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Godson's Common Sense

Tribalist vs Nationalist

A case of two misplaced nouns in Nigeria

N. Ndubueze Godson, III

Before I go into my usual discussion of the lying liars’ lies and debaucheries, an open and direct challenge will be thrown at the loudmouths out there who claim to love that wobbly land more than the rest. A simple challenge that would, I hope, put to rest and shame the flawed and false notion that positive things abound yonder. Try to answer with sincerity of purpose in mind, no spin allowed. If you can’t come up with an answer that’s Ok too but you must try. No term paper is expected either it would be unfair to you. You are equally not required to make your answers public if you do not feel comfortable, all you gotta do is look in the mirror as you answer the question as best you can as possible. With that, I will like you to tell us one, just one thing so good about Nigeria, your beloved? During my elementary school days, the commonest insult one could haul at oluku/fool goes thus, a fool at forty, a fool always. While you ponder on that, I beg to move on ojari! Hehehe.


Who is really a Tribalist?


Most times when one maintains honest tenacity with unobstructed exposition of the nonsense that has become way of life in Nigeria, he is seen as a no good ‘Tribalist.’ Some misguided and naive individuals even go as far as implying hate as the writer’s motive while ignoring the evil that permeates in that “obodo heehaw.” This to me is simply a pathetic and sorry way to interpret and present one’s outlook, which comes by way of TRUTH, a self-standing phenomenon. If their (Nigerians and few Igbo efulefus) claim translates to hating murderous thieves, that would be an excellent representation and they did be right but it is not. This writer abhors vile men, can’t stand them. Therefore, let me again with this essay inculcate a little wisdom into the jaundiced noisemakers’ brains.


In Nigeria if one insists on respectability for the so-called constitution, he is swiftly labeled a Tribalist by these shouting irritants. One’s request to apply the contents of that document evenly across board and not the undulating application we have seen so far draws from the same thieves and their supporters the Tribalist tag. When one writes the truth, the issue becomes his grammar nothing about its contents. The clueless individual(s) would as if we are in ota akara - kindergarten class thus go, sir, sir the Tribalist’s punctuations are out of place or oh my God, no sentence structure exists in the Tribalist’s composition. Ridiculous! Alas! Providence does have a way of exposing their grammar diseases. Their language flaws that is made worst due to its off point nature buttered by lies, a triple whammy! If on the other hand you praise thieves or indeed a thief, shouts “One Nigeria,” you become a ‘Nationalist.’ Sick!



In Nigeria, you are hailed as a Nationalist even if you defile innocent young pupils, steal public monies and embezzle funds meant for road constructions, abandon contracts even after receiving full payments and commit other vicious acts. In the same country if you drive a decent car with all documentations in tow and obey the road rules, you are harassed as a Tribalist by the road bandits; sorry slippage, Nigerian Police to part with some dough. If you are principled enough to not give such bribe by pleading your case instead, your trip is stamped delayed. Once you fail to make this illegal payment, you are automatically a hating Tribalist. What else? In order to swindle money from you these road thugs (police) sometimes resort to weird demand for the receipt of the shoes on one’s feet or the watch on his wrist. Still wondering why that country perennially moon walks like walking backwards?


If one is however willing to part with fifty or so naira, it matters not if his vehicle runs on bare wheels without tires or if there is a skull in the back seat you can “carry on,” all becomes correct as a Nationalist. To them as far as you can come up with some bribe sometimes as pitiable, as twenty naira ($0.15), the Nationalist can continue to ply the roads without windshield and doors on his vehicle. Forget vehicle documents, what document? It did be an insult to expect the Nationalist to have any particulars for his vehicle which might well be hot as hell like in stolen. Often times those who view things from myopic perspectives amuse me. Instead of letting wisdom and truth be their periscopes they let sinister prevail. I am talking about those folks that in their minds think that writers who insist on changing the Nigerian machine for the benefit of the ordinary man are Tribalists.



The amusers are those who deem as Tribalists, writers who uncover treachery by maintaining the spotlight on the evil crafts of the most brutal regime ever seen in Nigeria. Their new coinage, Hater, should not perturb any writer whose watchwords are honesty and responsible government. They can shove it up somewhere for all I care. As I write I have received well over eighty virus infested attachments; all to silence me by disabling my system. So you figure who hates. According to the Nigerian definition, proponents of good government are Tribalists. We should take solace in knowing that Obasanjo’s visionless agenda and innate wickedness has vindicated us, the Tribalists. His is not in doubt anymore. Him no go reach where him dey go – Fela. May our man Anikulakpo Kuti forever rest in peace and forever be remembered, Amen!



Recently the Igbo efulefu who occupies the governor’s mansion in Enugu State, Chimaroke Nnamani, piled unnecessary and undeserved encomiums on Obasanjo. Despite this obvious act by a JOBBER, Obasanjo however remains what he is, a wicked visionless dictator with no hint. I can’t be the only one who noticed the insincerity in Nnamani’s tone, maybe 2007? Yup! These annoying shameless empty drums (Nationalists) must be in super majority, if my claim is wrong, I am all ears to hear why that country went from stagnant to wobbly then comatose. If decent and honest men were in the majority and in power Nigeria would have undergone the type of transformation it deserves but no, they are not! I doubt if the governor’s insincere empty whiny accolades went unnoticed by the bulldog, Fani Kayode who should know that no element of honesty exists in Nnamani’s ill conceived and poorly executed diatribe on the name he bears, IGBO. All for crumbs!



This JOBBER was sold to us in 1999 as a successful U.S. based medical practitioner but I beg to differ. If this Homo was as successful then as he would want us to believe, no reason would exist to have gone to his chief efulefu, James Nwobodo to cry for meal ticket then. Successful surgeons have real pride they take joy in their works while flukes like Nnamani lie their way to the peoples’ bank. How many good surgeons these days do you know that leave the shores of the U.S. to haul ass back to a sour dungeon? This criminal was portrayed as a success story as if we do not know better. Let me tell this Johnny some, most of us have younger ones who are great surgeons and practitioners they stay away from the despotic system. They dare not relocate to that dangerous terrain you call Nigia that’s for sure. They are out of reach so as not to be contaminated or possibly killed out of envy.



The unadulterated inglorious Tribalists are those individuals who were (are) involved in the destruction of that country. They are

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unqualified, as they are wicked thieves! In addition, those who support evil over good due to their tribal affiliations with the people who damage that country are better suited for this title. They give credence to my definition. Could you honestly and intellectually justify the identification of those that engage in deceitful and dangerous crafts of stealing, embezzling, maiming and killing in support of their stealing masters as Nationalists? While those compelled and driven by consistent respectable principles who demand the installation of democratic tenets in all aspects of governance in order to sow the seed of growth are not? A backward position that is simply ridiculous. Who is better qualified to bear the tribal ID? Often times a rejected cassava brain on the loose, a crackhead that is, uses the word Tribalist as offensive weapon unbeknownst he is the unmixed tribal warlord. You are a Tribalist! They screech. Oh, he must be a Hater! They bitch. Whatever the hell Tribalist means remains with the real haters of Nigeria… OIL THIEVES, EMBEZZLERS, KILLERS and their supporters.



Do not get me wrong, as humans, we are expected to look out for one’s interest nothing wrong here but we at the same time are required to remain objective and straightforward. In short what I am saying here is if a president of Igbo extraction were to be as incompetent and clueless (God forbids) as Obasanjo, I expects every rational mind to condemn in a serious way that undemocratic corrupt government regardless. Why should any public official be exempt from taking responsibility for his inactions simply on geography? Are Nigerians that stupid, what is wrong with you guys? Ever since I stepped foot on the U.S. shores I hear the same nonsense about successive corrupting governments every year yet no one is doing a thing about it. Is civil disobedience, “by any means necessary” – Malcolm X, not a democratic option? Then use it damn it! For a new beginning we must drop the unhealthy and dangerous trend of glorifying thieves, killers etc and let decency rule.



The mistreatments those in the south-east and south-south have endured under successive governments especially under Obasanjo’s junta cannot be swept under, not at all! And if that makes us Tribalists so the hell be it!! An aggrieved person who is asking for that which belongs to him cannot be said to be a Tribalist only in Nigeria though. Obasanjo should be informed that the Eastern Regioners (we know ourselves, trust me) are not asking for a lion’s share development, we only seek reasonable implementation of government projects that is fair and balanced, shikenan/gama/otito. There is this thought that won’t go away, it simply refused to disappear. What is a refinery is doing in any northern part of that country, Kaduna to be precise against all economic teachings and principles? Shouldn’t proximity to raw materials be a major factor in the location of a processing plant? Yet the Nationalists who love their country more than anyone else missed it? Where does the buck stop, who is accountable? Again the Tribalist must be blamed for bringing up this word, accountability that has since been expunged from the Nationalist’s lexicon.



It did be a stretch to expect someone to be held accountable for poor performance or outright thievery in Nigeria. Instead of seriously addressing issues that are germane to the survival of that country, Obasanjo and Gowon run around with their empty squeak for prayers. Making someone like me wonder what the hell is going on. Who is the boss and where does the buck stop? Obasanjo can’t feign ignorance when it comes to identifying the crooks. His vice, ministers, national assembly members, governors and all government officials plus himself are, so? I can’t believe I forgot to add the military boys (police too) past and present who constitute ninety-nine point nine percent of the menace called CORRUPTION. Now that the list is completed, the math begins to be clear, I am sure. Considering the level of corruption in that country it does not need a military or police force. A civil defense will do! The citizens (the good, bad and ugly) should also be allowed to bear and carry arms. Nothing could be worst than what we have already seen, period. Nigeria to me is a toothless bulldog who cut and ran when the Cameroonian dared her to shoot. Hehehe.



A real Nationalist follows established democratic paradigms to govern. He lets the fortunes trickle down to every individual and hamlets. Protection under an authentic Nationalist is extended to all not this motor-park approach Obasanjo employs. And insofar as the south-south and south-east remain the broth of Nigerian joke; those who vomit junk in support of Obasanjo must then be reminded that our call to civic mandates we expose the slimy gaseous rule of this tyrant. We must let the world know how evil, wicked, corrupt and unbalanced this administration is. If our purpose to deflect all the nonsense that is written about us thereby alleviating the pain we suffer is the sole basis for calling us Tribalists, let it be. Tribalist is hardly the word a school pupil can differentiate, trust me. Someone engaged in revealing the truth is an advocate of good cause, a social crusader not Tribalist, he in fact is a Nationalist. No one can convince this writer as to who is who when it comes to the two nouns. As such those with flawed sense of calling veracious people Tribalists or Haters are by every definition lying CROOKS and DUMMIES!



Who loves Nigeria in a truer sense?



Somewhere in the Holy Book, the Bible I mean, a story was narrated where two women fought for the control of an infant. And in that story we were told how the imposter readily agreed to halve this infant when Jesus suggested he might do that to satisfy both women. In her greedy blindness, she failed to notice Jesus’ sarcasm. We were also told how the authentic mother reacted and cried to Jesus to let the thief keep the child instead of halving him. Of course it did not take a Ph.D. in common sense to figure who the wicked thief among the two women was. After strongly rebuking the nasty woman, Jesus awarded the custody of that beautiful baby to the rightful mother and they lived happily ever after. The imposter to Nigerians must be lovely whereas the real baby’s mother was definitely a Hater.


Someone who encouraged the decay of a once beautiful and manageable something cannot be said to love it. Someone who does not give a rat ass shit about the rot Nigeria has become cannot claim to love her. Someone who throws his weight in support of the decomposed state of Nigeria cannot tell us about love for his country. Someone who converted funds meant for nation building cannot profess to love Nigeria. One who loves something would not stand to see it being destroyed or desecrated. Guys, are you with me? Contrary to the popular claim by some loudmouths that they love Nigeria and the Igbo don’t, they in fact are the ones who HATE Nigeria with the type of passion one lacks words to describe. Their (Nationalists) passionate hate for that country boiled out of control under Obasanjo.


We have been told all sorts about their love for Nigeria such that without her their lives will terminate. These lying cheap individuals are about PC – Politically Correct, that’s it. Let me warn the Yoruba and Hausa folks who might be deceived by the impressive writings of some Igbo who profess to love Obasanjo more than God that their phony call for “One Nigeria” is meant to deceive them. Please don’t believe them, they are dangerous. When they come back to the Obi – meeting square, they beg for forgiveness. They are fair weather minions who love to reap where they did not sow they too believe it or not are BIAFRANS at heart. Their present about face is precipitated by hunger and greed. In Igbo nation we have a name for them… EFULEFU.


You invite harm upon yourselves when you assume these efulefus meant well, they don’t, they are full of junk as you should know. When the chips are down they come back crawling, wiping and begging how they never realized what they were doing. Didn’t one of these efulefus, Orji Kalu crawl to Ikemba Emeka Ojukwu when the operator of the killing mill, Tony Anineh set the stage to decapitate him? And you still trust these fools? I did pick a market woman over this homo for president.  They are about putting down what you love to hear. They in fact do not love you any more than those you disparage simply for telling you guys the truth. We have become the punching bag for all comers and takers and that’s fine because nothing is eternal, nothing stays forever so let’s have more bricks lobbed at us. There is also this Tiv boy from Benue who recently joined the sortie to demean the Igbo. I feel pity for this chap because in his naivety, he failed to see his folly. He did not realize that he is better protected by the group he loathe as a fellow Christian than in the hands of his Islamic uncles in whose hands his fate would be shaky.


Every Igbo I am sure is thankful for the Internet, which fortunately gave us a fighting chance without firing a shot of lead. Can you imagine the outcome if the load of lies against us had gone unnoticed and unchallenged? Even as we parry the cheap but dangerous lies against us, some fools exist who still buy into the lies hook, line and sinker. We on the other hand fire barrage of shots loaded with facts that deliver sincere accounts of history to the ‘enemies’ fingertips and in their faces. And this somehow is leveling the playing field a notch. Anyone disagreeing with this statement should open his email or visit any Website where serious issues are discussed to find more factually loaded shots. Just like the Israeli, our other half survived Pharaoh’s onslaught in Egypt and Hitler’s assault so shall we, the Igbo too, survive and outlive our adversaries. It has been written!


Just because one spews total bull about “One Nigeria” does not in any way, shape, form convince me that he loves Nigeria. In the final analysis, it is hard to reconcile the obvious double speak since the same fool helped to bring anguish to her. You cannot be said to love Nigeria when you destroy by stealing her instrument of development, natural resources. Let it be said loud and clear, let all who have ears hear this, the Igbo nation and in fact all writers who have through their writings condemned and cried for a country that lost focus are in fact those who LOVE Nigeria not the noisy loudmouths whose careers are defined by stealing, killing and more stealing and killings. Even the Holy Scriptures said it, “not all who calls on the Lord shall see God’s kingdom.” Not all who screeches “One Nigeria” (their national anthem) or their love for Nigeria truly loves her. The blind cheerleaders of evil are Nigeria’s only and worst enemies they robbed her of greater thing, innocence.


The political bastards and their civilian counterparts whose stock in trade is the service (know what I mean?) of anyone in the corridors of power are the wicked HATERS. Even when their masters have no good agenda for the citizenry, they still service him real good. Those who reel in pain from the damage inflicted upon a country that ought to be the pride of the black man hardly are to blame but it does not stop the miscreants from shouting Holy Jesus. Just few weeks ago an ex Minister, Olu Agunloye was fingered as a major player in the disappearance of M.T. Jimoh, a bunkering vessel caught stealing crude oil from the country. What the hell does “bunkering” by the way mean? Bunkering my ass! The dude was caught stealing therefore as a common thief I am curious to know when he too would receive the, a dime, a dozen award? Oh, please don’t take my words for it you know as a Tribalist even though I stated facts I could be wrong so here you have it,


Bunkering to me is just another psychedelic jingo for oil thieves like Olu Agunloye who was implicated in oil stealing. This same thief at one point or the other in his life I am sure wailed his steadfast love for Nigeria and how badly he wants her to remain one. Yet he did not hesitate to rob an instrument of development which belonged to the oil producing states to begin with. What sense is there to let the Ogoni, Nembe, Okirika, Egbema, Ohaji and all the oil producing areas continue to live in abject squalor while these ROGUES freely roam the streets with stolen wealth? Maybe I’m old school but this arithmetic does not translate, it just doesn’t make sense!


Not long ago I read a meaningless article on how Ondo State stand to be the richest state in the country due to the discovery of some natural resources in that state. Richest this individual claimed Ondo would become and my question to this selfish fella is; did Rivers, Bayelsa, Imo, Delta became the “richest” states even though the oil which is found in abundance in these states are the same commodity the former Minister of State for Navy, Olu Agunloye was caught stealing? How could anyone justify the statement that Ondo would be the sole owner of whatever is found in that state; after the dangerous precedent to rob Peter then pay Paul was ingrained by the same crooks? Never mind! Responding to obvious stupidity would distract.


Wunmi Akintide’s, Ondo State used to be considered number 4. It then moved to number 2 on the rating scale and is most likely moving to number 1 today, because no less than 255 oil wells which used to be classified under Delta State are all now expected to be ceded to Ondo State , following a new Territorial Adjudication Panel recommendations approved by the Federal Government[Yoroba government, I say!] That was point number one.Point number two is the discovery of Bitumen in large commercial quantities in Ondo State…”  


It also smacks of hypocrisy in the highest order to celebrate the anticipated transfer of Igbo territory to the Yoruba while the shout of your national anthem, “One Nigeria” that is, go on endlessly. One, united or what? If my experience is right, it’s only a matter of time before all these nonsensical land grabs by twisted adjustments revert to their authentic owners. As if they are on to something good other than their established tired cynical modus operandi to divide and rule. These guys would have been real funny but for their idiocy. I cannot be the only one who still remembers how fast Aleke Crescent regained its name after Abacha whiningly and childishly changed it to Louis Farakkan bull crap. This he did to get back at the world’s only democracy when the city of New York rightfully honored the Nigerian democratic matron, Kudirat Abiola with a street name. Listen to another load of cow shit by a Nigerian Nationalist whose article exposed as a clueless TRIBALIST.


“This may sound rather harsh, but if the Igbo have failed so far to clinch the presidency and look set to fail again and again, it is mainly because they do not seem to be sorry for trying to break up this country.” - “Igbos, Biafra and the Presidency.” - Mohammed Haruna


For starters, it does not sound “harsh” who told this inconsequential dropout that his splattered arrogant posturing is harsh? It rather sounds silly, dumb, and amateurish in fact to be direct; it is stupid for a man in a position as Haruna not to realize after these many years the genesis of the Jihad they attempted on the Eastern Regioners with the connivance of the Yoruba, Benin and Tiv people. So who owes whom a damn apology??? Advice, these guys should please leave their passport photos out of their negative propaganda. The matter of fact ugliness is so obvious that way they spare us the nightmare. Kids get excited over strange faces you know; they even loose sleep as a result. Allow the readers to imagine the profile, drop the self-mockery. Back on course, it’s ok to digress every once. Are we (Igbo) supposed to be sorry for not letting the murderous marauders annihilate us? What exactly are we to be sorry for? You typified by affirming the position this writer took, that is, to be considered a Nigerian one only need be a lying thief, killer or simply an IDIOT?


What manner of a man would start what looked like a reasonable discussion only to betray his ingrain prejudice before the article could gain traction? What sensible grownup would in a moment of thoughtlessness triple somersault into oblivion by not telling us how the Igbo exactly attempted to destroy a freaking accidental nation? What kind of a person would shoot himself on the foot without taking notice of the wound? What excrement would lack the basic common sense to not know that when a stranger takes offensive posture towards you, your defensive instincts kicks in? Who is the fool who does not know that when the rest in that DURTY country jumped on the Eastern Regioners the only option left was to fight back? Who dat who don’t know? Only a biased nonentity who deems himself a Nationalist would not be awake to see this folly. Osukosu si osugbo mu – I’m overwhelmed by irritation.


Anyone I mean any who thought it would have been okeydoke for the Igbo or Ojukwu to have sat there and do nothing while the thieves attacked us must be out of his damn miserable mind. If what this fella puttered was true it would have effectively put out of commission any challenger but as usual the only reason for scribbling the lies is to dehumanize the Igbo. A very wicked and selfish way to inject disunity among neighbors, it is. That’s right, you heard me neighbors (right terminology) we are. Never mind the oneness presentation as if we share a lot in common. We don’t! Nigerians, Nationalists or whatever the hell you call yourselves, how difficult is it to write sincerely and factually? Why can’t these guys for once write the truth? Enough is already too much right about now!


For the gazillion times we, the Igbo, did not attempt to break up nothing rather you who continue to harvest where you did not sow broke the pawpaw thing up! While the war criminal these guys love, Gowon was beating his war drums, Ikemba of ala Igbo, Emeka Ojukwu was about peace, check him out in the Minutes of Aburi, Ghana conference, January 1967. “If the meeting was to make any progress, all the members must at the outset adopt a resolution to renounce the use of force in the settlement of Nigerian dispute.” I am not sure what part of this is written in Igbo for Haruna and his gang not to grasp. I tell you what; I challenge this guy to an indebt research to find out precisely how the war was started and by whom. At least his brother Gowon is still alive. His uncle Anthony Enahoro is around too, the last time I checked, so?


These guys trample on the truth as they dress up their wicked lies for self amusements lacking the realization that no matter how much is spent on a dog it never skips sniffing at dirty ground. The question these flies never ask is how come Gowon after these many years refused to write JACK? What’s he waiting for, for those that could debunk his fibs to pass beyond?  Even the Mother Theresa type apparel the junior evil, Benjamin Adekunle tried to dress up his rubbish after thirty some years too late didn’t get much mileage either. No one was swayed because we know lemon when we see one. And his was unripe lemon. As they say if it whines like a duck and wobbles like it, then it can’t be a mule. Adekunle like Haruna was swiftly and soundly rebuffed by the true living legends who participated in that war. The power that be, saw Adekunle as someone attempting to secure some late crumbs. He was too late for dinner, you all!


In most reasonable and responsible oil producing countries for instance, an increase in the price per barrel for crude oil means good news for the government and ordinary folks in the same token. Since the accrued excess money is not part of the projected budget of that fiscal year, the increase or excess as such ought to trickle down to all by way of development and good programs. But not in that palm wine country where you are required to put things in an upside down, inside out and side ways positions to be considered a perfect Nationalist. If you commit any of these blunders you are showered with more accolades with eventual “Moronic Order of Nigsharia” piled on you this way you can keep up the good work.


In Nigeria an increase in raw petroleum products which reasonably should bring good news instead brings more misery with the disappearance of the light inside the tunnel. What do the thieves, I keep slipping; I mean Nationalists do with the accrued excess money apart from pocketing both the projected and excess funds? Why should Nigerians pay more at the pumps when the damn stuff is selling like hot ass? Shouldn’t these loyal citizens expect a dramatic reduction in pump prices? Thank you very much! It is a fuzzy calculation to pile unattainable prices on goods when indicators point to reduction. Is Obasanjo just a criminal retard or a madman in disguise who wears his native parachute or is it gown to look sane? Only a big time moron would not know that it is sheer madness to increase the price per litre of petroleum products in a country where an average worker’s monthly income is less than seventy dollars. After all we are talking about an oil producing country, stupid!


This repulsive junta conveniently cites the U.S. when it soothes them but let me remind them that here we pay less at the pumps whenever crude price go downwards. How do one feel so complacent as to quadruple petroleum prices even when all indexes indicate that the commodity is sold at a higher price per barrel? Speaking of oil what are those refineries doing in the north for God’s sake? I don’t know about you guys but I do know that nothing can excuse the hardship that has befallen the ordinary Nigerian based on the incompetence of one man. Real leaders and statesmen do not allow in any aspects of their government the type of mediocrity we have seen under this crude regime. Statesmen make things positively happen. They also take responsibility for their actions or inactions in this case. They resign! They apologize sincerely. Some commit suicide. Note: Commander-in-Thief.


I don’t see how the noisy supporters of thieves with this knowledge continue their macabre dance as if all is fine and dandy yonder. I see not how they could continue to deceive themselves by believing that they ‘love’ Nigeria. I am not abashed to say only someone who cares about something feels the pain it brings when that which he loves go kaput. Only a caring and loving parent would feel pain when a wayward offspring does inimical stuff that is capable of bringing the whole family down. A good and responsible parent does not turn around and buy a jet for that child who boozed his way out of school. No he doesn’t! A loving father does not buy an ocean liner for a child who smoked his brains off neither does he reward a child who flunked out of college with a fat bank account. A child whose stupor is the source of pain for his father does not get award, well I know in Nigeria anything can happen. Shame is what that errant child deserves and shame he gets. Any questions?


So why should we draw your anger when we let the world see how embarrassingly primitive Nigeria has become? Are we to sincerely believe these leeches (Nationalists) meant well for Nigeria just because they scribble a page of nonsense every now and then? Honestly, I don’t see how the self-professed Nationalists in good conscience defend and not feel pain over a country that was literally made an eyesore, a nest of killers (apologies to Mr. Soyinka) by the political mediocre. Just as a father reacts when his son’s poor academic performance hits him in the face, the Eastern Regioners, Igbo, Biafrans and few others from other parts who came out and let truth be known react to the prevalent mediocrity in Nigeria. We are the ones in the most sincere way who care for that country, not the lying JOKERS! A father is duty bound to resent the poor performance of his child. Simple! Imposters take note!


Theirs (Nationalists) is about stealing not a thing to do with love or good government. If anything is expected from this essay, it is to shut for good the wayward loudmouths who disturb our peace with their lying claim of how much they love Nigeria with all the jazzy ooze they vomit. How do you support and encourage the destruction of something you told us you love, liar? Tell us how, smart ass! Nigeria decayed into moral extinction to your applause and you act as if that’s fine. A country that used to draw the respect and admiration of many slipped out of existence thanks to the brazen perfection of greed, thievery, incompetence and venality by the northern militia boys yet these starving writers didn’t take notice. The titles their minions append to them as in ‘General’ this and oluku that does not make any difference either since we, the people, do know a real General when we see one. You also dare not call them names without being seen as a Hater. Sorry I can’t be polite to people whose satisfaction is to see the Igbo destroyed. Uh, uh!


Every writer is expected to expose and condemn the arrogant recklessness of these thieves without the humiliating support to bad rubbish. Statesmen are recognized through their performance while in office, their hard work is what secures the peoples’ adoration not tribe or bribe. Unfortunately for Nigeria, all the so-called statesmen who have ruled her since 1970 to date are common criminals, they are ROGUES! These bandits without conscience do not deserve our respect and this writer does his darn best to keep it that way. Is there any out there who does not know that the skeletal remains of Nigeria are what they latch on to? How does that saying go again, em a fool at forty, fool forever? A foolish country just turned forty-four without something to show for it yet these wicked defenders celebrate with pomp and elegance. I never knew it was that easy for to see his ears without the use of a mirror. Only in Nigeria! Come and see Nigeria wonder come and see… he sings.


I don’t see how Obasanjo could possibly be seen as a statesman, a characterization that is subject to debate after he did nada/nothing on assumption of office when members of OPC, a terror organ from his western part overran and cancelled if you know what I mean, a great many Hausa living in their midst in places like Lagos, Shagamu, Ibadan so on? I am not sure if his Yoruba kin know this but Obasanjo single handedly mortgaged their future peaceful co-existence when he allowed the killings to go on in spite of the assumed democratic ambience. And please don’t tell me I’m the only one who realizes the danger that lurks around the corner for them. The likelihood of reprisal attack by the northern killers come 2007 exist. I bet it is beginning to make less sense now to hand over to those who intend to return the Valentine. Oh yes they sure remember. They are salivating right about now.


Let me tell you something about revenge. It isn’t a dish best served cold but with bubbling hot passion, anger and fury the more intense the better. And we know how our northern neighbors act when it comes to this dish. Obasanjo’s judgment for doing nothing while his Yoruba folks killed the Hausa then is questionable at best and outright shallow next. This brings me to the day I watched a somewhat interesting video in Houston. A video of a distrust what’s his name, em, Sergeant Doe of Liberia before his cancellation. At the moment of truth, this erstwhile brute’s mortal became evident as he begged stark naked for his cheap life. The poor quality of the recording notwithstanding, I nonetheless enjoyed it. I equally smile whenever I reminisce over the silliness of the so-called Ghanian ‘Generals’ and leaders of late seventies the day they met their waterloo. I could still see Akufo or whatever the hell he was called and the rest bickering on TV like school children blaming each other for the poor outlook of Ghana then. I giggled and laughed my butt off as I watch them point at one another before they were soundly executed by firing squad.


Their bewilderment was as a result of the imminence of their end seconds away. I questioned the relevance of

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 their bickering since the judgment was already passed and what remained was meeting their makers whoever that was. To be quite frank I wanted them to just shut up and let the show go unhindered as real Generals would a la Gideon Okar, Buka Suka Dimka. Real men! The Ghanian Akufo then was menacing during his time in power. I thought no man would ever have the nerves to topple him, not in this life anyway. Alas, he did not last a good twelve months if I remember correctly. Although it happened many years back enough discipline was instilled for Ghana to take her rightful place in the community of responsible nations today. Even Ghanaians make fun of Nigeria today. People who at some point were sent packing by Nigeria today give her imperious scorn. Imagine that! All because of useless despots Nigeria is cursed with. Even some Nigerians with Ghanian mothers equally laugh at her as they heartily embrace their Ghana side. Should you blame them? I don’t think so! When push comes to kwaking like in O kwara ya aka, (sorry, local soccer parlance) in other words shove, they transit from English to Ghana.


No doubt exists in my heart, none, whether a time of reckoning would come in Nigeria. A serious and focused government would one day rise with a Ghana type ‘show’ for the enjoyment of the common man. I say this knowing that when Gowon asks Nigerians to pray, this is exactly what he has in mind. Like every other wimp, he never had the guts to put it in black and white. I have said this before and by gosh it would not be the last I did say that when a mediocre like Obasanjo, without the supporting credentials is promoted beyond his capability, what you get is atypical of the shit Nigerians have experienced over the years. How and when this man obtained an Ordinary National Diploma remains a mystery to me since this degree came into existence in the seventies. And we know Obasanjo had long struggled through secondary school by then. So much for his OND! A look at the pathetic educational backgrounds of all the various so-called rulers might help here.


Tafawa Balewa, Teacher Grade 11 (Islamic studies?)

Aguiyi Ironsi, First School Leaving Certificate

Yakubu Gowon, First School Leaving Certificate (elementary six)

Murtala Mohammed, First School Leaving Certificate (elementary six)

Olusegun Obasanjo, WASC

Shehu Shagari, Teacher Grade 11 (Islamic studies)

Muhammadu Buhari, First School Leaving Certificate (elementary six)

Ibrahim Babangida, First School Leaving Certificate (elementary six)

Ernest Shonekan, WASC

Sani Abacha, First School Leaving Certificate (elementary six)

Olusegun Obasanjo, WASC (Again? Haba!)


Just take a hard look at the embarrassing list to see how sorry it is. For the avoidance of doubt, Gowon as far as education goes, remains a holder of First School Leaving Certificate, period. No one who went through the four walls of a college (university) campus in his right mind would ascribe to Gowon as lettered. This writer refuse to buy into the adulterated piece of paper the British government rewarded him with after he siphoned the petroleum resources of the easterners across the Atlantic. How easy for one who barely struggled through elementary school to catapult to a terminal program and come out in ‘flying’ colors? Struggle through elementary school, kill a million Igbo, and commit a violent take over whaalaa, Ph.D. Yeah, right! Call me Bill Gates.


I think humanity would have been better served if these guys with elementary six certificates and their WASC counterparts had followed their rightful call to tap palm wine instead. I can’t believe they imposed these jokers on us despite the abundance of men and women with serious educational portfolios and impeccable characters. My friends, this is a super major flaw that must be corrected only if the loudmouths could see beyond their myopia. These ‘lovers’ of Nigeria used her as a stepping-stone to get their leprous hands on the national purse to blatantly steal her to stupidity. As someone who knows a little, I never expected much from the military boys whose careers were defined by straight failures. A flush! Each of their careers is exemplified by mountain of failures yet they carry on as if nothing, nothing.


Nigeria, a country where things somehow worked, sits like Humpty-Dumpty today with no ease on the horizon. What I already said will not be repeated since that information was shared in,  “The Tragedy of A Wicked Man and His Country, Part I,”   “The Nigerian conspiracy on the Igbo,”  “Monuments & Recognitions: The Nigerian Way, the Wrong Way!”  The system as I remember it was sound before the advent of illiterate military boys who plunged the nation into the deep dark seas. Obasanjo’s first words after gaining freedom from incarceration due to his complicity in the 1995 coup still echoes in my ears. His advocation for the coming together of different ethnicities that make up the crappy place to decide way out was not only deceiving but a cheap insult on all. He subsequently flip-flopped out of existence after his stomach bulged back to its original Samba size. He was about stealing as we know today. Their Nationalist, alright! Here is what Nigeria is for me. Irritating, sometimes. Unreliable, always.


As I coast towards the end of this rather copious essay let me say this. I realize how hard it must have been for those of you still struggling to come up with an answer to my earlier question in first paragraph. You can’t touch the challenge to point to a single thing that could be considered good omen for that country of yours. Let me douse your anguish by reminding you that the same compound illiterate that is going nuts over MASSOB is same one who in the seventies lost his sense of being over Fela’s “Kalakuta Republic.” He even went further to snuff the life out of Mrs. Fumilayo Ransome Kuti, imagine that! Still want to convince me this man is not in advanced stage of madness, a diagnosis that could easily be confirmed when he takes to a nearby market to do a two-step Owu dance?


Ladies and gentlemen, let me respectfully with candor, humility and open mind submit to you that someone who is bent on

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protecting the fundamental tenets of democracy cannot be said to be a Hater, Tribalist, Warmonger or whatever. He is rather what he is, a JUST fellow. A Tribalist is one who steals or supports his stealing compatriot based on tribal relationship whereas a Nationalist maintains or supports level playing field where the rules are not changed mid-game. He is equitable. The Tribalists are those who for forty-four years reaped where they did not sow; those who continued to steal something that belongs to someone else are indeed the big time Tribalists! Those who swallow their share at the same time yours are to me the tribal kingpins and a continued danger to that society. They are commonly and loosely seen as cupid but in actual sense they are Tribalists. The difference is obvious so next time you shout that nationalism nonsense remember this.


To maintain established social etiquette it is in order to properly introduce myself at this time. So please allow me to do so. First of, I am a simple man. A proponent of good government, I am. A social scientist, that’s me. Social critic, that’s of course me. Community activist, yes. And common sense advocate too. I am someone who hates selfish, wicked, evil, greedy, dirty individuals. I can’t stand liars, thieves, and illiterates in power. Embezzlers, killers so, so are unwelcome in my villa. As a free thinker, an independent mind and a lover of mankind I write in the hopes of bringing positive changes. I have to! Based on my trade as a traveler if some of you know what I mean. I am always in search of Light. The ordinary man has no hope in Nigeria. I mean no harm to all the good men out there. I only want the sufferings of my people particularly and the rest of Nigerians generally to end now! I hope this would lighten the burden on those still trying to figure this writer out.


Having done that, I see that Nigeria has sworn to perpetually remain backward against the popular counsel and protests of impressive numbers of Eastern Regioners, I HEREBY AND IN BEHALF OF MY PEOPLE, DECLARE AND PRESENT TO YOU THE INDEPENDENT STATE OF BIAFRA BASED ON THE ACCORD WE HAD WITH OUR NORTHERN AND WESTERN NEIGHBORS IN ABURI, GHANA. Thank you. We are all together. – Col. Dimka. February 13, 1976. Or are we?





N. Ndubueze Godson, III
Chicago, IL

Tribalist vs Nationalist
A case of two misplaced nouns in Nigeria


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