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November 22, 2005

The Abacha in Obasanjo

by Jackson O. Ude (New York, USA) --- Jackson Ogbonna UdeIn every move he makes, he shows the trappings that characterized the dark- goggle wearing late General Sani Abacha, who ruled Nigeria with iron fist and bowed to death in a manner yet unknown to Nigerians. General Olusegun Obasanjo, a glorified democrat and current Nigeria President is a dictator, an absolutist, a despot whose legendary quest to perpetuate himself in power has continued to dominate headlines in recent times.

In his unquenchable hunger for continuous stay in power, General Abacha in ObasanjoObasanjo has hoodwinked corporate Nigeria that the support for his third bid will take the country to the Eldora do.

In the manner reminiscent of the General Abacha era, when corporate bodies and private individuals were falling over themselves to throw support for the late General's continuous stay in power, the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, MAN, the umbrella body of manufacturing companies in Nigeria, recently announced its support for a third term for General Obasanjo, citing successful reform programs of his regime.
Nothing can be most unpatriotic, callous and shameful than the decision of MAN, an association that is supposed to galvanize economic growth, to support a regime that has no respect for human rights, human life and workers rights.

Where was MAN when Obasanjo arbitrarily increased pump price without the resolution of the National Assembly? Where was MAN, when Nigerian workers were beating and some shot dead by overzealous security men for protesting Obasanjo’s insensitivity to workers plight? Where was MAN when thousands were killed in Odi, Bayelsa State in 1999 and the Zaki-Biam, Benue state by military men on the orders of General Obasanjo?

For goodness sake, this group of politically minded manufactures must apologize to Nigerians and go. They have outlived their usefulness and they are like stale milk! We do not need an association like MAN in our Nigeria of today. A group that will only remind Nigerians of the General Abacha days when boot-licking, sycophancy and the art of showering praises to evil regime was the hallmark of men, women and groups in corridors of power.

When a group like MAN begins to campaign for the continuous stay of a discredited regime that has done more harm to suffering Nigerians, it goes to show that the group has lost touch with its functions and objectives in a country that is begging for a vibrant economy and buoyant manufacturing firms. To all who cares, MAN is a disgrace, an albatross and a messenger of evil that must be rejected.

How many manufacturing firm in Nigeria is buoyant with the daily increase of unemployment? MAN sees nothing wrong with the alarming unemployment rate; they see nothing wrong with the hundreds of manufacturing firm closing shop daily, they see nothing wrong with the seeming clamp down on small scale industries, rather they want to be the flagship in the quest for an Obasanjo’s third term in the presidency. What a shame!

This is just the beginning of the many endorsements yet to come. Soon the Nigeria Stock Exchange, NSE, which is noted for donating handsomely to the presidency, will join the queue of the pro-third term bid for Obasanjo, then the Dangotes, the Odogwus, the Adenugas, the Arisekolas and the Michael Ibrus.

To those who do not know, the aforementioned men and their cronies are the ones who control MAN. They control the Nigerian economy by virtue of owning major companies in Nigeria that have benefited from Government patronage through award of contracts and other areas. These were the same men who donated over $6 Billion to the infamous Obasanjo library in May 2005. The same men, the same willing tools for the destruction of Nigeria, had lined behind the late General Abacha’s self succession bid.

There next move now will be the formation of groups across the states in the country to drum up more support for a third term bid for Obasanjo.

Soon, we will begin to hear and read about Youth Earnestly Ask For Obasanjo, YEAO and Daniel Kanu of the infamous Youth Earnestly Ask For Abacha, YEAH and the Two Million Man March, will be consulted to organize same for Baba Iyabo. Sunny Ade, Oliver de’ Coque, Dan Maraya Jos, Onyeka Onwenu and Charley Boy will be co-opted to release an album for Obasanjo and mobilize PMAN. Obas, Ezes, Igwe, Emirs and community leaders will be intimidated to lead the support and Ghana-Must-Go will be in surplus!

Who can stop these men whose selfish motive is just to continue to build financial empires at the expense of poor Nigerians who are not sure of the next day’s meal? Who can liberate Nigerians from the tyranny of this minority who are bent at ensuring that a dictator continues to rule over a nation that have been under the jack boot of military dictatorship in the last 35 years?

Like Abacha, Obasanjo has intimidated MAN and corporate Nigeria to believing that without him in power there will be no economic boom. In return, MAN has patronized him, romanced with him as he sits back in his colorful Agbada, dishing out others on the modus operandi for his return to power for the third term.

For MAN to indulge in such a senseless endorsement of an Obasanjo’s third term aspiration without his public disapproval is an indication that General Obasanjo is in the know and has approved the decision of the association that had donated financially during his second term bid.
Like Abacha enjoyed all the ceremonies and endorsements associated with his self-succession, General Obasanjo is no doubt enjoying the same, sipping champagne with his cronies in anticipation of another four years.

Until there is another death in Aso Rock, emerging Hitlers of our time in Nigeria will never learn!

Jackson O. Ude

Ude, a Nigerian Journalist is based in New York.

Posted by Administrator at November 22, 2005 06:25 AM


Infact, i was touched with the piece of article written above.I don't know when we are going to learn fromthe past mistakes of others.Abacha was adamant despite all the pressures from every quaters,at the end he exit this planet ungloriously.Head of state for that matter.So let Baba Iyabo also follow the same pattern and mess himself.I wish him badluck in his third term bid.!!!

Posted by: Kunle Ola at November 23, 2005 09:49 AM

Dear Ode,
This writeup is one of the finest articles i have read on the third term bid by the gurrila we have in Aso rock to perpetuate himself in office.

The sycophants will soon start to beat their drums as you rightly put it. With MAN taking the lead, i hear some afeninfere leaders are also warming up to strengthen MAN's position. it wont be out of place if other groups from all over the country start singing their praises.

But Nigerians have past the stage of been cowed into submission, baba iyabo will have it rough if he tries it. I only pity his age, becuase he wont be able to run when the time comes.

So please advise baba iyabo to go back to his ota farm and produce food for his kinsmen at otta and environs to feed fat.


Posted by: Iki Douglas at November 23, 2005 03:46 PM

There was a time Baba was asked if it is true that he is going for a third term all he said was that his chickens in Otta farm are missing him.

He had better go and meet his chickens in Otta farm and forget about a third term bid. He has denied all these while that he knows nothing about it. For him to now accept will be deceitful on his part.

Let him go, he has tried. Abi what do you want me to say

Posted by: Ehi Oyameda at November 24, 2005 04:45 PM

I talk from the top because I was there at the beginning. The Igbo should rise for the political leadership God of Africa as placed opon them instead of the adultrous game within the North and the rest of the Fedral republic! Haba right from Awolowo episodes. They sold Nigeria to him.

Posted by: Bobo Ajibo at November 24, 2005 04:58 PM

All self respecting democrats in Nigeria must abhore the concept of self-succession in Aso-Rock,as do I. But wait a minute. Who can we confidently say is willing and able to continue his war on corruption.And we all agree that Nigeria needs this 'house cleaning'? Who will be strong willed enough to prosecute corrupt governors after their terms would have expired? Perhaps then we can begin to see his 3rd term bid in a different light, so long as he changes all his sycophants.

Posted by: Achu Godwin ,Minneapolis,MN,USA at November 25, 2005 08:03 AM

I think we have heard enough of the third term bid of our great president Obasanjo. The president should be able to learn from the past. God so much loves Nigeria that he does not allow any of her evil leaders to go free. I think Obasanjo will go the way Abacha went. I can see stricking similarities in their method of rulership. Abacha was stubborn, selfish, arrogant and blind to all realities. These characteristics are also attributable to Obasanjo. I don't believe that Obasanjo is honest with his fight against corruption. We heard that former inspector General of police was jailed recently and the the proponents of this third term bid are using it as justification why that monster should continue beyond his term of office. Don't forget, Nigeria is rated as the 6th most corrupt nation in the world. I can't not see any nation that is more corrupt than Nigeria. Our public office holders including Mr. President are extremely corrupt. We should not be carried way by the Obasanjo's regime's fight against corruption. The fight is selective. We should know how much money is being taken out from that country each day by our so called leaders. What happened to the missing ships from the nigerian waters? All our leaders are corrupt. I will like to see one of Obasanjo's closest friend being arrested by the EFCC if they really mean business. In conclusion, Obasanjo will not succeed in his bid for a third term. Igbos will suffer more under his extended tenure. He has no single likeness for the Igbos. We all know that the Yorubas hate the Igbos but Obasanjo has a special hatred for the Igbos. We must stop this man before he inflicts further damage on the Nigerian society by not allowing this third term bid to succeed.

Posted by: Livinus Durugo at November 26, 2005 09:56 PM

I am all too aware of the various sycophantic roles that many contract-seeking aggregations of Nigerians would play whenever Obasanjo finally drops the pretence and formally announces his self-succession plans. It would appear therefore, that most Nigerians are willing pawns in Nigeria's Power Politics.

I can't wait though, to see what sort of political battles Obasanjo would face should he announce his third-term bid. With the "rumours" that people like IBB, Atiku, Buhari, Kalu etc might be interested in the top job, I can imagine that Obasanjo will be on internecine collision course with some of Nigeria's Titans in 2007--except of course, Obj disabuses himself of sycophant-induced delusions of his own indispensability and hands over power peacefully.

This is however too simplistic. Maybe, its better to surmise that in the end, these power-brokers would sit together, settle their differences amicably and then coronate another fraternizing but dictatorial absolutist to protect their collective loot.

Posted by: Anaedo at December 2, 2005 06:16 AM

Third term!!? Haba Baba? What more do you hope to achieve other than soilng the good name you may have made for yourself. Anyway I have reason to believe this is a diversionary ploy to keep us Nigerian occupied in irrelevancies while you and your crew carry on the "good work" of "repairing Nigeria". I just can imagine anything else.

Posted by: Frank Edegware at December 5, 2005 06:53 PM

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