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May 23, 2006

Sweet Riddance to more Terms Rubbish!!

Godson's Common Sense: by Ndubụeze Godson III --- Nigerians will through this medium be called to cut through their cant and talkwando bunk as they wont and vigorously begin pursuit of agendas that are action packed.

Having over the years or period shared my extreme disappointment with things that happened (happening) in that country, a decision was reached to sit back and watch stuff unfold still could not resist adding my voice one last time. First on my mind, is for someone to please hurry fast to tell the new day demon-crats led by shameless men in the mold of the disgraced erstwhile shouter-in-chief, Audu Ogbeh, and his fellow journey men to be real quiet and let tested men and women in the democratic struggle (Gani, Falana, Soyinka, Utomi etc) lead the day because men like him has zero credibility as far as this essayist is responsible. What, with these latter day ‘angels’ - Victor Malu and co whose democratic credentials only surfaces when they are tossed in the dump with a hard kick/stud to it? These damnable bunches are not to be allowed to dribble on with their anti-ethical fake democratic noises that only disturb our serene lives, a hash pill to swallow by every just person.

Was it not if I may this same loud mouth – Ogbeh, who between 1999 and 2003 was busy barking threats and orders at the Labor Congress for daring ask what the emergency was for catapulting petroleum pump prices beyond the reach of ordinary Nigerians? Does this loafer think Nigerians are really that stupid? I guess they are based on “fooled ones, shame on you and twice, on me.” Did this fella also not at the time in review warned that; “NLC and Adams Oshiomhole should not tempt Obasanjo whom he gloatingly reminded remains a General,” albeit, of a banana republic nonetheless? Did Ogbeh stop his screech that; “Obasanjo has been soft on NLC and that if care was not taken, he may be forced to unleash his wrath on them” or some to that effect? Am sure as hell he made comments in line with my tattle and let no one even attempt a defense of his sycophantic behavior then. This old traitor should, having done all these, follow established norm to show a little decorum by remaining silent knowing that he lacks both the moral credibility and democratic effervescent to lambast his former lord who record shows shoved him out the door for his, now you see him then you don’t flip-flopping Janta-Manta (Indian magic). Is something like self value still possible? You think?

Coming to the man of the hour, I do not know what people who say Obasanjo should go when the ovation is loudest mean, ovation from whom and for what? People I believe should quit the unfunny joke and say it exactly as it should be said that Obasanjo’s performance at any time does not warrant applause at all from any. His seven years in office as the president can be summed in one little strange word, corroded. Amazingly, a preemie the other day arguing in behalf of the “rule-them-forever” aspirations of a man that swallowed all the opportunities nature gave him to enshrine his name in stone by being a reasoned manager, claimed naively that it is better to let the real devil (Obasanjo) they know continue to drill a hole in their brains than for the angel (likes of Pat Utomi, Ndubuisi Kalu, Udo Udoma) they never saw to liberate them. His comments was before the Senate led by a man, Honourable Kenechukwu Nnamani who still exhibits the pristine character real Igbo men like Drs M.I. Okpara and Francis A. Ibiam were known for, in his wisdom, followed constitutional process to dump the more years filth. A note should please be taken here that, there is and never will be any relationship (kinship, character, affability or otherwise) with this Honourable son in mention and the debased Nnamani sitting in Enugu.

My reaction to that infant argument does not require any guess work, but let us say it was implicit. By way of words, a valentine was delivered to this untamed beast. This confused individual based his foolish premise on the foundation that Obasanjo is known to them (I guess). If this is so, where, we will like to know are all the people starting with Bola Ige so forth who thought they too knew him? Uhh huh! What, we ask, happened to all those who risked their lives with the goggled one, Abacha, while screaming for Mr. Obasanjo’s freedom? Where I ask, are they today, today? To imagine that the erudite just passed Dr. Beko Kuti risked his life and in a way single headedly saved this man who turned around and made this benefactor one of his arch enemies, makes me dizzy with rage. While you are shaking your heads and snapping your fingers over this abominable act, the harder to swallow of things is the no pardon ever granted to Dr. Beko by someone his civil rights movement benefited. Today he smooches many of his concubines unmindful whose aid made such possible. Forget national honours, none came his way from Obasanjo to my knowledge. Evil men do sef. If at last it is revealed that no one knew this “devil,” is it not palpable then for all to bellow on any angel near and far for a swift and overdue rescue? Before it slips my racing thoughts, let the next assembly learn from their missteps and before anything, before the new president gets a hold of his foot at the door, apply a total democratic makeup to the silly military invented piece of paper they think is a constitution. Else, another deadlier Obasanjo lurks in wait.

The one thing that can be said about truth is that it could be used by a single individual to wreak havoc against multitudes that are however infested with incurable lying maladies. When an otherwise learned person begins to defend that which is reprehensible, in no time, he too begins to look stupid hence so many that tarnished the little left of their images appear pathetic at every turn regarding the current and any other debate that is embedded in dishonesty. Before we continue with this tutorial, I will actually like to know how many out there would continue to let the same mechanic that constantly blows things up, work on their priced jalopies? How many of these ‘smart’ asses would let their teenage daughters be babysat by a convicted child rapist or murderer, is the nagging query? And please do not tell me none would yet remain buried in shallow ideas when it comes to dealing with the Nigerian mess. People, I gotta tell ya, certain things one reads do call for a straight undisturbed trip to the bar for a shot of Campari, on creo – credit, to calm raw nerves. If all the system known to that country (One-Nigeria deceit, half-witted parliamentary system, northern hostile military grab so on) has been tried and all as you are witnesses, woefully failed; what is wrong with trying some new and different - confederacy, multi-nations (for me), northern and southern Nigeria (second choice) and the like? To this, a first step would be a must get together for responsible Nigerians (not the political idiots), to either agree to disagree or assent to disperse, for a noticeable harmony that could withstand the constant murderous tribal tsunami that originates from the same side of the divide within a wink.

After the past due death of that embarrassing call for perpetual lording by political harlots, the people of Nigeria should continue to be on red alert. They should and must not at this hour put a thing pass the anti peace and forever rule evil men whose minds are full of darkness. As they say right where am at, it’s not over until the overweight lady chants. Nothing can be put beyond those nerds even after the humiliating end of the third term junk shameless minions peddled that revered men who still are guided by sound principles and values stomped all over and tossed. With this in mind, time will be the only factor to determine what next before strange things start happening again so onto Washington D.C. October 1, you go! Freedom for Ndiigbo and to some extent, the entire mere expression called Nigeria has taken a new dimension with me for quite some time. It is now like a religion, an obsession that has final result in scope. Since the rule-them-forever ignominy obituary has been announced, the next line of action should be for folks to be on the look out for the likes of Audu Ogbeh and company. Alarm is hereby sounded that the death of the third term madness should by no implied or reduced means translate to open support for any head of past military junta dead (that’s how badly I want them out) or alive and folks like rapacious Atiku. This time around, let other folks who deserve it and are unstutteringly better qualified than any seen thus far drive this baby to the promised land or let the damned place be split up.

With this knowledge and having been reminded what time it is, one of the steps that stare all in the face is action as earlier said. Let all the aggrieved groups band together or individually with a loud publicity visit to the Whitehouse periphery this October 1 to register their disgust over Nigeria’s recurring corruption and human rights violations. Be it: MOSOP, MEND, MASSOB ODUA, AREWA and in fact all Nigerians, let all use this year’s independence celebration to call media attention to all the Nigerian cant. No more incoherent idle palm wine talks; let this time be about action, the only sign language easily discernable worldwide. When everyone does his littlest positive things happen. For those that may be unable as perennial manufacturers they are (making goods, making trouble, yet others make excuses), not make it to D.C., let them write or call the United States president at: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500; Comments: 202-456-1111; Main Switchboard: 202-456-1414; FAX: 202-456-2461; Emails:, Now that Obasanjo’s self inflicted disgrace is crawling to a stop, my honest to God advice for him is to resist any temptation as wont a tyrant to come crashing down on genuine people who all along tried but failed to pull him away from the obvious ruin with his “let me go on forever” political round about gimmick. While he sulks and nurses his pain, let his be a time for reflection on who his real enemies are; the Audu Oghehs, Atiku Abubakars and others who benefited in no small ways from his anti-people governance (make that regime), still tried to pull a fast one too late after the dawn was cast. But should the attraction to land like a load of stones on any be irresistible, those in mention are ones ripe for whatever your highness desires. I don’t think many Nigerians will give a care.

As we gallop towards the end of this session, let me add that some of these wicked crooks and their leeching supporters could be liked, but what they have shown so far is less than them. Such that our dislike for them will continue even as I admit that the citizens’ failure to have driven away all the incompetent bandits that abused their opportunities was responsible for that country’s doom. What a heart piercing indignity, almost fifty years after, there seems to have been no progress beyond the infant, ass crawling stage, a tale tell sign that decent governance will continue to lack in both outward and inward appearance of that country unless something drastic is done to these guys soonest. Away already with the political round about of letting men who ran out of ideas straight from birth recycled every time the chance to make a difference roars. Let this time around be for men and women with uncommon wisdom, valor and above all, integrity to decide how to proceed with a system that would arrest the past and present greedy lopsided governance of deprivation and oppression. Indeed the country under review could be saved since no emergency exists that I know that requires the same gang blamed for her humiliating failures to be proximate to the sit of power ever again. Put bluntly, what to this essayist would make better sense is to have a brilliant and incorruptible mind from any part of the old Eastern Region maneuver the big for nothing elephant out of its droppings or fellas, tighten your belts for another round of heart drenching mother-of-all gnashing of teeth with eye popping grief. If once a General (failure), always a General (nuisance); should not, once a hardened THIEF, always an unrepentant shame free THIEF follow? Whatcha gon do, people, what?

Ndubueze Godson III

Posted by Administrator at May 23, 2006 06:23 AM


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