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March 28, 2005

Corruption: the Bane of Nigerian Polity

by Ifeanyi Geoffrey Ekenasi ---- The removal of the minister of education Professor Fabian Osuji and others of Igbo extraction has raised some dust in Igbo circles with the serious allegations that the action of the Federal government on this matter is tantamount to conspiracy and selective punishment against the corrupt.

I read the hue and cry over this matter among the Igbos with not only a sense of shame but also that of sorrow. Sorrow, because the feelings nursed by the Igbos over this matter reminds me that Nigeria is still wallowing in a miserable ethinic chauvinism of the lowest ebb. I worry about this situation because in my humble opinion, ethnic bias ranks second only to corruption in the lethal heirarchy of Nigeria's social malaise. There is no gainsaying the fact that it has threatened the very existence of our national life for over forty five years. It has inhibited social cohesion, stability and hence progress. It is dangerous and must be avoided.

Conceded that Nigeria has continued to play the game of hide and seek with the Igbo nation since the end of the civil war, over thirty five years ago. It is true that Igbos are a marginalized group in Nigeria. However, we must not attribute every thing that happens to an Igbo person as a part and parcel of that mistreatment. To always react negatively against everything non-favorable to Igbo makes no sense. We must be careful to separate the wheat from the chaff.

In the Osuji et al case, some Igbos have failed to do this separatation with substantial accuracy. Even before all the the facts were out, we had started to cry ethnicity, tribalism and what have you. Why the current Obasanjo's war against corruption will again fail like every other thing Nigerian is the silly cry of ethinicity and the kinsmanly show of solidarity when these will serve no useful purpose.

If Osuji's alleged corruption is true, then I do not regard him as a good Igbo because he has not by so doing represented the honor, the dignity and the prestige for which Igbos are known. By his corrupt practices he acts against the interest of the posterity of Igbos who will grow up to inherit a corrupt and moribund nation. Any Nigerian privileged to hold a public office no matter his extraction must keep off corrupt practices if our children must have a future to inherit. For such an officer to do the contrarary is to provoke the anger of people of good conscience and make himself a public enemy.

Listen, every corrupt public functionary must be made to pay dearly for his crimes. We must not overlook the fact that every public officer in trouble for corruption must come from somewhere. We must not worry ouselves where he comes from. I would worry if Osuji was wrongfully accused of corruption. If not, may we Igbos steer clear and allow a culprit to pay for his misdeed.

That is the best, and in fact, the only way we can successfully fight and win the so-called war against corruption. A nation can survive wars, and famines, and pestilences, however, no nation in human history has been known to survive the level of corruption prevalent in Nigeria today.


Posted by Administrator at March 28, 2005 08:56 PM



Posted by: Anthony Igwe at April 1, 2005 05:48 PM

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