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June 23, 2006

Mother Africa

A Poem: by Ejiofor Alisigwe (London, England) ---


Afu Ra Womb-man Mother and Son
Holy vessel to a son god the five pointed star
Lead to the railway crouching between burdens
Crisscross on your brow like bleached fish bones
And tribal marks, Zodiac to her spiders web of twelve sons

It is a centipede spread across your heart
And like the flying Scotsman a monstrous steel millipede
Burrowing through the valley of the Kings a mole to Osiris tomb
Deep into the piramids to dig up their bones
Defacing Negroid to Harmakhis nose
Stripping Nuwaupian's Nsibidi to the wisdom of the sphinx

And away and away to the praesepe north called West
Where I hear native people sit and rest
Food and shelter paid to a beggars smile
Narrow tracks hung two yokes on Issachar's spine
A straw for the Elephant broke the Camel's back
Couses to the mythic tongues and Tam'a-hus arrows
Shot into the womb of your pains to a child
By diviners of the tombs who stole your story
And blogueoned you with the new formulated doctrine
Plagiarized by Josephus Flavuis Ben Mathaias to pleasure
Luciferian conspirators to author fabricated history from real events
A prostrate to the Shephard Kings consented rules
The new age Heka-Khasut invaders consealing hyena sneer
With Hyksos bah of a lamb to you a gift of the trojan

From you Mother, I am, disarmed to destiny dead on Ankh wood
A kiss by Seth finished me then led by Akhaba to the underworld
Bound to revolve in Duat to ressurect Atum-Re
Your story retold with hypnotic Levitical tongues
A story for the horse's mouth hijacked by Arius Josephus Flavuis Calpurnius
With comical theathrics and hissing jeers to suit his tricks of words
To control, with a censured retelling of Old Nsibidi truth with altered
Branding psuedonyms to fool Nous with mythical tales bleached white
And codex inscripted to fabricate the Bible Code
To severe the tongue of truth and bury it in Amen
And left you forever lost to the tricks of the tomb raiders
From You Black Madonna Mother of God, I am Karast the Messeh
The Four Sevens of He who came from nothing
You are Menjet of the one houndred and forty-four gods
Crescent moon Mother and Son wife of Osiris
Mother to the Son-man head with the ring
Of Anshar's shen and a fitting fez

To go away now, I wiill take the M44 as were the craze
To the Manger north called West where they all base
Then back to earth I shall with a punjent buzz
To bring you honey swiped from their Beehive
Found in their house of dead bound of fuss
As they declare rite of passage to Aladdin's cave

Isis Mother Africa a holy vessel to man
Meditating on the message coded in the Osiris orbit
Saying yes to Amen for a ray of life on the drought
My heart is you Mother Africa wo-man bossom to my wean
A house you are so strong Aset of the corner stone
I am a son spoiled to a mother's sweet suckle
Reared to a man homage to a wife sweet bossom
Just like you mother a vessel to my seeds blossom
From Nuwaupian Igbo root spring my branches to your lineage tree
Isis mother of Horus wife of Osiris Adamma to Amen-Re

Africa Mother Africa womb to man
Here is to you Mother Civilizer your son back from sojourn

Ejiofor Alisigwe /Imo State
London England
23/05/1993 /29/05/2006

Posted by Administrator at June 23, 2006 03:54 PM


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