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November 27, 2005

Negative Uses of Body and Personality

by Ozodi Thomas Osuji, Ph.D. --- THE GOAL OF SELF CREATION, SUPERIORITY: To separate is a verb, not a noun. We separate for a purpose. We separate from God and other people for a reason. What is that reason? We separate from God and from other people so as to go feel like we are superior to God, to other people. Separation has a purpose; its goal is superiority.

Superiority ultimately means that one wants to seem to have created God, created ones self and created other people.
Put this way, it seems an insane wish. But that is what it is, an insane wish. It is like a light particle that believes that it is greater than the sun, indeed, that it created the sun from which it emanated. If put in this stark, unadorned manner, its insanity becomes apparent; one then is likely to laugh at it and give it up as a bad joke.
Each of us wishes for separation from God, from other people and from our real self (which is unified spirit self). We wish for separation for the purpose of seeming superior to God, superior to other people and superior to our real self (unified self).
That is correct, the self we invented, the ego self, wants to seem superior to its inventor, our real self.
That is, we made a false self and ask it to seem superior to our real self. This is absurd, would you not say so? But that is what is going on here; we make a false self, an idol and ask it to be superior to our real self, our unified spirit self.


To seem to have accomplished our goal of superiority and separation, we invented space, time and matter. In space and time we seem distant from each other.


Space, time and matter produced perception, that is, we invented perception. In space, time and matter, each of us can see that he is in a different place hence seem separated from other people. He can see himself in body hence seem separated from his spirit self. We are now seemingly separated from our real selves.


We make our bodies vulnerable. Body feels weak and can be hurt, feels pain and fears pain. Anticipating that other people could hurt his body, his chosen home, he avoids them. Thus, we use weakness, pain and fear to maintain separation.
If the individual wants to seem superior to God, other people and his real self, he makes his body particularly prone to feeling pain and fear. He is born on earth with a body that is wracked by extreme pain and fear. He inherits a medical disorder, such as spondilolysis, fibramylogia, that makes him feel pained most of the time. In pain, he is afraid to play with other people least they hurt him. He avoids other people at play and that way keeps a distance between him and them. (Make no mistake about it, in the here and now, pain is real for him; a pained body cannot participate in rough sports like football. But it is all a set up. One set it up that way. One chose the body one inherited. One chose the level of pain one feels. One chose it all so as to make body, hence ego, seem real and separated from other people.)


If one has a pained body, one develops a personality that anticipates pain and fear and uses it to avoid people.
Personality is the individual’s habitual pattern of relating to his world, to other people and to himself.
Personality is a means of separating from ones real self, separating from other people’s real selves and separating from God.
Personality is a means of maintaining the illusion that one is a separated, superior self. All personalities, normal and abnormal, are means of separation and all human beings do so.

Personality disorders and mental disorders like neurosis and psychosis are more severe means of separating from ones real self, from other people and from God. Personality disorders are a product of the desire to seem to have a superior self.
When the person on the street hears of personality disorders, he probably does not know that he may be included in the category. Indeed, he may not even know that those he admires, his political leaders, may have them. Some of the greatest leaders known to man had personality leaders. For example, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Richard Nixon etc had paranoid personality disorders. If one wanted to, I could tell you the personality disorders afflicting many African leaders. Let us just say that many Nigerian leaders have narcissistic cum anti social personality disorders. The person with a personality disorder(s) is like you and I, it is just that he has in exaggerated form what is found in most human beings. He is found in every walks of life, science, medicine, engineering, teaching etc. It is only those who have severe mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder (manic depression) and delusional disorder that seldom can make it into high political offices. At any rate, these are very few, less than two percent of the population, that the average person should not concern himself with that issue. We have to concern ourselves with personality disorders, for many of our leaders in politics, and the economy have them; that is why some of our leaders are screwing up, big time.
Briefly, paranoid personality: here the person feels that other people are out to get him and is always fighting with them; he wants to seem very important and fears being humiliated. He uses that false belief to justify separating from people. In separation he maintains his false superior self. (In social interaction no one can maintain a false superior self, not for long, anyway, for interaction requires equality.)
Schizoid personality: Here the individual keeps to himself and does not really care to be with other people. That is, he separates from other people and in isolation maintains the delusion that he has a superior self.
Schizotypal personality: Here the individual is odd and eccentric and that enables her to separate from other people; in isolation the odd fellow feels superior to other people.
Narcissistic personality: Here the person feels special and seeks others attention and admiration. In doing so, he separates from other people, for the only way to join people is to love them. If you seek to get attention, and not give it, you cannot join people.
Histrionic personality: Here the woman is the drama queen who must be paid attention. She avoids loving people hence separates from people. In isolation she maintains her illusion that she is special.
Borderline personality: Here, the person wants every person to take care of her, while she does not take care of others. As long as she is not the active lover of people she is separating from them and in doing so feels special and superior.
Anti social personality: Here the individual takes from other people and does not feel guilty or remorse. The criminal takes from people and does not give to people. The only way to feel connected to people is to give them love and attention, so the criminal is separated from people. The criminal feels superior to other people; after all he outsmarts them in stealing from them.
Avoidant personality: Here the shy person avoids, that is, separates from people. He does so for the deceptive reason that he feels not good enough and he does not want people to come close so as to see his inadequacy. But actually he wants to seem superior to other people and in isolation maintains his false superiority.
Obsessive-compulsive personality: Here the person is seeking perfection and does not really love other people; he loves his ideal self, his ego, hence is separated from other people.
Dependent personality: Here the person wants other people to care for him. To obtain union it is one who must care for others, hence the dependent personality is separating from people. One must be childishly superior to those who take care of one.
Passive-aggressive personality: Here the person is unassertive and does not seem to know how to actively relate to people hence is separating from people. He too feels false superiority.
I have given the above personality disorders a spiritual psychological interpretation. For a more secular presentation see, Alfred Adler, The Neurotic Constitution; also see Karen Horney, Neurosis and Human Growth. You can also see the descriptive, but non-explanatory psychiatric bible, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.
The more severe mental disorders are really absurd means of separating from people. The schizophrenic lives in his own world where he hears voices and sees what other people do not see and is deluded. He is separated from other people. In his fantasies he feels superior to other people.
The deluded person believes he is more important than the rest of the people hence are separated from them.
The manic person sees himself as the best human being on earth and he lives in euphoria where what is not true is true to him. He lives in his own world and is not relating to people, is separated.
The clinically depressed person is socially withdrawn and is separated from people. Depression is a means of avoiding social relationships, so as to retain a superior self
The anxious person uses anxiety to separate from other people. Because he is anxious he avoids other people (as he tells himself, lest they see that he is not good). In his isolation he feels better than other people, hence is using anxiety to maintain false superiority.
Again, I have given a spiritual-psychological interpretation to mental disorders. As I see it, mental disorders are means of separating from other people, from God and from our collective real self. I developed these ideas in my book, Real Self Psychology.
Of course, secular psychologists may disagree with my assessment. I must, however, point out that in my over twenty years experience in secular psychology, I did not see it heal any one of his mental disorder through its secular psychological methodological approach to the problem. Psychoanalysis, behaviorism, neuroscience, and I am familiar with all of them, do not heal any one with serious mental disorders; they do not even heal anxiety and garden variety neurosis.
What heals people is a combination of secular psychological understanding of their self-concept problems and religious intervention, aka spiritual psychology. Folks with serious mental disorders obviously need to see their psychiatrists and take the neuroleptic medications, anti mania medications; anti depression medications and anti anxiety medications they are prescribed. Folks with neurosis need to see psychotherapists for talk therapy. A combination of secular and spiritual interventions is what heals people. I am not an either or type of person; I accept science and meta-science, medications and spiritual understanding. On earth, people are matter and spirit, not either or. In heaven they are only spirit, but on earth, where they currently are, they are spirit having material experience and, as such, need material interventions: food, medication, clothes, shelter, regular exercises etc to survive for as long as is possible (120 years?).
Whatever enables the individual to shrink his swollen ego, to give up his belief that he created himself, that it is up to him to create himself, to give up his sense of specialness and superiority, to accept that God created him and created all of us and to accept that all of us are his equal tends to help him cure his mental disorders.

(It should be noted that all separation, normal or abnormal, is maximal, for all of them puts one in a dream of self forgetfulness, in a state of ignorance of ones real self. The normal person is as sleeping and dreaming as the neurotic and psychotic person. The difference is a question of how they do it. Both of these dreamers require one correction: removal of the wish for superiority and separation and acceptance of equality, union and the fact that God created us, and that we did not create ourselves. This engenders humility, a cardinal indicator of mental health.)

The desire for superiority breaks eternal union. Breakage is attained through attack on union. The desire for superiority and separation attacks and fragments union. Each of the resultant fragments then goes seem superior to each other and to seem self created and creating of its creator.
Of course, one remains as God created one, same and equal with God and all creation, but in ones awareness, one maintains the illusion of superiority and separation. As long as the wish for superiority is retained, one must do something to seem separated from reality.

The avoidant personality uses avoidance to separate from other people. In his isolation, he maintains a false sense of superiority to other people. He lives an alone existence and feels lonely, by his choice. The price of his wished for superiority is loneliness, a very painful state of mind.
The avoidant personality generally chooses a sensitive body (he is born in one) that enables him to feel pain, so as to avoid people.
Body is generally used to feel separated and retain the illusion of superiority. In our contemporary world, we assign qualities to certain bodies. White body is given the quality of superiority, so that those in white bodies feel superior; black bodies are assigned inferiority, so that those in black bodies feel inferior to those in white bodies. Tall bodies are assigned superiority and short bodies are assigned inferiority; tall athletic bodies are assigned the best role. Fat bodies are assigned negative role.
Sick body is a means of avoiding people.
All these are, of course, childish games, for, in fact, the person playing all these games, the son of God, Christ, Atman, is the same everywhere.


If you understand the purpose of separation and the means for maintaining it, space, time and matter and personality then it behooves you to put a stop to all these childish, silly games. Stop it, now. How?
Eliminate the wish that lead to the game. Give up the wish for superiority; give up the desire to create God, create other people and create yourself. Give it up and accept that God created you and that you are one with him and with all his creation. Return to union.
Union is only possible in spirit, not body. So give up identification with body and accept spirit as your reality. Spirit is perfect sameness and equality.

As long as you live in body, this means seeing past differences in body and accepting all people, black, white etc as the same; seeing past differences in the personalities, self concepts and egos with which people play the game of separation and superiority and accepting the equality of all people. Do so now, not tomorrow. See all persons, the seeming civilized and seeming uncivilized, Europeans and Africans, every body, as the same and equal in spirit and accept it; and relate to all people from that perspective, equality. Give up your own personality, ego and the games you play. Stop avoidance and relate to all.
Stop interfering with eternal union and accept union. You would then feel peaceful and happy. You would stop attacking union and as you do so you give all people peace. A world you have given peace would be grateful to you.
The entire world would help you, for you have helped it all remember its eternal union.
If you honor all people’s sameness and equality by treating them as such, they cannot not honor you as such. So, stop the childish game we have been playing all our lives and return to unity, sameness and equality, the condition of heaven.


The choice to seem superior and separate from others was made in heaven. None of us is consciously aware of making that choice. This is so because the thinking pattern of heaven and the consciousness of heaven are different from the earth’s thinking pattern. In heaven, we have unified thinking and unified consciousness; on earth we have separated thinking and separated consciousness. In heaven, there is no I and you; we think in tandem with all selves. On earth, we have individuated thinking and consciousness and therefore cannot remember the choice we made in heaven, in tandem.
On earth, the choice to seem superior is not conscious, either. We make that choice, then realizing that it is impossible to be superior to our real selves and to the people, for we all know that sameness and equality is our truth, but wishing the insanity of superiority, we quickly push that wish into our unconscious mind. From the unconscious mind, that choice exercises influence on our behaviors.
In the here and now, no one is conscious of choosing superiority over other people (except in certain neurotics like racists), we must, therefore not blame people for making this decision for they are not conscious of making it.
All we need do is point out to people how they are behaving as if they are superior to other people and how that is producing the painful effects they are experiencing in their lives. Superiority attacks equality, superiority attacks love, superiority attacks union and leads to separation. That attack produces psychological pain.
Whoever seeks superiority lives in pain, by his or her choice, although he is not consciously aware of it? We can point this out to the person and urge him to seek equality, if he wants peace and joy and leave it at that without blaming any one.


Let us consider some examples of how this phenomenon works. I take the examples from my work. I will, more or less, hide the subjects’ identity.

Jane. Jane is a middle aged woman. She is white. She is from an upper middle class family (parents are medical doctors). In college, she gravitated to relationship with black men. She married a black person. The marriage did not work out and ended in divorce. Upon the end of her marriage, she had a relationship with an Arabic man. What is going on here is that she seeks superiority. She selects men whom she feels superior to. Her culture tells her that non-whites are inferior to her and she accepted that nonsense. She is not really in love with these men, for love requires perfect sameness and equality. Her motivation in her relationship is to seem superior to her men. She wanted them to place her on a pedestal. See, she is a rich white girl condescending to relate to poor, inferior black and or brown men. In effect, she was not in a love relationship with the men but in a superiority-inferiority relationship. Another term for this type of sick relationship is special relationship. As long as the men saw her as superior and accepted their inferiority, the relationship seemed to last. But as soon as the men desired equality, she could not deal with that and leaves them.
Special relationships are unholy relationships. They are an interference with the holy relationship that God designed for his children while they are on earth and dream that they are apart from one another.
In holy relationship, both partners feel perfect equality, hence feel peaceful and happy.
Those in special relationships feel unhappy. In the case of Jane, the men with her resent her and eventually leave her.
Is she a victim? Of course not. She chose that kind of superior-inferior dance. She desired to feel superior to a son of God. In a manner of speaking, she is a sinner, for to sin is to feel superior to another human being, hence to separate from him or her. She is guilty of attacking equality.
She, in fact, actually attacks her male lovers by seeming superior to them. In these neurotic relationships, she is the boss; indeed, she determines when they have sex etc. She frustrates the men in her life. She is an egoistic woman, hence is, in the language of religion, evil.
She is living in the effects of her egoistic life: loneliness, for no man can tolerate her for long.
If she does not change her personality structure and see people as equal, she will die a lonely old maid, by her choice.
She is not a victim; things did not happen to her against her wishes, they happened to her as she wished. The moment she sought superiority, things happen to her as they are happening to her now.

Monique is a female psychologist. She sees herself as totally independent of men. She does not want men to tell her what to do. In her relationships with men, she pays her way, fifty-fifty. This is fair, she believes. She is generally left by the men in her life. She feels unfairly treated and sees herself as a victim. She then resolved to have nothing to do with men. She currently lives with her dogs, cats and other animals.
This woman is egoistic. In her own way, she feels superior to men and men sense it and leave her alone. She is alone by her choice. She is not a victim. Her egoistic personality is a wish to separate from other people. She subtly feels superior to men and that feeling breaks relationship with them and they leave her alone. She is self centered and cannot really care for other people.

Lori is an expensive woman, what they call a high maintenance woman. Her men must be rich and spend liberally on her, while she does not spend a penny on them. The men soon wise up to her expensive lifestyle and leave her. Her game is thus: spend on me, for I am a superior woman. If she is superior then she cannot relate to people, for relationship requires equality.

Pam is an equally expensive woman. She seeks out successful men who spend lavishly on her. She is sexually available to such men and satisfies their every wish. Nevertheless, they leave for they see her as an expensive burden. Again, she uses “spend on me” as a means of seeming superior, hence breaking relationships that require equality.

Pat B is an older woman. She is a liberated woman. She selects men who essentially do whatever she wants, including satisfy her sexually. On the other hand, she does not bother trying to satisfy them. They see themselves as being used by her and leave her. She feels like a victim and, in fact, becomes physically sick (psychosomatic sickness). She is using people and not loving them. Love requires mutual caring, mutual satisfaction.

Pat H is like Pat B and uses men for her own satisfaction but does not satisfy them. Somewhere along the line she knows this and is learning to become a giver. To the extent that she gives, that is, loves, she has good relationships.

Bethel: is a grossly fat young woman. In a perverted sort of way, to be fat is to be superior to other people (although in general society to be fat is to be seen as gross and ugly). She uses her fat to keep men away from her life. She uses fat to prevent relationship. Men stay away from her. She feels abandoned and feels that she is a victim and sees life as unfair to her. Starved of attention and sex, she went to a bar and essentially picked up a man and from that one sexual encounter picked up herpes. This added to her sense of injustice done to her by men.

John is a successful business man. He fancies himself very worldly wise. He expects his wife to obey him. She did. But later, she went back to school and obtained a doctorate degree. John paid her school fees. Upon completing her education, she left him and married another man. John felt that what she did was unfair; he felt used by her; he is a bitter man.
John’s sense of superiority meant that she had to accept the status of inferiority he made for her. She accepted that role for a while, resented it but kept quite until she obtained sufficient education to become able to sustain herself. She then married a man who treated her as his equal. She is now in a happy relationship. The old relationship was an unholy one. Now she is in a holy relationship where both partners see themselves as equals. That is, her new relationship replicates our heavenly equality in their earthly state.
John has to learn equality and seek relationships based on equality.


I hope that I have made my point with the above examples. The point being that when we seek superiority to other people that we separate from them. Superiority interferes with relationships, for relationships can only be based on equality, for them to work.
On earth, we came to seem superior to each other and generally form relationships where we subtly feel superior to our partners.
Even the seeming inferior partner feels a perverted sort of superiority to the superior feeling partner. Consider Jane. According to her race’s ideology, blacks are inferior to whites. She operates on that wrong premise and blacks seem to humor her and go along with it. In America, blacks seem to act the inferiority role white folks designed for them. But deep down most black persons, like all human beings, wish superiority, and, as such, consider white persons inferior to them. I am yet to talk to an African who does not see Americans as inordinately childish. (Of course they accept the technological differences between them.)
The point is that Jane’s seeming inferior partners actually see her as inferior to them, although this was not obvious to her.
On earth, most people want to seem superior to other people, for that is what they came to earth to do. Feeling superior to others, they form relationships where each partner subtly feels superior to the other. This is called special or unholy relationships.
When the basis of this unholy alliance is disrupted, partners move away, separate and go form other special relationship.
In these unnatural relations are pa, anxiety, anger and other emotional upsets. Ultimately, folks learn to let go their childish desire for superiority (self creation) and accept equality and form holy relationships where both partners accept their equality. When this is accomplished, folks begin to look beyond their bodies and experience each others spirit.
When love and forgiveness is practiced in our human relationships, folks experience union with each other, Holy Instants.


Scientific psychology teaches people that fear is what happen to them without their consent. People are told that they are victims of fear and anxiety.
Obviously, fear and anxiety have biological correlates. In fear, the body produces certain neurotransmitters in excess and some in deficit. In fear and anxiety, excitatory neurotransmitters like norepinephrine are aroused and inhibitory neurotransmitters like GABA are reduced. The body is stimulated into fear response: fight or flight response. The various organs are speeded up: fast heart rate, fast breathing, fast thinking as messages are sent to the brain, central nervous system, quickly processed and feedback sent to the rest of the body as to what to do, to run from the source of danger or to stay and fight back. Any one could observe these biochemical reactions in fear and anxiety.
Building on this empirical fact, neuroscience teaches that fear and anxiety are caused by the body. Indeed, it teaches that thinking, mind, itself is caused by body, epiphenomenalism. On the surface, this teaching seems self evidently true, but deeper thinking exposes the emptiness of biological reductionism, as was behaviorism and psychoanalysis before it.

Pure thinking can arouse the body and make it fearful and anxious. If the individual sits in his safe and comfortable room and thinks about other people killing him (as in paranoid thinking), though nobody is out to kill him, his anticipatory attack on him would arouse his body into fear response.
Anxiety disorder is largely a product of anticipatory thinking of future hurts, perhaps rooted in a past scary episode when the individual’s life was endangered. If you have been physically attacked before, when your mind sees a person who resembles the person who had attacked you, you respond with fear and anxiety and run away from him.

There is another explanation of fear and anxiety. Let me explain it from my own history. As a child, I was what Alfred Adler called a neurotic child. I felt inferior. My body felt totally weak, pained and I responded with a sense of inferiority. Of course, like all people, I did not like to feel inferior. I compensated with a desire for superiority. I tended to want to seem superior to my peers. Since I found schooling easy, I found myself feeling superior to other children, those who found what I found easy difficult. In other words, I was a neurotic, for a neurotic is a person who feels superior to other people.
We all know that sanity is characterized by a sense of perfect equality with all people.
Because I desired to seem superior to other people, I feared being seen as inferior to them. I approached examinations with fear and anxiety. I could score a poor grade in examinations. The prospect of not obtaining a perfect grade in examinations made my neurotic desire for superiority feel anxious. Whereas many students feel happy to have a B grade I felt ashamed. In My GCE Advance Level, for example, I had mostly As but one B. That one B made me feel so imperfect that for a while I hid my face from society. I felt that other people would see me as not good, just because I had one B. At the university, the prospect of having a B grade filled me with anxiety. In graduate school, I once confronted a professor who dared to give me a B grade.
What is going on here is that I posited a superior self and wanted to become it. A superior self must have perfect A grades. The prospect of not having a perfect grade made me feel anxious and fearful. In the social world, I wanted to seem ideal. The prospect that other people would see me as not ideal, which I am not, thank God, made me feel anxious. As a young man, to seem ideal, to retain the illusion that I was superior and perfect I tended to avoid people, hence avoidant personality disorder. I withdrew from people and lived in isolation. In isolation, I retained my desired ideal self. I fancied myself superior to other people. Of course, in reality I am not superior to others. Superiority is a fiction, a false self concept, a fantasy, a neurosis.
Neurosis is an obsessive-compulsive thing. Neurotics want to be superior, perfect and ideal in a compulsive manner; it is as if an inner force is pressuring them to seem superior and when they are not superior to act as if they are superior to others, to pretend superiority. (In their obsession with titles, Nigerians are pretending superiority but do not know that the force of neurosis is at work in their behavior.)

It was my apriori desire for superiority, perfection and ideal that made me feel fearful and anxious from not living up to my desired ego ideal states.
(A healer must have been sick and is healed. Because he was sick and is now healed, he knows what the sickness is and is able to help those still sick to heal themselves. I had the sickness of seeking ego based importance, vanity. I have understood the nature of that sickness. I believe that I am healed of it, although in my moments of weakness, I am tempted to return to it. Because I am healed of it, I can show my brothers, Nigerians, who are questing after very important personage, neurosis, that that quest produces disturbance or peace and how to heal it so as to obtain peace. Love and humility are means for obtaining peace and happiness in this world.)
Now that I know that I am the same and equal with all people, yes, I am the same with the beggar on the street, I do not feel anticipatory anxiety and fear. I seldom feel fear.
During the few instances when fear enters my consciousness, I quickly analyze my thinking and behavior and invariably discover that I had wished to be superior to a human being. I had made a mistake in my thinking. I had a negative thought wave and I quickly correct it by reminding myself that all God’s children are the same.
Fear is the absence of love. The absence of love produces fear. Love is union. When you disrupt union by not loving a son of God, you and other people, you feel fear. You have attacked the person you feel superior to, the person you do not love. Because you have attacked him or her, you expect him or her to counter attack you. You therefore feel fear. Feeling afraid of the person you do not love, you separate from him or her. In separation you seem secure, false security.
If you really want to feel secure, love all human beings; and forgive all those who did you wrong. There is no other known way to obtain security than to love all children of God. To love all is to be secure. It is not military power that gives us security but love.


If I accept that we are all the same and equal, I do not go about worrying about what other people think of me (of my ego) and, as such, I tend to approach people for relationship. I am no longer interfering with relationships by desiring superiority.
Every time a human being seeks to be superior to others, and wishes for others to accept the role he made for them, inferiority, he has literally attacked them. He attacked them psychologically. They feel angry at him, and resent him and if they could, they would attack him, overtly or passive aggressively.
At the spirit level, we all know that we are the same and equal. We are all equal members of God’s one family. We feel happiest when each of us relate to us as equals. We feel resentful when any human being, black or white, man or women, dare treat us as if we are inferior to them.
Whites treat blacks as if blacks are inferior to them. Blacks resent this situation. By and by, black anger will over boil and the result would be the collapse of the American empire.
America can only survive if it becomes sane and encourage all its citizens to accept the truth of our mutual equality.
For our present purpose, the pursuit of superiority leads to feeling fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety is produced by fear of not living up to the false superior self.
Would other people see me as their superior? Desiring to be seen as superior and knowing that in their sanity they can not collude with me and see me as superior I feel anxious.
If I desire perfect equality with all people, I do not fear them, I do not experience anxiety. Fear is a product of existential desire for specialness, that is, the desire to create ones self, create other people and create God and, in the here and now world, a product of the neurotic desire for superiority over other people.
The desire for superiority is really the desire to be the author of reality and create it, create other people, a fantasy, and the fantasy that led to the genesis of this world.
Give up any and all wish for superiority, perfection and idealism. See yourself as created by God; you did not create yourself. See yourself as the same and equal with all persons.


In America, a pathological society, whites structure their social organizations such that blacks are supposed to accept the unnatural feeling that they are inferior to whites and that whites are superior to them. I could not play this childish game and dropped out of their sadomasochistic organizations, for I was not about to accept that a white person is my superior. (I am not his superior either, we are perfectly equal.)
I do not want to fit myself into America’s sadomasochistic society. I therefore, had no choice but to form an alternative organization, one where perfect equality is accepted. A few Africans and I started our own work organization. Here, we all feel the same and coequal. Any brother who tries to seem better than others is counseled to let go of that neurosis, that falsity and see all of us as the same. Of course, we have different positions, including leadership positions.
We respect each other at Africa Institute Seattle, for we know that we are equal. Our goal here is to show our deranged white brothers an alternative form of social organization, one based on truth, our perfect sameness, equality and unity.
We are in still in forms, in human bodies and are empirically separated from each other, but we try to approximate our heavenly reality: union. Union is only possible among the same and the equal. We accept that we are the creations of one father, God, Allah, Chukwu, Olorun, Obasi, call our creator what you like, he really is nameless, but he is real.


What is the point to all these? Why study psychology, secular or spiritual? We study psychology to help us understand ourselves. The goal is to understand the psychological obstacles preventing people from living fully and to help them remove them, so that they live fully. If the individual understands his personal psychological make up, understands the psychological factors that prevent him from living fully and actualizing his real self, optimizing his potential and work at removing them, and does so, he will live more fully, become more productive and more peaceful and happy. (Psychology does not remove physical and social-political obstacles hence the individual may still live a somewhat circumscribed life due to these limiting factors.)
Psychology can be abused by neurotics, as some neurotic white psychologists tried to do. They tried to use the insight they gained about human nature to seem superior to other people. For example, we know that over 90% of the people are average in their intelligence, IQ85-115; some above average, IQ 120-129; and less than 2% gifted, IQ over 130 and 2% mentally retarded, IQ under 70. This knowledge can be abused and used to put people down. You can tell the peacock strutting about as if he is a very important person that he is no more than an average person and shatter his pride and vanity.
Moreover, by analyzing people the neurotic psychologist may feel false sense of superiority over them. Racist psychologists like Arthur Jensen and Cyril Burt tried to use the information they gained about people to make their race seem superior to other races.
The truth is that appearances not withstanding all human beings, black and white, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa etc are the same and are equal. Psychologists who teach human equality are sane; those who teach human inequality are insane.
People came to this world to seem superior to each other and to emphasize their differences. Heaven is perfect sameness and equality. The world was designed to be the opposite of heaven. Because they opposed their creator, in their world, everything opposes everything else. In our world, everything is different from everything else. We figure out ways to seem unequal to each other. We emphasize our differences, be it in skin color, our height, size, intelligence, wealth, power, gender etc; anything to make us seem different from one another is stressed. The result of this emphasizes on inequality and differences are conflict and lack of peace and joy.
The function of the spiritual psychologist is to enable us stress our true self, which is unified, same and equal, and to help us stop emphasizing our differences and start emphasizing our sameness. We must work for our common interests. We must stop opposing the will of heaven, which is love and union, and give up the world of opposition and accept the world of union. The result of obeying the will of God: love one another, unify with one another rather than separate from one another, is peace and happiness, the gifts of God.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

November 23, 2005

PS: With this material, I end my series on metaphysics. I do not want to be known as a religious escapist. I do not negate our world; I am fully rooted in the empirical, scientific world. I return to the empirical world, beginning January, with my series on African politics. Do me a favor, will you: pay attention to both your spiritual and material needs. On earth, man is not an either or creature, matter or spirit, but both, and must pay attention to both to be healthy. If you are interested in metaphysical psychology see my book, Real Self Psychology. Thank you.

Posted by Administrator at November 27, 2005 02:21 PM


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