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April 17, 2006

Terrorism in Everyday Living

by Ozodi Thomas Osuji, Ph.D. (Seatle, Washington) --- I look at myself objectively. In that light, I see a separated self, an ego housed by body that wants to live on planet earth. My ego wants to live so badly that it is perpetually afraid of death and anything that would bring about its death.

(Please note that I said my ego self is afraid of death. There is another self to us, our real self, unified, as opposed to separated ego self. The real self does not fear death for it knows itself to be immortal.)

Are you different from me? Probably not. As I see it, all that life on earth is, is the separated self, the ego, trying to live and fearing to die. We have a strong desire to live and a strong fear of death.
In fact, just about everything that we do on earth seems motivated by our desire to live at all costs. We eat food to maintain our bodies so that they survive and live for however long it is possible for the human body to live (may be 120 years?); we take medications to prevent diseases that could harm and eventually kill us; we wear clothes to protect us from the vagaries of inclement weather so that we would live; we live in houses and other forms of shelter so that we would survive for long….if you lived in the sub-arctic winter weather of Alaska and did not live indoors for 24 hours you would probably freeze to death. We work to earn the means of sustaining our ego-body lives.
Simply stated, everything we do on earth seem motivated by our underlying desire to survive. Even such seeming purely abstract activities as doing research in the pure and applied sciences are really motivated by our desire to live and our fear of harm and death.
Why understand what the sun is and how it works? Just curiosity? Probably curiosity plus the belief that if we understand how the sun works, we would better use it to improve our lives on earth. Why do we construct elaborate buildings, bridges, cars, airplanes etc? We probably do so to make our lives on earth more comfortable hence sustained.

Where am I going with all these seeming truisms, have not Charles Darwin and evolutionary biologists already tell us that life on earth is a struggle for living, and a struggle for the survival of the fittest?
And what have these questions got to do with the theme of this essay: terrorism in everyday living?
Have patience.


Terrorists are individuals who deeply appreciate that human beings are motivated to live at all costs and fear harm, death and dying. They, therefore, understand that if they randomly killed a few persons that they would arouse fear of death in the rest of the people. Now afraid for their lives, the rest of the people would easily do what the terrorists want them to do so as to avoid getting killed.
Terrorists use intimidation to get people to accept their points of views, and at the political level, their desired social policies. (See further reading list.)


If people did not desire to live at all costs and did not fear death, would terrorists be able to intimidate them and get them to do what they want them to do?
If the individual accepts death and is willing to die at any moment, clearly, other people would not be able to get him to kowtow to their points of views out of fear of what they might do to him.
We had and still have slavery in the world because human beings are afraid of harm and death. The slave master is usually a sadistic person and understands that the slave is a masochistic person. If you threaten to kill the slave, given his desire to live at all costs, he would obey you. Perhaps, he would have hope for a better future. He would think that perhaps tomorrow the slave master would have pity on him and not enslave him. But as long as he is afraid of death, the slave master would threaten to kill him and he would do as the slave master asks him to do.
It is only when the slave, or, at least, some of them, decides to accept death instead of accepting slavery, and defies the slave master, and insists on his personal freedom even if that means being killed that the slave master would release him. In fact, the easiest way for the slave to obtain freedom is for him to fight the slave master, and even if the master keeps kills some slaves, the slaves keep fighting him. Out of fear for his own survival, the slave master releases the determined slave.

Generally, oppressors do not give freedom to the oppressed because they are nice persons but because of their own self interests: their desire to live. If the oppressed act to kill the oppressor, or threaten to kill him, out of desire to live, the oppressor would give in to the demands of the oppressed.
That is to say that human beings do not owe their freedom to the goodness of their fellow human beings but to their willingness to fight for their freedom. If black Americans did not fight for their freedom, white Americans would probably still be enslaving them or would re-enslave them tomorrow; if Africans did not fight for their freedom in Mauritania and Sudan, Arabs would continue to enslave them. The phenomenon of slavery is world wide, for slavery existed in all races and up to a point still exists in all of them. (Pimps, all over the world, enslave prostitutes; prostitutes permit their slavery because of fear of harm and death in the hands of their sadistic pimps.)

Most people probably understand what terrorism is at the larger scale, that is, they are aware that there are religious fundamentalists and monolithic, authoritarian and totalitarian states that are willing to kill other people, those who they perceive as not accepting their position. Most people understand that some religious fanatics are willing to strap bombs around themselves and come to the West and blow themselves up if in the process they killed many persons and instilled fear in the rest of the population and in so doing swayed public policy in the terrorists favor.

The terrorist wants to kill people in a random act of violence so that most people would think that it could be their turn next time around. If the terrorist blew himself up in a bus, for example, the next time one is boarding a bus one fears doing so, for it would occur to one that there may be a terrorist on board who could blow himself and one up to smithereens. Perhaps, one would rather not take the bus; perhaps, one would now prefer to drive and pay the higher price of gas provided ones life is protected? In effect, the terrorist has made one to change ones behavior.
The terrorist hopes to use his random acts of violence to affect political and social policies and to get those policies to reflect his desired goals.

Whereas most people probably understand terrorism globally, they may not understand that terrorism operates in everyday life, albeit subtly. Let me therefore cite some examples from my personal experience.
About a year ago, I joined an internet forum. I observed the bantering going on. I ventured with some of my own opinions. Before I know it, this character warned me to desist from expressing my points of views. He insisted that his own views are the correct one. So, I began to pay attention to his views. What became apparent is that his views are rather childish and uninformed. In fact, his mental development seems not much more than that of an adolescent. He writes in a grandiloquent manner calculated to impress other people with his erudition when it would be better to write in simple prose. Good writers understand the purpose of writing: communicating ideas to other people, and understand that the simpler ones words are the better they are understood by other people.
As Alfred Adler reminded us, persons who feel inferior and want to seem superior in other people’s eyes often resort to using big words in their efforts to impress other people with their imaginary existential importance.
This particular member of the forum insisted that members of the forum accept his idiotic points of views. If one opposed him, he would go do investigation on ones past and if he sees anything that, in his opinion, is negative in one, he posts it on the internet.

My precocious daughter had rough teenage years. At one point she refused to go to school. I thought that she was going to waste her brains and did everything in my power to get her to return to school. She wanted to skip school and I insisted that she must go to school, and we got into an altercation. Apparently, she felt that I was tough on her and filed a no contact order on me. Obviously, she did this to get me off her case, so that she would do as she pleased. Of course, I was not about to allow her to get her way and drop out of school and did what I had to do to get her to pay attention to her studies. (I insisted on discipline and she resisted but eventually came around to appreciate it. She is now grateful to me for being firm, consistent and loving. We are now the best of friends.)
In the meantime, there is a public record that this order was filed against me. This is the only legal issue in my background. The internet bully that wanted everybody to accept his infantile views dug up that court record and posted it on the Internet.
(I understand that another person, a supposed lawyer, a possible Nigerian 419 criminal masquerading as an attorney, obtained the material for him. This man was in jail; he was arrested for domestic violence and he came crying to me for help. I have taught anger management classes and gave him some pointers on taking responsibility for his behaviors and not blaming his wife for his issues. In the process, I told him that when my daughter was fourteen years old that she refused to go to school and that I insisted and that she had filed a no contact order on me. Apparently, when this criminal felt that he could benefit from this information he went to the County Court House, presented himself as working on my behalf and got it and used it for his own intentions. For this misrepresentation, a felony, he could go to jail. If I take the matter seriously and insist on punishment, he is going to be punished for his unprofessional, unethical and illegal behavior.
Criminals are terrorists, after all they use intimidation to arouse fear in folks and out of fear get them to part with their property. This Nigerian 419 criminal supposedly loves his tribal members yet he was opportunistic enough to give the material to the internet bully, whom his tribal members hate, to post. In effect, he used the Internet bully for his own private agenda, as that bully used him for his own agenda. Criminals have no honor and, sooner or later, these two nefarious characters will duke it out among themselves.)
What was he trying to do? He, apparently, believed that by posting what seemed to him a negative mark on me that he would instill fear in me and that out of fear I would no longer challenge his idiotic views. This clown even looked into where he believed that I went to school to see if I told lies and, if so, to tell the public about it. He called the school and requested information on me and they would not tell him. He posted on the Web that he called my supposed school and that they would not tell him anything about me and that that raises doubt as to whether I went to school there or not.

I asked myself: why does this man want to know whether I went to school or not, what business of his is it? It certainly never crossed my mind to think about where he went to school, for I could care less; what matters to me is what he did in the here and now, not his past. Even if a fellow has all the degrees in this world, I will judge his behavior, not those credentials. So why does this ape of a person not judge people’s behaviors and not be a voyeur trying to dig up dirt from their background?
He is probably doing what he is doing for he believes that if he dug up negative materials from ones background that he would use them to blackmail and intimidate one into kowtowing to his childish views. In effect, this chap is a terrorist.
Psychologically, the man has paranoid personality disorder. He is full of hostility towards other people and attacks people and fears that they would counter attack him. Fearing their potential attack, he hides from them. He interacts with a false name and hides where he lives for fear that those he attacked would get to him and put a bullet into his unproductive life and put him out of his paranoid existence.
In his paranoia, he feels that his half baked ideas are the correct ones and if you disagree with him his grandiose self feels demeaned by you and he feels angry and acts out.

Paranoids are acutely aware of their existential littleness and fear being further belittled and demeaned. They devote most of their activities to trying to seem important. They believe that other people are like them, seek importance and fear being demeaned. Believing that people fear being demeaned, they set out to demean and disgrace other people.
While they are engaged in this obvious paranoid behavior, they do not want other people to recognize what they are doing as mentally disordered. They do not want any one to recognize their paranoia.
This man is clearly paranoid but does not want any one to know that fact, for he fears that if people knew it that they would see his convoluted writings as gibberish, which they are.
He perceives me as the person who is capable of exposing his insanity, hence dispose people not to take his writings seriously, and, therefore, wants to cast aspersion on me. He seeks to discredit me, for by doing so, he feels that he gets people not to believe my perception of him hence see him as saying relevant things. That way he maintains his apparent paranoia.
Paranoids generally deny that they are paranoid. They seldom go to therapists to seek help. In fact, they are more likely to see the therapists that they eventually get sent by law enforcement agencies as the sick ones. (Yes, we are all relatively sick; accepting ones own sickness is condition for becoming healthy, not denying it, as paranoids do and retain their mental illness).
Paranoid persons deny their paranoia and want other people to seem the ones with mental health issues (all of us do, normal persons accept their issues and deal with them, not deny them to maintain phony appearance of health).
It is very difficult to help paranoid persons. Many therapists give up on them and don’t even bother trying to help them.
You cannot help a person who does not even see himself as sick.
One must first accept ones sickness and go to a healer for one to be healed. If one denies ones sickness one cannot be healed.
This man ought to be grateful to me for pointing out his malady, but in typical paranoid vein, he spends his time and energy trying to discredit me rather than go sick treatment for his malady, a malady that is apparent to all his fellow forumites. (If he were normal he would write me a letter of apology; but one does not expect a sick person to do the right thing; he must defend his systematized false beliefs, so as to seem right in his deluded mind; to the paranoid he is right and other people are always wrong.)
The paranoid has the delusion that he can hide his illness when he is like a naked emperor seen for what he is by all persons. Just about all the persons on this internet forum know that this man has mental health issues. What else could make him seem to derive perverted joy from humiliating people? Healthy persons do their best to uplift people, not put them down.
This man revels in putting other people down and is sooner or later suspended from every Internet groups he joins. And it does not occur to him to ask why he is suspended. In his mind it is not his fault but other people’s fault that he is suspended. It is the fault of those who suspend him, not his fault. He blames them for everything, just as he blames other people for whatever is wrong in his life.
Paranoids generally do not have insight into why they do what they do and why things happen to them as they do. They are so motivated to seem perfect, ideal and powerful that they must rationalize their weaknesses, and see other people as responsible for whatever is wrong in their lives.
In blaming other people, they manage to retain their false grandiose self concept and self image, to maintain their madness.
It is only when the individual accepts that he makes mistakes and, as such, is imperfect that he can realize that it is not always other people’s fault that things go wrong for him.
This man is kicked out of the forums he belonged because he is obnoxious and insults other people and they do not like that. But, then, as a grandiose false god he assumes the right to degrade other people, but not for them to degrade him. The right he gives to himself he does not give to other people.
Actually this man lives in hell; a man who has to hide his identity and address from fear of other peoples attack is a lily livered coward and, as we all know, cowards die many times before their physical death.
The man is a dead man, a ghost, a phantom who makes noises from his grave yard. He needs to heal his paranoia, shrink his swollen ego, become resurrected from his death and hell (to live in ego state, hence live in fear, is to be dead and to be in hell, for to live in fear is to live in hell).

The man is exactly like Adolf Hitler in personality structure. Both are men with marginal education, men who did some independent reading and developed infantile ideas that to their minds seem true and they want the rest of the world to accept them as true. If other people accepted their foolish ideas as true they felt existentially important and if not accepted they felt belittled.
If you disagree with paranoid characters they feel humiliated, belittled, disgraced, degraded and to rehabilitate their infantile narcissism they try to demean you by digging up what seems to them unpleasant material from your background. (See list for further reading.)
This man, apparently, believes that human beings could be demeaned and does not realize that fully functioning persons could care less what other peopled say bout them and do not feel demeaned. I certainly do not feel humiliated by anything the gorilla could say about me. I know who I am; my self esteem is not dependent on external evaluation of my goodness or lack of it.

This man is a paranoid and terrorist, as was Adolf Hitler. He is so because he wants to use intimidation to control the behavior of those who disagree with him. He wants to arouse fear in people hoping that out of fear that they would do as he wants them to do.
(Because this man has posted this material on me, he adds me to the list of people who presumably are out to get him and hides some more. He lives in darkness hiding from his shadows. Of course, I am not out to get him. If I had interests in him, it would be to recommend that he go seek treatment. His physician could give him any of the neuroleptics and that would clear his deluded thinking processes. In the meantime, he acts like the classical paranoid character: he attacks people and thinks that people are out to attack him. He gets people angry at him by his immature behaviors…would any one have respect for a man who did what he did…and he does not realize that he is the one who makes people angry at him; he thinks that it is the other way round. This is called self fulfilling prophecy in paranoia. He needs to change his thinking patterns and cognitive behavior therapy, by Aaron Beck and or Albert Ellis, would greatly help him, assuming that he wants to be helped. As a paranoid, he probably prefers his grandiose thinking, for it makes him feel like he is god, an insane false god.)
Of course, he was not able to control my behavior, for I could care less what he posts on the internet about me. I do not permit other people’s views of me to deter me from doing what I know is right. In fact, if you pointed a gun at me and asked me to do what I believe is wrong, I would tell you to go right ahead and kill me. In Los Angeles, a mugger once pointed a gun at me and I simply told him to do as he pleased.
I have examined my life and understand that it is me who desires to live and who fears death; therefore, I can choose not to desire to live hence not fear death. I accept death as my reality and in that frame of mind will not permit any one to intimidate me into doing what he wants me to do out of fear of harm and death. I say: kill me now, and let us get it over with.


This man’s behavior got me thinking about how human beings act in a terrorist manner without being called terrorists. Most people understand the terrorist as the individual who, for political reasons, kills randomly to instill fear in other people and out of fear they do his will, or as the state, such as the former Soviet Union, that used terror to intimidate a whole population into accepting its foolish socialist ideology or else get arrested, tortured and or killed.

What many people do not appreciate is that most uncivilized human beings are capable of terrorism or are actual terrorists. It is civilization that socializes people out of their terrorist tendencies.

A human being is a separated self, an ego; he is motivated to survive at all costs and fears death.
Psychologically, most human beings want to seem to matter to existence. They have a desire to be somebody important, special, worthwhile and valuable.
Why do people seek a sense of worth? Generally, nature does not treat human beings as if they matter. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanoes, draughts, plague of virus, fungus and bacteria (germs) randomly kill human beings. At the social level, each of us has the capacity to kill others; you can kill me and I can kill you, if either of us chooses to do so. Simply stated, nature does not seem to have any special regard for human beings. As far as nature is concerned people are no more important than other animals and trees, they are dispensable. An earthquake destroys human beings as it destroys dogs. The recent (2004) tsunami in East Asia killed an estimated 200, 000 people, without regard for whatever value that they may think that they have.

Because nature (and in some cases society) does not have regard for peoples worth, the only social worth people have is the one that they confer on themselves.

Self conferred worth is not existential worth; it is make belief worth. So you think that you are important, eh? Any one can put a bullet into your head and you die and rot like all other animals do and smell to high heaven. Human beings have no self evident worth that we all can verify.

Yet, apparently, no human being can live unless he has positive self regard. Human beings everywhere struggle to seem special, worthwhile, valuable and important in their eyes and in the eyes of their fellow human beings. They do all sorts of things to make themselves seem like they are very important persons, VIPs.
But we all know that our worth is made up, for that which can be destroyed and die cannot have worth.
The human body can be destroyed at any time and, eventually will die, so it cannot possibly have intrinsic worth. The human body is not more than dressed up feces. As the good book, Bible, observed, human bodies are white sepulchers.

In pursuit of physical survival and psychological importance, albeit false importance, people act violently towards other people. The terrorist wants to seem important and destroys those that he perceives as not recognizing his worth. The Internet bully mentioned above feels insignificant and wants to seem significant. He posits nonsensical ideas and wants you to accept them and if you do not accept them his false pride feels injured and he acts to destroy you. His whole life is motivated to engage in character assassination: he believes that it is possible to destroy other people’s characters.
Poor fellow, he does not recognize that you can only seem to destroy another person’s character if he believes that his character can be destroyed.
It is those who have false pride that fear humiliation. If you are humble, and accept yourself as you are, ordinary, nothing others do can make you lose self respect.
What this man did actually made me to study him rather than feel my self esteem threatened. Neither he nor any other human being can threaten my self esteem for I know who I am: an ordinary human being. I know that I have no existential worth and do not pretend to have a worth that nature does not give to biological organisms.
I understand that he is a sick person and that there is nothing that I can do to change him. Only he can heal him; it is not for me or any other person to heal him.
He can heal himself when he understands that human worth cannot be predicated on the ego and the body that houses it, but on belief in a higher power, God.


I noted that nature does not seem to have regard for people. That does not mean that human begins do not have worth. Human beings have total worth, not in their egos and bodies, but in God.
In formless self, the unified self that we all share with God, we have total grandeur and magnificence.
In ego (individuated, separated self-concept and self image) and body we are nothing, but in God we all things.
To obtain the magnificence of God, the individual must relinquish the false worth and value he gave to himself, he must extinguish his ego’s false worth and embrace the already there worth that our creator, God, gave us. Real worth lays in God and his son, Christ, not in our imaginary egos and its bodies.
The paranoid ego is not receptive to belief in God. The paranoid is man per excellence; he is in competition with God. He sees God as all powerful and man as powerless; he wants to kill God and replace him, usurp his creative throne and power. The paranoid is playing God and fancies himself the creator of himself, creator of other people, creator of the world and creator of God. He does not believe in God because he does not want to accept that God created him and that he did not create himself and God.
It is the authority and authorship question: who created us, God or us? Healthy persons know that God created them but paranoids want to create themselves hence do not believe in God.
The man in question has superficial belief that convinces him that there is no God, and calls himself an atheist. No rational person can see the wondrousness in the universe without appreciating that there is an intelligent creative force in it and bow to that force. Healthy persons are humble persons but paranoid persons are proud, vain, haughty and narcissistic. They are infantile persons playing God; they are like mouse believing itself mightier than the sun.


Many human beings are terrorists without recognizing that they are so. If you insist that other people accept your point of view or else you attack it, reject them, fire them from their jobs and do other bad things to them, you are a terrorist.
The husband who insists that his wife do only what he says or else he abuses her, physically or verbally, is a terrorist.
The parent who insists that his children do only what he wants or else he punishes them is a terrorist.
The employer who insists on absolute obedience from his employees and fires them when they disobey him is a terrorist.
The acquaintance/friend who accepts one only when one accepts his point of view and rejects one when one disagrees with him is a terrorist.

Terrorism exists whenever the individual insists that other people do what he wants them to do or else he does some negative thing to them. Whenever the individual manipulates human tendency to fear and arouses fear in people so as to get them to do what he wants them to do he is acting like a terrorist.
I once had a job and the employer told me to do a certain thing “or else”, and I completed the sentence for him: “you fire me”? I said to him, go ahead and fire me, better yet, I quit. He could not control me with his terrorist method for keeping his employees in line.
I can only exist in an atmosphere of liberty where all persons are free to pursue the truth, as they see it, and be themselves, be who they truly are, and do their own things, provided that they do not hurt other people.

Pure reason tells me that if I hurt other people that they have a right to defend themselves, which includes hurting me in return. If one does not want to be attacked by others one should not attack others.
If one does not want to be killed by other people, one should not kill other persons.
If you hurt others, in my book, they have a right to hurt you in return; if you kill another human being, in my book, society, representing the people, has a right to kill you. I whole heartedly support capital punishment; I see no reason why murderers should be allowed to live. And I support killing killers not because I am afraid of death; no, I have already accepted my own death, but because one has no right to prevent those who want to live from doing so.

Human beings have strong desires to live in their bodies for as long as is possible. Each of them seems afraid to die.
Though the individual would prefer to cooperate with other people for their mutual benefits and survival, when push comes to shove, each person would rather survive at the expense of other people? This is the ugly truth of all animals’ life, human beings included. As Thomas Hobbes observed in his seminal book, Leviathan, and Adam did in his book, Wealth of Nations, all animal organisms seem motivated by self interests. In pursuit of their self interests they seem capable of hurting, even killing other people.
The human beings that I see with my two naked eyes are selfish to the core and will sacrifice the individual for their own personal good.


The individual has a primitive ego self; that self wants to survive at all costs and to seem important at all costs.
The function of culture and civilization is to, right from birth, gradually shape the ego separated individual self and make it caring for not only the individual but all people.
A civilized and humanized person cares for himself and for those around him.

Religion, philosophy etc are instruments for civilizing the human ego separated self.

Traditional societies had less developed religions hence their people tended to be more primitive than modern man. The religions of Africa, Papua New Guinea, Pre-Christian Europe, and Pre-Christian America were primitive religions that did not civilize the people.
The primitive self in primitive societies felt powerful when it killed other people. In head hunting society’s people felt godlike in power when they chopped off other people’s heads.
In certain head hunting African tribes, manhood was judged by how many heads a man chopped off.
Obviously, in such society’s religion had not played an effective role in civilizing people, which means getting people to respect other people’s lives.
Christianity civilized European savages and made them respect human life, the much respect that they confer on people. Without Christianity, Europeans would still be running around chopping other people’s heads off and glorifying in doing so (such as giving themselves military honors).

In my observation Asians, particularly Hindus, tend to be the most gentle and civilized human beings on earth. I think that the reason that they are more civilized than the rest of us is their religion.
I cannot see a Hindu or Buddhist feeling powerful from chopping off other people’s heads. Hinduism and Buddhism teach respect for all lives and compassion for suffering humanity.
Hinduism and Buddhism teach people to shrink their swollen ego selves and to eventually eradicate them. Hinduism believes that we have a different self from the self that we are currently conscious of. We are currently conscious of the ego self, the separated self which Hinduism believes is a false self. Our real self is spirit, called Atman, in Christian terminology, the Christ self; in my language, the unified self. Hinduism aims at the extinguishment of the ego separated self (in meditation when Samadhi or Nirvana is attained). The purpose of Hinduism is to encourage people to give up their attachment to the sensual empirical world and return to the formless spiritual world of God.
When the individual is no longer attached to this world and its things and is not attracted by them, Hinduism and Buddhism believe that when he dies that he has broken the wheel of rebirth and would no longer reincarnate on earth.
The real self, the Atman, knows that it is one with the eternal formless Brahman and does not return to the world of forms where those who forget their real selves, the world of illusions come to dream that they are who they are not. They are unified with God and each other but dream that they are separated from God and from each other.

One must, however, warn that Hinduism’s insistence on selflessness, though theologically sound, can be exploited. Fascists and socialists, the twin evils that ravaged twentieth century mankind, also insisted that we not pay attention to the individual self. Both wanted to do away with the ego. Both detest studying the ego self (as in individual psychology), for they would rather concentrate on the collective self, the state.
Fascism under Mussolini and Hitler saw people as instruments of the leader, Fuhreprinz, and the state to be used to fight his wars and die for the state. Fascism wants the individual to sacrifice his life for the state and its leader and feel good from doing so. His life is supposed to only have meaning if it is devoted to doing what the state wants him to do. This is perversion of the religious truth of transforming the self centered self to a social interest serving self.
Socialism, under Stalin, in the USSR, eschewed the separated self, individualism, and emphasized the collective self. The self became a spoke in Stalin’s giant wheel, used by the monolithic and totalitarian state as it pleases.
We must not respond to the separated ego self in a cavalier manner. We must study and understand the ego self and straighten it out, make it as Jesus Christ taught us to do, a loving self, a self we use in reconnecting with other selves. In the meantime, folks must be weary of secular humanist ideologies that encourage them to do away with their ego selves, for they could be misused to enslave folks, as socialists and fascists do. Even religion has been known to misuse its insistence on selflessness to enslave human beings so that they live to chant only what the leaders of the religious sect want them to believe. We must embrace individualism, the separated ego self housed in body, but refine it to serve the common good, as the individual understands it, not as other people, not as the state and its leaders, tell him that it is.

How about Islam? Islam began with its founder, Mohammed, fighting to impose his religion on those who opposed him, whom he called infidels. That path has continued to the present. Islam is a fighting religion.
If you are dealing with Muslims, have your sword ready, or else they will use the sword to convert you to their religion. You do not want to be sentimental about these things; you have to face reality as it is, not as you wish that it become.


I think that human beings in the state of nature are terrorists. It is religion and or philosophy that make them less terrorist. In their natural state, each of them wants to survive physically and have his psychological self, the ego, prevail over other people. Each of them wants to be better than other people and in pursuit of that chimera of importance may kill other people, those who oppose him. Natural man is a terrorist.
What this means is that we must cultivate those religions and philosophies that give people the impression that they ought to care for one another. Those secular humanists who want to do away with religion just do not know what they are doing.
Without religion and sound philosophy how are we going to shrink folk’s swollen egos and civilize them? Adolf Hitler used pure thinking to convince himself that all people are fearful and egoistical and that if he could become the most egotistical person, by clobbering his rivals, that he would be obeyed. He succeeded, at least for a while before others seeking their own ego interests clobbered him to death.
If you carry a big stick and do not hesitate using it on other people, they will obey you. We have slaves to attest to that fact.
I believe that all people, in some degrees, are terrorists. We must, therefore, seek ways to humanize people’s egos and make them respect all people’s rights to liberty.
We should never be sentimental in dealing with human beings, for in dealing with people we are dealing with potential terrorists. If we are sentimental we live to pay a heavy price; the destruction of our liberty, and our enslavement.
Hit the terrorist hard; if necessary, go to war with him and kill him before he kills you. George Bush is correct in declaring war against terrorists; it is the only way to maintain our liberty.
If the terrorists attack us, we must counter attack them. The alternative is liberal, environmental sentimentality that does not accept the evil nature of human beings.
As I see it, we are born as asocial savages; in Christian terms we are born in sin and need salvation. We separated from God, and that is what sin is all about. We must return to God; we must rejoin God and all people and that is what salvation is all about.
To rejoin God we must live like God. God is love and we must love to come to God. We must give up separation and reconnect to our true self, unified with all creation.
In secular language, only proper socialization civilizes us. When socialization fails, people resort to their earthly, post separated terrorist nature.
It is possible to re-socialize terrorists and teach them Jesus Christ’s religion of love, so that they love all people rather than harm people. But in the here and now reality, we must be realistic in dealing with human beings, for they are potential terrorists.
While paying attention to state or religion sponsored terrorists, we must also pay attention to the terrorists around us. We must keep our eyes on those who insist that we do as they ask us to do or else they attack, degrade or even kill us, for they are terrorists in our everyday living. These every day terrorists are as dangerous as state sponsored terrorists; we must checkmate them; in fact, we must redirect their behaviors or punish them to teach them that no human being has a right to use terror to get others to do his will.


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April 14, 2006

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