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September 12, 2005

Sadomasochism and America's Future, Part II

by Ozodi Thomas Osuji (Seatle Washington) --- What does abuse of jailed black youngsters mean? It hardens them, and makes them disenchanted with their country. They become disengaged from their society, and live on the fringes of it. They become potential soldiers, awaiting a strong leader to mobilize, and organize them against the state.

So many young African Americans are disenfranchised and angry at their society that when a sustained push is made on that polity, it would find out that it has few friends defending it. (It is the poor that join the army and fight to defend the rich, it was the poor Germans that joined the Roman army and defended the Roman patricians in their gilded palaces, just as today, it is poor whites and blacks, that join the American military, and defend the rich neo-conservative whites who talk big about war, but when push comes to shove, chicken, and run into National Guards, where they hide out the war, and then come to power, and use other peoples children to fight their reckless wars.)

In the international scene, the all-powerful sole superpower is alienating just about every person, even its hitherto European allies. The arrogance of white America is incredible; in fact, it borders on the psychotic. Here are people, who on individual level, are no better than other persons, but for historical accident, cannot really compete with folks from many parts of the world. But as the arrogant superpower, they feel justified in telling you what to do. You humor them, and pretend to go along with their idiocy, bidding your time until you feel able to fight back. The world is currently humoring Americans, and they think that they are respected. Sooner or latter, they would find out that many people consider them as clowns masquerading as supermen.

In the meantime, the clowns are spending themselves into bankruptcy, trying to seem powerful. They practically devote half of their annual budget to military matters, while ignoring what matters most, health insurance and education for their people. To finance their overseas military adventurism, they engage in deficit financing, and borrow heavily from other countries particularly Japan and Germany. Should their creditors decide to call in their debts, the empire would collapse?

As for the weapons of mass destruction that America is accumulating and trying to prevent others from having, that too is a misguided effort. History shows that every weapon, ever developed by man sooner or later, becomes available to all men. By the time this century is over, all countries will probably have weapons of mass destruction, despite America’s efforts to check their spread?

America’s efforts to check the spreading of weapons of mass destruction is done out of its self-interests not global interests. It wants to be the only one having such weapons so as to be able to intimidate others into doing what it wants done. It wants to enjoy the terrorist’s rights to intimidate other folks, but those folks know what it is doing, and humor it, until they are ready to stand up to it.

The final delusion is the belief that if America possesses anti ballistic missiles defenses that it would be able to intercept other countries missile attacks on it in mid air, hence prevent them from harming America. If we assume that it is possible to develop anti ballistic missiles, history shows that in a short order, other countries would do the same, and we will be back to square one.

(Americans would like to think that they are mature and able to handle nuclear weapons, and that others are not adult enough to have the responsibility of possessing nuclear weapons. Good God. Let it just be stated that many non-Americans consider Americans a childish breed of humanity. Field Marshal Montgomery spoke for all of us when he said that we tolerate the newest barbarians, out of pragmatic necessity, not respect.)

In the not too distant future, all countries that desire them will have nuclear weapons. Those of them that hate America, like Arab Moslems, would not hesitate using them on America. Arabs are angry at America for supporting Israel, in its wars with Palestinians.

Americans know that its detractors would not hesitate using those weapons on it. That is why they are currently trying to either bribe or cajole North Korea and Iran into relinquishing their nuclear programs.

(The rational alternative course of action is for all countries, including America, to mutually agree to destroy all weapons of mass destruction. As long as one country has the weapons to clubber others, they cannot feel secure until they are able to match her. Political realists of the balance of power school tell us that much. These same realists also tell us that once the genie is out of the bottle, that you cannot put it back. Nuclear weapons are here to stay. All we can do is, like men, prepare to die at any moment, rather than pretend that we can wish away what can destroy us. Death is inevitable, and no one should fear it. We must still live our lives as if death is not around the corner. That is the warrior’s philosophy: live fully, aware that one could die, at any moment.)

America has a delightful delusion. It, in fact, expects those it abuses to see it as innocent and respect it. Indeed, it expects them to see their intolerable fate as their own faults, rather than the fault of their abusers. Thus, Americans abuse blacks, deny them jobs, tell them that they are an inferior people and actually believe that blacks would accept this nonsense, and blame themselves for their unenviable state in America.

Why are you, a black American, unemployed? It is because you are an unintelligent black person, whites hope that blacks would tell themselves. Their whole propaganda machine is aimed at convincing blacks that it is their faults that they are poor in America. Something must be wrong with them if they cannot make it in God’s (or is it Devil’s) own country, in the land of equal opportunity?

(There is equal opportunity in America, all right; it is for white persons. Asians are often cited as making it in America, hence evidence that there is equal opportunity in America. A closer look, however, shows that Asians are denied access to political positions. They make it in technical professions like medicine, engineering, accounting etc, but should they dare aim to break into political and managerial arenas, where decisions are made regarding what Harold Lasswell calls who gets what, when and why, they are discriminated against, as much as blacks are. When the so-called model minority asks his master to share power, he suddenly becomes not so model, any more.)

Any body discriminated against knows who is discriminating, hence abusing him. Every unemployed black man in America knows why he is unemployed, racism and discrimination. Of course, in the nature of things his own specific character plays some role in his situation, but in the final analysis, it is the social structure that determines an individual's life chances. (Many black persons have personalities that refuse to kowtow to America’s social order. The oppositional defiant type may choose to stay out of America’s corporate and bureaucratic structure.)

These days, white folks would like to believe that discrimination is a thing of the past. As they see it, America is now heaven on earth. In so far that black folks are unable to secure jobs they would like you to believe that it is because of their faults. On the other hand, if you listen to black folks, they talk about what the “man” does to them. They talk about walking into rooms where they are invited for interviews and notice changes in the interviewers' faces upon recognizing that the candidate is a black person. Those of them with African or different sounding names, tell you that white employers see their names and throw away their letters of applications, without bothering to find out whether they are qualified or not.

I am familiar with the university scene; so let me tell you about it. Universities will before hand decide that they want one black person around, and go hire one. Having satisfied their need for a token black they find ways not to hire other blacks. They, in fact, would go out of their way to invite black candidates for interviews, but hire white ones, so as to tell the various affirmative action monitoring bodies, that they made vigorous efforts to find qualified black persons, but could not find any. They compile phony statistics on their efforts and submit them to their funding agencies, and hope that they have satisfied the rules of the game, and do not need to hire blacks.

As they see it, blacks are seldom intelligent enough to teach at white universities. In fact, many of them believe that the presence of black faculty lowers the perception of their school as academically rigorous. They believe that white students and their parents would not come to schools where there are too many black instructors, for they would think that such schools are not up to par with those with overwhelming white faculty. (Interestingly, the supposedly rigorous and qualified white faculty graduate students who are essentially functioning at high school levels.)

White America does whatever it could to damage black folks’ self-esteem, and self-confidence. They have so rejected black Americans that the latter came to believe that they are not good enough and doubt themselves. The racist society has damaged the Negro. But the smart black person knows better than to listen to the feedback he receives from insane white racists, and finds ways to convince himself that he is not the problem, but the solution. The problem is with the racist apes he is dealing with.

There is no doubt that America has made some headways towards ameliorating gross racism, but to say that racism is a thing of the past, is to beg the issue. At any rate, most black persons know when they are been discriminated. Even the “ass kissing Uncle Tom types”, the so-called black conservatives (what are these fools conserving, are they conserving the society that oppresses them?) know that they are living in a racist society. These sambos get on TV, or write in newspapers about America the paradise, but in the privacy of their homes, talk about the issue of racism.

Actually, some of these conservative brothers are so sick, that they joined their oppressors, and partake in oppressing their own brothers. They are like the Jewish Kapot in nazi concentration camps, who were more oppressive than SS guards. These self-hating Negroes find every opportunity to criticize black persons, and to punish them so as to please their white masters, hoping that the latter would throw some crumbs to them.

(If you are interested in the psychology of oppressed persons, see such writings as Kardiner and Oversay, The Mark of Oppression; Thomas Pittigrew, A Profile of the Negro American; Karon, The Negro Personality; Franklin Frazier, The Negro Middle Class; Franz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth, Black Skin White Mask; Albert Memmi, The Colonizer and the Colonized; Stanley Elkin’s Sambo; Ommanini, Prospero and Caliban, the Psychology of Oppressed People; Kenneth Clark’s studies of Negro children choosing white dolls over black ones; etc.)

Racism and discrimination are alive in the devil’s own country, and we all know it. The sad part of this phenomenon is that, it prevents white folks from coming close enough to black persons, to know them as they are. White folks do not know who black persons are. They have their caricatures of who they think that blacks are. Just read David Duke, and learn that blacks have only one leg or one arm, in addition to been unintelligent. The grandiose god, Duke, believes that he has a right to decide the fate of black people, whether they exist or die. Reading him is like reading Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and Secret Talks edited by Trevor Roper, as the psychopathic god talks about what he would do with eastern Europeans, once he conquers Russia. He’d kill most of them, keep some alive to serve their supposed masters, Germans, and prevent them from going to school so that they would not challenge their masters. Of course, he’d take over their lands and give it to their superior Aryan race…. the man was so deluded in his grandiosity, that it is a wonder that people followed his leadership at all.

The racist assumes the right to decide for black persons; it never occurs to him that black persons have minds, and can decide things for themselves. Such is the nature of psychosis.

Historically, white America has not cared for black America. In this light, white America is self centered and narcissistic; it uses others for its own good while seeking admiration and attention from those it is exploiting. Like the narcissistic personality they are, white Americans would like black persons to see them as very important persons, indeed, as godlike persons. (Actually the Africans I know of see white Americans as childlike, immature and foolish. But for America’s technology, Americans would learn that they are held in contempt by a great many people out there.)

The great thinkers on the nature of man, Thomas Hobbes and Adam Smith, told us that man, is by nature, self-interested, and if he can, uses other people for his own good. In which case, there is no reason why a white person should care for black persons. Whites being self-centered creatures are only obligated to care for themselves. As Edward Wilson in his social biology writes, people have selfish genes, and care for their offspring out of a desire to preserve their selfish genes, not because of their loving nature.

If one posits religion and says that God asks us to care for one another, a cynic could ask: how much does God himself care for people? Where was God when Africans were enslaved and abused in America? Where is God as the powerful abuse and oppress the weak, all over the world? Some skeptics, particularly the atheistic type, feel annoyed at the mere mention of God, and ask that he be taken out of the political discourse.

In Africa itself, African politicians seem not to care for their people’s welfare. In pursuit of personal interests, African leaders steal from the public treasury, and have made a mess of their economies. Man is a self-centered creature, and no rational person needs to be sentimental and deny the obvious.

When I see a white man, and a black man for that matter, I assume that I am seeing a potential criminal sociopath, and I’m fully prepared to deal with his exploitative behaviors. I have no misguided idealistic views of human beings. People, who enslaved one another, cannot be romanticized; they are brutes and must be dealt with draconically.

In rational pragmatic terms, we still must find a way to cooperate with one another, and serve each other’s interests, if society is to exist. I assume that man, black and white, is self-interested in nature. We came into being by attacking and separating from one another. We survive by killing and eating animals, and from taking from each other. The world is a dog-eat-dog place, and those in it must be predatory to survive. However, I go beyond negative perception of man, to say that with effort, he could be rehabilitated, and made to care for society, not just himself?

In the meantime, in America, a black family moves into a white neighborhood, and white folks move out, because they feel that they would be contaminated, and made inferior. They run. They will keep running until there are no more places to run to, and, at that point, would stop and confront the reality that we must all live together, in a shared world.

It is a sign of mental disorder to flee from reality, and into imaginary made up reality. But sooner or later, reality would be confronted, for it does not go away. Reality is that our world is a space ship, and we must coexist in it, or sink it. The world is becoming literally a global village, and there is nowhere to run to, that is not part of that village.

All mankind originated in Africa, and some went elsewhere. Wherever they now are, they are still Africans. In time, even Europe itself would be composed of black and white people. The world belongs to all human beings, and whoever has the illusion, that a certain part of it is to be preserved for himself and those like him, is in for a rude shock. In fact, give or take a few thousand years, and all people would be mixed and brown in color. That is reality, and there is no use fighting it.

The best response to what cannot be changed is to manage it. We can stop and provide university level education to all people, and that way make sure that scientific civilization is encouraged everywhere. Human beings have a tendency to revert to superstitions, therefore, we must make sustained efforts to teach them science: physics, chemistry, biology, etc.

The qualities we used to attribute to the gods are what human being could become, if only they learned to work with one another.

Because white folks segregate themselves from black folks, and consequently, do not know who black persons are, they, in fact, do not appreciate the level of anger and rage harbored in the minds of black persons towards them. As they see it, black persons are like children, always happy and smiling. Well, these folks will wake up one day, and the barbarians in their midst would have taken over their land, as the barbarians took over Rome.

Racism is the Achilles' heal of the American civilization. It will be one of the factors that brings that civilization down. It does not have to be so. One is not a nihilist praying for the downfall of others, to feel good about one’s self. In fact, one prays for the well being of America, provided it changes, and becomes a polity that respects all its citizens.

What is asked of America? She is asked to treat all her citizens equally, and with respect. She is asked to employ people on the basis of merit, not race.

(If racism is taken away from America, black folks probably will dominate many sectors of the American economy, much as they do in sports and music. In the 1950s the color bar came down, and blacks showed that they were good in sports. Currently, blacks are supposedly not good in academics and business. But if the color bar comes down in the Ivory Tower and corporate America, blacks would shine there too.)

Remove racism and discrimination, provide all persons with equal opportunity to find themselves, and hire people on a color-blind basis. That is all any descent society can offer its citizens. No one in his right mind asks to be given preferential treatment. In fact, it is insulting to be made allowances for, and hired on the basis of affirmative action. But know what merit is.

Merit is not having a bunch of white men using their biased values to decide what constitutes merit. Merit means having blacks participate in making employment decisions. You must pause to understand how other people evaluate merit, and not just use your own self-serving idea of merit, to make employment decisions. (This reminds me of what happens in academic publications. White men decide what article is considered worthy of publication. Generally they decide what serves white interests. They shut out what makes sense to black persons, and serves black persons interests. So what exactly is meritorious publication, the trash white academics publish…trash to black minds? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.)

The sad part of this whole racist business is that, if America decides to dismantle its racist’s institutions and operate on a colorblind basis, it is probably going to be the best country in the world. It is certainly going to be very competitive in the world economy. America is a veritable united nations, with folks from all over the world in it. It can utilize the strengths of the various people in it, in competing with other nations. No other country would come close to a well-integrated America.

(The buzzwords of the day are diversity and multiculturalism. If by these are meant respecting all cultures, please count me out. Many cultures contain superstitious aspects to them. What makes sense is to ascertain what is scientific, and accept it. One is a Universalist, a believer in the scientific method and scientific culture. There is an ascertainable best way of doing something, and that is science. Thou should not kill is science. Thou should love thy neighbor is science. One is not interested in respecting primitive aspects of any one’s culture. If your culture says that women should not go to school, to hell with it. All people, men and women, must be given equal opportunity to go to school, vie for work, and leadership. May the best be hired and lead us. Culture is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Give me a universal scientific culture, not particularistic cultures formed in isolated corners of the world.)

America underestimates black people’s capacities, and does not believe that they are capable of fighting back in a destructive manner. When they see black persons, they visualize primitive persons running around in the equatorial jungles of the Congo. They see Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. But these folks are in for a surprise.

I know Africans. I know how vicious and vengeful they can be. In the heart of authentic Africans, is anger at white Americans for enslaving and abusing their brothers. When this African thinks of what white America did to Africans in the Americas, his blood boils and itches for war, for destruction of everything white in sight. But he knows that technologically, the playing fields are not yet even. We have almost a century before Africa catches up with the rest of the world, in the world of science and technology, and at that time, demands will be made for reparation.

Oh yes, believe it or not, Europe and North America must make amends for stealing Africans’ wealth without compensation. Whites must pay reparations for enslaving Africans, and using their labor for free, to build America. You can count on this eventuality, or there would be no peace in the world.

All this can be averted, if Europe and America beg Africans for forgiveness, make amends for their past evils, and embark on not treating Africans in the discriminatory manner they currently do. Past mistakes must be accepted and corrected, for there to be universal peace.

To pretend, that injustice will be ignored forever, is to be like the proverbial ostrich, and hide one’s head in sand. Human nature demands that Africans feel their pride hurt by what Europeans did to them. Their vanity demands assuaging. But at present, their narcissistic rage seems empty, since they cannot yet fight back. But they are laying the foundations for a scientific culture in Africa, and when that takes hold, the world will see what Africans are made of.

Despite the rubbish propagated by white racists, it is doubtful that in a match up with Africans, any other human race would out compete them. Hang around and you will learn.

In a manner of speaking, one actually pities Americans, for they do not know what the future holds for them. They do not understand what is coming at them. Like drunks, they go about their merry ways, unaware that they have set the terms for their destruction.

Look, America relatively did nothing really wrong to Arabs, other than support Israel. So the Arabs are angry with them and want to destroy them. (I am a strong supporter of Israel’s right to exist. Arab aggression must be checked, as they are taught to live and let live. Israel is entitled to live on its ancient lands in the Middle East, and Arabs have to accept that reality, and quit the nonsense of trying to drive Jews into the sea. We all are a part of this world, and no one has a right to say that others should not exist. Every particle and atom is necessary to complete the universe. If it were possible to take one atom away, which is impossible since there is nowhere to take it to that is not part of the universe, the universe would collapse. Jews, blacks and other minority persons have a right to live in this world, for the world belongs to all of us, whether racist Arabs like it or not.)

Imagine what will happen when those white Americans, when the really wronged Africans come at them with vengeance? It would be better that, when this begins to happen, that people were not born and not alive. Armageddon would be nothing compared to the tribulations of the future. The level of anger and vengeful feeling, one sees in Africans towards white America, is so thick that, when it erupts, may God save us all.

(A political realist could suggest that, it would be better if white America used its nuclear weapons in a preemptive manner, and destroyed Africans before the latter showed their rage. Why not go ahead and do it, one asks? You cannot intimidate and hold Africans in hostage with your nuclear weapons. It is better to die, than to live as a second-class citizen. So do it, and let us get it over with, now. One is tired of white stupidity masquerading as civilization. It is either we construct an egalitarian civilization, or this world must be destroyed. Who said so? I did.)

Americans trust in military power to save them, and will do everything in their power to fight back. Then so be it. May what they trust in save them. However, history shows that when push comes to shove, that only those who trust in the power of love, and love, survive. Military power can be checkmated. A nuclearized Africa, as will soon be the case, despite the silliness that Africans are not good at science, will be a match to America.

Delude your self, but if you live long enough, you would be disabused of your delusions about Africans inferiority. Hitler saw the Russians as an inferior people, and the same inferior people destroyed his army, and made the arrogant rat commit suicide in his burrow-bunker. By the same token, the Romans underestimated the barbarians, and the barbarians destroyed them.

Americans keep on attacking black persons, and it never occurs to them that black persons might feel pain and counter attack them. They rest in the illusion that, since black persons are weak militarily, that there is nothing they can do. But they will learn. In fact, America’s actions are preparing Africans to fight back.

Today, America’s arms merchants sell their outdated military weapons to Africans, and encourage one tribe to fight others. Thus, there are wars all over Africa, and American arms producers make profits. The sociopaths actually enjoy selling arms to Africans, to kill themselves with. In their minds, they have killed two birds with one stone, made profits from selling their arms, and dividing and conquering Africans. If you get Africans fighting one another, they would be sapped of strength, and unable to fight their real enemy, whites, they would be too weak, and are easily dominated.

But there is another angle to this situation. Generations of Africans now grow up witnessing wars, and seeing people die all around them. They become immune to the idea of death. They know that, sooner or latter, all human beings would die. They overcome their fear of harm and death, and are able to insist on tolerating life only on the condition of justice. Like Thomas Paine, they would say, give me liberty or give me death.

I grew up during the Biafran war, and as a kid, saw hundreds of dead people strung all over the place, after each battle. Since then, when I see a human being, I see a dead and rotting body. You may paint yourself all you want; you are no more than a whited Sepulchre to me. I do not respect the human body. I know what it is, rotten, smelly garbage. I respect only justice. You cannot impress me with your body. I believe that many Africans are at my stage of evolution. They would not mind destroying bodies, for they know that bodies are no different than trees, vegetables and animals. What matters in human life is what we do, not what our bodies are.

In the meantime, one sees Americans over-valuing their bodies. They strike you as thoughtless children, who are not aware of their existential reality, and the nothingness of the human body.

When I was in college, I used to observe America’s know nothing university professors pretend to be something important. I would visualize their dead bodies and go vomit. To me, they were nothing, period. I am an existentialist, and look at man realistically, not the illusions that America takes as reality. See Sartre, Being and Nothingness.

Africans who have come close to white Americans, and dealt with them for a sustained period of time, generally develop contempt for them. They see them as either amiable fools or irredeemable racists.

The sociopathic African, upon confronting what seems to him racist Americans, takes out his anger at them, by stealing from them. Many of the Nigerians stealing from Americans, the 419 crowd, are in fact engaged in a misguided sort of covert war with those they perceive as their enemies, those who had fattened themselves from their suffering. (See Walter Rodney, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa.) Be that as it may, one is a law and order type of person, and these criminals ought to be arrested and punished. I would myself send these idiots to prison. In fact, I would shoot and kill them. No one has a right to take what other people worked for. One cannot sanction thievery under any circumstances, and draconian punishment should be meted out to the Nigerian rogues scamming Americans.

For all its problems, America is still a decent country. As a matter of fact, one sees no immediate replacement for America. Europe and Asia are spent political forces, and cannot offer us an alternative to America. Russia is a primitive country, and of no relevance to the current political discourse. I am invested in America’s survival, I just want to improve her, make her a race free country.

In the long run, I know that since mankind began in Africa, that the most mature civilization would sprout in Africa. Africa is where all mankind would come together, and start a truly glorious civilization, where we love one another. As Jesus said during the water to wine miracle, at the wedding at Cana, the best wine is reserved for the last. The best human civilization would come out of Africa, it fits.

In that vein, since Africa is the cradle of mankind, the United Nations must be head quartered in Africa. One sees a future where Nairobi, Kenya is the headquarters of a world government. But this is not going to happen in the next few years. Power politics rules that out.

In time, Africa would correct its present lacking. Africa lacks dedicated leaders. In fact, it can be said that contemporary Africans lack knowledge of modern leadership, management and organizational skills. See, many African leaders are corrupt and make a mess of their countries. But all that would be rectified soon, as true Africans take over the reins of leadership, and drive away the compradors of western colonialism from African leadership positions,

One often wonders whether white people believe in their propaganda that black people are not intelligent? Are these folks merely propagating rubbish, calculated to make black Americans feel inadequate, hence permit whites who are propagated to be intelligent, to rule them? Is it all propaganda or do whites, really believe in the drivel of African unintelligence? If they believe that Africans are unintelligent, obviously, they are insane, and have dug their own graves. Actually, it serves Africans well for white persons to believe that nonsense, so that they would not take Africans seriously, and when push comes to shove, they would be surprised, as the Romans were surprised that those they considered barbarians, Germans sacked them.

If white America must test black Americans, then first teach them the subjects you are testing them on. Moreover, include them in America’s culture, so that they feel part of it, and internalize its parameters, before they are tested on it. You cannot keep black persons apart from white culture, and they form their own sub-cultures and then test them with instruments meant to test folks who adapted to white culture.

In America, American black kids go to crummy secondary schools where they are taught nothing, literally, and then they are tested (SAT) with instruments that assume that they went to real secondary schools. This is an outrage. If you actually had qualified teachers teaching these kids mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and geology-- the subjects that matter in our world, many of them would shine at them. In Los Angeles, a dedicated mathematics teacher got an inner city school to graduate students with almost perfect scores in calculus.

Are whites really unable to see what they are doing to the black population? If so, they are truly evil. They are so deceived that there is no redemption for them. If they do not see their evil, then they are born sociopaths and sadists, as many black psychologists believe, that they are. (The typical educated African believes that white Americans are narcissist and sociopath.)

American whites waste black people’s time. You are educated and they would not offer you jobs. White America does not offer black persons the opportunity to find and demonstrate what they are made of and then turn around and say that black persons have produced nothing significant. This is an outrage.

America is despicable. Consider that its schools deliberately discourage thinking and intellectual pursuits. Its high schools do not reward students who think for them selves. Thinkers necessarily challenge the status quo, and seek better social arrangements. If a student dares challenge the status quo the lackeys of the establishment called psychologists would diagnose him as opposition defiant, and fill him up with psychotropic medications, in a misguided effort to make him conform to the system. America is damaging its young people’s bodies with psycho stimulant medications; those with ADHD are given Ritalin and other amphetamines to so over stimulate them that they do not think. Who knows what the long term, genetic effects of these medications would be?

America’s schools discourage thinking even at the university level. An exception is in the world of technology. America shines in technology, but not in pure sciences…the seminal ideas that underpin science came from Europe.

America’s culture eschews thinking, and if you are the thinking type, you had better know that America would punish you or ignore you. America rewards only practical people. It offers people opportunity to make a good living in the economic arena, but punishes them, if they want to utilize their brains. As it were, America construes people as only animals, and offer them food, but shuts down what truly makes us human, our ability to think.

America has produced only few outstanding philosophers: William James and John Dewey’s Pragmatism.

We are currently undergoing what is called America’s cultural imperialism, whereby American culture dominates other cultures. The interesting thing is that this cultural imperialism is actually shaped by African cultures. The aspects of American culture that people worldwide imitate are black Americans heavily influenced aspect of it: music, sports and entertainment. African Americans heavily shape America’s popular culture.

So much for the nonsense that Africans have contributed nothing to America’s civilization. Actually, if we examine those areas where American whites made significant contributions, we see that there were black men lurking in the background. It is not an exaggeration to say that black Americans contributed to most white-American inventions.


I do not bear grievances against any one who has harmed black people in the past, but I insist that the person change his harmful ways, and learn to love rather than harm people.

I forgive but do not condone evil. One of the delightful passages in Nietzsche’s writing, is his poking fun at Jesus’ insistence on forgiveness. If you blanketedly forgave evildoers, and did not do anything to correct their behaviors, it follows that murderers should be left free. We would leave rapists to roam our streets, endangering women, and did nothing about it. We would leave the misguided Talibans to oppress women in Afghanistan. If forgiveness were taken to its logical conclusion, we would revert to living in a jungle. Civilization requires us to arrest and punish criminals. However, while incarcerated we can teach criminals appropriate social behaviors.

In this light, I wish America well. In fact, of all extant countries, arguably America is one of the best. Its political structure is probably one of the best in the world. In my writings on African politics, I suggest that we borrow America’s federal structure…center, state, county and towns/cities and appropriate governments. I suggest that Africa become a federation, and that each of its 500 or so tribes become a state. I suggest that we have a president; a legislature and a Supreme Court, modeled on American lines, and at the state level have governor, legislature and judiciary and at the county level, a county administrator, county council and court and at the town level a mayor, city council and magistrate court.

There is a lot to admire in America. As a matter of fact, if its founding fathers were not slaveholders, I would suggest that African children read about them. (As it is, Jefferson, Washington and company are not African role models, for they were oppressors. I often wondered why an obviously intelligent man as Thomas Jefferson had slaves? One can understand if the ordinary soldier boy, George Washington, had slaves, but Jefferson, an intellectual? The man’s voracious reading reminds me of my self. He is, in fact, a kindred spirit. Although I generally do not sees white Americans that seem intelligent, I grudgingly admit that Jefferson seems intelligent. He could even be an Ibo man. Yet I detest him for having other people work to provide for his well-being, while he lived off their sweat. A slave owner cannot be a hero of mankind. Only those who love all of us are our heroes.)

America has a lot to offer mankind and we are grateful to her for it. Just think of the contributions she has made to the world of technology: telegraphs, telephones, electricity, radio, television, automobiles, aeroplanes, VCR, computers, Internet etc.

Americans have contributed more than their fair share to the well being of mankind and we all must respect them for it.

Nevertheless, America has a weakness; a weakness that, if not corrected, will lead to its downfall. No one should quibble about this fact. The way whites treat black persons has all the makings of tragedy. All though whites think that blacks are not intelligent and cannot pull them down, they are about to be exposed to their worst nightmare. They do not know who Africans are.

Africans are an ancient people. They are kind, but they can be vicious. I know that I myself can close my eyes, and destroy the entire world, if it is not a just place. I do not care for an unjust world. At any rate, if you must have an unjust world, it will not be at our expense.

You do not have the right to live off my suffering, and if you insist, you must die, and I would not feel guilty at all from killing you. In fact, I believe that the universe is better off without you. And I do not squeamish upon seeing blood, death and dying. I am not a pacifist. Dead bodies mean nothing to me. Men are born, grow, age and die. The human body is just another variety of biological matter, not that different from animals and trees. That is our fate. All that matters is that within the time frame we are given to live on earth that we live lovingly. Sooner or later, we must die so I am not willing to tolerate injustice, just so that I keep my body alive. As I see it, if you must live, live well or die. I completely agree with Roman Stoic philosophers like Epectatus, Seneca, Cicero, and Marcus Aurelius. With Ovid, I say: Carpe Dien, Seize the day. Live fully and then die, and disappear into the nothingness from whence we came. Do not beg to live, but if you live, live well.

America is courting trouble by maltreating black persons. It is risking the rage of black people. It may have trained black Americans to accept their masochistic social conditions, but it cannot train ancient Africans to accept abuse. In a world where weapons of mass destruction will soon be available to all mankind, I think that you had better learn how to be fair to all people. Those who are angry with you, and who want to destroy you, will find a way to accomplish their goal. It is truly sad that the only models of black persons white Americans have are black Americans, those socialized to accept their slavery and second class social status. These white folks are actually not aware that there are black persons who would off with their heads in a minute if they felt insulted by them. My grandfather felt insulted that a British District Officer dared talk, when he was talking, and wanted him punished. Apparently, white America has no idea of who Africans are, at all. It is this unawareness that Africans are men, prideful men, men that would do everything to destroy you, if you degraded them that would bring the American polity down. When this writer felt discriminated against by whites, he felt angry enough to resolve to work for the fall of America. One sufficiently determined person could bring a whole civilization down.

The desire for vengeance keeps people alive. Jesus may talk all he wants about forgiveness, but the fact is that those you humiliate, particularly the type of humiliation black persons have suffered in the hands of white persons, must seek restitution, or there would be no peace in this world. You do not deliberately and consistently insult a people, and pretend that you are a nice person; you are not, and ought to be punished. Although your insulting behavior can be understood as childish… blacks generally see whites as childish… the fact is that in the adult world, if you keep on insulting people, you must be dealt with, to teach you not to do so, ever again. The first lesson one ought to learn about human beings is that they are nothing seeking to seem like they are something and therefore that you ought to respect them if you want to be in their good graces. If you do what reminds them of what Alfred Adler called their feelings of inferiority, they will get back at you. They will kill you to prove to themselves that they have existential worth.

The good thing about human nature is that those who perceive you to be fair would never harm you. I would never harm an America that I see as fair to black people.

Africans are an intensely religious people. Many of them are even Christians, if you understand what Christianity means. Christianity is not the nonsense represented by the Catholic Church and the Protestant churches of America. Christianity is any effort to live like Jesus.

Jesus is the fullest manifestation of God (Holy Spirit) on earth. God is unified spirit and love. His manifestation is love and teaches love. Jesus taught people to love one another, and to forgive one another their mistakes…while correcting them.

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of correction. It corrects our mistake of separation from God, and from our real selves. It corrects our hatreds and teaches us to love one another.

Jesus, having fully identified with the Holy Spirit, teaches love and forgiveness, and Africans readily accept this aspect of Christianity.

Africans practice love and forgiveness and correction of mistakes. They have loved their white brothers and, more or less, forgiven their sins of enslaving them…after all they, too, played a role in it. Africans sold their brothers, and their brothers' fears disposed them to tolerate sadomasochistic relationship with white folks.

Africans have reached the end of their tolerance for pain. From now on, whites must give up their sadistic, socipathic nature, and learn to love, rather than exploit, and abuse black people. If they refuse to learn this lesson, well, will they take the consequences of their behaviors? An evil world has no business existing, not for another day. May a loving America survive, but may a sadistic, sociopathic America perish, now.

(Some white psychologists would like to prove that black people are born sociopaths. Look who is calling names? Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Groups that killed Indians, stole their land, and enslaved Africans, and show no remorse for their crime against humanity, by any ones definition, qualify as anti social personalities. It is the kettle calling the pot black. )

Currently we live in the age of Arab terrorism. On September 11, 01 Moslem Arab terrorists attacked and killed thousands of Americans. Since then, Americans are understandably paranoid. They do not take any one’s loyalty for granted. Like the clinically paranoid personality, they are suspicious, guarded and scan their environment, looking for danger. Any one perceived to be anti American is arrested and jailed, and denied due legal process, to defend his self. Indeed, he may be tortured and killed as the events that transpired at the Abu Ghraib prison attest.

These days, many people are self-censored; apparently, they do not want legal hassles. For what it is worth, let it be said that this writer is willing to fight for America against the Islamicists. For all its problems, America is at this point in time the best country on earth; indeed, she is still the best hope for mankind. I want to change America but not destroy it.

Arabs enslaved Africans, and currently are killing them in Sudan, and Mauritania. In the past, they killed Africans in North Africa to take it over and call it their home. North Africa is what the name says: the home of black people, for the name Africa means the home of black people (Latin Aferi is black, and the Romans saw blacks living in North Africa, hence called it the home of black people).

One is not a supporter of Islamic terrorism and its theocratic goals. One does not want to return to primitive, seventh century Arabia. One wants to work towards a just world, where all people, black, white, Arabs etc. live.


Americans are human beings? Normal human beings do feel guilty when they commit crimes. As human beings, Americans must feel guilty for the evil they have consistently visited on Africans. However, like the sociopath, they deny their guilt and shove it into their unconscious. They use facile rationalizations to excuse their apparent evil towards Africans. When that guilt tries to surface, a flunky psychologist comes up with spurious evidence showing that blacks are not quiet human hence justifying abuse of them. That way whites feel good about themselves, despite living in an evil society.

But repressed guilt is still there. Sooner or later, the repressed guilt will come out. At that point, I expect a substantial number of white Americans to become depressed. Their psychiatrists would then fill their bodies with serotonine reuptake blockers, the so-called anti depressants, happy pills…Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft. Those merely give temporary pleasure, and postpone awareness of guilt.

Sooner or later, America must confront its evil, and experience its masked depression. That depression would be good for it. In the Paranoid Process, and Psychotherapy for Paranoia, William Messner pointed out that, among other things, paranoia is an attempt to deny an underlying depression.

The paranoid feels guilty and evil from his actions (identification with the ego and lack of love for other people) but denies and masks it with his obsessive compulsive seeking of grandiose power and social importance. Paranoid America compulsively seeks power and fame. When she stops seeking power and fame, she recognizes her underlying depression.

When the paranoid person, America, accepts his underlying sense of nothingness, and accepts that worth and meaning is found only in love, for all mankind, he becomes healed. A healthy human being must accept our existential reality, our apparent lack of special-ness, power and importance.

Man is an animal that knows himself as nothing, and seeks to seem something important. When one accepts existential reality, one overcomes depression, and paranoia. Interestingly, when one accepts human existential reality, nothingness, and one is ready for redemption, deliverance and salvation from the prison and bondage of the ego.

When man recognizes that he is not in control of any thing, and that what religious people call God, is in charge of his world, he becomes humble, and attains inner peace and joy.

For our present purposes American whites feel guilty for the evil they visited on Africans, deny it with facile rationalizations, but sooner or later they must acknowledge their evil, and ask for forgiveness. They must go through their repressed depression, if they are to become a civilized group.

A truly civilized people love and work for the good of all humanity, instead of exploit people for their selfish goals.

It is always useful for one to see how other people perceive one. Man is not an island, he is a social being. He is how he sees himself, and how other people see him, combined. It would help Americans to see how Africans see them. This catalogue of American shortcomings could become an opportunity for Americans to start making amends for their past evil, hence become truly human. At present, they strike one as over fed children contemptible creatures that one tolerates because they control the world economy, and have the military power to make one humor them, by telling them that one obeys them.

One obeys only reason, not people.

The rule of sadomasochism must come to an end. We need a new world order, one based on love. We need the type of society true Christianity advocates for, a love-based society, a society where we love ourselves and each other, and doing to others how we want them to do to us.


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Ozodi Thomas Osuji, PhD

Africa Institute, Seattle

600-1 Avenue, Suite 325

Seattle, Washington 98104

(206) 464-9004


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