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Ndubueze Godson, III

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Meanwhile, below is the first article from the Godson's Common Sense.

The Anambra Saga:
An Affront to Democracy

Let me state very clearly that I am not of Anambra extraction. However, the illegality being visited upon Anambra citizens by this wicked and rogue Obasanjo regime and Obasanjo's minions, including Chris Uba MUST be confronted without further delay. I suggest we explore the possibility of taking Obasanjo to the International Court, or better yet form a high profile movement to impeach and remove him from the office he is illegally occupying. Not long ago, the indigenes of Anambra State went through experience, the genesis of which was traced to one Arthur Eze, then it was Emeka Offor. Now, there is this fellow called Chris Uba. Is there any end in sight? I ask.

From all that I have read, no doubt the true elected governor of Anambra State is the person of Peter Obi of APGA. Having said that, I opine that the proper and legal remedy of removing Ngige should and must be through the election tribunal, not this jungle approach adopted by Uba, Obasanjo, and Balogun (the IG of Police).

What's been happening you thought was an isolated incident though I have always felt that a treasonable offence was committed when Uba and his illegal 'army' connived to violently and forcefully remove a sitting governor of a state. Woe betide anyone that would help to truncate and scuttle the little democracy we now enjoy, the democracy we fought hard for without the help of this poorly trained police. The last time I checked, democracy did not come about because the police took over the government from the army boys. It was we the civilians that did all the fighting and for these confused thieves in black uniform to engage in these types of atrocities now is an insult to our collective psyche.

It is rather unfortunate that a state that produced men like Sir Louis Mbanefo, Professor Kodiliye, Sir Odumegwu Ojukwu, Professor Chike Obi, Cyprian Ekwensi, Professor Chinue Achebe, and host of others would let a compound illiterate, someone that's supposed to be a community reject, a common thief, Chris Uba hold the entire state hostage. I say it's about time all the indigenes of this great state came together and fought these criminal fools. How much should be enough? Are you going to let Obasanjo and this Uba boy send your state to extinction? Being apathetic would hardly solve anything. So your indulgence is hereby encouraged in order to sanitize the state starting with the immediate trial of all those involved in the July 10, 2003 coup. For perennial peace to reign, folks like Uba must be banished/expunged from the state because all this man wants is to loot the state'e treasury, period!

Alex Ekwueme and others do you hear me? Another Chris Uba will of course emerge unless you deal decisively with the present irritant and stop glorifying these community rejects and start showing real respect to those that rightly deserve it, our educated elite who use their intellectual abilities to benefit their communities.

Sections 188, 189 and 190 of the 1999 of the Constitution is clear on how a sitting governor of a state should be removed. Yet, these clueless so-called judges who are more of a liability than anything remain blind to see the light. What link does Achukwu's allegation of human rights violation by agents of Ngige have to do with the affairs of Anambra people for Nnaji to render this twisted judgment? The remedy should have been monetary award not this clown-type decision. Granted a high court judge with jurisdiction can render a judgment in favor of a plaintiff who seeks to have the resignation of a governor enforced, I submit to you that the so-called "Resignation" letter falls short because in order to stand, it must be voluntarily done. No sane person would consider a letter signed under duress as valid. Where did these hopeless judges get their legal education? Banana Republic University? It must be!!




N. Ndubueze Godson, III
Chicago, IL

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