Dikando Wa Dikando

"There is no doubt that a people can only truly be independent if it has economic freedom. Thus, to be economically free is to be economically developed" - Moise Tshombe

Little by little, humanity understood that it could only survive in a world governed by Law and not by Strength. Military conflicts have given way to economic conflicts. The war of the economies has favorably replaced military conflicts. From now on, it won't be the more aggressive or imperialists countries that will become richer but rather the smartest ones. Not those who maintain a great military power, but those who invest in research, modernization and education. Not those who maintain an army of generals, but those who train scientists, inventors and bankers. It is the slow revenge of the intellectuals vs. the beasts covered with medals just as a quail is barded with lard.

The new armies of the economic war are composed of men and women motivated by individual enrichment, which will contribute to the collective enrichment of the people they are part of. Their generals are CEOs and investors who dare take personal risks to succeed. In this total and frantic economic war, these non-violent armies have to be lead by people who will set policies which allow them to fight for their best interests. In this merciless struggle, where some countries drown deeper in economic difficulties, while other countries succeed brilliantly and constantly increase their standard of living, those in power need to always keep in mind international competition.

Thus, it is essential for Africa's economic survival to establish this new independence, to adopt a common African currency that could be called the "Afro". This could help us face the worsening worldwide economic and financial crisis that may be upon us. The great powers are more and more imbalanced between their budgetary and commercial balances, which will likely provoke painful currency readjustments.

Currently, there are 3 strong currencies dominating the world, each with its own influential zone: the Euro in Europe, the Japanese Yen in Asia, and the American dollar in the Americas as well as a great part of Africa and Oceania.

There is a strong chance that the US dollar will collapse someday, first because of the enormous American debt which turned this country from the richest to the most indebted, and also because of the circulation of the American currency all over the world, with, according to experts, there are more US dollars outside the United States than inside. The problem is that if some or all of those in possession of US currency try to get rid of it at the same time, in case of a drop due to a deficit, its rate will reach levels lower than anyone can imagine (we're talking about one tenth of its current value). This stays in the realm of possibilities.

Africa could protect itself by creating its own currency: the "Afro". It would have immediate control of its monetary mass (the amount of money created by the national banks of all the African states), and of its interest rates, two indispensable points to attract clients and investment capital.

And if the US dollar collapses, a lot of capital could find safety in Africa, thus ensuring its prosperity. For this to happen, the United States of Africa must become a fiscal heaven comparable to Switzerland, with the added advantage of having enormous natural resources and clean and renewable energy, the electricity produced by the African dams.

In any case, this is what the Moise Tshombe for Katanga Support Committee is aspiring to. Let us hope it will be within the USAF, free and independent, a fiscal heaven and a prosperous economy. It is feasible and it will happen.

Hurray to a Free and Independent Katanga !

Hurray to a Free and Prosperous Africa !