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July 14, 2006

Whose Eulogy Next, Armed Robbers?

Godson's Common Sense: by Ndubụeze Godson III (Chicago, IL)--- If some things as they say never change, must we then succumb and let bad things thrive? Once more you are invited to my essays which admittedly can be copious but today I hope to not get too carried away. My knack for details may be blamed on horror of ambiguity a quick jot that may not go far enough might entail. My preference usually is to cover deeply in one fell swoop for the purpose of reducing or utterly eliminating the labor and time associated with writing.

What the puff is about today are these articles: “The Military In Nigeria” and “The Nigerian Police Force.” It almost succeeded in making the two worthless units look to non-observant minds like brain surgeons. And for the first time ambivalence will trail my script based on my relationship with the author of the articles in rejoinder. Before I delve too far let me reveal my bias for the Nigerian police, I can’t stand their butt! Having thus known you can see how painfully dissatisfied I was over these articles that over glorified the two most vicious Nigerian outfits with delightful expertise in battering the citizens. From the torrent of accolades they received one can with ease see its unfairness to all the people (99.9%) that have suffered their complimentary brutality. To further shove the point how bad these two organs are, this essay will be dedicated to all whom at one point endured unmentionable pathos in their hands. But let me quickly add that this is not, repeat, not a public reprimand of the author who unless he abdicates, remains a fighter for the people. Mine should only be seen as a friendly disagreement with alternative perspective that hopefully will discourage any implicit support for evil because wrong is always that and both institutions in focus have, oh my God, kicked the folks too hard in the groin.

Part of my thing is for all the good folks out there to have nothing further hurtful piled on oppressed people in Nigeria whose piteous sufferings deserve around the clock compassion. And story telling articles about Obasanjo’s presumed accomplishments or the importance of government sanctioned armed robbers; police, military, customs and all strike deadly blows to them! The articles about how wonderful and nice the military and now the police are written by someone I admire his intellectual prowess should not preclude me on that basis from letting it be known before some buy into it that in every aspects of Nigerian life, nothing has changed to earn them such good press reviews. Left to me, anything that does nothing to ease the pains of people the British occupying force lumped together in that concentration camp they call Nigeria should be avoided. But come o, if this unworkable British idea as we have known was a terrible one, who is stopping the Nigerian rogues from undoing it, Biafra, since the Igbo gets blamed for everything? By exercising the option to reach this good brother slash friend (a complete Izon warrior) through a public medium, I intend for my message to cut across board to keep in remembrance the atrocious profiles of the organs of government attempt was made to elevate to unearned status. Knowing how serious this is, I dumped a private means in favor of this mode to draw this brother and others away from the new sing-a-loud hymns simply because I do not want the seriousness of my message to be lost in a private chat. With that, I ask to be excused to go ahead with this essay that has for days been waiting for the send button. It is with brotherly love with no less penalty and for the good of the Order as we say in the Craft it’s being done. Throughout the duration, the trowel, an important instrument of the Craft will be utilized to spread this love in the hopes that the import of my message will simmer fully, for; “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” – Palm 133.

What does one do when a respected messenger of goodwill drops the ball in two outings with rains of encomiums on two most vicious parastatals whose members are anything but civil? Again, the Order comes to bear and in such scenarios one is required to maintain temperance while extending his cable tow to the brother/friend to keep him within bounds. After reading those expressions of how wonderful the Nigerian army, more like militia and the poorlice are, I wondered how long before someone give the armed robbers too their media dust up. Knowing what Andy Warhol had to say about everyone getting their fifteen minutes of fame, my imagination wondered off to calculate when, before the common thieves are also seen as not appreciated enough? With the military and police having more than their fair market share of fifteen minutes to stardom enquiry minds are pleading to know how long before the armed to the teeth robbers get their own pardon? As the saying goes, if it is shrimp patté for the army and police it must be the same for the robbers after all not much difference exist between them. The police and the army boys rob so too the men of underworld who during my teen years in the sixties were called boogie-boogie or man-must-wack. So since they all do, steal that is and usually at dusk and with guns too, are all then not “armed robbers?!” How the corrupt rulers of Nigeria define who is, is of no use to me. I will not let the real definition be lost in the confusion the authorities bring to the table all in their dishonest attempt to look eminent than their street colleagues. Just in the same manner I know a clandestine mediator to be a “secret agent” is how one and one was put together to know that the Nigerian cops also are dangerous armed desperados. In all areas of their operations a careful and frank analysis will show their extreme criminal attitudinal tantrum towards the citizenry. Only a couple of days ago we were told how the gang that for no reason stole one Adamu Jibrin’s life as with other robberies, wore police uniforms and in fact were the police. During a robbery operation in my family’s country home few years ago, no interest was shown to report the attack on the fear that the police may well be it and going by the spent shells, all fingers pointed to them. Imagine that!

When they are not spitting insults on road users and others who are unfortunate to come in their contact, they are busy extorting hard cash from both parties to a dispute with no attention given to their constitutional duties of securing lives and properties yet we must see them in nobility? Going by the new trend of making excuses for the police and the military iniquities, when, I seek to know before we are told of the importance of the night operators in the lower cadre who are disrespectfully identified as armed robbers? If the Nigerian military and their robbing police partners that are of no benefit to the country with their general unprofessional laziness are suddenly seen in high regards by my friend and the likes of Alfa Belgore (Chief Justice?) with troubling ignorance of the law that portends grave danger to democracy yet sadly at present is a custodian of the constitution, then trouble looms larger for the ordinary man than previously calculated. If the police are seen favorably by some despite their badly abyss performance over the years then the menace the so-called “armed robbers” bring upon the society could be downplayed too. After all without them zero need will exist for the punishment called police. Had the insubordination of the unlicensed robbers towards the government not stymied their ability to secure official clearance, they too will today be operating with the same open impunity as their police counterparts. As the equal opportunity destructive killers the robbers in the lower class are, they do not discriminate. With them both the ordinary folks and the police who usually seek safe shelter on the mere sighting of their evil twins are mowed down. When this poorlice are not in operation, if you catch, the class derogatorily referred to as armed robbers, thank God, keep them alive to the task of pretending to be of benefit to the populace.

It is not a matter for guesswork for one to know that the Nigerian police have for the past thirty plus years in a stretch been murdering innocent people with nothing as serious as trial and conviction seen yet we are to bow each time we see one of these roaming outlaws whose professional appearance is comparable to a roaming undergrad on rag-day. That the government failed to provide adequate uniforms and things are no excuse for them to look like street urchins when we should know that indiscipline is the cause of their embarrassing actions and looks not money. Having been told how their government issued uniforms are sold to the other robbers, I seek therefore to be enlightened how they could escape blame? While at it, when did their job description change from protecting and serving and when necessary apprehend the criminals without being a pain in the rear of the law abiding ones to executioners? These same robbers some still see as police at any given time constitute themselves as the sheriff, judge, jury and executioners so anyone who sees them with admiration will unknowingly be dishonoring the memories of all the families whose members met with ultimate violence in their hands. Is there still any justifiable reason for what we read every day about innocent motorists and school children being dropped like flies by stray bullets fired by these ill trained bastards? To convince me about how hard they work knowing fully well about their constant criminal intent will be a hard sell. Even when the situation is by no means hostile one is always on the edge as a result of their malignant fingers tightly pressed too close for comfort on the trigger. So, I ask to know what the emergency is for their jitteriness in squeezing the trigger on the slightest provocation as if a school pupil will shoot back at them with his books or pens. We cannot excuse their attitude to point guns at responsible road users for a task that requires only a wave of the hand to accomplish as if they are about to pull over a murdering psycho on the lam.

Ok, ok I get it, these days in Nigeria, commercial drivers for unexplainable reasons use their horns as slug shots which make these trigger happy terrorists to always point and shoot defenseless drivers who are out to make a living. Joke aside, I am really having a hard time remembering the last time a cop was shot with a car keys or something in that range. Yet people make excuses for them by blaming “bad apples” in their midst? The weakness of this type of argument is had institutionalized corruption which trickles down from top to bottom not been the case, exception could have been made for them. The same sentimental harbor I have for Nigeria as a good for absolute nothing waste is how I see the poorlice. Thus, before they are elevated to the status of Mary Magdalene we must keep in mind their waylaying fondness for commuters for the only goal of dispossessing them of their wares, monies and in most cases lives too! Another episode of police irresponsibility happened just weeks ago in Onicha when a young lady returning home from computer classes was mortally wounded by their aimless shot that missed their intended target, a cyclist who rebuffed their N20 extortion fee. What made the young lady’s premature death sorrowfully harder was the arrogant criminal refusal by the same police to sign the paperwork that would have speeded treatment for her since another archaic law as with most things Nigerian, requires a police report be obtained prior to any treatment for gunshot victims. In a country hopelessly over patronized by unethical men who are muzzled by their brains, crap like this will top government policies until a Ghana type cleansing is performed. No diploma in rocket science is required to know this, people. If an INNOCENT victim of police bullets must obtain a clearance before treatment is administered, then things can not be said to be falling apart, but are indeed busting loose at every part of the seams.

When it comes to the Naziria police and her militia sidekick, their obvious no progress beyond the primitive stage must be imbedded in peoples’ long term memories. Which any future accolades must take notice of. To have given such unconditional welcome to them reflects vicariously to their doing things differently from past and I do not by any inflation take this to be. I can not even begin to narrate my personal experiences in the hands of these robbers in government issued uniforms, but will let one suffice. Once, a messy situation arose at a time I attempted to make a quick drop off at a car park in Port Harcourt. One drunk in tattered black clothing screeched something to this effect; “you cannot park there!” At a motor PARK, guys! For honestly wanting to know where else and how I could DROP off someone about to board a public transport if no parking was allowed in the area and considering I had no intention of “parking” I was invited to their stench filled station by an ‘officer’ whose whole body reeked of booze. On duty! Crazy, isn’t it? Forget the semantics and say the invitation felt more like conscription since I did not look forward to it, but my broda all it took to let their gross crying for help indiscipline ride was a quick reminder of the Igbo saying about the unequal strengths of a man and that of a stampeding unguarded cow. Thankfully, on getting to their station the chief headhunter who was not yet drenched in booze was sober enough to immediately ask me to go having been told of my question asking ‘offense’ which does not constitute a crime in any statutory books. Had my heat been with me at the time, I may have staked that son of a gun cop out for later cancellation. I tell no lie. Though many years - seven has elapsed I still bear that painful and humiliating experience which articles that eulogize them resonate.

As for the military, the question to answer is, does that discussion about their divine importance to Nigerians cover their murdering rampages in Odi, Zaki Biam and other places? If so, what part of their actions then was professional to now be rewarded with golden plaque? Is the very army in discussion I continue to ask the one under Abacha that saw the erosion of what remained of military discipline? At that time, it was no big deal for a major to refuse the commands of his seniors and in fact on many occasions by way of example, Al Mustapha yelled orders to his superiors. The culmination of this erosion was the subsequent treatment like a scum of the disgraced number two guy, Oladipo Diya. Despite the disparity in ranks, Mustapha was able thanks to Abacha to stare down his military elders or even have them lie flat in submission to “beg oga,” as wont Diya. Still the army must be worshipped for rescuing Nigeria from the evil clutches of invading Martian forces or Cameroonian gendarmes? What exactly for my education are those roles the Naziria army played to secure the sovereignty of that country since according to history the failed state has never seen any external wars? What yardsticks were used to measure these strange feats of an undisciplined bunch? If no answers are forthcoming, then we can hardly be faulted for remembering that it was the actions of the same useless army that plunged that country into the dark sees of no return to civilization with their numerous hostile take over, so where I insist is this image being pushed down hiding?

Throughout my stint with the articles in review the thought that keep creeping in was, is this not the same military that was shamelessly repatriated back to Nigeria where they belong within forty-eight to seventy-two hours from one of their “peace” keep missions in Congo for exhibiting their usual bad behavior - raping, looting and murdering of the same people that were supposed to be under their protection? How about that for national image? The same article kept me gawking whether or not it is about the same kangaroo army rescued from the tight grips of the Sierra Leonean ragtag army by CNN civilian crew a decade ago? An army that flaunts court summons, it is! I do not want to reveal that the army that was glamorized as if we are strangers to what happens daily in a country that could be described nicely as a banana republic is the same one that always carries out every illegal order without as much a squirm. It is believed that articles that give undue attention to people who naturally should be tried for treason added impetus to the whacked idea by the Nigerian national assembly to reward military criminals with the passage of a lousy bill that will put insane amount of money in their pockets despite their past scandalous violent actions! Since every police review paints the same pathetic picture, it will be wrong for us to act as if all is fine and dandy especially in light of the indicting evaluation of them by ICPC as culled from Thisday of June 29, 2006. “The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has said that the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (NEPA) and the Nigeria Police Force are the most corrupt public institutions in Nigeria.”

Ordinary Nigerians could not have had it so bad having been saddled in the last seven years since the history of that country with the worst of the worst. Many times I have said that Nigeria neither needs an army nor police as there is no real justification for their existence. All a country that have seen no external wars and not sure of winning one needs is a civil defense group to be trained in people management ala, community “policing” that may slowly with time transform into full blown police if the need arises with no encouragement given to the present fire brigade approach of cock and shoot unarmed civilians. Oh well, if so much time could be shattered by their national assembly pondering and finally passing a bill that stand to reward all the military vagabonds with more freebies despite their embezzling performances, then the case of the police only adds to the mystery. What remains elusive is how the national assembly plans to reconcile the clear discrepancies in handing huge entitlements to these ill educated coupists that stroll around with no consequence in spite of having committed all sorts of human rights abuses during their murdering rules. Folks engaged in public service announcements are asked to please keep hope alive by resisting any treats or traps that may lure them into something that is never part of who they are. People in this writing warfare have weathered the storm enough and to buckle now will spell doom for the cause. To remain resolute, people must! The full effect of diminishing returns in action can be seen in messages that take distorted stage to which I may, like most, turn blind eye but the police thing was the clincher that sent me tumbling down. A fumble that I hope was innocent.

As with all things that must conclude, today’s lesson is at its end and the prescription to fall back on some oldies when in a tense moment is looking attractive right about now. And I hope to do just that, search for sounds by Victor Olaiya – Angelina, Angelina otito wajo; Rex “Cardinal” Lawson - Abari Biya and Sir Victor Uwaifo – Joromi for the steady refreshment of the soul and the arousal of the mind to temporary remove self from the Nigeria commotion. Add Oriental Brothers and Peacock Band to that for the full effect to be complete. Another first for me is to follow the example of another good brother, Prince Charles Dickson who in many essays ends with the enchantment of some prayer lines. Mine will be: Lord, whatever may be responsible for the late turn around by some people who have been in the vanguard of exposing evil for all its worth should be cast to the seas in Jesus mighty name, Amen! We ask O’Lord that forces about to turn strong voices of reason, voices that has been bellowing out all the sins meted against the oppressed and deprived people of Nigeria, for you to reject such forces in Jesus name, Amen! Jehovah I ask you to bijọ/gbọja ha – scare them in Jesus name, Amen! Oh gracious Father who promised that where two or more are gathered in thy name, there you will be in their midst, to please not let all the people whose actions people are today suffering get away with their sins - be them Fulani, Igbo, Awusa, Bini or Tiv, let none who participated in the pillage of that nation get away with it or experience joy here or elsewhere, Amen! Please Lord forgive me but I must confess that I have no patience for any heavenly trial and its consequence thereafter, all I ask is for whatever you have in stock for these wicked bandits to land on them like tons of hot bricks now and always in your mighty holy name, Amin o!! Amen ooooooooooo! Ọfọr! Ọfọr! Ọfọr!

Ndubueze Godson III

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June 23, 2006

Is it CNN, BBC or Nigerians? Part II

Godson's Common Sense: by Ndubụeze Godson III (Chicago, IL)--- While a few dramatized that CNN factually loaded coverage of their fellow compatriots’ crime in action, it completely skipped their attention that at no time did the Nigerian ambassador to the U.S. made any hoopla about how the image of their country is being negatively portrayed by the western media.

Even when this is done, it is with hushed tone in one of the boring late night mini news programs. It needs repeating that if an ambassador who is the chief public image maker of that banana republic paid to take control of things like this does not care, you know I don’t give a damn. I will in place of the constant barrage about how every Nigerian suffered unmentionable hardship over the coverage of what clearly is common practice by some lazy ass Nigerians in Houston, who sleep, wake and eat with one thing in mind… fraud, keep suggesting that those who are obviously too disturbed by that report should immediately take CNN to court and let the rest of us be. I can’t be wrong to think that it is not too late to begin the process of legal filing if only to teach those ‘unfair’ media outlets a hard rock lesson that there are el’Nigerians lawyers who are peeved and will not stand by while their spotless country is being made the scapegoat of criminal enterprise in the entire solar system.

This thing with CNN being spun out of control and over hyped with rocket speed is no different from how other countries who eventually learned or are learning from that experience to make their countries better, have been treated. Such that no need exists to want the sky to come crashing down on account of the negative mention in the news as if we are talking of mother Theresa here and with CNN setting these criminals up just to make all el’Nigerian look bad, how naïve. African Americans when asked what’s happening, always come back with: not much or nothing new and so it is with el’Nigeria, nothing new. It’s same ol, same ol. Ladies and gents, the country in focus is the same country that constantly shoots itself on the foot with her many anti citizens’ actions like the daily killings of motorists by the black uniformed bandits called police in their language to suffice which equally sends wrong vibes to international media for example. Did any of these patriotic hackers pause to find out why those they disparage with hateful intensity on the false insinuation of not loving everything about el’Nigeria decided to treat that country in abstract? I guess not. Then let me search to know what country would be as selfish and overtly crude with policies that milk one area within her territory dry while neglecting the welfare and security of the inhabitants of that same area ala Niger Delta – Eastern Region? CNN, they better believe know all these things too.

It is my opinion now and always that every country gets dissed (disrespected) by the media it all depends on that country’s peculiar vices. Mexico, China, Columbia and many more have all seen their share of bad press. Unless we are now saying that we are strangers to the daily splatters of Mexico’s image across every major TV stations in the U.S. on account of illegal aliens. In the eighties also, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc were the bastion of TV coverage relating to pirated music and movies and this knowledge was not borne from a relocation to those countries, it was from the same CNN that it came to our delight. Eburu ozu onye ọzọ, shey? Loosely this means a stranger’s corpse being of no consequence to selfish people of course. Perhaps these bọbọs forgot that a country called Columbia for instance has always been associated with drugs, cocaine, on point. And when they add the Italian and Russian mobs whose killing extortions and drugs was blown open on guess what, TV, they may begin to see why the need for them to calm down already jo is badly in want. To make Nigeria stand out as the only country on the receiving end of bad publicity of the western press is a little unfair to these other countries that endured the same press missiles.

It is also not true that el’Nigeria’s lack of money is why it gets no respect rather their bane is attitude, duh. Those with youthful exuberance whenever the true picture of el’Nigeria is painted are counseled to focus inward for their pain to fade away. Had these folks locked hands earlier with attentive writers to send befitting embarrassing messages to politicians with untoward pedigree instead of the defense of every administration with repetitious failures, the dynamism associated with their writings would have paid dividends that could have had a forty plus year old country without a clue reoriented and reorganized. But they snoozed with their free passes to people that even a bonehead knows belong in prison. Over two years ago, I longed to know that one thing that is good about el’Nigeria and have been waiting ever since. With every article, they forget with eloquent convenience to share those things that are superlative about their country without letting those who has been there, done that enjoy their siesta. For the same reason medical practitioners are discouraged from performing surgery on a family member with life threatening ailment, to avoid emotion that could result in unnecessary mistake; that the people too sentimental about el’Nigeria are asked to back off to let the ones with in-built shock resistance saunter on. They have to know that el’Nigeria as presently constituted stand to corrupt even the Pope and anyone with the naivety that things will get better will only be circumambulating, running in circles. In a country that ceased to reward honest hard work long, long and very long time ago, it is easy to find people engaging in activities as documented by CNN.

And to suggest with any inference to sugarcoat the truth for the only purpose of seeing the egos of the patriots stroked will be a disservice to el’Nigerians that still retain appetite for the truth. Let the whole and nothing but the total truth be told if only to shock the patriots back to reality that would arouse their thinking faculties to know that tunes which only praise failures whose questionable accidental stumble to wealth is actionable, does not pay. This is not intelligence, but plain commonsense. To have also used the Jews, Italians and other countries that are happily united in comparison to a country as divided as el’Nigeria is equivalent to saying that garri and gworo are one, the same and opposite. Not so. These other countries’ unity were not divine inventions, sound government policies that gives protection and equitable distribution of things to all citizens made theirs a united one not the thoughtless backward idiotic policies that emanated under the threat of dane guns by holders of elementary six certificates some of you drool over.

In another of my tattles “Titlelucious Development: The Igbo Phenomenon” that appeared on BNW and kwenu on December 18th and 21st of 2004, a hint was made at the dangerous noise level that permeates every social activity in Houston but no one connected that noise and the fraud that is now causing so much raucous for the rabble rousers. In that essay, I stated;

These days I hardly attend any social functions organized by Nigerians due to the importation of unnecessary and excessive noise into what ordinarily should be fun. For instance, they utilize hours barking out names and bogus titles of inconsequential and obscure folks to my dissatisfaction. The empty show offs to impress the audience I’m guessing is part of the reason people lost focus on more important things to go after countless titles...
This was said knowing that a disturbing number of the people in review have their minds submerged in fraudulent activities. I know these things having lived there for sixteen years prior to my relocation many years ago to el’Nigeria before emigrating back to my adopted country five years ago. It is these criminals who make people that put honest day’s work look bad especially on a visit to el’Nigeria where it is not unusual for someone with no idea to question whether or not you live in the same America as the December revelers they have no idea are the same crooks on CNN.

Having thus known, I will tilt towards anyone who argued that “so long as you live in a culture that glorifies the end as justifying the means, Nigerians will continue to seek short cuts.” Fellas, no diploma in rocket science is required to figure what three squared or to the third power is and until el’Nigerians curtail or in fact stop the abuse of titles and the misplaced attention given to people with contaminating characters that jeopardize the system, things like the CNN documentary will continue to make a fool of their ‘glorious’ country. With this mindset I feel affronted that the same people with crock tears over CNN’s candid documentary, who in their overdrive mode will have no problem with no attention given to decent and responsible folks at social functions when they start spewing countless worthless titles, positions and sham diplomas of the very people their criminal lifestyles are at issue, starting with; criminal governors, politicians, corrupt contractors and credit card fraudsters. Those whose antecedents reduced the negligible image of their country are always their favored guests and godfathers to their children still they think we were born last night? At social events these folks are given choice tables where without any attempt to look embarrassed they sit looking doped with pillaged money in tow while decent professors and other professionals whose only crime is their conscious and right decision to be good citizens. A choice that set them up for the snobbish treatments they get always. When I see these things assuming it happened on a day the stomach to stick around inside is there and not one of the days the drive to hang outside takes over just to save from further damaging my eardrums, I ask myself what with these criminal lovers that they failed to appreciate people with impeccable credentials.

People do not have to dine on a dangerous soup simply because mom made it and this should be clear to anyone that can flip a light switch on. I do not know that not eating a dud has anything to do with feelings towards mom, a hop to the next kitchen should do. But allow me to plead for leniency to add another Igbo saying of wisdom that strikes at the root of the principled tenacity seen in of some of us; that of refusing to baby sit or even condone a bratish child simply for being the child’s parent. What happened to the common saying that when a finger scoops oil it inadvertent affects the rest? Since what CNN who by the way is not in the business of pleasing el’Nigeria, did has direct relationship with the aforesaid proverb making the patriots’ reaction to their investigative journalism ill informed as it did nada to elevate their country. The same question that was asked of them could be asked of media from other countries. Do they, Al Jazeera as a point of reference, always beam favorable images of the U.S.? Of course we know the answer to that, so why should CNN be any different? CNN I can tell you was mindful that in every country exists a Judas hence they avoided saying that the number of dishonest el’Nigerians is total. If you ask me, it did be said that the forty percent floated was generous given what I saw while I lived in that city so what image for acting funny are people still yakking about?

How can there not be high level of criminal activities when we all know how decent people are treated in today’s el’Nigeria where only bandits and their cronies are respected with all sorts of national awards so-called dumped at the feet? Gosh, I cannot shake Houston off my thought, please excuse the redundancy but there is absolutely no reason for someone to dole out $15,000 just for securing and decorating a hall for a lousy baby shower yet stuff like this is common in Houston! It even gets better because this is only a drop in the ocean. There have been instances also where people recklessly lavished upward of $50,000 in one night on a birthday celebration and at other times similar amount flew out the window for a Christening ceremony. It is not like we are talking of the rebirth of Jesus Christ for people with no eminence and verifiable legal source of income to spend such obscene amount for a child that may end up not believing a thing about Christianity. I explain, with every child, it is a gamble, never can predict how they will turn out – political harlots, embezzling fools, murdering nincompoops, lying alarmists and more and if you disagree, a look around el’Nigeria will convince ya.

This essay cannot end without quickly adding lest misconstruction is given that downright honest, hard working fellows with el’Nigeria background who are straightforward in both their business and private lives live in Houston. I know them, I speak with them! The problem is with the ones into this, now you have it and then you don’t hocus pocus whose number is simply mind killing. The good news is that despite the irritation of the fraudulent class who insist on getting rich at all cost or die trying, there are decent families (many) I know who through sheer dedication and honest day’s work, raised their kids well and put them through medical, engineering and other schools. These are the people we should give ovation to, they earned their respect the hard way, right way. Now, that’s the idea!

Ndubueze Godson III

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Is it CNN, BBC or Nigerians? Part I

Godson's Common Sense: by Ndubụeze Godson III (Chicago, IL)--- The latest brouhaha about CNN, BBC and whatever is all smoke to divert attention away from the steady decent into abyss of a crawling nation at forty something. Let us try to imagine what these empty showy patriots would say regarding a person at forty-six who nonetheless acts with the mental mind of a toddler. What is this call to arms for?

It will not be far fetched to think that a proper and careful investigation of some of these patriots will reveal they too, members of their families or close associations have at one point been part of the national resource raping cliché. Exuberant youthful opinions that only reveals where the writer stood which is on the side of patriotic dishonesty are one thing but for some editors to make the same mistake by lending voice to what they too has been saying about el’Nigeria, her legislature, judiciary and all that, is one hypocrisy too hard to overlook. Most of these editorials have always been of the view that many Nigerian legislators and politicians are mind depressingly compromised without any distinction made between the few (two or three) that are driven by real democratic zeal still their CNN snafu zoomed through them like wind.

After reading some of these paid ads, I had to take a little time to cool off to avoid over needling people I have tender side for. Every self respecting adult should be familiar with what I will demonstrate next for the purpose of adding clarity to this writing and that is what usually happens when one strolls into a neighborhood or locale posh with manicured lawns and clean sidewalks. Not many if any will still go ahead to debase the pristine setup by littering it left, right and center albeit, exception could be made to some ghettoish African Americans. What happens almost always is the non disturbance of the integrity of the place by the outsider simply because of the self value of the residents for their neighborhood. On the other hand, if the area is like the eyesore the governors of the following cities; Aba, Lagos, Bini, Enugu, Onitsha and other Nigerian cities were allowed to become, no gasp will be drawn when people add to the refuse because of the established culture. Believe me, I do not engage in such dirtiness, but I have seen people do it, drop things here and there especially in Chicago and I am assuming this goes on in New York and other U.S. cities too as seen on CNN. Oh, oh, fight word? Should have said as seen on TV, my bad, but the point remains that it is the news outlet in contention that make it possible for us to know what goes on around the world.

Every decent person by now should be tired sick of those Nigerians with a one-way at all sleazy cost mindset to riches. What CNN did was make the known available for a general wider viewers, so where is their crime? If an infraction was committed by them, I think with the many people that advertise their lawyerness here, it will be very, very easy to seek a legal recourse if these patriots are serious about their feelings. I am not crazy to guess that enough patriotic Nigerian lawyers exist (not the type that lacked legal know how that ended up bargaining Bakassi away), but ones that could mount a legal challenge to what to them was slanderous. What then, I am wondering is taking too long for the process of filing a class action in behalf of their ‘beloved’ country to begin? But before any does, you should be aware that if in the bitter end the suit is deemed frivolous with awards against you, the same Nigeria will not yield a dime for your rescue. Even if it does, no telling what the mission officer or is it called ambassador will do with the money, but trust it won’t get to ya.

The question I ask to know is; where are the responsibilities of the Nigerians who do these uncanny things or did CNN set them up? Just asking for I do not claim to know everything especially as relates to this image thing, not of interest to me. If a moment is spared to forget the media to be unconscionable with how we deal with people with no known source of income yet display insane opulence, the shocking rage of some people over that CNN documentary will be massively diluted. With me when it comes to addressing these fraudsters with diligent determined qualifiers, I am not a miser yet I have been accused by some noisemakers of being unkind with my prose. How could one even maintain civility with a common thief? Does such exist and will that not fall under cruel and unusual punishment to be forced to address a dishonorable person admiringly? Pray tell, how you encourage people to salute politicians or whomever with soiled conduct with honorable mention? Listen up Jack, there is no other word to describe a thief in the dictionary I know other than thief. I know of no different word to identify a murderer other than raw killer. Or, is a murderer not a killer anymore? Then get with the program and drop the latest show of shame. Whenever I hear people address a mass murderer or rapist as a gentleman and all other politically correct bull, I cringe. What is gentle about snuffing life out of someone because you can? What is honorable about letting their uncles’ sneaky fingers rob the people bare at the expense of development that should make them to be sincerely patriotic and not the rented patriotism we have seen enough of?

This is what I believe, that both those who befit the patriotic appellation to themselves and the ones seen scornfully as anti Nigeria whatever, are all, I suppose boiling mad over the rot since 1970 literally, el’Nigeria became so let none ascribe the high ground to themselves simply because they are at present secretly receiving pay offs from sleaze. Either this is the case or the expression of disgust by some pretenders is a covert without balls denunciation of the mismanagement perpetuated by a bunch of visionless mediocre, which as far as I can say, was a misdirected outburst towards a foreign news organization that owe no allegiance to their country. No one should expect CNN to paint a rosy picture of a country that is of nothing to them, it’s that simple. Their natural loyalty rests with their fellow citizens of UNITED States of America and with that program they put them on notice to watch out for certain people (singular use) who imperil their livelihoods. Is there anything that the Nigerian government and their foot soldiers will not protest even when such is in their spotty faces honest-to-God delivered truth by Jesus himself? Two examples will be sufficient here starting with pronouncements by different international election observers as relates to the never seen before 2003 election rigging and the many political assassinations. What is it that el’Nigeria do not whine and jerk about? People with no hint what should constitute patriotism are called upon to see “Tribalist vs Nationalist: A case of two misplaced nouns in Nigeria,” which appeared more than a year ago on Kwenu, BNW and Gamji; 10/29/04, 10/30/04 and 11/01/04, written by me to gain useful knowledge.

This brings me to the mocking question to show them a world map with specifics about Biafra. My urge whenever I encounter this line of argument is to want to be led to a verifiable place or map where heaven could be pinpointed and my return to the only place I know, earth, guaranteed. Heaven if I must explain to those left by the roadside is a state of mind; it is a condition we create for ourselves while on earth as there is no such physical presence, period. A person’s world is said to have ended when that person takes his last breathe then his activities while alive is all he has to keep him in remembrance just like we in Christian community remember Jesus the anointed for all his good deeds and our Moslem neighbors, Mohammed. Yet some in their infant haste to ridicule the Igbo missed that the clamor for Biafra is an easy psychological means of blocking the bad memories of a country, their country, with long overdue need for facelift. When CNN spoke of crimes and el’Nigeria, I knew damn well they were not by any imagined way smarting about Biafra and that was all for this writer. If the dramatist could henceforward drop the out of synch over played local show they did notice that what they reacted to pales when lined up against the self inflicted wounds by the very government in whose behalf they stake their negligible reputations. To survive the rigors of el’Nigeria one must have a second plan, a plan “B” if one is to make it and Biafra is it for all freedom lovers!

Part of what a second plan does for people that do not want to be taken unawares is a switch to something less taxing from their original field of studies in college due to personal considerations (dullness maybe or financial obstacle). Without activating their “B” plan, they may well end up struggling for many years in engineering, medical or any other school, but with a second plan galvanized, they are today in different fields making invaluable contributions to society without committing bank or credit card frauds that may be relayed back on CNN. It has to be said that until the rights of people who want out of that el’Nigeria due to the never ending bad policies are appreciated, chaotic life will be the painful music of the bogus patriots. People wishing to make a mad no looking back dash out of there are like the patriotic hecklers; engineers, doctors, lawyers, professors and stuff who have seen enough of el’Nigeria to know that not much exists to write friends about or die for. The patriots may well follow what the African Americans with attitude say in their lingo when a relationship is bent out of shape and not working; baby, you should have been gotten yourself out of there long time ago, shuuu. Much as how the country was leveled to ruins is no carter blanche to crime, we must agree that the criminal policies of these one-quarter schooled illiterates the patriots see in esteem is part to blame for forcing otherwise good people to engage in humiliating adventures.

I find it painfully ironic that the el’Nigerians are never disturbed about their government’s inability after these many years to create healthy environment for harmonious business growth yet they are convinced that their exhibition of shame makes sense. It is of no consequence, of no news that a part of their crappy land was illegally (without referendum) ceded to a foreign country by a one-man warlord. Are we to ignore cases of flaunting of the country’s apex court’s rulings which abound in quantum beginning with the all time killwe, the goggled Abacha and since taken to a new and laughable low by Obasanjo? To these patriots, it must be a no-go-area to write about these things, what a sad revelation. It also made no sense to them that with so much noise and fanfare about new world order - global community; out sourcing became the new business lexicon yet their country is nowhere near the pie that is capable of bringing respite to her starving and far removed citizens. The plain fact that small countries like Togo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Tunisia (Rwanda too?) etc are all at least participating in the world cup tournament is not of concern to some of these palmy writers who think we have patience for the acute patriotic noise to defend an outlaw nation that galloped out of course before the first whistle sounded. Part of the insult is the sight on CNN of the fire department of a country in turmoil as Iraq with water racing out from functioning fire hydrants while no el’Nigerian city despite having been involved in no external wars, can boast of uninterrupted water supply in peace time!

Ndubueze Godson III

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May 23, 2006

Once Upon a Land, Nigeria to be Exact!

Godson's Common Sense: by Ndubụeze Godson III --- Trying to explain to the one-Nigeria at all unsavoury cost ideologues, I mean those without a hint how that nation turned sour, is like trying to explain quantum physics to a gorilla. Not happening. But try, I shall and hopefully through these little illustrations, they too will gain from knowing that:

Once upon a time in Nigeria, nothing was more an honor than telling the truth which was in turn, rewarded with its attendant appreciation. Today, one gets in hot mess if a dare is attempted and at other times the failure to tell a lie could perhaps be considered a punishable infringement by the EFCC, ICPC, the police and army.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, men stood up and were counted using only their words and deeds as surefire bond. Today, you have men sissy footing all over a barren location developed with stolen resources from the hapless Niger Deltans while spitting more unregistered lies to the general population.

Once upon a time, people from neighboring countries used to claim Nigeria as their country of origins, they were proud to be seen around Nigerians. With Nigeria being the nucleus of social activities within sub-sahara Africa, it was fun. Today, thanks to the same clueless geeks, this country is now the object of infectious ridicule in every part of the world!

Once upon a time in Nigeria, there were men whose educations were not that sublime yet they became instrument in making her great. Today, the so-called educated ones ooze with all manners of offending treachery that boiled out of control within the last seven years. These groups of irritants spun all that is wrong with Nigeria too far.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, a segment of society existed that was affectionately called the middle class that at the time struck a balance in society to give that nation the economic strength that is sorely lacking as you read. Today, the only class there is, are the high (stealing) class and no class (down and out). No middle ground is found anywhere near the Nigerian shores, today!

Once upon a time in Nigeria, the telephone exchange, pipe borne water, electricity and postal delivery were all functional entities. Today, it's a dog-eat-dog. It’s a country where a serving minister had the repellent guts to explode that poor people do not deserve to own telephones while yet another questioned why bottled water should be cheaper than fuel. In civil societies which Nigeria is not, these outbursts would have drawn quick sack notices on the erring bloody parasites.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, athletes whose sheer strength and skill gave that land semblance of respect were valued, their selection and acceptance was based on performance not geographic location. Today, are you kidding, they are the butt of the joke with the investiture/system of quota mess, which allows for the removal of a more competent tactical athlete in place of a fluke. The country with such dumb policy cannot be said to be alright. That country “no go reach where him dey go” – apologies to our only Fela Anikulakpo Ransome Kuti.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, peoples’ last hope rested on the judiciary where respite from the oppressive suppression of overbearing opportunists was given to the common man. Then, impartial pronouncements and verdicts were made and obeyed. Today, judges (Wilson Egbo Egbo, Stanley Nnaji, Nyako etc) without looking ashamed, collect bribes to render mind blowing and unjust judgments and their many other anti-people activities thereby lost respect of the people. The same cabal having lured them into their highly compromised positions, without looking embarrassed, they - government refuses to abide by even the most harmless of verdicts having exposed their insidious mischief.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, the elders were seen in deference with proper salutation given due to the unequalled stance they took on public matters. Today, picture a self-destruct Joe Irukwu of Ohanaeze to catch what I mean. In today’s Nigeria, all the atrocious deceit and annoying acts originate from the Irukwus, Iwuanyanwus, Nzeribes, Mantus, Aninehs, Adedibus and Maduekwes of this world. Their reprehensible behaviors made it possible for the younger thieves who escaped justice with their loots and in company of their noisy hangers’ on, disrespect even the decent ones who had no hand in the pillage. These same hoodlums after buying all the title jargons go as far as challenging anything that moves with open scorn simply for one’s indulgence to not be one of the boys.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, the military and their junior terrorizing police partners were camped in barracks, never to be wantonly seen in town. Then, they wore pristine and complete uniforms without improvisation. But not in their today’s Nigeria where the military live in five star resorts and palaces – Ikoyi, VI, GRA, Nicon Noga etc. At other times they arrogantly go as far as securing a whole city block in neighborhoods for one lousy untested pot-belly General. Still, of these two poorly managed and unnecessary outfits, I hate their ill trained and unneeded illiterates/area boys infested police more with spinning passion. Can anyone please remember the first and last time this idle cranky organ secured the country through a well organized revolution? Has it not always been the very innocent civilians they harass and mow down that make their stupid relevance possible? This very police also today wear bathroom slip-ons on duty and after a long bout with spirit consumption, go out to harass and kill innocent commuters.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, it was manageable, one must first secure a drivers license by passing the rigorous road tests administered by traffic police to hop on the driver’s side of a car. It was, were a student driver could only secure a license when the apprentice driver has demonstrated the proficiency required then only then would such be given. Nigeria was once a land where perilous vehicles were stamped “off road” by traffic police who once took this responsibility seriously. It was once a nation where serious and punishable offense awaits drivers that overloaded their commercial vehicles even by one passenger! Today, licenses are rampantly and brazenly secured through bribery and on who do you know basis. Talking of overload, many times during my brief sojourn there, I saw commercial cars that were at best fit to carry three people in front yet had four passengers tucked in there with the drivers leaning almost out of the car. I saw for real, lots and plenty of vehicles with wheels, windows, doors, seats and all falling and broken still were never stopped by their piss on police. One cab I entered wetted my butt with muddy water due to the large hole under the seat. Good thing if you call it that, was the jeans shorts I was wearing.

Once upon a time Nigeria had reasonable number of churches and mosques. Today, with hyper-multitudes of these outfits; wickedness reign, morality went outta window and to the winds, treachery of all sorts is the in-thing despite their frown upon traditional religion and the matter of fact destruction of same yet with every streets lined with churches and mosques; planes are dropping from the skies like birds, oil pipes bursting loose at the seams, buildings (completed and uncompleted) tumbling down and road mishaps occur like never before. They have with that many religious houses; boats going belly-up, armory exploding with volcanic eruption and taking a chunk of people with it, importation of condemned and banned drugs, nko? Yet gazillion houses of worship trail the land like locust. Kini happen bobo? Can you imagine that the confused elements who misapplied biblical and quranic pronouncements made it a taboo to engage in recreational activities unconcerned that the same book they read says; "give to Caesar what's Caesar's and to Christ what's Christ's." Remember also that incidence of armed robbery was in minority during this time in the yore, but today despite the avalanche of “religious” houses, hoodlums in the military and police roam free terrorizing, robbing and maiming innocent citizens who has since surrendered their lives to “pepper soup” and booze for comfort.

Once upon a time in Nigeria, money-doublers or straight out dubious men who were engrossed in wayo had no place to hide. Today, they are the ones over showered with unnecessary encomiums and titles. They are the kingmakers and what they produce are bunch of rotten junk like them because a serpent cannot give birth to a bird, another serpent is what will crawl out. They are the bandits of the day, the embezzlers of now; add the assassins of the minute then the picture begins to emerge.

It is our society; the society is rotten. We don't know what is good from what is bad. In the olden days, you dared not be bad, because people would isolate you. When they even looked at you, you would be ashamed of yourself. But now, they will hail you. The situation has turned around; it is abnormal. The evil ones are now the champions that people hail.
Lamented Mrs. Remi Obasanjo who by every definition is the true and bonafide First Lady. And you thought I was making stuff up when I started this essay, didn’t ya? A slight detour please. I never all the public life of the other lady, Stella Obasanjo who literally took her own life with that botched tummy tuck, appreciated her. Reason being that of all her transgressions, it was her failure to be gracious with humility to say a huge no to the ‘first lady’ rouse as she was not, made it so easy to be disliked by folks like me. Nothing as far as good sense dictates restrained her from galloping the entire globe with Mr. Obasanjo and still let Mrs. Remi clutch her proper title in the household Stella came last. To have allowed and encouraged the first lady crap to me was a wicked hard strike across the eldest wife’s face. Such was the major cause for my dislike of her. Moving on;

Once upon a time in Nigeria, em, em hmmm... forget it, you catch my drift so let yours be enough right about now!

At one time in the early eighties during a visit to that quarter to die giraffe – Nigeria thieves hug with passion, on gaining access to the baggage claim area, a fight-to-finish was in progress between two baggage handlers. They were busy to our shock slugging it out in plain view of the passengers that only minutes disembarked from the aircraft. The more they hit each other the more I wondered where the hell their oga – boss was. I never knew that that experience will pale in comparison to what was recently experienced by Mazi Harry Nwanna of Vanguard which he shared in his piece of October 26, 2005 captioned “Can Ehindero ‘turn stone to bread?’(2).” It was occasion when two high ranking members of the untrained police force(?) of the banana republic whacked each other in plain view of the public. Here, the excerpt:

“...Not long ago, I paid an innocuous visit to one of the usually very busy police stations. Ordinarily, I do not deal with the Nigerian Police because, they have a way of perceiving every one of their contacts as a candidate for taking to the cleaners. Once you get involved, your extrication becomes conditional on how handsomely you can buy back your freedom. On this particular occasion my departure was hurried. I had walked into a physical brawl between two senior policemen while, about a dozen unconcerned on-lookers joyfully cheered them on. It was a free show of unrestrained reciprocal pummeling of each other by uniformed policemen on duty.”

With all these said, any wonder the infestation of corruption at every length and corner of a land afflicted with terminal disgrace totters on? No advanced diploma is needed to differentiate with good understanding views that seek a redress. I do not by any means claim to be the Solomon of our time lest I be misconstrued. What on the other hand my gospel leans on is the application of common sense by people to things in their everyday lives. The necessity to remind folks about the decayed condition of Nigeria was borne out of the ear piercing wail by robbers who hoodwink unsuspecting folks into believing all is fine and dandy. Not so. With that to nibble on, I hope those held spellbound by wicked lies, the ones who profess fake love for that country will be reminded that things changed for worst in a once patchable land due to their mean hearted avarice.

Ndubueze Godson III

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Sweet Riddance to more Terms Rubbish!!

Godson's Common Sense: by Ndubụeze Godson III --- Nigerians will through this medium be called to cut through their cant and talkwando bunk as they wont and vigorously begin pursuit of agendas that are action packed.

Having over the years or period shared my extreme disappointment with things that happened (happening) in that country, a decision was reached to sit back and watch stuff unfold still could not resist adding my voice one last time. First on my mind, is for someone to please hurry fast to tell the new day demon-crats led by shameless men in the mold of the disgraced erstwhile shouter-in-chief, Audu Ogbeh, and his fellow journey men to be real quiet and let tested men and women in the democratic struggle (Gani, Falana, Soyinka, Utomi etc) lead the day because men like him has zero credibility as far as this essayist is responsible. What, with these latter day ‘angels’ - Victor Malu and co whose democratic credentials only surfaces when they are tossed in the dump with a hard kick/stud to it? These damnable bunches are not to be allowed to dribble on with their anti-ethical fake democratic noises that only disturb our serene lives, a hash pill to swallow by every just person.

Was it not if I may this same loud mouth – Ogbeh, who between 1999 and 2003 was busy barking threats and orders at the Labor Congress for daring ask what the emergency was for catapulting petroleum pump prices beyond the reach of ordinary Nigerians? Does this loafer think Nigerians are really that stupid? I guess they are based on “fooled ones, shame on you and twice, on me.” Did this fella also not at the time in review warned that; “NLC and Adams Oshiomhole should not tempt Obasanjo whom he gloatingly reminded remains a General,” albeit, of a banana republic nonetheless? Did Ogbeh stop his screech that; “Obasanjo has been soft on NLC and that if care was not taken, he may be forced to unleash his wrath on them” or some to that effect? Am sure as hell he made comments in line with my tattle and let no one even attempt a defense of his sycophantic behavior then. This old traitor should, having done all these, follow established norm to show a little decorum by remaining silent knowing that he lacks both the moral credibility and democratic effervescent to lambast his former lord who record shows shoved him out the door for his, now you see him then you don’t flip-flopping Janta-Manta (Indian magic). Is something like self value still possible? You think?

Coming to the man of the hour, I do not know what people who say Obasanjo should go when the ovation is loudest mean, ovation from whom and for what? People I believe should quit the unfunny joke and say it exactly as it should be said that Obasanjo’s performance at any time does not warrant applause at all from any. His seven years in office as the president can be summed in one little strange word, corroded. Amazingly, a preemie the other day arguing in behalf of the “rule-them-forever” aspirations of a man that swallowed all the opportunities nature gave him to enshrine his name in stone by being a reasoned manager, claimed naively that it is better to let the real devil (Obasanjo) they know continue to drill a hole in their brains than for the angel (likes of Pat Utomi, Ndubuisi Kalu, Udo Udoma) they never saw to liberate them. His comments was before the Senate led by a man, Honourable Kenechukwu Nnamani who still exhibits the pristine character real Igbo men like Drs M.I. Okpara and Francis A. Ibiam were known for, in his wisdom, followed constitutional process to dump the more years filth. A note should please be taken here that, there is and never will be any relationship (kinship, character, affability or otherwise) with this Honourable son in mention and the debased Nnamani sitting in Enugu.

My reaction to that infant argument does not require any guess work, but let us say it was implicit. By way of words, a valentine was delivered to this untamed beast. This confused individual based his foolish premise on the foundation that Obasanjo is known to them (I guess). If this is so, where, we will like to know are all the people starting with Bola Ige so forth who thought they too knew him? Uhh huh! What, we ask, happened to all those who risked their lives with the goggled one, Abacha, while screaming for Mr. Obasanjo’s freedom? Where I ask, are they today, today? To imagine that the erudite just passed Dr. Beko Kuti risked his life and in a way single headedly saved this man who turned around and made this benefactor one of his arch enemies, makes me dizzy with rage. While you are shaking your heads and snapping your fingers over this abominable act, the harder to swallow of things is the no pardon ever granted to Dr. Beko by someone his civil rights movement benefited. Today he smooches many of his concubines unmindful whose aid made such possible. Forget national honours, none came his way from Obasanjo to my knowledge. Evil men do sef. If at last it is revealed that no one knew this “devil,” is it not palpable then for all to bellow on any angel near and far for a swift and overdue rescue? Before it slips my racing thoughts, let the next assembly learn from their missteps and before anything, before the new president gets a hold of his foot at the door, apply a total democratic makeup to the silly military invented piece of paper they think is a constitution. Else, another deadlier Obasanjo lurks in wait.

The one thing that can be said about truth is that it could be used by a single individual to wreak havoc against multitudes that are however infested with incurable lying maladies. When an otherwise learned person begins to defend that which is reprehensible, in no time, he too begins to look stupid hence so many that tarnished the little left of their images appear pathetic at every turn regarding the current and any other debate that is embedded in dishonesty. Before we continue with this tutorial, I will actually like to know how many out there would continue to let the same mechanic that constantly blows things up, work on their priced jalopies? How many of these ‘smart’ asses would let their teenage daughters be babysat by a convicted child rapist or murderer, is the nagging query? And please do not tell me none would yet remain buried in shallow ideas when it comes to dealing with the Nigerian mess. People, I gotta tell ya, certain things one reads do call for a straight undisturbed trip to the bar for a shot of Campari, on creo – credit, to calm raw nerves. If all the system known to that country (One-Nigeria deceit, half-witted parliamentary system, northern hostile military grab so on) has been tried and all as you are witnesses, woefully failed; what is wrong with trying some new and different - confederacy, multi-nations (for me), northern and southern Nigeria (second choice) and the like? To this, a first step would be a must get together for responsible Nigerians (not the political idiots), to either agree to disagree or assent to disperse, for a noticeable harmony that could withstand the constant murderous tribal tsunami that originates from the same side of the divide within a wink.

After the past due death of that embarrassing call for perpetual lording by political harlots, the people of Nigeria should continue to be on red alert. They should and must not at this hour put a thing pass the anti peace and forever rule evil men whose minds are full of darkness. As they say right where am at, it’s not over until the overweight lady chants. Nothing can be put beyond those nerds even after the humiliating end of the third term junk shameless minions peddled that revered men who still are guided by sound principles and values stomped all over and tossed. With this in mind, time will be the only factor to determine what next before strange things start happening again so onto Washington D.C. October 1, you go! Freedom for Ndiigbo and to some extent, the entire mere expression called Nigeria has taken a new dimension with me for quite some time. It is now like a religion, an obsession that has final result in scope. Since the rule-them-forever ignominy obituary has been announced, the next line of action should be for folks to be on the look out for the likes of Audu Ogbeh and company. Alarm is hereby sounded that the death of the third term madness should by no implied or reduced means translate to open support for any head of past military junta dead (that’s how badly I want them out) or alive and folks like rapacious Atiku. This time around, let other folks who deserve it and are unstutteringly better qualified than any seen thus far drive this baby to the promised land or let the damned place be split up.

With this knowledge and having been reminded what time it is, one of the steps that stare all in the face is action as earlier said. Let all the aggrieved groups band together or individually with a loud publicity visit to the Whitehouse periphery this October 1 to register their disgust over Nigeria’s recurring corruption and human rights violations. Be it: MOSOP, MEND, MASSOB ODUA, AREWA and in fact all Nigerians, let all use this year’s independence celebration to call media attention to all the Nigerian cant. No more incoherent idle palm wine talks; let this time be about action, the only sign language easily discernable worldwide. When everyone does his littlest positive things happen. For those that may be unable as perennial manufacturers they are (making goods, making trouble, yet others make excuses), not make it to D.C., let them write or call the United States president at: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500; Comments: 202-456-1111; Main Switchboard: 202-456-1414; FAX: 202-456-2461; Emails:, Now that Obasanjo’s self inflicted disgrace is crawling to a stop, my honest to God advice for him is to resist any temptation as wont a tyrant to come crashing down on genuine people who all along tried but failed to pull him away from the obvious ruin with his “let me go on forever” political round about gimmick. While he sulks and nurses his pain, let his be a time for reflection on who his real enemies are; the Audu Oghehs, Atiku Abubakars and others who benefited in no small ways from his anti-people governance (make that regime), still tried to pull a fast one too late after the dawn was cast. But should the attraction to land like a load of stones on any be irresistible, those in mention are ones ripe for whatever your highness desires. I don’t think many Nigerians will give a care.

As we gallop towards the end of this session, let me add that some of these wicked crooks and their leeching supporters could be liked, but what they have shown so far is less than them. Such that our dislike for them will continue even as I admit that the citizens’ failure to have driven away all the incompetent bandits that abused their opportunities was responsible for that country’s doom. What a heart piercing indignity, almost fifty years after, there seems to have been no progress beyond the infant, ass crawling stage, a tale tell sign that decent governance will continue to lack in both outward and inward appearance of that country unless something drastic is done to these guys soonest. Away already with the political round about of letting men who ran out of ideas straight from birth recycled every time the chance to make a difference roars. Let this time around be for men and women with uncommon wisdom, valor and above all, integrity to decide how to proceed with a system that would arrest the past and present greedy lopsided governance of deprivation and oppression. Indeed the country under review could be saved since no emergency exists that I know that requires the same gang blamed for her humiliating failures to be proximate to the sit of power ever again. Put bluntly, what to this essayist would make better sense is to have a brilliant and incorruptible mind from any part of the old Eastern Region maneuver the big for nothing elephant out of its droppings or fellas, tighten your belts for another round of heart drenching mother-of-all gnashing of teeth with eye popping grief. If once a General (failure), always a General (nuisance); should not, once a hardened THIEF, always an unrepentant shame free THIEF follow? Whatcha gon do, people, what?

Ndubueze Godson III

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June 30, 2005

Stop Complaining, Start a Revolution: A Chronic Debtor's Request Denied

by Ndubụeze Godson III --- Each time people write about Nigeria as if the damn place is extension of heaven I pinch myself for reassurance I’m not dreaming; after, which the culprits are immediately classified as either corrupt, held hostage by lies or what the politically correct may term clueless. Those suffering afore mentioned should no longer be seen as spitting what are generally known in Caucasian community as “white lies.”

Theirs have since fallen under disease classification and for that reason their doctors should treat them as such when attending to their malaria, typhoid, yellow-fever or swollen tummies ailments. When these liars are not defending the obscene riches of a compromised IG of police or any other thief who stole public monies at our expense, they make mountain of excuses for every despot that have passed through power in Nigeria including the all time godfather, Obasanjo. Before I continue, let me pause o’jare to acknowledge the good folks out there who might have wondered where the hell I have been, there’s nada; no big thing happening. I dey kempe (sorry OBJ), just been in ROMland firing serious rebuttals behind the scene while the sincere writers get many thanks from me, that’s all.

Despite these obfuscators facades to appear distinguished I can sense them from oceans away. These clowns are not different from their counterparts living in Africa if one looks hard, their lucky escape to a better life in western hemispheres did not make much of a dint. Robbers they are! While they attempt their inefficient awkward maneuver to sell Nigeria to outside world they remain perpetually outside her shores with their families, an inanity that is not hard to uncover. Their refusal to migrate back to their country of origin they deem ‘heavenly’ is a source for concern, any reason for that? They emigrate from heaven? There is something disturbingly similar between these undemocratic paid agents of the Nigerian government and those I see whenever I find the courage to visit that groundnut country that was dubbed the most corrupt on the face of earth. Both have dangerous attitudes with the penchant to do just about anything for pennies. There are no ifs, buts, nays about this; a presumed honest fella never defends a shameless crook unless he is severely down and out himself, in other words, a bandit. Birds of same feather? Those with affinity for attention to details are aware that most times these thieves with their showy loot (usually stolen vehicles and stuff), careen down what used to be motorable streets unmindful it was their brazen thievery that turned it into gullies.

Whenever I see them galloping down a gully I marvel and laugh at their foolishness on the basis the undulated eroded dusty way they ply in most cases is merely suitable for the good old trekking. Had they utilized good sense to fix and provide quality roads as well as excellent healthcare facilities, they (political crooks and their minions) in the long run would be the beneficiaries not those on “Foot-O-Four/Foot-Run.” Their utopian blindness caused the reality that the hikers whose sufferings reached epic height more than twenty-five odd years ago are not loosing much on this one. My bosom friend/in-law from Okirika puts it this way; what sense is there for a nation to be more civilized with most things working properly during infancy (60s) than now, forty years later? How could the numerous “One Nigerianists” explain that, huh, huh? As humans, you are looked upon to improve as you grow and once you fail to meet this simple natural expectation, you are deemed a fool at forty, which is exactly what Nigeria is; big FOOL at FORTY something! OLUKU!

Who amongst you is so compromised to be upset over the failure of that corrupt nation to con the world in securing free money or is it debt relief yet again? Is your weenie cry out of genuine concern for the ordinary citizens in that banana republic or about the income that would have accrued from this dash that you already relied on to continue pandering to the whims of the wicked thieves? Count me as throwing my weight in support that Nigeria does not deserve any debt forgiveness neither does she deserve a seat in the U.N. Security Council. Full stop! The idea to ask for a waiver knowing what was done to the monies that was borrowed in the first place for the benefits of the ordinary folks, but instead was embezzled by the stealing fathers, uncles, in-laws and so on of these noisemakers is nothing short of mad cow (lol) disease. To them, those fellas acting more catholic than the Pope, those aggrieved by this refusal to forgo overdue debt, I say jump right into the ocean or the volcano. Will you? I give benefit of doubt by remaining open most times, but will nonetheless react accordingly when an idea or a piece makes no sense. With me, there is zero doubt as to who give succor to every successive Nigerian tyrant; the self-acclaimed academic daredevils are their biggest cheerleaders with those insincere accolades. To the extent the dictators start to believe these bogus hypes.

I have the feelings all democratic nations and peoples are having a good belly-laugh for that aberrant request absence of genuine peoples’ oriented programs by the Nigerian government. With cap-in-hand they shamelessly got down on their knees to beg for debt forgiveness despite the country’s oil wealth? To put it mildly my dear, such dumb request was an affront on every reasonable Nigerian. What is not known as they and their agents whine, twitch, toss and turn are, how many of these crook lovers when it comes down to it are willing to let off hook someone they loaned say, five grand ($5000) for medical use who instead displayed crass to selfishly go on spending spree to buy designers’ outfits? How about asking a bank to forgo a loan after the fund was misused for an outlandish owambe worth tens of thousands of dollars? To further rub more insult to the debt, how about forgoing a loan after the loanee went out and buys the newest Bentley or any other junk for all I care, would you let go your money in this scenario? Not! A favor will you then please? Abort the ridiculous finger pointing and the blame game and pay your debt! Gentlemen or in this case responsible government will meet their obligations others MUST! I still do not understand how it zoomed by these apologists that Obasanjo is the “wrongest” dude to be making this type of plea considering his numerous anti-democratic treacheries that could easily be summed up in one word, CORRUPTION.

Now, there is as a matter of fact something they know Nigeria merits that have been generously given, the MOST corrupt country in the entire universe. For now, this should be it until more categories like the most primitive is added, then she may well fall within the new scope to win it uncontested for sure. Sometimes ago, I threw a challenge to the bemused who defend thievery, to tell the world just one thing good about the geographic expression they pretend to care for, Nigeria and after many, many months passed, not even a feeble moan is heard. Yet these shameless folks write as if Nigerians or the world are stupid unaware the joke is on them. You have people who ordinarily deserve the starving artist’s appellation yet they append some bloated titles just to look important as they tell us how not to embarrass Nigeria or be ungrateful. Did they fail to see it the other way around that Nigeria is a thorn on the backsides of every decent person who somehow still finds that green stuff they call passport within his/her surroundings especially on an international trip? Have these fakes wondered why this is so, why the sight of their passport arouses unnecessary suspicion? The customs and immigration officers at these airports too have long figured out that Nigeria’s so-called educated elites are the worst offenders when it comes to stealing, embezzling, murdering, lying, cheating, forging, raping you name it!! To them, if the “educated” ones are submerged in corruption, what hope is there for the masses? Why should the commoners be treated with any modicum of respect when these foreign authorities know our rich and educated stole themselves silly and are therefore responsible for the humiliations we suffer?

Another matter that ought to be taken seriously by the Nigerian people is this thing called resource control. Any prepared mind could easily guess where I stand when it comes to this agitation and demand by the Niger Deltans to control their gift from God. I am super solidly behind them as I would any other region/state that finds whatever under or above their soils. I can’t get simpler than this. To satisfy the inquiry minds, there are zero oil fields in my family’s plot, no gold or any other minerals still it should not prevent from being fair on matters like such. Truth never disappoints only lies do. A typical wicked, idealess, Nigerian when confronted with the reality that the oil producing states/areas are being stifled out of their God given commodity with the obscene paltry 13% derivation nonsense would resort to another mumbling crap about what have they done with the little, very minuscule amount the robbers see as much allocated to them.

I guess fair is fair, right? He who comes to equity they say must come with clean hands such therefore as asking Nigerians the same question they ask the oppressed people of Niger Delta. Going by their (the wicked) own paradigm one wonders what their successive Nigerian governments used the accrued $400 billion from the natural resources they steal from the Niger Delta area for? How can one’s conscience elude him to kick against the demand by the owners of the commodity to derive a miserly 25% out of the 100% of the same bandits in government are stealing? For the longest time I have not been paying mind to pleasantries directed at me, I instead watch every action carefully. The oppressed brothers from Niger Delta too should do similarly, when in doubt refer to William Shakespeare’s; “There is no art of a man to bear the mind’s construction on the face.” Talk they say is so cheap even a month-old baby mumbles some nonsense also. This brings me to the he-goat who expressed his sentiments thus; although he is dragged to the market on a leash, he is after all spotting a goatee too therefore should be treated as a gentleman he is.

There is no denying that those that see Nigeria as bounty are the ones who lob monkey wrench at every turn when it seems progress is about to be achieved. These charlatans never bitch or show disgust for the one-sided misrule yet each time, their self portrayal is that of Angelic lover of other ethnic groups. By now, it should be obvious to them that this writer does not believe in their magic. Uh, oh! Just recently, some deceits gathered to tell the world how their newfound love for the so-called double south (an appellation that is not geographically expressed anywhere else but Nigeria) will be sustained only for them to register their eloquent silence weeks later when the same south demanded a misery 25% of their resources. What happened to their professed love for fairness, justice and decency that ought to be the driving engine for every unity? By the way, what is really this thing called “minorities,” about, are they still part of Nigeria? If yea, any reason an Okirika or Nembe, Calabar or Uyo, Agbor or Bini person could not be the president of that ducky nation??? Under Calabar or Nembe governance, Nigeria would no doubt record better success than all the past/present crooks that destroyed Nigeria combined. Let every ear hear this, Nigeria does not belong to the Yoruba and Hausa Fulani alone so, let’s be civil about it or scatter. The present Nigerian government should heretofore quit bitching and start a revolution that would change things for the good of the people more so, after the embarrassing denial of their please dash us more money outcry that reverberated back to their ailing eardrums!

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April 19, 2005

Gbenga Obasanjo: I thought…

…the emperor chased off all his offspring did he not?

Anyway, I was naïve to think that your emperor have no identifiable son he is proud of since in the not so distant past he vehemently denied fathering some kids in Ibadan or somewhere around there. The only exception being the obese broad (daughter) whom I met at a gig in Durham, North Carolina whose former husband used to jumpstart his financial freedom then dumped like a sack of hot Africanized cassava. The euphoric feelings of these children in Ibadan was short lived due to Obasanjo’s outrage when he found out that some loose nuts or so were going about proclaiming him as their father. He never showed any pride towards his children or acknowledged most of them, he denied all or so I thought. So, where did this one sneak from? Who then is Gbenga, how resourceful was he before now?

Pardon me for asking, what type of name is that by the way? Whatever you utter please do not let great business man or energetic warrior be one of them. Because to me, it sounds like something a Baba olowu - native doctor would ask his patron to buy from the local market for forward completion of a fetish request to get away with treachery. This funny sounding name could also make a good one for a disease, you could when asked about a mutual friend say; oh, you mean Dele, he is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital due to Gbenga ailment. The name equally is similar to what we in the east have; “Ngbe eke,” usually applied to village chicks that are below manageable standard. Only good for wham bam thank you ma’am – one nighter for those who partake. Women in Igboland also use it as a fight word; like, who is that ngbe eke sef? Or, get outta my face you Ngbe eke and so, so. The Gbenga name serves also as a reminder of Nigerians that give their sons silly names like Bruno, which I find amusing since such is usually associated with dogs especially in Nigeria, where else? A neighbor in Nigeria would thus say to his menacing doggie, Bruno catch am. It is always “catch am” since this is the only grammar most dogs in that country understand. Or, with a motion say, Bruno go. But to get the dog to come to ya all you do is holler; Bruno, Bruno, Bruno. Even my father’s dog in the village understands a little English too as thus; Brown go and then he goes. Brown is actually his name. I have my own peeve with a certain name old acquaintances call me, kinda twisted. So, the good folks out there who bear these names please understand it is a collateral dent no malice intended just part of the tete-a-tete.

The alleged discovery of twenty-two million dollars stashed in an American bank by the heir to the Obasanjo throne was expected, as they say, like father like son. What every prepared mind conversely should be asking instead is where the hell did this SOG - Son of Gun, yes, son of a gun after all the evidence is there his father is literally a machine gun, where did he spring from? In less than five years we are suddenly being lampooned with the lowly claim of business astuteness of Gbenga. Really? Business ko, business ni. Where if I may ask was this “business” man prior to his father’s crowning? He is definitely of interest therefore should tell us what his business portfolios were prior to 1999. If this discovery is false then the initiator(s) should be held to account however, I am writing assuming it to be true. I do not claim to know it all as a matter of fact I know less, but still I know what I know as my Grand would say. And to the new day charlatans that might misread as usual this piece, I suggest you read, “Dr. Fabian Osuji an extortion victim?” before you put a tribal label to an otherwise straightforward piece. It is all about corruption, dude. Having said this, I simply cannot ignore a sad statement credited to Obasanjo in reference to Dr. Osuji, “Only in Nigeria you catch a thief and he turns around and sues you.” This is indeed a sorry comment by a President who I am sure knows the difference between a thief and someone that was entrapped, blackmailed and forced into bribing the members of Obasanjo’s wasted assembly, something he invented. No need to further this since my position towards Dr. Fabian Osuji’s blunder has already been shared, but for the interest of those reading for the first time, my disappointment is with the Professor’s foolishness not about stealing. Dr. Osuji is not a thief and it was rather unfortunate that Obasanjo with reckless indifference made such crass statement about him. For once, he never alluded to Tafa Balogun and the rest of the real thieves (Tony Anenih, Julius Makanjuola, Sunday Afolabi, Olu Agunloye) all from the same area by the way who are truly thieves by every definition as one yet was quick to call a decent man insulting name thereby rendering his quest to arrest corruption useless as supported by Chief Sunday Awoniyi’s recent commentary. The Professor’s only crime if you call it that was that he succumbed out of naivety to undue pressure to give forced bribe.

I have zero doubt whether Nigerians know unripe rotten lemon when they see one, which the subject of this essay definitely is. It is something of a miracle how someone that could otherwise be managing like everyone else in no time acquire such obscene unmerited wealth at the expense of the entire population. Is this not among other things indictment of the maximum dictator of Nigeria and his hoax on corruption? How I wish someone on the level of Chief Gani Fawehinmi is the democratic president of that country and not the quack you have now. Here is a scenario how an otherwise nonentity transmutes to a shrewd business person in the same accidental country. Yakubu Gowon for example have always, ok, not always, but been seen by me especially lately, as a war criminal who was much less corrupt than his successors. Maybe this criminal coupist was without a clue who knows but all the same he is not as crooked as his boys that followed. The point here is all my entire life nothing has ever been said about a junior Gowon or a wayward daughter that swims in riches emanating from their business acumen. But once Gowon is crowned an emperor as the current ‘monarch’ and after only a few lousy months all we would hear is how resourceful and sharp his children were in turning the family’s corner shack into a billion dollar conglomerate. This obnoxious deviant behavior nurtured in greed usually is passed off to the commoners as wise after the stealing is halfway complete. Halfway in the sense that the yet to be complete fleecing of the peoples’ treasury by the emperor and his boy is only midpoint through. They should in no hushed tone be reminded that Nigerians may be starving and indeed are starving but they are no fools. You betcha! They know what will happen in a competition between an untoward hintless Ph.D and common sense; common sense will prevail hands down.

A wheezing shriek is never heard about these imaginative fake businessmen until their fathers or in-laws climb the seat of power then in less than two months new ‘billionaire’ sons emerge. These guys you would think care about leaving behind a name that could stand the harsh reality of history by insisting on sound governance. Something that in turn buys escape route from history’s cruel judgment the following defaulters experienced; Sani Abacha, Idi Amin, Gnassingbé Eyadema, Mobutu Sese Sekou, Nicolai Chauchesku, Ferdinand Marcos and endless are good examples but not exclusive. A sensible son should care how his father is seen by avoiding things that are inimical to his administration’s wellbeing and in fact tell him when public opinion is too negative so that a correctional attitude is taken. Instead Gbenga made an already dire situation deadlier by stuffing his pockets with the peoples’ dough. Their attention is hereon called to; “What do African leaders think?” - Dozie Azike, posted on to see how incredibly pathetic they too look right now. Had Moshood Abiola ascended the Presidency too it would have been same, same with generous info on how a wonderful businessman his son Kola is. What is not in contention today is how this same ‘businessman’ son ran a business empire left under his care underground with zero resentment from the very cabal that is known for their bulldog tenacity in defense of overflowing filth. Had Kola too been in a position to rip us off his kangaroo defense team would be quick to tell how smart he is. Who fools who? The abhorrent behaviors of these Nigerian dictators and their offspring are an affront to our sensibilities which no right thinking honest fellow would dare defend. Is it not a fact the money being squandered is ours that could be better used for the benefit of all and not just some airheads whose only claim to fame is a father’s crooked live? Are the thieves’ families really proud of dad (Anenih and Balogun etc) knowing they are common thieves? Are they really?

Now, you see how their business excuse is full of monkey stench like in monkey business? I hope the monkey forgives me since I know how he feels from a story that was told how after years of watching his name muddied by associating it with failed business ventures, started taking offense to the degradation of his name. The monkey justifiably I was told argued that since he was never consulted by anyone prior to embarking on a business endeavor, his good name should not be ridiculed when the deal goes belly up. Why should it suddenly become “monkey business” when things go kaput? He inquired. He henceforward let it be known no such thing. This though should not exempt Gbenga and his gang from telling us how much (not much, maybe chop money) he was worth prior to the coronation of his father so that we may apologize for insinuating robbery as the source of his wealth. Is anyone out there who still does not know what happen to real and true businessmen in Nigeria? Everyone I am sure is familiar with what genuine business people go through in the kaikai country, enough can never be said. Instead of an upward progression true business people fall flat, they suffer due to the concurrent prohibition of basic and needed commodities especially without due process of public hearing and reasonable notice. All the Nigerian governments since 1975 have with wanton arrogance interfered with commerce to the disadvantage of honest and assiduous traders. Let me tell ya about two of my uncles. In the 70s they both thrived in their respective businesses, one, a reputable tailor trained by a German educated mentor in that vocation and the other an Agip oil company contractor. Both busted their rear to ensure the success of their endeavors. The one in tailoring had an impressive shop and in addition to that, a van he bought (N4,000) new from the dealer, I was with him. The contracting uncle had two automobiles, a Peugeot 504 saloon and a 404 pick-up all new from the shop. Don’t ask me about them today for they are struggling, my eyes are in fact misty right now. To think of them destroys me, fellas and I do think about them a lot.

In my hometown for instance, many hardworking and sincere businessmen have died but one particularly stood out. This man whose philanthropy affected all and sundry was in the 70s a success story also, he had it all; a duplex in Surulere, a Mercedes 280S, a Range Rover, 505 Peugeot and vans for his different and various conglomerates. On every visit to Houston, Texas, in the very early eighties he reached out usually in benevolence with cash gifts to our struggling Assembly. Sometimes he even brought local arts from Nigeria for everyone; that is how kind he was. You cannot believe this man died destitute thanks to the greedy wicked Arabian governments of Nigeria that our neighbors in the west support, why, I don’t know. There is no way this piece will be complete without the mention of a maternal uncle who also is in despair today in the same Nigeria. He too is very honest, kind and unassuming without the normal Nigerian “bigmanism.” During his heydays, the only way you could associate him with richness is his clothing or cars otherwise he was as simple like every other man in the neighborhood. In the mid 70s he was into clearing and forwarding, coming to late 70s, he transmuted to importation and did well with two trendy vehicles, a Mitsubishi Gallant (almost mine) and a Toyota Cressida coupled with a story building in the village and one or two in Aba. But again due to the maddening ban on everything the Igbo are involved in, he too succumbed to the life of poordom/poverty/hardship.

This particular uncle who was a victim of loveless relationship as he was a victim of the system cannot go blame free. I say this because much as I blame the freaking despots, I ascribe some blames to him also. He made what I regarded as unnecessary miscalculation for refusing to see the magic writings on the walls and bail from the one-way relationship he was involved in. He was prey to a pretty lady that was obviously out for gold digging, who took him to the cleaners. He lavished her senseless with monetary gifts, travels, visits to boutiques such as Unit One Unit Two on Itire Road, Surulere, Lagos. He in fact took over her tuition and upkeep at the university and even built a family house for her in Warri, but this alone could not have wrecked an established tycoon like him. Only the Nigerian government factor could have uprooted such a person and it did. Even though he hops danfo and stuff in stride today, but for his simplicity and strength in not letting the setback affect his psyche I still see him with reverence. These among many other things are responsible for the emotional trauma I often go through and the reason I see Nigeria from a combative side. Each time I think about my loved ones in that back pedaling hellhole it gives me the strength to push on to a victorious end. One’s present locale ought not becloud his sense of right and wrong. Despite the present democratic freedom most of you enjoy in your respective adopted countries everyone must be forthcoming to tackle the deep seated hydra-monster there.

As you know, a gist cannot be complete without digression, it has to be allegoric for preferred effect; I never restrict myself when I write. The allegory may or may not connect the main character(s) but usually it does. It never should be about one topic that may bore people, consequentially, it has to be diced a little with other tidbits to get the desired aroma. Anything that comes to mind is put out there and why not. In a Joint/Beer Parlor – House of Assembly for example, a debate could go from newsreel to social happenings to rumoring or even personal. It could also take a worst turn and become physical like when the Hausa senator slapped the living devil out of the female Yoruba senator, some like that. The fist fight is not exclusive to Nigeria as it happens in other back walking countries too like; China, Korea, Indonesia and lately Russia where legislators settle arguments/debates in a free-for-all fight, a somewhat come one come all. Incredible! Innocent parleys in Nigeria could normally go from how to dig that country out of the hole and take a sharp and ugly turn and end on a plot to order a Minister to deliver bribe money to their homes before a ministry’s budget is passed. For further expatiation, Honorable Haruna Yerima, the only person in the Legislative branch that deserves that appellation is a good source.

For civilians like me, a normal gist could go from, weather to job, maybe politics and definitely Terri Schiavo of Florida whose inhuman starvation to death came with the help of a lying husband so-called. Na waa! Therefore, in keeping with the tradition of taking a story out of course I ask; what is keeping Bamaiyi and company’s trial from concluding one way or the other after six donkey years? They should either be found guilty and officially imprisoned or cut loose to save the judiciary and the generality of Nigerians further mock their continued illegal detention is causing. Nigerian Judges have their necks up in corruption without a hint which as seen affects the process. There, you have judges and civil servants putting up some astronomical sums to buy properties that were built with the resources from a particular area yet Obasanjo does not give a rat ass damn where and how a Judge or civil servant acquired the offensive billions. Astonishing! In what other civil society has a Supreme Court Justice in Mohammed Uwais status been accused of venality? Please sit down, sit down please, no need for the ovation, thank you. How could these guys be on trial for that long without justice winding down? Is justice delayed still denied? I brought this up not as a fan of these men whose crime were abominable say the least, but to simply show how embarrassingly low that country sunk with excessive thievery under Gbenga’s father. No fooling around here his corruption fight is a mere rhetoric that is already forgone.

It will be very unwise for anyone to still question Obasanjo’s Christian values more so after sniplets of his being a true practicing “born again,” whatever that means, leaked. His history shows that he does unto others then tear/run takeoff at the speed of wind as a result no one should be left confused about his Christianity. It does not perturb him that the “do unto others” in the Holy Books comes with a different twist. Could it also be possible that he is suffering the agony of a father whose son was found wanting just about now? Is what is happening not a clear case of what monkey see, monkey do? The emperor’s acceptance of Gbenga as his son may have some to do with the latter’s mastery of the art of stealing. I know how a straight acting father would be feeling this moment, overwhelmed with shame and sadness but here pappy must be proud of son for keeping the family trade going. No DNA needed to confirm whether or not he is pappy’s boy, none since it is pappy that created the sustainable environment that ensures only crooked ones such as junior survives in Nigeria where kind, honest and real business people do not survive the unrelenting sortie by the government on their means of livelihoods. Let no one for now loose any sleep. Let them go ahead and buy the whole country numb with their stolen funds, but it’s only a matter of time before all that; Tin Can Islands, Refineries, 1004 Estates, Eric Moore and Alagbon Towers, NITELs, Ocean liners so on revert to the peoples’ custody. The revision of this open robbery will surely be at the nucleus of the next administration’s policy for the people to reacquire their looted properties when an authentic egalitarian order that will have human face is finally situated. The preceding statement is not to be argued after all this thing happen all the time in Nigeria where the incoming administration exerts its own pound of flesh in recrimination to even things out. Still Nigeria, do not forget that!

Legions of things about that country I hate that includes the introduction of new vocabulary in the way bandits do things. What exactly do they mean with their constant demand for a “soft landing” spot for a thieving colleague? This idea to me only encourage the thieves to steal on since a graceful exit will not deter the next thief in line to adjuware/retreat after all he too would receive a landing that is over cushioned to absolve the negative impact. The only alternative to the crazy padded landing these political robbers persistently seek is a hard crash that will usher in a better outcome. This anti-corruption war portends failure if it is continually carried out on the basis of who you don’t know. A stiff and unbiased policy of; you steal you pay should be instituted to divest these crooks from further assaulting our resources. The attempt to look the other way while his immediate and extended family members swim in corruption will definitely affect the integrity of his one-man crusade on corruption. Many people are already suspicious of it; it is no longer a whisper. The fight will have a far reaching effect and treated with reverence if certain people; Anenih, IBB, Gbenga, Stella, Abebes and more are not seen as untouchables. A complete investigation and prosecution of all is the only thing that would appease the populace since anything short will betray Obasanjo’s seriousness in his phantom fight.

Chief Fawehinmi to Obasanio; “Tell the world how many wives and children he has as well as their businesses and sources of wealth as well as those doing business with government.”

Any fool who accepts Gbenga’s business resume as legit must also admit that Mohammed and Abba Abacha and others were in this business of flagrant abuse of the system too before him therefore, the Lord President should follow the “primus interpres” maxim to show respect and stop his harassment of the Abachas. His son like Abacha’s sons may have all the cover and protection at the moment, only a matter of time before he too gets chained and dragged around. The fact that as their popularity dwindles with the passage of time so also is their eminent fate in the hands of the next junta should give Nigerians consolation. Their emperor couldn’t be thinking the Arab north would cut him some slacks if he mistakenly allows the dribbling Babangida to sneak back in. He better then think twice as the only savior I see in my crystal ball for him and his family is the use of good judgment to demarcate that country now. Fast, fast! I hope the pit-bull, Fani Kayode is alert and taking notes to what lie in wait should his oga snooze again as in 1979 when he erroneously passed the baton to the oblivious Shehu Shagari even when it was obvious Chief Awolowo was the man to beat. An act which saw Shagari handing over to Buhari who in turn handed the stool to Babangida who finally gave the mantle to Abacha who as we know put Obasanjo up for slaughter. With his unprecedented thirst for raw power, I believe now that he was in the scheme to topple Abacha in 1995. Obasanjo and his son should quit carrying on as if there is no tomorrow and follow good examples that are submerged in antiquity knowing there will come a disciplined and serious government that will as first thing, confiscate all ill gotten stuff together with disbursements of long prison terms. Having said this, our grammar police should end the abuse of the language by applying the underlined operative words on people who really are bandits. In this case, Gbenga is not a businessman, never have; he is rather if the allegation is true a newly discovered thief, robber, crook, bandit et cetera.

Ndubụeze Godson III

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March 21, 2005

A critic [al] self-evaluation

by Ndubueze Godson It has become very important to breach my self-imposed sabbatical to lend voice once again on issue that I know I’m guilty of in the Nigerian context, critiquing as I wont to, with aura of honesty nonetheless. Just for the removal of any doubt, this essay is strictly about me and my method of showing disapproval over certain things that daily occur in Nigeria with occasional reference to things or authors for reinforcement sake.

Most times after a browse through superbly written articles I nod my head in acknowledgement of the grammar prowess at display which a good number of you have. That thought usually fades with a self reminder that most people who attended Communication/Journalism school are expected to write better. And when they don’t, we tend to wonder what type of night school (lol) they struggled out of in the same way we look up to Physicians to know their onions. Thus, it is not by leap of fate that they are better.

You cannot read without admirable appreciation of the skills of many writers whom I have privately sent felicitous note of thanks for their command and honesty. The few sincere ones my mails eluded definitely get my respect as well. What, however, determines the approach is the state of mind of the author. For instance, one who at one point or another was involved or benefited from the looting of Nigeria’s wealth or even supported or is a murderer will not display the same hostile persona a victim would. In my case, as someone who has never participated in any underhanded treachery of any kind, I let out my frustration with Nigeria through my writing. My communication knows no bounds, made possible by my fervor for truth. Many Yoruba and Northern writers that I confidentially commended for their truthfulness and language finesse would affirm. Does it not sound crazy to support a lying bum just because we share the same ethnicity? See, I give no damn whence someone hails as long as I dictate dishonesty I’m sure to be troubled. I bring openness and un-negated frankness to the table with a little attitude, which rattles the sanctimonious. All these make me one with a very good “nuisance value.”

To not acknowledge the strengths of those who avoid the use of foul or harsh language in their piece will undeniably be dishonest. Still, they should be made aware that badgering honest composers whose language they consider objectionable suppresses the flow of vital information the public nevertheless need. Yours truly do not get offended by candid admonitions of decent well meaning writers; they are in most cases innocuous. On the other hand, I come out swinging very hard simply to parry any covert attempt meant to shield or support sheer nonsense just to be politically correct. There is nothing wrong with articles that encourage decency, they are fine. My disagreement is with those that totally disregard the contents of others solely on language. You can’t mistake the “nuisance value” sincere writers bring to the forum, which I believe jolts the lying crooks and their supporters back into reality after their evil crafts are shown to the world. Going by this paradigm then, “annoying” composers that are nonetheless honest should wear it like an honor badge. As for me, if it pleases the court of public opinion, my wish is to remain in this capacity until a genuine democratic atmosphere is ushered yonder. Only then could a change of approach be considered to address bonafide honorable men exactly so.

At times, I crave for better writing you betcha, but as the saying goes; hard to teach old dog new tricks. Suffice here that we all insult, the only difference are words usage. Example, if reference to someone as a liar is made by one writer while the other prefers untrustworthy instead, what difference is there? Or better yet, some people use “dumb” as a qualifier whilst others prefer “atom intellect, intellectual midget” so forth; both to me carry negative meaning. What ya say, what’s the fuss? Apart from that, most writers insult, annoy, instigate, you may even plug in your own word, but as I said earlier, prevailing circumstance should determine whether it is deserved. Tafa Balogun as we know triple somersaulted out of office on account of the peoples’ billions he stole, should a novelist be reproached or scorned for calling him a THIEF? Unnecessary sarcasm is equally insulting in case you guys forgot. With that, I honest to God wish that we would skip semantics and address the nucleus of the aligning issues raised by people who are disenchanted over the inordinate abuse of the system. You don’t need a shout from me to remember how the abusers tickled themselves by quickly suspending one of the few (maybe three) honest Members of House of Representatives, Haruna Yerima simply for telling the ever elusive TRUTH. I am of course aware of the collateral damage here and there my writings and that of a few good men and women out there inflict upon liars, but the greater and overall benefits are what counts not the trifle, mannerism. Ingloriously

Make no mistake about it, we are never homogenous without question in life; so, any canvass to emulate certain ways of writing will remain unattainable moreso, since style is subjective. Some people are fashion disasters, they dress badly. Yet, others eat, cry and speak differently, not alike. Should writing be exempt? Let there be no doubt what this writer is, an honest social critic who advocates good sense and governance. Objective analyst may be added given that no one, Igbo or not escapes my alert lens as I call it without fear or favor. As a community activist that abhors liars, thieves, murderers and what have ya, no apologies over my method of disseminating views to those receptive to honest exchange devoid of decorative words that are carefully crafted to obfuscate and sweep inattentive readers off their wobbly feet. Check this out, as charming taller U.S. presidential candidates (need confirmation just ask Ross Perot and Michael Dukakkis) utilize their height advantage over their shorter counterparts so also do fancy writers deploy all tricks to sway the not so vigilant. Asking oppressed people to maintain impartiality is simply adding to their burden, it is untenable and this fella here won’t. Remain neutral in the face of wicked bombardments from the Arab north with help from others who consider Nigeria their private possession at their capricious disposal? In fact they disposed of her with their years of abuse and neglect that went unchallenged.

In my heart of hearts, I find certain requests burdensome and kinda asking too much from writers like me who were driven into writing in the first order after many years of reading total junk from rapacious supporters of military and political robbers in a country I once called home. Even my close friends and relatives are surprised to find me in this writing arena I was forced into merely to spread the truth gospel. Let it be said without waffling that a distressed unadulterated “onye Igbo” is bound to be angry, a by-product of oppression therefore, it is unfair to expect miracles from an aggrieved rather the blame must rest on the provocateurs’ doorsteps. Need I say that opinionated articles that are designed to mislead or full of outright lies draw strong and somewhat violent reaction from me? No regrets for that, for sure! It is so easy to because money is not a motivator in things I do, not driven by it and I hope my essays portray this. In the course of writing, writers once in awhile let the readers have a glimpse of certain aspects of their private moments. So, with that, here we go. During both my Traditional and Western wedding/marriage ceremonies, this individual never extended any invite to the so-called rich Yuppies, no! Why? I’m not about money! Another example was my disinterest in taking advantage of few Generals I came in contact during the three hard years I spent in a country that refused to grow. Never capitalized! I am rather propelled and guarded by well established and respectable principles that has nothing to do with personal advantage, anything less is not me. Don’t get me wrong, I welcome financial comfort but not by every roguish means. My profile (family name) still means a lot to me.

Swearing aside, one’s write-ups should be judged on its merits with a certain degree of waver granted the author based on honesty as evident in his/her piece. Makes sense! The crop of writers that somewhat penetrate my thick hide are those that load their fabrications with impressive prose to peddle and back mediocrity. They are the ones we should watch out for! The ability of an essayist to write truthfully should be sacred, it shouldn’t be compromised or auctioned off; it ought to be guarded jealously, which to me appears to be the identifiable bane of my writings. Should the question “how do you rate your language rules” be asked, I did as usual be forthright and badly rate myself with one exception though, honesty. For all that can be said about style, no one could rope me in dishonest writings, having said that, the stipulation by Monsieur La Drière to be honest critic is accomplished. Moving right along, to be a critic as seen in the senior writer’s essay, “Oga make we manage am so,” here’s La Drière. “The critic should be honest.” I am! If anyone disagrees, contradict me. “He can never be perfectly intelligent.” I am not! “Or perfectly informed.” Not close! “Or perfectly disinterested.” Bingo! “Or perfectly humble...” I am hardly “perfect” in any of these attributes therefore, all the requirements met, so, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a TRUE and balanced critic, me, with little nuisance/annoying assessment that affect only those who abhor truth. At the fore of all my scripts you did find in quantum honesty, which is miserably lacking in all spheres of governance in Nigeria going back many, many years and made worst under Obasanjo. Sad but again true! Open minded readers would absolutely consent to this.

Let me henceforward lend comfort to those who are still wondering if a fine piece “Nuisance Value of the Nigerian Internet pundit” few weeks ago by a great columnist on affected them, with a resounding yes. As it concerned yours truly too! Ouch!! Every writer is a critic with some element of annoyance that depends on where one falls, negative or positive. Let me clarify, for liars, theirs connote the former based on the absence of truth. For those that are tempted to argue against any positive value of nuisance, allow me to explain. Writers who tell the truth bring with them “positive nuisance,” they hurt the criminally minded who see their essays as irritation. But sincere folks, receive it as good/positive omen hence my point. It is in order to further clarify that where two opposing variables (good/bad nuisance) exist, a separation should be made between the harmless and nefarious ones who probably get paid to sell their souls. As such, it was very humbling to have read Maazi Uche Nworah’s “A dose of my own medicine” in acceptance of his seeming role, which to me exudes the positive side of nuisance since the information in his like mine are for the good of BiafraNigerians. His posts that I have read thus far are factual, sincere and direct.

One need not be Shakespearian or schooled in journalism to recognize the damage articles that lack straightforwardness have. All it takes to expose is a quick glance. Take for instance, “An Open Letter to Baroness Lynda Chalker” – Maazi Nworah and “Those Comments On Nigeria By Baroness Chalker” – Mr. Adujie both of which appeared on Gamji, to clearly see the one that woefully failed to meet the basic test as proscribed by Monsieur La Drière according to that sublime editorial by Mr. Eso. In consonance with the advice given in that editorial, which to me boils down to maintenance of some level of decorum in our writings, it is equally important to evaluate and reconcile one’s grammar hiccup with its veracious contents. For all that could be said and indeed said about my mode, none will accuse this writer of lying since that’s the thrust of my message. There is no beneficial purpose in a sweet and advanced writing that is over infested with damaging lies that support evildoers. For this, I thank the master architect of the universe, the ever seeing eye who gave me the wisdom to know right from wrong with lots of help from my father. To overlook a country such as Nigeria with callous corruption that went into overdrive is to deny the simple truth. People that mean well should not be handicapped to describe her as such, fraudulent. Any other views to the contrary blends against the basic requirement of La Drière as seen in that post by a very good gentleman whose coded caution we should all value. I have to, I am a learner.

This brings us to Mohammed Haruna another writer with language command whom I also read at times on Gamji, but in his “Igbos, Biafra and the Presidency,” he wrote; “This may sound rather harsh, but if the Igbo have failed so far to clinch the presidency and look set to fail again and again, it is mainly because they do not seem to be sorry for trying to break up this country.” This comment is sharply at variance with the most fundamental need of the critic. Please forgive me for repeating his quote which already appeared in my, “Tribalist vs Nationalist: A case of two misplaced nouns in Nigeria.” Now, shouldn’t he go back to Monsieur La Drière’s school of honest critiquing? Oh my God! We[Igbo] tried to break up Nigeria? Did he not know our engagement was simply to repel the pre-contrived extermination of Ndiigbo by his Arab Jihadists with help from their western colluders? His offensive lies should then be seen as a wicked design to paint us with the villain brush for maximum pain effect. Good news is he failed shamelessly. By the way, the only thing liars have going for them are their propensities to mislead anything else is pure facade. Mohammed’s dangerous worldview towards my people notwithstanding, it hasn’t risen to the level where I can say I hate him. No! Some stuff he writes is cool with me though I see him as one of the boys. Know what I mean? Flattering jobber that is!

Only those that what is being done in Nigeria or said here do not directly affect can expediently afford the executive luxury of remaining impartial. To help their public image I guess. To think that one could stay outside the loop when his very essence of living is under serious assault, under constant threat of extinction by those who harbor the type of gutter belief as the above subject for no sound reason is reprehensible. Oftentimes, we hear of light at the end of the tunnel, but this is not to be for the Igbo in that HOPELESS nation of the liars where the light gets dimmer the nearer the Igbo get towards the end of the subway. Thanks to the crazy prodigal Arabian governments of Nigeria. Coming up is information that should be of high interest to every democratic thinker since only sick minds could dream up such nonsense. Do you know that years before the Igbo elders declared a Sovereign and Free State of Biafra, the Arab north had this devilish plan for Ndiigbo? Shouldn’t Nigeria then apologize to Ndiigbo or let them go?

The Arab North’s Agenda prior to the declaration of Biafra:

1. (a) To kill off the Major-General and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces,
J. T. U. Aguiyi-Ironsi
(b) To kill off all the Yamiri Army Officers;
(c) And subsequently purge the Army of Yamiri by killing the rest in the ranks.

2. To take complete control of the Armed Forces, the Police and the Navy and to purge off
the Yamiri in these Forces too with the aid of the Westerners in the Army.

3. To kill off and dispossess all the Yamiri domiciled in the Northern Region.

4. To use the control of the Armed Forces to take control of the country's Government.

5. To revenge Sardauna's and Abubakar's death by killing Dr. Zik, Dr. Okpara, Ojukwu
and Major Nzeogwu.

6. To destroy Port Harcourt, Enugu and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

7. (a) To kill all Yamiri in top civil service posts;
(b) All wealthy Yamiri - male and female;
(c) All Yamiri educational giants;
(d) All grown up males and females of Yamiri;
(e) To leave out only sucklings in Yamiri land.

People I hope can now begin to understand the source of my resentment, which needs no tricks for those with integrity to see. Given what my people had and continue to go through in that “Iti bọrịbọ” – foolish country, count me as a pious proponent against your “One Nigeria.” Love to see her scatter! Care I don’t! Most of these lying posters come across to me like people that could tell someone to go to hell and he looks forward to that trip. You don’t expect us to be kind towards those responsible for our hardships. As many flaws as I have, insincerity is out. For that I am satisfied. It is the one thing no one can dump on me. Trust me! Upright people have always been over pampered in my essays, a privilege not fit for crooks and their minions. Before I exit, let me say this piece is my way of accepting my own annoying contributions in my pursuit to let the world see the plight of Nigerians generally and Igbos mostly. Whether or not I made my case is now in the hands of the readers to decide accordingly. But in the absence of any clear choice, I will remain resolute in selecting appropriate language to address erring embezzling liars, thieves, murderers, ad infinitum. It is said to whom much is given, a lot is equally expected. Consequently, we look upon talented writers to use their gifts to advance only the TRUTH, period. It can’t be emphasized enough. What gives to address a crooked murderous embezzling scallywag as anything short of what he is? Smiling as I sign off.

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