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July 28, 2006

Funso Williams Left Politics to the Dogs

by Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa --- Political assassination in Nigeria has become so common regardless of party affiliation; it makes one wonders who in his or her right mind would dare into such a dangerous game. There are “nest of killers” alright, but not in Lagos as if it is not part of Nigeria. They got Funso the same way they assassinated others.

This has struck too close Funso Williams Ozulumbato home because Funso was a childhood friend. Politics never had a good name even in my childhood days. However, there is some good feeling when ordinary people like us go into politics. You feel being part of the system without really being involved.

I have never been close to Funso since those childhood days. But I was home when he was in the Lagos State Ministry of Works. He spent most of his career there as a senior civil servant until he became the Commissioner. We met at parties thrown by our friends. Yet, I had some reservation about going to him or anybody for anything. Our friends would always say Funso was in that ministry, in case you need a problem solved, I shied away. That he was there and if I need something, I could go to him was enough. It is the same feeling we all have in case of anything to know we have somebody there.

It should not be a surprise that he eventually went into politics. Funso peaked in his career very early and human beings always look for the next challenge in life. There is certain section of Lagos, especially those from Popo Aguda that always looked down on politics as the profession of Boma Boys. If you are well bred as Funso was, why would you go into politics? During one of his campaign, a mutual friend of ours asked me for donation. It boils down to the fact that we can not complain if we refuse the opportunity to serve and if we can not all serve, we should sponsor capable people.

Many of us were bitter that he lost to Tinubu. As people would later say, he was rigged out of that primary. How could Funso be rigged out in Lagos? Politics is a game of numbers. Needless to say, that is now history. Funso has been rigged out of life. They went to his house in the morning and ended his life. Is politics that important? How many people are they going to scare out of the race of the dogs?

I can see the silent majority reinstating their warning that politics is for the dogs, that is “ko si omoluwabi la rin won”. In some cases, it works in reverse. For that reason, I hope many youths will see this as a reason to take control from these callous killers who will stop short of nothing to snuff the day light out of decent people. It is not a reason to give up but a reason to clean the animal stable.

Funso, we will miss you. Your accomplishment even in your boyish days will always be something our children will look up to. You came and you accomplished. Your time and your spirit will remain for ever. Every dog has his own day, that is, Kokumo, baba e da? May his soul rest in peace. Funso sun re o!

Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

Posted by Administrator at July 28, 2006 12:32 PM


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