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May 23, 2006

Once Upon a Land, Nigeria to be Exact!

Godson's Common Sense: by Ndubụeze Godson III --- Trying to explain to the one-Nigeria at all unsavoury cost ideologues, I mean those without a hint how that nation turned sour, is like trying to explain quantum physics to a gorilla. Not happening. But try, I shall and hopefully through these little illustrations, they too will gain from knowing that:

Once upon a time in Nigeria, nothing was more an honor than telling the truth which was in turn, rewarded with its attendant appreciation. Today, one gets in hot mess if a dare is attempted and at other times the failure to tell a lie could perhaps be considered a punishable infringement by the EFCC, ICPC, the police and army.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, men stood up and were counted using only their words and deeds as surefire bond. Today, you have men sissy footing all over a barren location developed with stolen resources from the hapless Niger Deltans while spitting more unregistered lies to the general population.

Once upon a time, people from neighboring countries used to claim Nigeria as their country of origins, they were proud to be seen around Nigerians. With Nigeria being the nucleus of social activities within sub-sahara Africa, it was fun. Today, thanks to the same clueless geeks, this country is now the object of infectious ridicule in every part of the world!

Once upon a time in Nigeria, there were men whose educations were not that sublime yet they became instrument in making her great. Today, the so-called educated ones ooze with all manners of offending treachery that boiled out of control within the last seven years. These groups of irritants spun all that is wrong with Nigeria too far.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, a segment of society existed that was affectionately called the middle class that at the time struck a balance in society to give that nation the economic strength that is sorely lacking as you read. Today, the only class there is, are the high (stealing) class and no class (down and out). No middle ground is found anywhere near the Nigerian shores, today!

Once upon a time in Nigeria, the telephone exchange, pipe borne water, electricity and postal delivery were all functional entities. Today, it's a dog-eat-dog. It’s a country where a serving minister had the repellent guts to explode that poor people do not deserve to own telephones while yet another questioned why bottled water should be cheaper than fuel. In civil societies which Nigeria is not, these outbursts would have drawn quick sack notices on the erring bloody parasites.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, athletes whose sheer strength and skill gave that land semblance of respect were valued, their selection and acceptance was based on performance not geographic location. Today, are you kidding, they are the butt of the joke with the investiture/system of quota mess, which allows for the removal of a more competent tactical athlete in place of a fluke. The country with such dumb policy cannot be said to be alright. That country “no go reach where him dey go” – apologies to our only Fela Anikulakpo Ransome Kuti.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, peoples’ last hope rested on the judiciary where respite from the oppressive suppression of overbearing opportunists was given to the common man. Then, impartial pronouncements and verdicts were made and obeyed. Today, judges (Wilson Egbo Egbo, Stanley Nnaji, Nyako etc) without looking ashamed, collect bribes to render mind blowing and unjust judgments and their many other anti-people activities thereby lost respect of the people. The same cabal having lured them into their highly compromised positions, without looking embarrassed, they - government refuses to abide by even the most harmless of verdicts having exposed their insidious mischief.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, the elders were seen in deference with proper salutation given due to the unequalled stance they took on public matters. Today, picture a self-destruct Joe Irukwu of Ohanaeze to catch what I mean. In today’s Nigeria, all the atrocious deceit and annoying acts originate from the Irukwus, Iwuanyanwus, Nzeribes, Mantus, Aninehs, Adedibus and Maduekwes of this world. Their reprehensible behaviors made it possible for the younger thieves who escaped justice with their loots and in company of their noisy hangers’ on, disrespect even the decent ones who had no hand in the pillage. These same hoodlums after buying all the title jargons go as far as challenging anything that moves with open scorn simply for one’s indulgence to not be one of the boys.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, the military and their junior terrorizing police partners were camped in barracks, never to be wantonly seen in town. Then, they wore pristine and complete uniforms without improvisation. But not in their today’s Nigeria where the military live in five star resorts and palaces – Ikoyi, VI, GRA, Nicon Noga etc. At other times they arrogantly go as far as securing a whole city block in neighborhoods for one lousy untested pot-belly General. Still, of these two poorly managed and unnecessary outfits, I hate their ill trained and unneeded illiterates/area boys infested police more with spinning passion. Can anyone please remember the first and last time this idle cranky organ secured the country through a well organized revolution? Has it not always been the very innocent civilians they harass and mow down that make their stupid relevance possible? This very police also today wear bathroom slip-ons on duty and after a long bout with spirit consumption, go out to harass and kill innocent commuters.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, it was manageable, one must first secure a drivers license by passing the rigorous road tests administered by traffic police to hop on the driver’s side of a car. It was, were a student driver could only secure a license when the apprentice driver has demonstrated the proficiency required then only then would such be given. Nigeria was once a land where perilous vehicles were stamped “off road” by traffic police who once took this responsibility seriously. It was once a nation where serious and punishable offense awaits drivers that overloaded their commercial vehicles even by one passenger! Today, licenses are rampantly and brazenly secured through bribery and on who do you know basis. Talking of overload, many times during my brief sojourn there, I saw commercial cars that were at best fit to carry three people in front yet had four passengers tucked in there with the drivers leaning almost out of the car. I saw for real, lots and plenty of vehicles with wheels, windows, doors, seats and all falling and broken still were never stopped by their piss on police. One cab I entered wetted my butt with muddy water due to the large hole under the seat. Good thing if you call it that, was the jeans shorts I was wearing.

Once upon a time Nigeria had reasonable number of churches and mosques. Today, with hyper-multitudes of these outfits; wickedness reign, morality went outta window and to the winds, treachery of all sorts is the in-thing despite their frown upon traditional religion and the matter of fact destruction of same yet with every streets lined with churches and mosques; planes are dropping from the skies like birds, oil pipes bursting loose at the seams, buildings (completed and uncompleted) tumbling down and road mishaps occur like never before. They have with that many religious houses; boats going belly-up, armory exploding with volcanic eruption and taking a chunk of people with it, importation of condemned and banned drugs, nko? Yet gazillion houses of worship trail the land like locust. Kini happen bobo? Can you imagine that the confused elements who misapplied biblical and quranic pronouncements made it a taboo to engage in recreational activities unconcerned that the same book they read says; "give to Caesar what's Caesar's and to Christ what's Christ's." Remember also that incidence of armed robbery was in minority during this time in the yore, but today despite the avalanche of “religious” houses, hoodlums in the military and police roam free terrorizing, robbing and maiming innocent citizens who has since surrendered their lives to “pepper soup” and booze for comfort.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, money-doublers or straight out dubious men who were engrossed in wayo had no place to hide. Today, they are the ones over showered with unnecessary encomiums and titles. They are the kingmakers and what they produce are bunch of rotten junk like them because a serpent cannot give birth to a bird, another serpent is what will crawl out. They are the bandits of the day, the embezzlers of now; add the assassins of the minute then the picture begins to emerge.

It is our society; the society is rotten. We don't know what is good from what is bad. In the olden days, you dared not be bad, because people would isolate you. When they even looked at you, you would be ashamed of yourself. But now, they will hail you. The situation has turned around; it is abnormal. The evil ones are now the champions that people hail.
Lamented Mrs. Remi Obasanjo who by every definition is the true and bonafide First Lady. And you thought I was making stuff up when I started this essay, didn’t ya? A slight detour please. I never all the public life of the other lady, Stella Obasanjo who literally took her own life with that botched tummy tuck, appreciated her. Reason being that of all her transgressions, it was her failure to be gracious with humility to say a huge no to the ‘first lady’ rouse as she was not, made it so easy to be disliked by folks like me. Nothing as far as good sense dictates restrained her from galloping the entire globe with Mr. Obasanjo and still let Mrs. Remi clutch her proper title in the household Stella came last. To have allowed and encouraged the first lady crap to me was a wicked hard strike across the eldest wife’s face. Such was the major cause for my dislike of her. Moving on;

Once upon a time in Nigeria, em, em hmmm... forget it, you catch my drift so let yours be enough right about now!

At one time in the early eighties during a visit to that quarter to die giraffe – Nigeria thieves hug with passion, on gaining access to the baggage claim area, a fight-to-finish was in progress between two baggage handlers. They were busy to our shock slugging it out in plain view of the passengers that only minutes disembarked from the aircraft. The more they hit each other the more I wondered where the hell their oga – boss was. I never knew that that experience will pale in comparison to what was recently experienced by Mazi Harry Nwanna of Vanguard which he shared in his piece of October 26, 2005 captioned “Can Ehindero ‘turn stone to bread?’(2).” It was occasion when two high ranking members of the untrained police force(?) of the banana republic whacked each other in plain view of the public. Here, the excerpt:

“...Not long ago, I paid an innocuous visit to one of the usually very busy police stations. Ordinarily, I do not deal with the Nigerian Police because, they have a way of perceiving every one of their contacts as a candidate for taking to the cleaners. Once you get involved, your extrication becomes conditional on how handsomely you can buy back your freedom. On this particular occasion my departure was hurried. I had walked into a physical brawl between two senior policemen while, about a dozen unconcerned on-lookers joyfully cheered them on. It was a free show of unrestrained reciprocal pummeling of each other by uniformed policemen on duty.”

With all these said, any wonder the infestation of corruption at every length and corner of a land afflicted with terminal disgrace totters on? No advanced diploma is needed to differentiate with good understanding views that seek a redress. I do not by any means claim to be the Solomon of our time lest I be misconstrued. What on the other hand my gospel leans on is the application of common sense by people to things in their everyday lives. The necessity to remind folks about the decayed condition of Nigeria was borne out of the ear piercing wail by robbers who hoodwink unsuspecting folks into believing all is fine and dandy. Not so. With that to nibble on, I hope those held spellbound by wicked lies, the ones who profess fake love for that country will be reminded that things changed for worst in a once patchable land due to their mean hearted avarice.

Ndubueze Godson III

Posted by Administrator at May 23, 2006 06:29 AM


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