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December 18, 2005

Innocent Doctor Found Guilty Because of his Race and Nationality

by Ikechukwu Anakwenze (Los Angeles, California) --- You might have heard of this case by now, but incase you haven't, it is about the Seattle OBGYN Dr Charles Momah. Despite the overwhelming evidence proving Dr Momah's innocence, he was found guilty of rape a month ago. This issue is a matter of race and cultural bias, as opposed to the facts presented in the court case.

I am writing this letter on behalf of my uncle; Dr Charles Momah. His case has been locally and national publicized over the last two years, an unfortunately the media and general public have been given a thoroughly biased and untrue depiction of this extremely kind, amiable and gentle man. I lived with Dr Momah for two years while attending college in Seattle. In my years with him I witnessed a caring and compassionate individual, whose kindness made him what he was; a great doctor. Like many doctors, Dr Momah worked extremely hard to become a successful medical practitioner, however unlike many doctors, he has also had to overcome cultural and racial discrimination that is sometimes characteristic of a successful black
(Nigerian) man who is over-weight and talks with an accent. In no way shape or form am I pulling out the race card, I am simply speaking the facts that need to be addressed.

I followed this trail from the very beginning, to the recent verdict that was read on November 16th, and I must say I am truly shocked and appalled by the extremely unjust nature of this case. This is a classic case of profound racial bias and cultural discrimination that has gone out of hand. I respect the legal system, but call into question the foul testimonies given by numerous conniving women. I also don’t think that; given the outrageous circumstances in this case, it is unreasonable to believe that an “all white jury” precluded him from getting a fair trial. I have witnessed my
uncle cater to numerous patients in a compassionate professional manner. Without an iota of doubt, all the ridiculous claims pertaining to Dr Momah are absolutely false. I am not saying this simply because I am his nephew, I am saying this because I know Dr Momah personally to be a man off utmost character. His kindness has been exploited by deceitful people driven by hatred and greed for insurance settlement money. As valuable as excellent medical care is, it is unfortunate that we have unethical lawyers and dubious individuals who prevent competent physicians from catering to the
general public.

While other respectable physicians are spending thanksgiving with their friends and family, Dr Momah is serving time in King County jail. He is absolutely innocent. Once again, Dr Charles Momah is innocent of the charges brought against him. The verdict read on the November 16th was incredibly outrageous, and it has been nothing short of a disgrace to our legal system thus far. I implore that those involved the sentencing, set aside and prejudices that have already complicated this matter enough. I would be attending the sentencing in a few months, and anticipate that the wolves and
leaches would also be present.

Ike Anakwenze

Posted by Administrator at December 18, 2005 06:16 AM


You are absolutely ridiculous to even consider this a believable argument. This wasn't a racial case. The women he raped where of all shapes, colors and creeds. He is a disgrace to Nigeria and I very well wished the refer to him as Biafran-born because God knows, Nigeria doesn't need another human stain.

Posted by: oni at February 7, 2006 03:34 PM

Charles has been given a life sentence. It is most probable that he will not live to see the twenty years.
What a terrible waste of human intelect. Charles is from Nnewi. Nnewi people have a measure of wisdom. What happened? Why didnt he take his qualification and go home and do what he likes in Nigeria?

Skirting the law in the US is not for the educated black man. Most of the evidence was from a group of people who wanted to taint him and send him parking. I hope other highly educated Nigerians should learn from the tragedy of Charlie Momah.

It is a shame.

As for those who said it was not a question of race. Well what can you say.

Posted by: Chuk Igwe at February 27, 2006 08:19 PM

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