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June 27, 2006

Mischievous Words Used Against Ndigbo, and the Igbo Question

by Ejiofor Alisigwe (London, England) ---


Firstly, NDIGBO are a highly suffiscated, very well educated,
groomed, highly cultured and the most enterprising people in this
fabrication called Nigeria, and I say that with unrivalled convinction. In
the acclaimed scientific world stage NDIGBO have produced multi-award
winning scientists and in all academical fields in the United States,
Europe, Nigeria and the world over and I stand to be proven wrong. Therefore
NDIGBO have nothing to prove to anybody in this babel and hallucination
called Nigeria.

You may succeed in denying NDIGBO access to power for now,
but what you cannot ever do however hard you tried is keep NDIGBO down, to
be fair, and that has been the core fear held against NDIGBO, the fear of
NDIGBO verve and competiveness, though NDIGBO have gone through hell and
high water since the partial end of the geneocidal war fought against them.

However NDIGBO have always survived all pesecutions and
brazen elimination in the core running of government to always bounce back
in every aspects of life for dear survival to excel in whatever field they
chose which as usual clearly generates fear among other jumbles of ethnic
nationalities. It is this fear of NDIGBO verve, enterprise and
competitiveness that is a millstone they have to bear like an albatros on
their endless journey to the promised Land.

NDIGBO have been patient and have continued to suffer in
silence. The problem now is that while NDIGBO suffer, mischievous ethnic
jingoists dreading NDIGBO competitiveness, parading as journalists,
half-baked columnists including a ragtag army of glorified illiterates
picked up the guantlet where they dropped it, apperently and went to town
with it, spreading carefully selected words to describe NDIGBO actions and
solicitations, words that portray NDIGBO as a pack of wld animals and

For example, when NDIGBO ( a ) Ask for; inquire,
interrogate, query, question, apply, beg, beseech, claim, crave, deman,
entreat, imploy, petition, preach, pray, request, seek, solicit, sue,
supplicate, bid, invite, summon other ethnic Nigerians for a go at the
Presidency or quite boldly confederation.

The jingoistic ethnic press fearing the worst say they
CLAMOUR: agitate, babel, blaring, brouhaha, commotion, din, exclamation,
hubbub, hullabaloo, noise, outcry, racket, shout, uproar, vociferation.
Having esterblished then that NDIGBO clamour, NDIGBO then are CLAMOUROUS;
blaring, defening, insistent, lusty, noisy, riotious, strident, tumultous,
uproarious, vehement, vociferous. That surely settles it then and saves the
situation isn't it? You cannot trust a people of such character and doings
to handle a job as important as the Presidency of Nigeria, and by chosing to
do that you are not stoking any fire in the polity, no? Well, not in your
contended ethnic position and role in the running of affairs in the country
which as it is , is closer to the ground like it has ever been.
All problems solved and forced down NDIGBO throat and all is deemed
well - assurance multirisques habitation - as the French would say.
When Movement for Actualization of the Soveriegn State of
Biarfra ( MASSOB ) through frustration from indefinite exclution from
government in Nigeria, petition, request, solicit, bid, invite, summon,
apply, demand, for Biafra, Confederation or Soveriegn National Conference,
sect of ethnic columnists in their hounds all in their profound wisdom
branded them, Agitators; agent procatuers, inciters, demagues, firebrands,
instigators, rabble-rousers, revolutionary, stirrers, troublemakers.

And so you quite rightly as you do buy a copy of a weekly
magazine or daily newspaper hoping beyound normal expectations for a
miraculous read, what you get instead is one baised journalisit or ethnic
columnists down to the editorial harping loudly about how NDIGBO, OHANEZE
"crying out recklessly" without course for such theatrics whatsoever,
"crying wolf" in thier incessant AGITATIONS; clamour, churnig,
convulsion, disturbance, rocking, shake, stir, stirring, tossing, turbulent,
upheaval, alarm, arousal, commotion, confusion, discomposure, disquiet,
distraction, excitement, ferment, flurry, fluster, incitement, lather,
outcry, stimulation, trouble, tumult, turmoil, upset, worry, arguementative,
controversial, disputation, disperte, ventilative.

Just as if NDIGBO are an irritating nuisance who have no
right whatsoever to open their mouth or to put pen to paper to ask for what
they rightly deserve. Instead NDIGBO are hounded like illigle immigrants who
do not have right of abode in their own Country.

Then to add excessive insult to injury they describe our
HERO, our Leader, our very own upperclass, highly suffisticated Oxford
educated retired Military General, AGUDIMKPA DIM CHUKWUEMEKA- LA-ANYI-
ODIMEGWU OJUKWU as nothing short of sacricrilege, a warlord!-aggressive,
bellicose, belligerent, combative, hawkish, hostile, inimical, jingoistic,
martial, militaristic, militant, purgnacious, sabre-rattling, unfriendly,
warmongering, etc.

When NDIGBO supplicates, the only thing they do nowawadays
in other to avoid name calling, they are rewarded with more talking down to
by incompetent ethnic cowards who dreads the IGBO competitive verve, goes
out en masse to accuse NDIGBO of raising such a mindless Din; babel,
clamour, commotion, clash, clangour, clather, crash, hubbub, hullabaloo,
noise, outcry, pandemonium, racket, row, shout, uproar, drum into, go on at,
hammer into, inculcate, instill.

They say NDIGBO are a pack of town cries becuase it's
always one cry after another all for the IGBO QUESTION. They are also
infected with HYSTERIA; agitation, delirium, frenzy, hysterics, madness,
panic, unreason - therefore NDIGBO are rather HYSTERICAL; berserk, beside
oneself, convulsive, crazed, distracted, distraught, frantic, frenzied, mad,
overwrought, raving, uncontrollable, comical, farcical, hilarious,
screaming, self-splitting, uproarous, wildly, funny.

When NDIGBO say they are marginalized, it means that
NDIGBO do not count. It means that NDIGBO are lost in translation. It means
that NDIGBO are to be seen not heared. It means that NDIGBO are a bother. It
means the fear, suspicions, distrust and dislike of THE IGBO SENCE and of
NDIGBO is ethnically inscripted into the minds of the rest of the
hallucination called Nigeria, which is their first commandement in this, for
now, North and South devide. It means NDIGBO are excluded from the schemes
of State and are only just hanging on for dear lives in the MARGIN; border,
bound, boundary, brim, brink, confine, edge, limit, perimeter, periphery,
rim, side, nerge, and just as ever MARGINAL; bordering, borderline, on the
edge, insignificant, low, minimal, minor, negligible, slight, small.

There, as you see, NDIGBO knows where - Onwu na egbu ha si abia - they
are at and how to get out of it which will happen one day, the day of
reckoning whether Nigeria likes it or not. Why is Nigeria so afraid to let
NDIGBO go their separate ways or to rule Nigeria? NDIGBO does not want to
trade places with any other contesting ethnic groups for what it's worth,
who feigning ignorant of the fact to THE IGBO QUESTION. All NDIGBO is asking
for is to be given the same chance accrued to them like other ethnic
nationalities to rule and transform Nigeria into an enviable country in
Africa and the world. It would be very instructive and eye opening.

Go on then, pretend like you don't know and ask yourself, WHAT IS
THE IGBO QUESTION? As you do that discover what is called a Dictionary to
guide you and hopefully cure you of irresponsible, institeful, paronising,
mischievous, perfidious use of blaring insults you throw at NDIGBO'S feet.
As you very well know, NDIGBO are not illiterates neither are NDIGBO a buch
of barbarians. NDIGBO day will come and must come,see.

Even riffraffs such as dupe adelaja who all by herself talking
through her dried arse called the whole of IGBO nation "traitors" thereby
betraying what such ethnic sects think of NDIGBO. Heaven did not fall.
Nobody said anything. Nobody thought it was out of order. They all rejoiced
in thier vaunted wisdom. And by so doing she has subcribed and contributed a
great deal to the national quota of the system as an employed civil servant
and has made a name for herself. A feather to her abatiaja! No din raised.
General Obasanjo who leads the road to hell quickly knelt down and thanked
profusely whichever gods he ascribes to for such good sence at last for a
body to finally comfirm what he has always thought were transparent enough
about NDIGBO.

By appionting professor Soludo ( who he probably mistook for an
Hausa becuase of "name" mispronounced ) to get him out of a rot as NDIGBO
are wont, then he went on and on about how "he does not care where the
person came from" and we all know that NDIGBO are all illigle aliens from
the planet Mars, so there. It could be worse, no? Because NDIGBO could well
be the other Nigerian, God forbid? Well such things should not be said or
written down as it could well become public knowledge and acceptable at long
run. It would stoke up the fear of competitiveness and verve associated with
NDIGBO in all maner of human eandevours and we surely don't want that. It
will not be safe as NDIGBO are noted for their belligerence and individual
verve and enterprise, their republicanism.

Still here NDIGBO are "crying wolf recklessly" as NDIGBO are
wont particularly about the one of being marginalized. Agitating for the
sake of it because NDIGBO have nothing better to do. Clamouring as usual for
no reason whatsoever and having warlords lead them on. Raising unnessary din
and chronic hysteria, having become to the extreme, NDIGBO gather.

Added to these conditions NDIGBO must scrape through their day
to day lives more than everyone else in the country to survive in this
geographical abracadabra named Nigeria. Once again here we are stationary
and nothing has changed. Once agian NDIGBO clarify.


Ejiofor Alisigwe - Imo State
London England

Posted by Administrator at June 27, 2006 02:11 AM


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