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May 29, 2005

Does Obasanjo Really Mean Well for Nigeria or is he just an Obtrusion?

by Peter Eze --- If few Nigerian men and women less than 20 in number or simply put it this way, members of Nigerian Contract Inflation Inc, NCI for short, could put together more than 4 billion naira in less than 4 hours for Obasanjo’s private shrine, which civilized society will ever take Obasanjo seriously with cap in hands, kneels on ground begging for debt forgiveness?

Some few months back, this man went on the air asking Nigerians whether it was morally right for a sitting governor to establish an airline while in office. The same man not too long ago went to the tube, accused, tried, prosecuted and convicted professor Fabian Osuji and the entire National Assembly over 55 million naira. When the nation began to point out his hypocrisies and selective war on corruption, he quickly asked his black mail bureaucracy EFCC or ICPC to arrest Alhaji Mustapha Balogun, that stinking corruption infested former IG who could have been better come to the world as corruption rather than as human being. If this so called former IG could spent only 18 months and associated with more than 12 billion naira in corruption, I wonder what time he had to police the nation. Even after Balogun’s arrest and arraignment, the same Obasanjo caused his release. Mrs Ojomo the erstwhile minister of housing was involved in high profile corruption in the gift of the federal government houses in highbrow Lagos, she was simply fired, because Obasanjo was very much aware of the give away even though he pretended otherwise. Nigerians are wiser than that. Besides, she is a Yoruba woman. Every one expected him to cause the re-arrest of Dr. Julius Makanjuola another Yoruba.

Every Nigerian expected him to shed him self of “Yoru-oil-nization” of Nigeria’s oil concern and “Defamily-ization” of Nigeria’s industrial and corporate properties through NCP. The barrage of accusation against him on the employment of his children and the “Gbenga-nization” of many Nigeria’s industries through BPE, if Obasanjo does see it as corruption, then he is a fraudulent president. If Obasanjo does not see his establishment of a private university while a sitting president as corruption, if he does not see the use of Nigerian government resources to enlarge and reconstitute an almost bankrupt farm to a situation it now rakes in more than 30 million naira a month as corruption, if he does not see his persistent attempt in total extrusion of the most viable race in a black world (Ndigbo) as criminal and corruption, if he does not see the employment of Nigerian government machinery to exhort billions of naira from federal government contractors fronting for him and his family as corruption, if he refuses to make public his asset declaration to the code of conduct bureau while causing same to investigate and prosecute Orji Uzo Kalu, section 308 of the Nigerian constitution notwithstanding, using Turaki of Jigiwa and Ladoje of Oyo States as decoy just as he did in Slok airline issue when his target was Orji Kalu, but included one or two northern owned airliners just to deceive himself thinking he was deceiving Nigerians, if he does not know he is abusing and desecrating the Nigerian constitution on daily basis, if he does not know he is a lawless president who has no regard for the nation’s highest court’s –(the Supreme Court) adjudication, a president who has no regard for an Act of the National Assembly, a president who has no regard to the meaning of his personal signature or a presidential signature, a president who is morally and spiritually challenged and want to emulate the profile (only) of an American president or be like an American president only in profile which he is not, and cannot and would not be, not even in his dream, a president who lies to his country men and women and believes his lies to be true even before he makes lies public is nothing but an obtrusion.

One reality is that Obasanjo is very angry for his imprisonment and still being malicious against Nigerians. This man will put Nigeria in a situation where the country will be in turmoil after his departure from Aso Rock. By his malicious and divisive administration of Nigeria, he has already created too much confusion in the country. Never in the history of Nigeria has the north and south been more pronounced in the negative than this Obasanjo’s tenure. If he is not prodding and inciting the Ijaws, the Calabaries, the Ibibios or the Ogojas against Ndigbo by blowing the civil war trumpet, he is inciting Jukuns against the Tiv’s or the Fulanis against the Lantangs. There has been more negative gap between the Muslims and Christians in Nigeria under Obasanjo than any other time in Nigeria’s checkered history. The nation’s political field contains more land mines than the war field. Nigeria is more defined as a killing field than She is known as a nation. Corruption is more endemic in Nigeria under Obasanjo. Injustice has since replaced equity and fair play in Nigeria under Obasanjo. Igboland has become Obasanjo’s political laboratory with Ndigbo as beaker and tubes where he experiments social, political and economic injustice before it becomes national policy.

It is obvious that Obasanjo will be the last man to relinquish power to any other Nigerian because he does not want to live to witness what will be his retribution, given the mess he has and is going to leave Nigeria with. Obasanjo has really hut Nigeria and Nigerians in this process. The issue of his impeachment will never be taken seriously by any sane Nigerian, given the type of Nigerians that constitute the National Assembly. Any attempt to bruise him politically will always elicit the tribal coronation.

With the nation’s oil dollars at his disposal, and with the Yorubas always evoking tribalism whenever Obasanjo’s constitutional conflagrations come up, Nigerian citizens will always be treated with political fiction. However, the real impeachment of Obasanjo comes on how he is being perceived by the majority of Nigerians. Obasanjo has already been impeached by the Nigerian court of public opinion, not the National Assembly Nigeria does not have. Obasanjo’s administration of Nigeria is knotted in black box and when untied after his inglorious exit, it will explode like a bomb whose effect will spell a disaster for Nigeria. Obasanjo will choose to die in the office than to face the international court of justice for numerous crimes against Nigeria and Nigerians. The Odi military massacre, the Zaki-Ibiam military pogrom, the persistent emasculation and persecution of members of harmless MASSOB, the high profile political assassinations, and the economic and social injustice being meted to Ndigbo. The family of those politically fallen heroes will never let Obasanjo off the hook. When he exists from Aso Rock his use and abuse of the nation’s security forces will cease. He will be made to answer for his emasculation of Nigerian people and his ravages of executive despotism.

Chidi P Eze

Posted by Administrator at May 29, 2005 05:55 PM


For the first time I read an opinion that seems to me that I wrote it or was interviewed before it was written. I only want to add by reflecting on the US intelligence report on the future of Nigeria. To me the report is a veilled warning to the Obasanjo's South West: refugees are predicted to flow towards Benin, Togo and as far as Ghana, but NOT towards Cameroun, Niger or Chad.

Posted by: Peter Brown at June 6, 2005 03:21 PM

Whether the President mean well or not by Nigeria will very soon be known. However, I do know that the resources of the country belong to all Nigerians and they all should prosper from those resources. An economic restructuring is desperately needed to affect this change.

Another point that needs to be emphasize is the need for Nigerians to advocate for a single African Union currency. That currency should have a permanent value and consists of gold, silver, nickel, and even platinum for the higher denomination.
These are 2 crucial items that can SAVE the continental decline.
Think about it!

Posted by: Larry Edwards at June 13, 2005 11:41 PM

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