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October 16, 2006

Darfur: Shame on Black Muslims!!

by Nafata Bamaguje (Daura, Katsina State, Nigeria, USA) --- During the recent Israel-Hezbollah war in Lebanon, Muslims here in Nigeria's Islamic North demonstrated in support of the Shiite terror group. Several months ago, Muslims here in northern Nigeria massacred hundreds of non-Muslims in response to the Danish cartoons.

Five years ago, when America attacked the Taliban in response to 9/11, Muslims in Kano, northern Nigeria orchestrated a bloodbath of non-Muslims. In the past, there have also been numerous demonstrations and protests in support of the Palestinian cause here in northern Nigeria.

But so far Nigerian Muslims and for that matter black Muslims in the rest of Africa and the American Diaspora, have been conspicuously reticent on the genocide and ethnic cleansing of black Africans from their ancestral land in Darfur by the racist Arab occupation in Sudan. Hardly even a whimper of condemnation talk less of demonstrations.

In the last 3 years, over 2.5 million of our Darfurese brothers & sisters have been massacred, raped and ethnically cleansed from their land by the racist Arab occupation in Sudan, and recent reports indicate that fatalities are rising.

Obviously Arabs in Lebanon / Palestine, and cartoons in obscure foreign newspapers are more important to Nigerian Muslims than the horrendous suffering inflicted on our African brothers and sisters by the genocidal racist Arabs in Sudan.

Interestingly most of the black African victims of the racist Arab onslaught are also Muslims. This isn't the first time the Sudanese Arab occupation has targeted black African Muslims. During the decades long, unsuccessful Jihadist war to forcibly Islamize Southern Sudan, the genocidal Islamo-Nazis in Khartoum also targeted Nuba Muslims.

Evidently Arab Muslims are superior to non-Arab ones...particularly black ones. Hence the reluctance of black Muslims to criticise or condemn Allah's chosen race - Arabs.

Since black Muslims have constituted themselves into a fifth column for their Arab masters, we Africans lack the unity of purpose and resolve to decisively address the Darfur genocide as we did against apartheid South Africa...which neither enslaved nor perpetrated genocide against us. As we do not wish to be seen to be divided along religious lines on the Darfur crisis, due to the same misconstrued concept of "African unity" that condoned the enslavement of black Africans by racist Arab occupations in Sudan and Mauritania.

It was even the persistent spotlight and criticism on the Darfur atrocities by Western media and leaders, that prompted the belated, halfhearted AU response in the form of a meagre, ineffectual "observer" force that has so far failed to stop the progrom.

Even South Africa, a major African power and beneficiary of a united African support during her successful struggle against apartheid racism; has failed miserably to rise to the occassion. Madiba has not lived up to his reputation on Darfur.

The effectiveness of the AU in the Darfur crisis is further undermined by the presence of the North African Arab-Berber occupation within the AU.These Arab-occupation countries in North Africa are unlikely to endorse any drastic action against their Arab cousins in Darfur.

Hence AU is hobbled and threads carefully in Darfur. Consequently, African governments which unequivocally rejected negotiations with apartheid South Africa - a la Reagan-Thatcher "constructive engagement" - are reduced to begging the Islamo-Nazis in Khartoum for deployment of the ineffectual AU intervention force, which is hamstrung by poor logistics and crippling rules of engagement. Little wonder the Arab league backs the racist Sudanese Arab occupation as it reluctantly concedes to the inept AU "observer" force rather than an effective UN intervention force.

We black Africans must therefore insist on the immediate deployment of a robust, proactive (not "observer") UN intervention force, which should be composed of black Africans, with or without the consent of the Arab Nazis in Khartoum. Like the ethnic cleansers in Bosnia 11 years ago, the ethnic cleansers in Khartoum should be bombed and strafed into submission if they continue to resist the deployment of UN troops.

We Africans must also solidly unite to mobilize the sympathetic international community - as we did against apartheid - to diplomatically and economically strangulate the ethnic cleansers in Khartoum. Only a united black Africa, can intimidate the supporters of the genocidal Sudanese Arabs in the Arab world, and compel obstructionist powers like China - who are only interested in Sudanese oil - to fall in line and ostracize the racist Arab occupation in Sudan.

We cannot afford to fail our Darfurese brothers & sisters as we did in Rwanda 12 years ago.

Furthermore we will no longer be bamboozled by so-called "Afro-Arab solidarity", which is just a ruse to garner African support for the futile Jihad to destroy the only non-Muslim nation in the Middle east, which Muslims consider Dar-ul Islam - Land of Islam. Hence Muslims all over the world get so worked up about Israel, but don't give a damn about the monstrous atrocities perpetrated by Muslim Arabs on our suffering brothers & sisters in Darfur.

Actually, the monstrous atrocities inflicted by Arabs on we black Africans started well over 1400 years ago when Arabs raided for and trafficked in African slaves, more than a millenium before the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Islamic historical tradition even documents that their "prophet" Mohammed had black slaves (Sahih Bukhari 8:73:182, 3:43:648, 6:60:435, Malik Muwatta 21.13.25, Sahih Muslim 10:3901). The racist "prophet" valued his black slaves less, as the Hadith reports he sold by barter two of his black slaves for a white one - Sahih Muslim 10:3901.

Arabs trafficking in Africans operated the world's largest slave market in Zanzibar until the British shut down that inhuman bazaar in the late 19th century.

In accordance with the dictates of their Quran (Q 23:1-6, 70:29-30, 4:24), Arab slavemasters raped our women giving rise to some of the so-called "black Arabs", many of whom are complicit in the Darfur atrocities.

Male black slaves were castrated so that we could not reproduce. This cruel racist prohibition of Negroid procreation is the major reason for the absence of a sizeable indigenous black population in the Arab world as in the Americas...even though Arab enslavement of Africans lasted much longer (over 1400 years) than the trans-Atlantic trade (just 200 years). In fact Arab enslavement of Africans continued up to the last decade in Sudan and Mauritania.

The Arab castration of male black slaves / captives often involved amputation of the penis. Many of our brothers died of complications of this primitive surgery. Others had to live with agonizing complications... repeated infections, dribbling of urine etc.

The unquestioning, mental servitude and subservience of black Muslims to their Arab masters, and their conspiratorial silence - no doubt a consequence of Islamic indoctrination - prevents we Africans from from addressing these issues and demanding reparations from Arabs for their historic atrocities and illegal occupation of lands in North Africa.

Perhaps because the chief protagonist of the slave reparation movement was a Muslim - the late MKO Abiola - we only focus on slave reparations from the West, even though Europeans never raided for slaves in Africa; in contradistinction to Arabs who were involved in slave raids (although they also bought some from treacherous African collaborators).

We stupidly raided each other for slaves to sell to European slave dealers who paid us with guns (to raid for more slaves), trinkets, mirrors, liquor and other trivial commodities we valued more than our siblings in the American Diaspora. We have European powers to thank for helping put an end to Arab enslavement of Africans, albeit not necessarily for altruism

We Africans should be wary of the bogus, alien, unAfrican dogmas (Christianity & Islam) of our erstwhile colonial and slave masters (Europeans & Arabs), that glorify alien races (Jews & Arabs), while demonizing our rich ancestral heritage as "heathen" and "evil". The resulting inferiority conplex is the major reason why Black Muslims haven't got the guts to stand up to Allah's chosen race, even as the racist Arab occupation massacres millions of other black Muslims in Darfur.

Our identity as AFRICANS that we are born with, supercedes any alien identity (Muslim, Christian) with which we've been brainwashed.

If our recent history here in Northern Nigeria is anything to go by, rather than confront their Arab masters on the Darfur genocide or other historic atrocities, the mindless Arab minions that are the lot of Muslims here in Nigeria's Islamic north will react to this "slanderous, insulting provocation" with their characteristic religious violence, orchestrating another bloodbath of Aarne (non-Muslims). I hope to be proved wrong, but I seriously doubt it. Therefore kudos to any media that has the courage to publish this write-up. If we black Africans must progress, we can't all be intimidated by retrogressive religious extremism.

Nafata Bamaguje
Daura, Katsina state

Posted by Administrator at October 16, 2006 10:34 AM


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