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December 11, 2005

Mallam Nuhu Ribadu: Nigeria’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, Against Corruption!

by Paul I. Adujie (New York, United States) --- This is to congratulate Mallam Nuhu “WMD” Ribadu and his staff at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for the big victory scored in the investigation of the fallen and disgraced former governor of Bayelsa state.

The excellence in their effectiveness is shining for the whole world to see. EFCC has now established a precedent in the annals of anti corruption war in Nigeria. The scandal, that was DSP Alamieyesiegha venture into public office in Nigeria, has not been brought to an inglorious end.

Alamie’s fetid and ignominious conducts, his blatant and brazen violations of Nigerian laws and other laws, have not come to an inglorious end.

Mallam Nuhu WMD Ribadu deserves our thunderous applause, for their meticulous investigations, for their tenacities of purpose, for their sustained and focused pursuit of corrupt public officials. EFCC deserves our praises and commendations for being spotless and unblemished in their commitment and dedication to the eradication and elimination of corruption from Nigeria’s landscape.

As many of us know, Nigeria is diamond in the rough, a jewel waiting to be polished and shined to its sparkling and dazzling best shine. Corruption has for far too long, prevented Nigeria from fulfilling our national purpose, and from meeting our attainable developmental goals. Corruption has thwarted and stunted our march to greatness as an advanced nation with bountiful human and material resources

Nigeria is now at the twilight and dawn of great new beginning. Nigeria is now at the threshold of a full recovery from decades of decadence and neglect.

Nigeria is in the presence of rebirth and renaissance!

The anti corruption train has since left the proverbial station, it has demolished a stumbling block to the development of Ijawland and Bayelsa state, other obstacles to development in other parts of Nigeria still remains, but I have it on good authority, that the impediment and obstacle to development of Plateau state also known as Joshua Chibi Dariye, the fugitive governor is also soon to be an ex-governor lacking constitutional immunity, and in the words of Police Commissioner for Bayelsa state Mr. Hafiz Ringim and the EFCC spokesman Mr. Osita Nwajah, DSP Alamie is now an ordinary citizen without the protection of the immunity clause as provided in the Constitution of Nigeria 1999. Alamie has several cases against him; everyone wants him, the EFCC, Nigeria Police, London Police, Immigrations and Customs etc.

DSP Alamie’s disgraceful reign has finally come to an end. His flagrant thumping of his nose at our national laws, and in some respect, international laws, has finally crested. DSP Alamie has been an ill-wind, and he blew no good toward Ijawland, Bayelsa or Nigeria. Alamie’s malevolent wind has finally run out of his odious gases!

DSP Alamie was a monumental embarrassment to all Nigerians! What manner of chief security of a state was this? A man who was himself a fugitive of the law, who then seeks to enforce the law in his domain? How would he have had to treat a fleeing felon in Bayelsa, when he was himself a fleeing felon and fugitive? Alamies was on the lam himself! Those who come to equity, it is often said, must come with clean hands!

How could a state governor call himself or be called by others, “His Excellency”? What is excellent in being a fugitive? Who would anyone obey the laws in Bayelsa, when the governor himself was an outlaw? When he was himself a fugitive from the law? When he was a felon on the lam?

With the likes of DSP Alamie and Josh Dariye in powerful position, there was continued bastardization of our public space. There was the appearance of looming lawlessness and anarchy. What else would anyone call it? How else would anyone describe fugitive governors presiding over law abiding citizens, who are expected to continue to observe our laws and rules? How could morality, decency and good behavior be enforced or even expected from the average citizen, while the presiding officers of states, are the epitome and pillar of lawlessness and most immoral egregious behaviors?

“His Excellency” became a misapplication of term, when used in reference to DSP Alamie, and his counterpart clone, fugitive Josh Chibi Dariye.

I congratulate the Chairman of the EFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and his staff for a job well done on DSP Alamie, and for all the other wonderful jobs that the EFCC has done in the past, and of course, the many more that the EFCC are doing even as I write.

Here is calling on the honorable members of Plateau state house of assembly, it is time to impeach your infant terrible fugitive Dariye! Dariye will make good company for the sexy woe-man DSP Alamie in the same prison cell, whether as prisoners in Nigeria or in England. The time to impeach Josh Chibi Dariye is nigh!

The people and the leaders in Ijawland, the people and leaders of Bayelsa state have set a wonderfully spectacular precedent for our public officials. The word is out. The world now knows that Nigeria has zero tolerance for inappropriate, illegal and criminal behaviors by public officials! Nigeria’s reforms are proceeding in earnest

All roads now lead to Plateau state, fish out fugitive Josh Chibi Dariye!

By Paul I. Adujie

New York, United States

Posted by Administrator at December 11, 2005 07:29 PM


We have seen the great work being undertaken by the EFCC in their fight against corrutption in nigeria. To be fair to the operators of EFCC, these people deserve to be commended on the work they have done so far. But much is left to be desired. We will all agree that 99.9% of Nigerian citizens are corrupt including our great president. For equity, fairness and justice to prevail in that country, we will like to see one of Obasanjo's closest associates facing the anti-corruption music. I consider Obasanjo as the propeller of corruption, we hear the news of finacial inducements of the federal legislators when he wants certain bills passed by the legislators. We have heard cases where the president receives kickbacks through his agents but he has not taken any steps to rebut these allegations. The EFCC should look into some of these allagations being made against the president and his men in order to prove to the world that they are really up to their job. I am sure Mallam Nuhu Ribadu will do his work if he is given a free hand in this respect. We can now see the effect of the actions of the EFCC on the rate of naira. The rate of naira has appreciated since the ordeal of the former Bayalsa state Governor started. The Governors including some high ranking government officials are now scared to take any more money outside the country, the mad rush for foreign exchange has slowed down thereby helping the naira to stabilise for now. There are still much to be done.

The EFCC has not gone into corruption among the officers and men of the Nigeria Police force. These men are government approved armed robbers. They mount illegal road blocks to demand money from innocent citizens. In their attempts to extort money from commuters, they have killed and maimed thousands of Nigerians and the government is turning blind eyes to this criminal act practice. It is difficult to differntiate between a genuine police officer and a rogue officer in Nigeria. I am wating for a day when Nigeria will rid herself of the acute corrupt practices now facing her.

Posted by: Livnus Durugo at December 17, 2005 12:56 PM

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