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January 18, 2006

Adieu Nigeria!

by Peter C. Eze --- In 1998, the Nigerian military peopled by intellectually delinquent, morally deficient, diplomatically decadent, ethically bankrupt, religious bigots and economic parasites in collaboration with their political sycophants released Olusegun Obasanjo from Yola prison and handed the post of Nigerian president to him on the platter of gold.

Little did they know that they were building marbles to entomb Nigeria's political horizon. Little did they know that by that deed, they were saying "Adieu" to Nigeria. Soon after the swearing ceremony on May 29, 1999, a journey that would terminate the nation's peaceful co-existence had been embarked upon. After the national disasters called Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha, Nigerians yawned for a leader that would help them heal the religious, economic, political, social, security and psychological wounds inflicted on them by these barbarians. They yawned for a patriotic Nigerian who has interest of Nigeria and Nigerians at heart. They yawned for a God fearing Nigerian that will serve Nigerians' interest. They yawned for a leader not a dealer. They yawned for a true Nigerian. On February 27, 1999, an opportunity came to the Nigeria's political space and Nigerians went to the poll to elect a president.

What did they get? A president? Not at all. A patriot? Not at all. A God fearing man? No sir.

A bridge builder? Far from that. What then did they get?

They got a despot, a tyrant, ex-convict, a heartless man, a tribal zealot, an enemy of peace, a man who replaced normalcy with abnormal behavior. His name is Olusegun Obasanjo.

From May 29, 1999, Nigeria's peaceful co-existence was replaced with divisiveness. The face of the nation's political horizon became bruised with blood all over. The temperature of Nigeria's political process rose to more than 1000 degree centigrade. A simple process of political democracy jolted to a full scale lethal war. National police became terrorists. Election become terrorism against Nigerian people. Politicians and governors became arms importers. State government houses became armories. In Nigeria, there is no right to bear arms, but right to arm the 'bears'. Election was replaced with selection.

Criminals became policy makers and administrators, while God fearing Nigerians turned to beggars and paupers. Police against the citizens. Army against the citizens. Suppression took over freedom of speech. Human rights became animal rights. Fear and anxiety became a norm in Nigeria.

Unemployment, poverty, disease and lawlessness took over Nigeria's space. Corruption became the biggest industry that employed Obasanjo, his wives, children, Nigerian police, the army and his political sycophants. Armed robbery become police and military industry Ltd. Police training colleges and military training institutions train more bank robbers, assassins and bus hijackers more than professional security personnel. Nigeria's legislatives houses became bureau de change. Nigeria's tertiary institutions become training hubs for prostitutions, cultism, lesbianism, armed robbers, drug addicts and drug peddlers, 419ners, examination cheaters, fraud and all other social evils.

Obasanjo spends his presidential time and national resources empowering criminals to create violence and subvert states for political gains. A whole state could be subverted simply because he does not like the face of its elected state governor, as in Anambra State with an economic and criminal pervert, Chris Uba as the commander, Oyo state with religious and criminal pervert, Alhaji adedibu as the Commander, and Plateau State with corruption laden criminal, Alhaji Ibrahim Mantu as chief of staff. It is violence every where in Nigeria with Obasanjo as the instigator and sponsor. It is an undeniable facts that the Nigerian governors are corrupt beyond any one’s imagination. It is equally truism that their impeachments without due process is criminal as the corruption itself. Simple local government election is subject to police terrorism. Every election must be rigged in Nigeria. Election to appoint institution heads is subject to rigging. Governors turned directors of thugs and real estate brokers in the United States and Great Britain and other western countries. Media houses and independent TV stations are hounded every day for telling the truth to the nation. Hospitals in Nigeria are nothing but functional morgues. Roads are death traps. Electricity is a luxury only for Nigerian execu-thieves. Taps in the cities run perhaps 30 minutes a day every once in a while. Politics is a full scale lethal war. Assassinations are now state political campaign. Obasanjo has elevated political positions to personal political property whose challenger must be assassinated by all means. Obasanjo determines who lives and who dies in Nigeria.

EFCC was established to help Nigerians fight the monster called corruption and economic crimes, but Obasanjo has personalized it to fight and intimidate whoever he considers critic and potential encroacher into his political industry. He has personalized the security apparatus for political witch hunt.

If he is not hounding and intimidating you with Nuhu Ribadu, he is violating your civil liberty with Kayode Are. If he cannot win you over his constitutional violation, he is sending his police and Ahmadu Ali to intimidate and destabilize you.

Nigeria's democracy has become one man’s industry with Obasanjo as the only managing director, who has created Bill Gate of Nigeria in the names of Mike Adenuga and Alhaji Dangote. PDP that used to be known as People Democratic Party is now 'PDP'-Power to Divide People. Judgments of the nation's courts are nothing more than individual opinions. Obasanjo’s government is well above court order, police disregard court order, army cannot obey court order, ministers cannot not obey court order, INEC disregards court order. He has made a huge joke of the nation’s judiciary. Police as law enforcement agents are nothing but law breaking and terrorists protection agents and agents of political victimization. Under Obasanjo, perverts and hoodlums are empowered to destroy state properties and kill innocent citizens and their governors in the full watch of the police force. Under Obasnjo a common criminal would have hundreds of police guards for personal protection, while the citizens are left defenseless against men of the underworld and assassins. Under Obasanjo the only flourishing corporation in Nigeria is politics and its product is corruption. Obasanjo exports oil and import corruption, violence and divisiveness. Under Obasanjo, Nigerian police regimented 20 naira extortion from the motorists and public and it became official. Obasanjo concept of policing is intimidation, police terrorism and brutality against Nigerian citizens. Obasanjo has made it impossible for normal election to hold in Nigeria any more since he has officially endorsed rigging, terrorism and assassination. Official terrorism, brutality, intimidation, humiliation, selective probe, lawlessness, fear, starvation, mass sack, fraud and corruption are now elevated to state craft and become the only democratic dividend he has given to Nigerians .

Ordinary political misunderstanding is elevated to state sponsored terrorism. Divergent political ideology is not acceptable to Obasanjo and elicit political and economic retribution and even assassination.

Nigeria’s leadership stinks. Obasanjo's concept of political development, is tribe against tribe, state against state, city against city, Moslem against Christian, wife against husband, father against son, mother against daughter, political party against political party, police against citizens, army against police, above all Obasanjo against Nigerians.

This man has done collateral damage to Nigeria. Whether he hands over in 2007, or not, Nigeria will never be the same again. Politics will never be plaid in Nigeria peacefully. Election will never hold in Nigerian soil devoid of fatality. In advance democracy, they say politics is local, but under Obasanjo politics is personal. Nigerians pray. Pray that there will be a revolution that will sweep away Obasanjo, his sycophants and their diabolism over Nigeria and Nigerians. Pray that the year 2006 will filter away, the evils of that man and bring about changes that will reverse the misfortune of Nigeria. Please God Almighty save Nigeria and Nigerians from that murderous hypocrite and corruption czar. May You Almighty forbids his third term. Nigerians are sick of his military, police, political, economic, social, religious and psychological torture.

By Chidi P Eze

Posted by Administrator at January 18, 2006 11:42 PM


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