Angeles, California U.S.A

Posted by Administrator at October 15, 2006 10:47 AM


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