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September 23, 2005

Infrastructure and Development in the eastern states of Nigeria (Biafra)

by Nnamdi Obodoechi (Greece) --- There is no gainsaying that since the end of the Nigeria-Biafra War, the Eastern part of Nigeria (Biafra) could be defined as the states with no single functioning infrastructure that the indigenes or the citizens past and present or the state governments up to Local Government could beast their chest about. The citizens of eastern Nigeria (Biafrans) cannot say to the(ir “fellow”) Nigerians that “we Biafrans have good roads too, we good drinking water, we have borehole in some Local governments in the states or good electricity supply, or anything financed by any level of government that benefits Biafrans.” Even in the eastern states capitals, there is no Police command, that is to say there is no security of life and property in the East.

The Federal Police of Nigeria has abandoned its duty to provide police protection to Nd’Igbo in their lives and their property. The five exclusively Igbo states are controlled from Zone 5, Benin City, Edo State, and the rest of the Land of the Rising Sun is controlled from Calabar. Should the IBOS continue with insecurity of life and property so that they they may appear to be good Nigerians? No! Let us have our separate development in order to gain our sovereignty because the intellectuals have nothing to do with dunces. No airport or no aerodrome, no stadium, the ones we have were buit by individual efforts. Even the project of a second Niger bridge / wharf awarded during Shagari regime has not been done. Forget medical services; they are nonexistent.

The unfortunate thing is that in some cases, contracts for building some of these infrastructures were awarded to some cronies of those in power, “big men or powerful contractors,” but the contracts were not performed. The people awarding the contracts and those to whom the contracts were awarded believe in embezzlement of public funds, and in stashing revenue allocations in countless foreign bank accounts. The contracts are awarded without an iota of care by those awarding the contract to monitor or ensure performance. The contractors squander half of the money, and the rest returned as kickback to those who awarded the contract in the first place.

These unwarranted influential contractors are not only in some eastern states; they are all over the Biafran territory. It pains me more for Anambra, for I am and I will always be an indigene of that State. As an Anambra indigene, I have witnessed the chameleon system of Nigerian Government. …Since they say charity begins at home, I should also begin my criticism with Anambra.

On roads, it will be in the best interest of all other road users including myself that the federal Government of Nigeria see to what is really happening on Onitsha - Owerri Road and Benin Agbor Road. Those roads that lead to Onitsha must have been awarded to one contractor or the other, possibly about a couple of times, possibly ten times or even more. Yet, nothing has been done to date. Some prominent Nigerians bribed are said to have bribed the government to stop the Onitsha Oba airport project, which remains dead till today.

To some Nigerians, all these unfortunate situations in the eastern part (Biafra) may be a joke. But, if those skeptical Nigerians would kindly take a trip to the eastern states they will quickly start to wonder of those states and roads belong to the same country where oil money has been used to develop states and build well maintained boulevards in the West and the North.

The Federal Government of Nigeria continues to underestimate Biafrans, continues to impede their progress. But, the Biafran and Igbo spirit remains high.

The word “IGBO” means intellectuals of good binding order (Igbo). Biafrans are running the race that must end in the promised land of Biafra. The coming out from bondage will enable the Igbos and their brothers to achieve their master plans in Agriculture, manufacturing, technology, all aspects of human and societal development. We did before in Biafra. We will do it again.

By Nnamdi Obodoechi writes from Greece.

Posted by Administrator at September 23, 2005 11:05 PM


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