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March 02, 2006

Population Control: Target Africa

by Oyibo E. Odinamadu (Mrs.) (Raleigh, North Carolina) --- IF AIDS IS NOT DEACTIVATED, WITHIN 66 YEARS THERE WILL BE NO BLACKS IN AFRICA

Although the "Special Virus" (SVCP) 'Flow Chart' is seemingly structured in such a manner that the world would not immediately recognize the real purpose of this officially sanctioned U.S. Federal Program, one has to ask oneself: WHY was the flow chart ever structured in the first instances??? If AIDS is not deactivated, within 66 years there will be no blacks in Africa. comments ~~~ Dr. Basil E. Wainright, Physicist & Three Time Nobel Nominee, Nairobi, Kenya November 2, 1999.

1971 HIV/AIDS Flowchart Research Logic for the Special Virus Cancer Program Click here to enlarge flowchart

Really, the pertinent questions are: Why was the flow chart ever structured in the first instance? If AIDS is not deactivated within 66 years, and there will be no blacks in Africa, does it imply that only whites or Caucasians will occupy it? Is that the real purpose for the flow chart? Is it to wipe off blacks entirely in Africa, populate it with caucasians, whites, Aryans, as well as occupy their own continents, and make the presence of blacks in Africa as their native continent a thing of the past? Has this kind of elimination and repopulation been going on down in history? As Ndi Igbo say: "Dulu mmo gbue mmadu, dulu mmadu jebe akwa ya, which says that: One goes with a masquerade to kill somebody, and goes with a person to his funeral". Is this not hypocrisy of the first order?

I have read that:

President Clinton Announces Major Step in Effort to Save the Lives of People with HIV/AIDS around the World. This afternoon at the Clinton Foundation's New York office, President Clinton announced that his foundation's HIV/AIDS Initiative reached new agreements to significantly reduce prices of both HIV tests and the drug treatments that keep HIV-infected patients alive and healthy. The Clinton Foundation also annouced that almost a quarter of a million people in 50 countries are receiving drugs through Clinton Foundation Agreements.

Is the deactivation of HIV/AIDS within 66 years what President Clinton is tryng to do? Why did he change his mind about genocide on Africans after championing the removal of the UN Peace-keepers from Rwanda to allow the completion of the decimation of the Tutsi by the Hutu, which happened on his watch?

I have also read the following report:

1971 AIDS development flowchart is absolute proof: AIDS is the "best-choice" Weapon of Mass Destruction by Dr. Boyd Graves 24 mon R (2 responses) URL: /forums/m.asp?f=237&i=518 Date: 1/8/2004 6:38:00 AM The 1971 flowchart of the U.S. Special (AIDS) Virus program is page 61 of progress report #8 of the mostly secret federal virus development program. In other words, review the 15 progress reports of a federal virus program you never knew about and voila, you will resolve not only HIV/AIDS....


The truth is that population control is the process by which Global Europe (whites, Caucasians, Aryans) seeks to guarantee its perpetual domination of the rest of the human race because of its own fear of annihilation. According to Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing, it is this fear based on the fact of their numerical minority status and their low level of surface melanin, which drives them to commit the most atrocious crimes against humanity, in particular, the most feared nation of all, Global Africa (Black people).

See Global Eyes Your Weekly Window in the Mirror of the World with Spartacus R. The editor of Global Africa Pocket News and author of "Violation" and "The Maat Mystery" takes another look at the world. Population Control is GENOCIDE (This interview with Sister Aset was first published inGlobal Africa Pocket News (GAP News)Vol. 1, No. 7 Sept. 1994. It was submitted to Caribbean Times in January '96 but never published) #14.

It is the Caucasians, who want to rule the world indefinitly by not only controllong its economic and political resourses but also by controlling its population, wherever they are, so that their own population, even though declining, will never be swamped. Hence their population policy to reduce, if not wipe out the populations of non-Caucasians,especially in the third-world countries, and more so the blacks. This policy is especially directed towards the blacks in the USA and in Africa.

Then there was the notorious NSSM 200 (National Security Study Memorandum 200), sometimes called the "Kissinger population paper," in which it was stressed that oil and mineral-rich Nigeria could easily cope with a far larger population and would gain sufficient status to compete with the US influence over Africa. It has also been learnt that they continue to inject the disease into new-born babies whose parents do not have HIV/AIDS. How come? They want to force Nigeria which did not listen to Obasanjo's policy-ruling of three children to one woman population control in 1987?

There were other documents produced at around the same time to corroborate this intense interest in Nigeria, the country's population, and its oil wealth. The US Information Agency or USIA (which operates the Voice of America on other propaganda actions around the world) does yearly reports on the US interest in various countries.

They, too, cites the pervasive worries about Nigeria becoming the economic and demographic giant of Africa, capable of spreading an anti-American ideology all over the continent, and likewise stressing that agency goals should serve the larger objective of increasing US influence over Nigeria's politics and culture.

"The 1971 flowchart makes it perfectly clear, the design, intent and purpose of the U.S. Special Virus program. As Dr. Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDS says, the HIV/AIDS virus is the result of many steps in the laboratory, it was no accident.

The 1971 flowchart provides absolute evidence of the United States' intent to kill its own citizens and others." ~~~ Dr. Boyd E. Graves September 28, 2002

(picture) Boyd E. Graves, J.D. displays Boyd E. Graves, J.D. displays the 1971 HIV Flow Chart the 1971 HIV Flow Chart after urging UN AIDS officials to provide oversight during the US GAO's investigation into the missing appropriations of the mostly secret virus development program, "US Special Virus". (photo courtesy: John Price)[FLOWCHART DOCUMENTS HERE] Copyright Zygote Media 1998-2006.

"Dr. Graves is obsessed with getting the word out and sees himself as a modern day David battling the formidable Goliath of the US government. "I'm involved in a modern venue of David and Goliath because there is no more bigger giant than the United States Government. The truth provides strength. I find comfort in the truth and it gives me the drive and initiative to get up each and every day to continue our efforts to expose the truth because over time the truth has always risen to the top and its going to happen here."
"Graves put the flow chart on his website and over 26,000 people have downloaded it. "We've got two dozen scientists and medical doctors who have reviewed this material and to a person, they all agree this federal program is at the heart of the genesis of HIV and AIDS."
"Graves has a special interest in the program for he was diagnosed HIV positive. In doing his research he came upon a patented cure for AIDS which he took and now says he is symptom free".
"The United States patented the cure for AIDS in 1997 and that patent number is 5676977 and I tell people to go to and type in U S Patent and that number and the information will come up. I tell people to go to the main library and look into the world catalogue data base and put in 'Special Virus Cancer Program' and you will find at least three, four or five of those progress reports of the development of HIV are in the main library. Some of these reports are in the public domain."
"Graves knows of what he speaks because he took the cure himself in 2001. "Twenty-two months ago I took the US patented cure for AIDS. It is a one time injection, I call it an infusion because it takes about twenty minutes. It's a large plunger kind of thing but that is all I've had and physically I am fine and symptom free."


I must say categorically that I am not impressed and that it does not make any sense that this effort is just to reduce the cost of drugs to the victims of HIV/AIDS. This is because the disease was, deliberately, callously, impassionately, albeit sadistically, inflicted on them by the Government of the United States of America. Now President Bill Clinton turns around to extend yeoman's service of finding inexpensive drugs and diagnostics for them and expect us to be grateful. Inexpensive to who? I think that we will only begin to listen and to think about it when the DIAGNOSTICS, the DRUGS and their ADMINISTRATIONS are ENTIRELY FREE to the victims, with the US Government taking the lead, in the application of the patented medicine for the cure of HIV/AIDS, Patent #5676977; not a generic make-shift paliative to keep them well and healthy. The sinister motive of wiping out the Black Population is still unfolding unabated as the contagious cancer is spreading like wildfire among black people and in Africa. The fact that the patented medicine, Patent #5676977 Tetrasil/Immusil Cure for Aids, has been available for many years before Nelson Mandela's son, among millions of others died of Aids only a few months ago, and many millions are dying on daily basis, is criminal.


Is it true that the world is over crowded and moving towards an unsustainable population level?

"No. Absolutely not. Overcrowding can be measured by one method only, that is whether there are too many people to fit in the space available. The most densely populated continent area in the world is Europe, (see GAP News #7, Population Figures), but do Europeans think there are too many people in Europe? Of course not. But they believe there are too many African and Asian people in Europe. That is not overcrowding that is racism".


"What about all those starving Africans? If they can't feed themselves surely, there must be too many of them.

"No, that is not the case. Those "starving Africans", Asians and other "Third World" peoples produce most of the world's surplus food. Most of the food they produce are luxury or raw, unprocessed goods which are sold cheaply as exports and re-imported as expensive processed foods.


"The main reason though, why there appears to be not enough food to go around is not because the so-called third world cannot feed itself, it is because Global Europe, less than 25% of the world's population uses or wastes over 80% of the worlds food goods (consumables) but produces less than 15% of it. So the "third world" make up 75% of the world's population, produce 85% of the world's consumables and consume less than 20% of all that is consumed. If they consumed as much as they produced, Global Europe would be dying of starvation, not Africa.


"Lets look at the evidence: After being systematically depopulated for 400 years, Africa is now the least populated continent in the world with a density one-sixth of Europe's. Africa's death rate is more than twice that of Europe. To be level pegging, Africa's death rate should also be one-sixth of Europe's. When these dishonest people talk about population they make reference only to birth rate. They show that Africa's birth rate is nearly three times that of the European rate, but forget to mention that the infant mortality rate is 5 times higher in Africa.

"They never talk about density except in reference to Asia or to say that "Rwanda is the most densely populated country in Africa". They forget to say it was a quarter the density of any country in Europe. They forget also, to tell you that in order for Africa to get to the same population density as Europe (is Europe overpopulated?) the African birth-rate has to be more than 12 times that of Europe (6 times if the death rate becomes equal) for a whole generation.

"So, when they talk about "equalizing" or reducing the African birth rate, while at the same time nurturing conflict, manufacturing famine, and importing disease to increase the death rate further, you begin to get the picture. If the birth rates were made equal and everything else remained the same as they are now, each time Europe's population doubled Africa's population would be halved. The world's population may become "stabilized" as they like to say it, but the percentage ratio between the nations would continue changing to their advantage. (See GAP News #5)

"It is understandable then, why Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, a senior Vatican official cried that if the precepts of the UN Population Control Conference in Cairo were to be implemented the world would experience "the most disastrous massacre in history". He should know, it was his organization, the Roman Catholic church, which sanctified the trade in African lives, resulting in the death of over 200 million people".

The UN too? To whom and from where do the blacks obtain protection, justice, redress? No body? No where? Please God, be our refuge and helper!

"Some of the liars say that deaths in war time make very little difference to the population growth because after a war birth rates usually increase to compensate. Certainly, that is true when mostly male soldiers are killed. But when two thirds of the female population are murdered, like the Rwandan slaughter, it would take 4 or 5 generations to get back to where it was before the war. And that is the key. The women.

"Global Europe have done everything they could to destroy our people but we are still here and still strong. They are now trying, through an apparently limitless line of African and Asian female mercenaries, posing as leaders, to co-opt us. To convince us that regardless of our particular environmental conditions, contrary to our own community's social and economic needs, it would be in our individual interests to have fewer or no children at all.

"Women have the power to determine the fertility or sterility of our nation. It is imperative that we do not allow ourselves to be misled into committing generational suicide. We carry the future of our nation in our hands. We are here because those before us gave us life. Let us give life to our children. We deserve to live"


Manufacturing incurable diseases in their chemical laboratories and inflicting them on the other populations of the world, by hook or crook, is one of their methods. The monkeys in Africa theory as the original carriers of the AIDS Virus has failed. The 1971 aids FLOWCHART and manufacture of the disease viruses and implanting them in Africa via the immunization processes for the treatment of diseases, has let the cat out of the bag.


"The 1971 flowchart was first located in February 1999, (on President Bill Clinton's watch) it has withstood all stupidity to date. It is absolute evidence, my govt has sought to kill me (and others). Quickly note PHASE -IV-A ("IMMUNOLOGICAL CONTROL"). These are the secret program's vaccines and cures. Our call for "full disclosure" of the U.S. Special (AIDS) Virus program continues to garner support from every sector of the globe. It is odd we have no teeth here on the internet when it comes to saving Black people. Boyd Ed Graves, in propria persona, NINTH CIrucit, CASE NO. : 03-56812 Graves v. U.S.A. 216-382-9252


"The Smoking Gun of AIDS: a 1971 Flowchart by Boyd E. Graves, J.D. December 6, 2000

"In 1977, a secret federal virus program produced 15,000 gallons of AIDS. The record reveals the United States was represented by Dr. Robert Gallo and the USSR was represented by Dr. Novakhatsky of the diabolical Ivanosky Institute. On August 21, 1999, the world first saw the flowchart of the plot to thin the Black Population.

"The 1971 AIDS flowchart coordinates over 20,000 scientific papers and fifteen years of progress reports of a secret federal virus development program. The epidemiology of AIDS is an identical match to the "research logic" identified in the five section foldout. The flowchart is page 61 of Progress Report #8 (1971) of the Special Virus program of the United States of America. We today, challenge world scientists to discussion of this document find.

"We believe there is a daily, growing number of world experts who are all coming to the same conclusion regarding the significance of the flowchart. Dr. Garth Nicolson has examined the flowchart as well as other top experts from around the world. It is time for Dr. Michael Morrissey of Germany to examine the flowchart and report to the world. In addition, we have now examined the 1978 report. It is heresy to continue to further argue the program ended in 1977.

"The 1978 report of the development of AIDS leaves no doubt as to the ("narrow result") candidate virus sought by the United States. The flowchart conclusively proves a secret federal plot to develop a "contagious cancer" that "selectively kills."

"Following the presentation of the flowchart in Canada, the same information was presented to the United States in the rotunda of the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland. Shortly thereafter a major African newspaper called and for four days in a row, this issue was the feature story in an uncensored press. The people of Africa already know about the U.S. virus development program. It is time for the rest of us to know.

"In January, the U.S. had no response to my two page abstract submitted to the African American AIDS 2000 conference. In February, the U.S. Congress had no response to the 3000 Americans who signed signature petitions calling for immediate review of the flowchart and progress reports of the secret virus development program. We firmly believe once the dust settles from the current election marathon, reviewing the special virus program will be the single most important pursuit of the 21st Century.

"More scientists and doctors must join with Dr. Nicolson, Dr. Strecker, Dr. Cantwell, Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Lee, Dr. Wainwright, Dr. Halstead and Professor Boyle. In any public debate on this issue, we will continue to present the flowchart of the secret virus development program, as the "irrefutable missing link" in the true laboratory origin of AIDS.

"We have successfully navigated a federal maze and matrix and found a curtain surrounding the issue of AIDS. The 1999 discovery and presentation of the AIDS flowchart is a "smoke detector" wake up call. Society has an obligation to do more than don masks".

Non-inclusive random endnotes:

U.S. Special Virus program, Progress Report #8 (1971), pg. 61 (the flowchart)

National Security Defense Memorandum (NSDM) #314, Brent Scowcroft (1975).

"Special Message to the U.S. Congress on Problems of Population Growth", Richard M. Nixon, July 18, 1969

Public Law 91-213, "To Stabilize World Populations", John D. Rockefeller, III, Chairman, March 16, 1970

National Security Council Memorandum (NSCM) #46, "Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement", Zbigniew
Brezinski, March 17, 1978

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Clinton FoundationBody,P, TD{FONT-SIZE: 11px; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif}H1{FONT-SIZE: 16px; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color:#800000;}H2{FONT-SIZE: 13px; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color:#800000;}If you have trouble viewing this email, view it as a webpage. 01/12/2006Donate Now "Eight thousand people die of AIDS in the world every single day. It's our problem. It's a big problem. I'm working hard on trying to help the victims of Katrina. I'm working hard on trying to help the victims of the tsunami. But we have a tsunami-like death toll once a month with AIDS."
- William J. Clinton

Dear Supporter,

President Clinton Announces Major Step in Effort to Save the Lives of People with HIV/AIDS around the World.

This afternoon at the Clinton Foundation's New York office, President Clinton announced that his foundation's HIV/AIDS Initiative reached new agreements to significantly reduce prices of both HIV tests and the drug treatments that keep HIV-infected patients alive and healthy. The Clinton Foundation also annouced that almost a quarter of a million people in 50 countries are receiving drugs through Clinton Foundation agreements.

These major agreements represent another powerful step in the fight to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS: the agreement on second-line HIV/AIDS treatment will lower prices of two antiretroviral medicines by 30-50 percent for 50 countries, making it possible for hundreds of thousands of people to receive these drugs and stay alive.

"With more than one million people on treatment in developing countries, we face a growing challenge to keep costs affordable as we reach out to millions more in need. Affordable drugs and accessible testing are essential to make prevention and treatment work, and while we have made a lot of progress, there is much more to be done to help those in need."

Second-line Drugs:

Today's agreements represent a first step in the Foundation's effort to lower the cost of second-line treatment. Treatment, once started, is a lifelong commitment, and over time patients move from low-price first-line drugs to second-line combinations that are at least 10 times more expensive.


Affordable and accessible testing is essential to preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, and the deal we are announcing today reduces the cost of HIV diagnosis by 50%. The Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative is committed to continuing to increase access to low-cost, high quality HIV treatment, and today's announcement is an important step toward ensuring that the cost of treatment remains sustainable over patients' lifetimes.

Learn more about today's announcement:

Read the entire press release. Get the details on second-line antiretroviral drugs and diagnostics. President Clinton in China:In September, President Clinton traveled to China to support the work of the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative there. Dan Rather of CBS's 60 Minutes accompanied President Clinton on this trip and the interview aired on Sunday, January 1, 2006. In China, the Clinton Foundation is working in support of the national government's treatment scaleup efforts, focusing on projects including: establishing the Chinese Ministry of Health-Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Service Fellowship Program with the purpose of encouraging Chinese physicians to treat HIV patients in underserved areas of China; donating a one-year emergency supply of PMTCT drugs to cover an unforeseen shortage and to help China move to the international standard of triple-drug therapy for HIV+ women and other family members identified during pregnancy; and expanding the pediatric initiative to treat more Chinese children.

Watch the full interview.

Read the transcript from the interview.


You can help -

People living with HIV/AIDS - like this young boy from Cambodia -can grow up healthy, lead full productive lives, and pursue their dreams if they receive proper treatment.

Just $25 a month - less than a dollar a day - will keep this child alive and thriving.

Support the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative with a tax-deductible gift today.

Caring people like you are needed to help stop the devastating effects of this disease in so many places around the globe. Your gift will provide life-saving medical care that will keep families together, men and women earning a living, children attending school and communities succeeding.

Donate Now


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CBS 60 Minutes follows President Clinton as he travels to China to further his work to combat AIDS.

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Update, January 13, 2004: "A Cure for AIDS/HIV, mysteriously withheld."

To whom it concerns:

It is apparent, to me, that Compassion Response Network ( ) is engaged, quite likely unknowingly, in a cover delaying diversionary tactic (for some inexcusable reason) in regards to making the known non-toxic, one injection Tetrasil/Immusil cure for HIV/AIDS accessible on a massive global scale, with all deliberate speed. I hope I am correct about the "unknowingly" part.

The pertinent facts in brief, as I know them, are: [1] There are no logical reasons for anyone anywhere to be doing any additional, very limited "trials" with "six single injections" of Tetrasil/Imusil, given the facts that [2] the October 17, 1997 patent application filed with the US Patent Office states "...further testing revealed complete 100% destruction of the AIDS virus in vitro at 20 PPM, and the fact that said devices were harmless when ingested and inhaled, being non-toxic..."

Oyibo E. Odinamadu (Mrs.)


1) Population Control is GENOCIDE, by Spartacus R.
2) HIV/AIDS is Manufactured in US Labs (Zygote Media)
3) The Smoking Gun of AIDS: a 1971 Flowchart
4) Just as you, I Believe that HIV-1 was a Laboratory Creation, Prof. Garth Nicolson, Institute for Molecular Medicine February 12, 2001
5) 1971 AIDS development flowchart is absolute proof: AIDS is the "best-choice" Weapon of Mass Destruction
6) 1971 AIDS Development Flowchart too Much for national Press Club
7) The Smoking Gun of AIDS: a 1971 Flowchart (at BNW Reference Librarian)
8) Boyd Graves AIDS Activist Takes on The US Government
9) Cure for AIDS/HIV

Posted by Administrator at March 2, 2006 09:46 AM


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