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March 23, 2005

Obasanjo, the Greatest Hypocrite, and Deceptive President

by Chidi Peter Eze ------ “I have been under pressure to go for the (fourth) third term”. ----------- President Olusegun Obasanjo.

The recent revelation by Obasanjo in Germany that he is or has been under pressure to stay on power until he dies gives truth to the avalanche of insinuations that he has a hidden agenda.

Being a talkative and inculpatory, he is very primitive to polished expressions and lacks the modern initiative to communication, both attributable to his irascibility and his being socially and intellectually challenged. Everyday it is becoming clearer on his moves to entrench himself in power perpectually. First, he set up a committee and appointed that corrupt and intellectually challenged individual called Ibrahim Mantu to head the committee to review the constitution, a cover for the fourth term. What has come out of that constitutional review committee? When Nigeria can parade constitutional lawyers of international repute. Mantu, I believe, did not possess a basic diploma of any high school home and abroad, but possesses qualification to do anything and everything to leak Obasanjo’s ass. Even if it means giving up his State as litmus test to exhibit imperialistic power in the name of S.O.E,(state of emergency) he was a willing partner as long as he would be allowed to keep his loots through bribery and corruption and as long as the EFCC or ICPC if it still exists, will never visits him. Knowing that it may be difficult for him to sell such hypocrisy to Nigerians, he toyed with the idea of setting up another committee to be headed by Borishade, his first term education minister. It leaked out and he abandoned the idea, instead sent him to the power ministry to perform the fit he did in education that culminated in Yorubas having more universities than the 19 northern States and southeast States put together. With Mr. Borishade at the power ministry, the Yoruba land is witnessing explosion of power stations. Three power stations to be built in southwest. A pipeline from south-south through southeast to Ogun State for its refinery of oil and gas. Ogunlewe is at works ministry making sure the Yorubas have the best roads. Olujimin is at justice ministry to give legal protection to Obasanjo’s Yoruba economic and political empire by interpreting the law the way Obasanjo wants it. Naijeyu is there at general accounting to make sure the financial numbers coming to Yoruba land is well maintained. Joseph Ajiboye is at the auditor-general post to make sure that no one audits the oil money flowing into Yoruba land. Kukpolokun is at Nigeria’s oil wells making sure the oil money is flowing to the Yoruba land.

Peter Okebukola is at the NUC flooding the Yoruba land with mediocre universities and projecting the Yoruba universities as the best in the world even though none of the Yoruba universities is recognized outside the federal republic of Nigeria. Mr. Sunday Ehindero has now taken over from that notorious thief called Mustapha Balogun, to ensure that the use of that notorious organization called Nigerian Police to witch haunt, intimidate and harass people who disagree with Obasanjo is maintained.Obasanjo once raised the issue of immorality when he said, “Is it morally right for a sitting governor to establish airline?” “Is it morally right for a sitting governor to establish radio station and TV house?” But it is morally right for a sitting president to employ the resources of the government to improve his farm in Otta to fetch him 30 million naira every month. It is morally right for a sitting president to establish a university at Badagary.What a hypocrite! Now that the Yorubas have maintained economic, legal and security control of the country, the igbo men and women have the job of cleansing Obasanjo’s mess and that of those before him. To give further impression of federal republic hypocrisy and fallacy, he has to appoint governor Markfi of Kaduna from the north to head another committee to work out plans for his “Idi-aminization” of Nigeria’s presidency, hence the birth of the so-called National Political Reform Conference. NPRC for shot, the delegates who are mainly people that will not oppose Obasanjo’s continuation of monopoly of power in Nigeria. Other wise why was Ojukwu, the initiator of the national conference dropped from the delegates? Ojukwu would oppose any attempt to impose Obasanjo on Nigerians again as well as members of “Operation Loot Nigeria” the deranged and tired military looters represented by Ibrahim Babangida. Ojukwu is an embodiment of true Nigerianism as exemplified by his performance at Aburi, Ghana, 38 years ago.Why did he oppose the inclusion of Navy Cmdr. Ebitu Ukiwe from the delegates. After all, they are Igbo representatives and not Yoruba representatives.They are to represent igbo interests not that of the Yorubas. Ojukwu’s exclusion from the delegates demonstrates Obasanjo’s hypocrisy. Obasanjo is always scared of sound and strong intellectually minded igboman. He should be, given his intellectual and social deficiencies. Ojukwu’s deliberate exclusion from the delegates by Obasanjo is a further testimony to his hidden agenda.

If Mrs. Ngozi Iwuala, Oby Ezekwesili, Charles Soludo, Dora Akwunyiri, Ernest Ndukwe, and the young man at the culture ministry from Ebonyi State decide to withdraw from Obasanjo administration today, Obasanjo and Nigeria will collapse like a pack of cards. His so-called anti corruption crusade is one of his greatest hypocrisy. Look at people whom he brought into PDP. Tony Aneneih, that corruption infested individual who was disgraced from the police for corruption, and who is yet to account for the 300 billion naira given to him to fix Nigerian roads. Bode George, another corrupt retired and tired Naval officer. Ahmadu Ali, a tired military colonel and one of the most corrupt and beast minded Nigerian. Venatius Ikem, a lawyer whose legal practice is PDP fraud and corruption. Chris Uba, a notorious 419ner who should be cooling himself at Kirikiri Prison along with Fred Ajudua and co. Obasanjo is the president who openly admitted being accessory to fraud and corruption. Hear him, “I invited Chris Uba and Chris Ngige to my house where Uba in my presence looked at Ngige in the face and said, you know you did not win the election and you did not know how we did it”. All a president whose presidential words are, anti corruption crusade could do in light of admittance of fraud and corruption was only to tell them to leave his house. What a monumental hypocrisy. For almost six years, with oil selling for consistent average of more than $40 a barrel and a nation ranking 5th in world oil production, yet no good roads, no electricity, no good and quality water supply, her tertiary institutions are mere after school program, no good hospitals. Those Nigerians who looted the country dry would prefer to die at European hospitals than die in Nigeria, so they can die close to their loots stashed in Europe. Nigeria under Obasanjo has been ranking the most corrupt country in Africa. 1st, 2nd,and 3rd most in the world, the most human rights abuser in Africa, yet this man is junketing the world asking for debt forgiveness on the money he and his military colleagues shared. Other wise what did have to show Nigerians for a loan of such magnitude? The same man fighting war on corruption has been bribing his way to inflict un constitutionalism on Nigerians and continued to turn deaf ears on corruption, except fighting a dead man Sani Abacha, while dinning and winning with those who instituted corruption in Nigeria. What happened to his cousin Dr. Julius Makanjuola, known to have embezzeled more than 420 million naira as permanent secretary ministry of defense? Does it mean that all the Babangida celebrated wealth and his 57 room house at hill top Minna, the aborted establishment of Heritage university were from his legitimate salary as a military general? What happened to late Dr. Pius Okigbo report on the 1991 oil windfall? Was the late Sani Abacha the only member of OLN (operation loot the nation)?

I find it difficult to make meaning out of Obasanjo’s statement once, at Akwa Ibom State during his visit to that State not too long. That is, that he saw no sense in denying the late General Philip Effiong political access, while Ojukwu was allowed political access. Rubbish. I don’t know how he could have forgotten that he Obasanjo is an ex-convict who should not have been allowed into Nigeria’s political arena let alone giving him the presidency if it hadn’t been the military conspiracy to deny Ekwueme the presidency through PDP. He was appointed president by the then northern military looters, who felt he was qualified as their stooge as exemplified by his first outing in 1976-79. He got the president he now uses with all federal government machinery to do for the Yorubas what the former northern cabals did for the north. Yorubanization of Nigeria began in 1999 just as the northernization of Nigeria began in 1966 and ended in 1999. Today, Yoruba people control every strategic Organs of Nigeria’s institutions and economy. Be it oil, security, works, justice, police and communications. Yoruba land is being flooded with infrastructures, three power stations in southwest, international cargo airport in Abeokuta, 20 private universities for Yorubas alone approved within three years. Oil and gas refinery in Ogun State. NNPC M/D, attorney-general of the federation, accountant-general of the federation, auditor-general of the federation, police IG, SSS Director, DMI Director, PPRA chairman, DPR Director, PPRA executive secretary all Yorubas.

That’s exactly the way of the northern cabals. It used to be Alhaji this Alhaji that, whether he knew how to sign his name or not. At least these Yorubas are intellectually sound. Go to chief justice, you are talking to a Hausa man. Petrol minister, Alhaji Hausa, controller-general of immigration, Alhaji Kano, Director-general of Custom, Alhaji Sokoto, Minister of finance, Alhaji Katsina, All strategic western embassies, Alhaji A. Alhajis.Chief of Army staff, general Setima Alhaji , chief of defense staff, general Alhaji Abuja. Airforce, Vice Marshal Mig. Alhaji, Navy, Admiral NNS Alhaji. SSS Director, Alhaji Maiduguri, Military intelligence, general Hadeja. President of federal court of appeal, Alhaji justice Kaduna. Nigeria defense industry corporation, Kaduna. Nigeria military school, Zaria. Nigerian defense academy, Kaduna. Nigerian civil aviation school, Zaria. School of senior military commandant, Jaji Kaduna. Institute of policy and strategic studies, Kuru, Jos. Peugeot Automobile Plant, Kaduna. Oil refinery, Kaduna. 1st Division Nigerian Army, Kaduna. 3rd Division Nigerian Army, Jos. Corps of Artillery, Minna. Kano, Kaduna, Ilorin, Maiduguri, Sokoto, Jos, Makurdi, Yola all have international airports, whether planes land there or not. They are all international airports for lizards and broken windows. As long as the north controlled oil money, it must flow in the north, just as it is now flowing in the Yoruba land. I don’t see any difference between Gowon, Buhari, Babangida, Abacha, Abdulsalami Abubakar and Olusegun Obasanjo. They are all hypocrites and are all in the league of Operation Loot Nigeria. They pretend to be patriotic Nigerians outside the power, but Military looters and human right abusers inside the power. Outside power, they talk about Nigeria’s unity, but inside power they work tirelessly for her disunity. Inside power they institute and nurture all kinds of system that will permanently dismember Nigeria. Other wise where was the unity of Nigeria when all the oil money coming to Nigeria was used to establish infrastructures in the north and southwest, when the greatest and hardest workers in Nigeria to develop that wealth are igbos and people of the south south? Where is the unity of Nigeria when Babangida single handedly forced Nigeria into IOC,( Islamic Organization Conference). Where is the unity of Nigeria when the northern military looters were building Mosque at Aso Rock without any church at Aso Rock?

They criticize each other when the critic is out of power. Can these looters and hypocrites mention any federal infrastructure in the southeast? Yet people like Chimaroke Nnamani sees Obasanjo as the best thing that happens to ndigbo. Although Nnamani is just a lone ranger in igbo land, so he has to leak Obasajo’s fat ass for protection for his atrocious leadership in Enugu State and beyond. Since he sees Obasanjo different from the way all true igbos see him, how many roads in the southeast has the federal government built or fixed? Why is Obasanjo playing 419 with Enugu airport and Niger Bridge? Why was the design of the Niger Bridge cancelled after the design? Why will it take the governor the ability to get international airliner that will be capable of flying and landing in Enugu airport five days a week for Obassanjo to internationalize it? What happened to the dry port, international airport, building of another Bridge across the Niger and two other infrastructures Obasanjo promised the southeast prior to his 2003 electoral façade popularly known in national parlance as 419 of 2003? Chief Audu Ogbe was once Obasanjo’s point guard. Before Ogbe was Mr. Bernabas Gemade. They all lived like kings and ended up like trash under Olusegun Obasanjo. Ahmadu Ali will no doubt go the way of the two gentle men above. They were all conscripted to do Obasanjo’s dirty job and enforce his hypocrisies. The expulsion of Ngige from PDP was just one of his defense mechanism for his political immorality. He knows he is a hypocrite. Will he also expel Jubril Aminu, Ibrahim Mantu, Adolphus Wabara, that one will be easy for him to expel since he answers igbo name, and all those who lost in his 419 of 2003 now parading as Senators and House of representatives otherwise V.I.P? (vagabonds in power) in the words of the late Fela Anikpolokun. The only rope Obasanjo is hanging on is his immoral control of the nations security forces. He has so perfected the use of the military and security apparatus to intimidate, abuse, harass and demean Nigerians. These members of the military and security outfits are the willing tools as long as they enjoy the perks of the office and the corruption that goes with it. And the absolute control of these security forces or outfits by the Yorubas has absolutely secured the dictatorship and hypocrisy for him. Obasanjo was quoted to have said that no one in Nigeria is qualified to take over from him.

The truth is that he has injured a lot of Nigerians such that he will prefer to die in the office rather than live to witness another retribution from Nigerians he has injured. Nigeria known for her revenge politics, he will prefer that the Bridge collapse, after he has crossed the Bridge. This man who pretends to have unity of Nigeria in his heart is nothing but a hypocrite and a deceiver. He will prefer that Nigeria dismember after his death as long as he protected the Yorubas, furnished them with all the resources and build economic empire for them. Obasanjo’s mission is not development of Nigeria, far from that. Obasanjo’s presidential mission is to do as much collateral damage to Ndigbo and provide the Yorubas Nigeria and her wealth.

Babangida and members of his OLN have given Nigerians a check. A check returned to Nigerians marked “insufficient fund”, in the words of that great African American, the late Dr. Martin Luther King jr. No condition is permanent. 1966 through 1999 were the years of Alhajis. 1999 through present are the years of Oduduas. Who knows whose years will it be from 2007? For now Nigerians other than the Yorubas have gotten a rotten product from their political purchase. They are always issued a wrong product whenever they ordered a political bargain.

Chidi Peter Eze

Posted by Administrator at March 23, 2005 06:17 PM


Reading your article leaves me with much disappointment. You launch several attacks against Yourba people without substantiating your allegations.

It's interesting to note that arguably the most important positions in the country are manned by Igbos. Surely you have to be uncharitable and prejudiced beyond reason to refuse to accept this factual position. The Mininster of Finance and her deputy, if her name is anything to go by, are both Igbo ladies. The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria is also Igbo. The Minister for Information is Igbo too, as is the Minister for Solid Minerals. In any nation these are pivotal roles. The Yorubas on the other hand, control to the best of my knowledge, no revenue generating government ministries. The Ministries of Justice, Works, Health and Communications are moribund departments. They generate no funds of their own and are entirely dependent on budgetary allocations. Where is their power?

You talk about roads in Yoruba land being the best in the country. This is an urban myth. You either haven't been to Nigeria in recent times or you wear rose tinted glasses whenever you are in the West, or worse still you are a stranger to the truth. The roads in the West are appalling. Lagos State which is home to Nigerians from all over the country, continues to suffer from the Federal Government's refusal to release funds rightfully due to its local governments, inspite of a Supreme Court decision. Yet the state continues to accomodate its teeming population without regard and assistance from the centre. This is a punitive action by a Yoruba president to a Yoruba governor of a Yoruba State. Had it been to an Igbo governor or any one else outside of Yoruba land, there would be screams of tribalism across the land.

You are mistaken in the belief that Yorubas hate Igbos. We do not. We are cosmopolitan and engaging. We are outspoken and possibly arrogant, but we have the good sense to live in harmony with our neighbours and fellow citizens. We care little for the criticims of others.

In my experience I have found Igbos to be welcoming and accomodating. From your number I have many a friend. I am proud of these friendships. Do not rubbish the good name of your industrious and lively people by forcing upon them the garments of victimhood.

You are not pleased with Obasanjo, you will be surprised to discover that neither are we. Does he compare to our finest leader Chief Awolowo, no and never will he. But then we do not live in a perfect world. We do not endorse any scheme for self succession. As a matter of fact we want a true civillian president next time around. Preferably from the South East/South South geo-political zone.

Dim Ojukwu should join the main stream and offer himself for leadership, we can learn form his experience. I think he is a bright man who still has much to offer.

On the issue of all these mushroom universities, if what you say is actually the case, then more is the pity. We don't need that many new universities, what we need is a few centres of excellence that will produce our leaders and managers of tomorrow.

In all, I think the likes of Chief Awolowo, Dr. Michael Opara, Dr. Akanu Ibiam, Chief Michael Ajasin, Mallam Aminu Kano and the great Zik had the right idea. They wanted to build a progressive nation that would serve us all well. I agree with Chief Awolowo, that to be a good Nigerian you had to first of all be a good Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Tiv, Efik, Ijaw, Kanuri, Gwari, Nupe etc. We can each be good tribal people without being negative.

My brother, I think you write because you care, but you could be much more forceful and persuasive if you were a bit more positive and constructive.

Be of good cheer.

Regards from your unashamed Yoruba brother, or at least compatriot.

Posted by: Faith Otito at August 12, 2005 04:35 PM

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