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October 15, 2006

Obasanjo War on Corruption: Real or Fiction

by Collins Emeka Eke, Los Angeles, CA --- Nigerians should not take President Obasanjo serious on his recent war on corruption until he starts from himself. Throughout his political life Obasanjo has never been known as someone interested in ending corruption in Nigeria.

So why all of a sudden after six years of his presidency he decided to fight corruption. The possible reason is becuase after wasted Nigerian money traveling around the world begging world leaders to forgive Nigerian debts without any progress, because all insisted that Nigerian problems are not the debts rather corruption, mismanagement and poor law enforcement system. Nigerian problems is not in the world capital but in Nigeria.

If the president really wants the world to take him serious with regard to the so called crusade against Corruption, he should start from himself. The president's adminstration has consistently refused to prosecute Christ Uda who admittedly kidnapted the Governor of Anambra State. Mr Christ Uda vow to make Anambra State ungovernable unless the governor hands him Billions of Naira from the State treasury. The president refused to prosecute this criminal because Chris Uda is rich and is his in-law. Lately, the president has being associating with Babangida, one of the world most corrupt dictator and plans to help him win the presidency in 2007.

Most of Nigerian senators and members of house of representatives have personnaly admitted taking bride, like one senator put it, "it normal to receive money from ministers". Recently, Nigerian Apex Bank, the central Bank has admitted paying members of National Assembly to enable them to pass favourable legislations, fellow Nigerian this is corruption at its worst and the president is very much aware of these behavours. In Nigeria we essentilly have criminals as politicians.

For example, currently the leader of the Republican party here in the United States will now be prosecuted money laundry and two of the President George Bush and Vice president closest friends are now under investigation. In the United States no one is protected investigation be you reverene, a Bishop or Sultan if you are suspected of a crime you will investigated and evidence is found you will be prosecuted according to the law, that is democracy.

Transparency International, a Swedish based international Organization specializing in monitoring governments performance around the world rated Nigeria the world most corrupt country and advice businesses around the world not to do business with Nigerians. If the president can collect all the money stolen by these so called politicians in the last six years we will have more than enough money to pay the $40 Billions debt.

I live in a country where the law enforcement officers are independent and no one is above the law. To Americans law enforcement meant, the police, State and Federal Attorney Generals and the judges. When any politician or any person for that matter is suspected of a crime, it is the responsibility of the law enforcement to investigate and arrest the suspect. Any politician or any individual that comments or get involve with criminal investigation will be arrested for obtruction of justice.

Emeka Collins Eke
Los Angeles, California U.S.A

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September 27, 2006

The Struggle for Nigeria's Soul

by Collins Emeka Eke, Los Angeles, CA --- The religious violence in Nigeria between Christians and Muslims and other potential divisional problems facing the country will never end until we Nigerians come togather to determine whether we are really belong togather as a united country.

President Obasanjo has vowed that he will rather die than to allow a national conference to take place. This is Obasanjo at his best, once again mixing dictatorship with democracy.President Obasanjo is a leader who is unipired and intellectually bankrupt.

A leader that has nothing new to offer at the same time his stubborness does not allow him to accept new ideas from others. The president has no constitutional right to tell Nigerian people whether they should have Sovereign National conference, therefore we do not need his approval or his permission to hold such a conference. Nigerian intellectuals and like minded people should come togather across the country to determine the future of Nigeria at this critical time. Those who are inspired to organize and carry out violence acts against other religion seek to bring about a disintegration of the country. When 12 Northern Muslim States insist on having a different judicial system (Sharia Law), this represent a threat to the unity of Nigerian. I strongly believe that those 12 muslim States in Northern Nigeria want a Muslim state (country) were Koran is the constitution just like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

I therefore suggest that they should be given the opportunity to establish a muslim state, but as a different country, this can be done peacefully and has been done in different parts of the world peacefully. These 12 states cannot hold the rest of the country hostage simply because we do not want to lose a part of the country that contribute less than 1% of Nigerian revenue. It was the late Ayatullah Khomeini of Iran who declared that Islam and politics are inseparable he was right. It is high time President Obasanjo and other nonbelievers understand that throughout Muslim world politics and Religion go hand in Hand. There is no Muslim country that practices democracy because democracy does not function when mixed with religion. A muslim country is a country where at least 80% of the people are muslims and Nigeria is not one of them.

I challenge any one out there to name any Muslim country that practices democracy from Noth Africa to Middle East to Asian countries. We just cannot let Northern Muslims to continue to dictate the direction the country should take and continue to object policies most people believe are right for the country. They are oppose to Polio Vaccination, Identification cards, Presidential Zoning laws and many others. Their opposion in these issues are mostly religious based, not on any scientific research or intelletual thoughts.

These things are a major embarrassment for the country as a whole.The former Czechoslovakia is now Czech Republic and Slovakia peacefully, it can be done in Nigeria. What we need is a state by state referendum to determine which state want religious bbaesd government such as Sharia law. At the end all the state that want Sharia law will form an independent country and those that want secular country will form their independent country all these can be done peacefully.

Emeka Collins Eke
Los Angeles, California U.S.A

Posted by Administrator at 11:02 AM | Comments (0)

An Open Letter to a Fellow Nigerian

by Collins Emeka Eke, Los Angeles, CA ---

Dear Friend,

I generally agree with you on your critique of President Obasanjo's Adminstration except on the first two paragraphs where you appeared to give him some credits. Well, I for one can not possibly think of any where I credit him for work well done.

Obasanjo presidency has being the worst Nigeria has ever experienced throughout Nigerian history. I cannot imagine any area where I could possibly say that he has done a good job, none whatsover.The president is uninspired and intellectually bankrupt. A leader that has nothing new to offer at the same time his stobborness does not allow him to accept new ideas from others. Nigeria as a country is yet to prove to the world that we can sucessfully run anything including ordinary Post Office. Governments around the world adivce they citizens not do business with Nigerian or visit Nigeria. Nigeria is worst today than it was in 1970s, in other words we are going backward.

The president has failed to offer any reform in all the areas of government such as Law enforcement reform where Nigeria still have the old system of national police. On the judicial system where cases can be in the court for 10 years without being addressed and majority of the judges are corrupt. Where the Muslim North essentially have their own judicial system regardless of what the constitution states.

Six years of Obasanjo has been one of the worst Seven years of Nigerian history. Nigerian currency has become so devalued that they are worthless in the world market. The word Crime has become synonym to the word Nigeria both at home and abroad. It is now unusual for a Nigerian any where in the world to be honest about anything in life from the so called politians to ordinary Nigerian at home in Nigeria or abroad. Since the so called democracy came back to Nigerian four senators have being accused of corruption and none faced charges, yet we have police and attorny general, what kind of a country is this were people accused or suspected of wrong doing will be allow to go free.

The president's best friends are now some of the worst Nigerians you can think of today. A man by name Chris Uba from Anambra State who vowed to make that State ungovernable unless the state governor hands him Billions of Naira from State treasury. Now, with the support of Obasanjo who by the way is his in-law, formed his own militia army and order them to destroy the entire state properties and businesses.

Another good friend of the president is former dictator Babanjida. Who according to rumor plans to run for president and wants the president's blessing. Babanjida is a billionair who made his Billions not from his great business ventures rather from Nigerian treasury. The president, Chris Uda and Babanjida none of these people ever attended University yet they dominate one of the third world best educated countries, what a shame. Nigeria has now become a country where we have to listen to likes of Buhari, Babanjida, Abubbakka, Abacha, Chris Uda who by the way is a high school dropout, and off course Obasanjo intelligent ideas on how to govern Nigeria. Babanjida wants to be the next Nigerian president.

A president suppose to promise to obey, protect and defend the laws and constitution of his country, Babanjida makes a mockery of Nigerian laws and constitution. He overthrew an elected government Shehu Shargari, he refused to obey the wishes of the people of Nigerian people when he cancelled the election of Abiola, he refused to appear before in Oputa commission yet he wants to be elected president?. I ask you are these the image of a good leader?. People asked why are Nigerians who live abroad refuse to come home (Nigeria) and fix the problems in the country, well is because of the frustration of having to face people like Obasanjo and Babanjida.

I must tell you who I am. My name is Emeka Collins Eke. I am a political scientist and I have being living in the United States for 25 years. I have also written numerous articles in
"Africa Today" the magazine I saw your opinion page. My articles have also appeared in many African oriented magazines and in several newspapers around Nigeria and across this country the United States.
Thank you

Emeka Collins Eke
Los Angeles, California U.S.A

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September 24, 2006

Separation of Religion and Politics

by Collins Emeka Eke, Los Angeles, CA --- Recently the federal government of Nigerian sponsored a Christian Pilgrimage to Jerusalem a very dangerous precedent and possibly unconstitutional if any Nigerian care to follow the constitution. President Obajanjo Adminstration decided without pressure from any Christian Organization to officially pay for all the expenses for 12,000 Christians to visit Jerusalem.

For years the propponets of Sharia Law have argued that Religion and politics in Nigeria are inseparable and constitutional, Mr President with this policy you have made it easier for the supporters of Sharia Law to maintain this divisive issue. This year it is estimated that about 500,000 Nigerian Muslims will be making the annual Pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Legally, the Adminstration must equelly sponsor them by providing them with the same amount of money you gave to their Christian counterpart. I have recently discovered that various state governments have also involed in this stupid policy.

The very idea that someone in the government elected or unelected could suggest such a thing proves once again that we have leaders that are intellectually bankrupt and more importantly that we Nigerian either do not understand what democracy is or that we are not ready for a democratic government. Some of the best Democracies in the world are those that emphasize separation of Religion and Politics. President Obasanjo argued that Sharia Law is unconstitutional because the court involves in making decisions that are clearly should be made by the government and I and all democracy loving people around the world agreed, now he is involved in a policy that clearly run in opposite direction. Nigeria is currently faced with embarrasment of Sharia Laws which insist on sentencing women to be stoned to dead which to the rest of the world is barbaric. Instead of the President advocating policies that emphasis separation of politics and Religion he involves with sponsoring religious pilgrimage.

The question is can Nigerian people afford to sponsor yearly Religious pilgrmage for both Muslims and Christians throughout Nigeria?. We are talking about a policy that will cost Millions perhaps Billions in years to come, this is a very wrong policy. Democracy emphases a small government, that means not getting involve with private programmes such as Religion and business. Any individual or organization who chooses to go to religious pilgrimage should do so on his own time and money that is how it is here in America and in all Democracies around the world. Nigeria have so many problems that we could use public money to solve, such as reliable electricity, water and telephone these could create millions of jobs throughout Nigeria.

Emeka Collins Eke
Los Angeles, California U.S.A

Posted by Administrator at 11:12 AM | Comments (0)

How Dare you Criticize Nigerian EFCC?

by Collins Emeka Eke, Los Angeles, CA --- Recently several leading Nigerian politicians have being criticizing the methods Economic and Financial Crime commission (EFCC) is using to investigate and prosecute suspects in Nigeria. These so political imposters for whatever reason have being traveling around the country acussing this fine organization of violecting Human Rights of some Nigerians.

For example, the Governor of Zamfara State Alhaji Sani Yerima because he is under investigation for Billions of Naira he stole from the state fund, he is acussing EFCC of Human Right violation. This is a man who supports such barbaric and primitive act of cutting peoples hands and legs for stealing goat that worth less than Ten Naira and stoning women to dead because adultery all in the name Sharia law, but against investigation of Billions of Naira stolen by him and his friends. Another so called politician is Mr. Rochas Okoracha of Action Alliance party who acussed EFCC of selective investigation. Now, if Mr. Rochas Okoracha have evidence of people that should be investigated he should forward their names and the evidence to EFCC instead of critizing the only organization that is trying repair the image of Nigeria around the world.

All Nigerian Diasporas in the United States and Europe believe that EFCC is perhaps one of the institutions in Nigeria that is trying to improve and repair the image of Nigeria. Any one that have traveled outside Nigeria or that reads the news media around the world will tell you the state of Nigerian image. To the rest of the world Nigerian people are not to be trusted in business because they are involve in all kinds of International Crime whether is 419, Drugs and political corruption you name it Nigerian people are guilty of it all. The Nigeria EFCC is the only organization that is trying to tell the world that we can punish any one that betrayal Nigerian people.

Here in the United States we are (All Nigerian)are planning to luch an international campaign to lobby or pressure Nigerian on legislature to double the staff and the Budget of EFCC. We will also demand that the organization be given more power to move aggressively against any corrupt official or private person who engaged in ruining this great country. We want EFCC to deal with any one that makes a mockery of Nigerians laws and constitution. We demand that Immunity for politicians be removed from the Nigerian constitution no one should be above the law.

We are saying to Mallam Nuhu RIbadu, the chairman of EFCC is that help is on the way. We are willing to do whatever it takes to see that you do your job however you see fit and we will even support some compromises on liberies if it means removing corrupt people from Nigerian society. We were all shock to hear that General Babangida is planning to run for president. For the fact that this man have the gut to show his face again to Nigerian people is a classic example of how bad things have become in Nigeria. General Babangida caused more hardship and more damage to Nigerians image at home and abroad for eight meserable years than any one in the history of Nigerian republic.

The outgoing NBA president Mr Lanke Odogiyon is out of touch with the reality of the state of Nigeria. Obviously this is a man who have a different agenda and took the opportunity to criticize the EFCC in his speech to Nigerian Bar Association.Nigerian Bar Association under Mr. Odogiyon leadership has never disciplined any of his members. He is merely using the the NBA platform to highlight what is obviously his pervasive view of what law enforcement should be. Mr. Odogiyon wants Nigerian to be governed the same way he ruled NBA. Mr. Odogiyon have to recognize that EFCC is a law enforcement agency, its job is not to appease society rather prosecute any person that breaks the law.

Thank You

Emeka Collins Eke
Los Angeles, California U.S.A

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