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June 14, 2005

Buba Marwa’s Appropriate Response to Cowards

by Peter Opara --- A couple of days ago, Nigerian journals reported that a plan to kill retired Brigadier General Buba Marwa had been uncovered.

As it is with non-full disclosure style of Nigerian reporting, it was and remains unclear, in fact unknown to the public still who it was that planned to kill Marwa. It is not known whether it was a person or a group of persons that planned to kill Marwa.

If it was either a person or a group of persons that planned to kill Marwa, the journals gave not a diddlysquat hint as to the origin, formation or history of the person or persons – that is if the person or persons that planned to kill Marwa were Nigerians, and if Nigerian(s), whether they are known to Marwa, whether they were from Marwa’s home state, from Abuja or some other parts of Nigeria.

It would also have been helpful if the modus vivendi and/or operandi of the person or persons were known, whether they were hired, whether they have been in the habit of killing and who their victims in the past might have been, why they do what they do.

Granted, some aspects of my posers as above might have come later, as a follow-up on the initial report – which we are yet to read – but initial hints touching on the above posers, would have richly informed the public, particularly those interested in enforcing the law in Nigeria, if any.

However, the man concerned, the man whose own life was at stake, Marwa responded to the ominous cloud about him in as brave a fashion as can be. He was stoic. He was also reasonably fatalistic.

In his response, Marwa seemed to be looking the killer or killers poised against him in the face and speaking to them, saying, you may try to kill me, but the consequences to you will be devastating.

Then he noted, as would a man of sound mind, and a measure of humility, that it is God that has the power to keep life, extend life or terminate life.

To the would-be killers, Marwa meant to say, it will not be an easy ride for you; if you think I am going down like a wimp, think again.

Marwa was right on! Nothing could have been more apropos as a state of mind, and as a response to COWARDS, as those reported, who choose as their modus vivendi, to spill the blood of their fellow man.

Cowards, these are; killers, assassins that now lurk every nook and cranny of a cantankerous but once safe and secure land – Nigeria.

Those that have made it their business to rule this land of diverse nations of peoples, Nigeria, have also engineered rampant murder and assassination among themselves, and these acts have trickled down to hunt defenseless common people.

General Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia, who like Marwa remains the best performing military administrator known to peoples of Nigerian nations, called recently for the arming of the population; that is everyone owning a gun with which to defend himself or herself in a land now saturated by assassins and murderers.

There is no other way to deal with a coward or cowards which those in the business of either engineering or actually engaging in the business of blood spilling are, than to first let them know that you have got what they got – AK 47 or AK – 1 MILLION.

Let them know that them coming after you is a war that makes game everything they – the killer and/or their engineers hold most dear game. Their lives first – cowards love life; their wives, their children, their parents, even their material possessions – cowards are also about material possession.

For every member of Nigerian nations, Ogbemudia’s proposal will put teeth to a similar response as Marwa’s by them, should they, as they do daily, encounter the high and lowly cowardly killers, robbers and hired assassins that now pervade Nigeria.

And Nigerian journals can play their public service role even in this instance with full disclosure that arms investigations and prepares the common man to deal with finality, the dregs and ogres of society, which the blood spilling cowards such as those planning to kill Marwa represents.

June 14, 2005

Peter Opara is the author of Understanding the Nigerian Nation Tribes – Why they Boil

Posted by Administrator at June 14, 2005 09:54 PM


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