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March 29, 2006

Open Letter to the Management of Federal Polytechnic Bida Niger State: What a Candidate?

by Gimba A. Bida (Bangbara Bida, Niger State, Nigeria) --- Ordinarily one will not be interested in who occupies a position in an establishment, except of course if such a position has an over bearing effect, not only on the day to day running of the institution but also on the product of such an Institution, more so if such product happens to be human resources, that have a long time and multiplier effect on a developing nation like ours that is already be deviled with corruption.

This is the reason why concerned citizens will like a candidate for a Registrar of such an institution like polytechnic to be a person of upright conduct.

The post of a Registrar of an academic institution like Polytechnic is a position that demands a high level of responsibility not only because it is an academic institution, but because that post deals with both the mature minds and developing young generation who are the future leaders of industries of the nation. Hence the Chief Administrator of such an institution must demonstrate a high level of sincerity, equity, justice, honesty and trustworthiness. He must be thoroughly detribalized and focused so that he would be able to carry everybody along. He must have the interest of the institution and regard and respect for his subordinates and not a self-centered person.

In addition to all these the person must be a moral role model, never found wanting in his working career. He must be of a sound academic background with high level of relevance to administration, which must be backed up with administrative refresher courses in order to be able to cope with ever changing and challenging managerial skills.

With these in mind, one would like to look at the credentials of the present acting Registrar of Federal Polytechnic Bida, Niger State, who is aspiring to be the substantial Registrar of the Federal Polytechnic.

The acting Registrar is a 1978 graduate of Geography (B.A), about four decades without additional qualification, irrelevant and expired knowledge. He had earlier attended interviews for the post of Registrar at the Federal Polytechnic, Idah, Kogi State and the Federal Polytechnic, Offa, Kwara State but was found unsuitable.

As a Students Affairs Officer in 1984/85 academic session, he was found to have collected illegal monies from the students (N800.00 per student) who had hostel accommodation, as against N90.00 official accommodation fee without receipt, totaling about N56,000.00. The panel set up to look into the case under the chairmanship of Mr. Koroma, the then Polytechnic Bursar found him guilty of the offence and recommended for his dismissal. However, after a serious lobby by Engr. Oladimeji, the then Deputy Rector, he was not dismissed but suspended for 18 months (11/2 years) before he was recalled.

As if unrepentant, 10 years after, in Academic Affairs Office in 1994/95 academic session, he illegally cleared some students who gained admission into the institution with fake O’level results and caught during verification exercise. This he did by collecting between N5,000.00 and N10,000.00 from each affected student. Some of the students that were illegally cleared include:

(i) Afeikhole Salamatu – 94/02/019 - (Pre-SLT) on 18/7/95
(ii) Udegbunam Patricia – 94/15080 – (ND 1 BS) 16/6/95
(iii) Adakole Onjefu – 94/05/287 (Pre-BS) 18/7/95
(iv) Edile Joseph Anibe – 94/16816 (ND I Elect)
The above named students and a lot of others graduated from the institution with fake results when he was occupying that possition.

In the same session he offered an admission to a student into Pre-Business Studies department on 5th September, 1995 at the end of the semester and deferred it after collecting money from the candidate.

The Acting Registrar was known to have been involved in so many illegal deals such as wrong admissions, especially JAMB admissions including those who did not even sit for JAMB examinations, and was collecting not less than N10, 000.00 per candidate.

As Acting Registrar, he corruptly used his office to issue a promotion letter to his friend without ANAN certificate as against the directive of the Appointments and Promotions Committee.

He defended and suppressed a case of theft by a staff who made away with Polytechnic equipment worth more than eighty-five million naira (N85, 000,000.00).

He used his office to mobilize his girl friend who was not yet due to go on National Youth Service and also issued her original Higher National Diploma Certificate at the NYSC orientation camp, while 1997 grandaunts have not been issued their original Diploma certificates.

Above all the Acting Registrar has no regards and respect for his subordinates; a boss and not a leader with high-handedness. He cannot work with any intelligent staff, because such a staff could not be used as a stooge in order not to interfere with his shoddy deals. He suspects every staff to be dubious because he is one, is it not said “it takes a thief to catch a thief”.

He is highly tribalistic and never cared for anybody or thing unless he has an interest in such a person or thing.

From the foregoing therefore, it is clear that this candidate, current Acting Registrar of the Federal Polytechnic Bida, lacks the qualities of a good leader and administrator, has in the past demonstrated a very corrupt leadership and need an ICPC opium before he can be allowed to even contest for such a sensitive position which he has abused in the past. All that is stated in this letter are not only facts but are documented for any interested person to see with very little effort digging in to the past records of the Polytechnic.

Thank you.

Gimba A. Bida
Bangbara Bida, Niger State

Posted by Administrator at 01:01 AM | Comments (1)

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