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April 03, 2006

Ozodi Osuji Weekly Series on Psychology 2006, #29 of 52: The Meaning of Love

by Ozodi Thomas Osuji, Ph.D. (Seatle, Washington) --- The term love is employed in so many different ways that it is really difficult to know what it means. There seems no consensus as to what it means. In this short essay, I will define love in a metaphysical manner.

Love is union; Love is joining; Love is connecting with. To love is to unify with the love object, to join with the love object, to connect with the love object, to connect to the love object.

God is love. This means that in God everything is connected. God is the whole and we are his parts. All of us are connected, joined and unified with each other and with God.

Love is like invisible glue that glues everything in the universe together. (Physics has the idea of Superstrings, of an invisible element that joins everything together.)

There literally is no space, or gap between one thing and another in the universe; we are all connected to one another.

The invisible force that joins all of us together is love. God is that invisible force that joins all of us together; God joins his creations together in eternal union with him.

To say that I love you is to say that I am joined with you. In our union, we have peace and joy, for it is only in union that peace and happiness can exist. If there is separation, space and gap, there can be no peace and harmony in the world.

For people to be joined they must be the same and equal with one another. In spirit, in God, we are all the same and are coequal with each other and with our creator. Only the same and equal can unify.

The different, the unequal cannot unify. The desire for specialness, differences, and inequality produce conflict and disharmony.

As I have pointed out elsewhere, this world came into being because we, the children of God, who in God are the same and equal, desired to seem special, to seem different from each other, some better than others.

It is impossible to seem different and special in God, so we all seem to have closed our metaphoric eyes and dream that we are separated from God and from each other and in our dreams seem unequal to each other, some seem inferior, others seem superior. (All these are, of course, metaphoric statements, take them as such; not literally, reality cannot be expressed in words.)

As it were, we have changed reality, from as it was created by God, and remade it to seem what we want it to become: a world of separation, space, time and matter, a world of specialness, differences, and inequality. This is the world of illusion we live in, a world that is the opposite of the world of God.

God and his creations are joined; our world is disjoined. God and his creations are the same and equal; in our world are inequalities and differences, men and women, black and white, dark and light, good and bad, inferiority and superiority…all the opposite of God’s one unified world of sameness and equality.

Love is everywhere, for everywhere is joined. God is everywhere and everywhere is in God. Wherever we go we go in God, for God is everywhere. The journey to separation is a journey to nowhere, for everywhere is joined; our life on earth is a journey without distance, for we are sill in God and in each other.

Love is everywhere, so we always live in love. We live in the presence of God’s unifying love but do not feel loved.

We do not feel loved by God and by other people because we seek separation from God and from other people. The desire for separation is the desire not to be love.

In separation, we feel unloved and alienated from love, from God and from each other (each person’s true self is love, unified self).

We did this to ourselves; no one else did this to us. The secret of salvation is the realization that individually and collectively we did this to ourselves, we brought our suffering to ourselves by wishing for separation from our unified self.

A mistake must be accepted before it is corrected. As long as one has not accepted an error as ones responsibility, one cannot change it. To return to God, each of us must consciously accept that he made a mistake in seeking separated self and give up that wish and return to unified self.

To experience love, we must return to love. We do so by loving all people and loving God. In the temporal universe, to love entails to overlook what other people do, to forgive other people and yourself our wrong doings.

The children of love, God, union, can only be happy when they are in love with one another, when they love one another and when they love their creator as he eternally loves them. We are part of union and are only at home in unified state.

In separation we are in alien land and feel unhappy. When we begin the journey homewards to unified state, to God, to love, we begin to experience peace and happiness (peace, happiness and love are the same, one cannot exist with the other).

We are at home only in love; when we are not in love we feel like strangers and are unhappy.

Do you want to be peaceful and happy? If yes, please love all the people around you and if they do bad things to you forgive them and teach them how to do good things.

Posted by Administrator at April 3, 2006 11:51 PM


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