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Opara's Mightier Pen

Obasanjo's Three Monkey
Regime and Gang

Peter Opara

Audu Ogbe is a fine and honorable man that found himself amidst dishonorable men and women. He is to be excused for politics, they say, makes strange bedfellows.


It will be in order to suggest that Ogbe quit the gang of his dishonorable bedfellows, but I would rather he stay to continue to tell the Nigerian BURDEN - Olusegun Obasanjo - what he needs to know, even when he does not want to know – the truth – something for which it is known Obasanjo has no use.


Ogbe and Olusegun Obasanjo are strange bedfellows, and there is no better testimony to this fact than the letters now out in public, penned by these two.


While Ogbe’s was a wise and measured assessment of the pitiful,

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criminal and anarchistic state of Nigeria and pieces of advice to go for
Obasanjo, based on previous experience, Obasanjo’s was a puerile pass-the-buck attempt to blame, deflect and defend the indefensible – his unmitigated failure as what he deems himself – a leader or better, a ruler.


Where does Obasanjo think the Buck Stops? In a country where the Attorney General says only what “Baba” wants to hear! Obasanjo might as well call up his friend Andrew Young to run by him the idea and basis for the saying “the buck stops….”


One has not only observed Ogbe and Obasanjo as public persons, one has been up close to both - assisted both in some small way sometimes – with Ogbe - to protect - and sometimes – for Obasanjo - to aide the Big White Elephant to walk.


Working with or for someone, if one is the least perceptive, one just does not only work, one also gets to get a good feel, an understanding of the one with or for whom one works.


Since, even prior to the emergence of Obasanjo’s Three Monkey Regime with which the people of Nigerian nations are now saddled, Ogbe, in his utterances, remains exactly what I knew him to be a little more than two decades ago – again, a fine and honorable man. First, when friends or so they called themselves to the late General Sani Abacha began to unmask, showing what they really are – RATS – at the passing of Abacha, it was Ogbe who warned Nigerians to behold such men and women that jump ship and turn on friends when misfortune strikes.


When Obasanjo began feeding on the peoples of Nigerian nations, Ogbe in a speech to his kinsmen in London spoke to the need for those in position to be aware of the plight of ordinary citizens – this, not far from the theme of his latest note to Nigerian BURDEN – Obasanjo. If there was a sane man of reason and sound sense of proportion in the gang called PDP, that man is Audu Ogbe.


As for Obasanjo, he can only pretend to be what Ogbe is – fine and honorable. It is regrettable that this man, Obasanjo, who once spoke to an audience in which I was present (1987) in a manner so forthright that I congratulated him and shook his hand, is indeed who I began to feel soon after the speech that he was – one of those elder Nigerians who toyed with the minds of Nigerians – good talker and no good doer. This holy man now, Obasanjo, who when confronted with evil that stares him in the face, which he should see unless he were blind, responds always with the words “I am shocked”


When the Sanusi Buhari certificate forgery surfaced at the inception of what today is truly a Three Monkey Regime, Obasanjo was asked about Buhari and his forgery, and his response was – you guessed it - “I am shocked”. That was five years ago still, “shocked” remains Obasanjo’s mode of denial. I know a seven-year-old who could read a ton of lies in Obasanjo’s “I am shocked” refrain.


Obasanjo just told Nigerians that he got the “real shock of his life” – indeed - when Uba looked Ngige straight in the face and said, “You know you did not win the election”. On the contrary there was nothing new to Obasanjo in what he claimed Chris Uba said before him to Chris Ngige.


Obasanjo had soon following his 419 elections, assembled all of

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the eastern governors at
Aso Rock. There, he upbraided them, and said to them that they knew that they did not win elections, that they knew who won the elections in the east – APGA. Obasanjo did this to stem whatever ruckus he felt the eastern governors were brewing – a sort of blackmail. On this score alone, Ngige was right when he essentially called Obasanjo a liar – not on account that he, Ngige, won any elections. The rightful winner in Anambara, Peter Obi of APGA has not said much and the tired and corrupt Nigerian press thinks this truth to the masses unimportant.


Obasanjo had Chekwas Okorie, the APGA chairman over at Aso Rock for a meeting more than once on the issue of PDP election robbery in the east, at a time he was unsure what trouble brewed that he wanted to forestall. To Okorie and Ikemba Odumegwu-Ojukwu, Obasanjo had asked: How do we make peace? Let go the states I won – Ojukwu had said to Obasanjo. One of those states that Odumegwu-Ojukwu’s APGA won, was Anambara.


Native cunning man, Obasanjo, he agreed, but true to his nature, he did something else; he infested Odumegwu-Ojukwu’s east with his army, police, secret agents, assassins, thieves – assorted criminals that thrive in Aso Rock, under his nose. Obasanjo’s Aso Rock raised criminals have had the most field days in Anambara – as all can see – during the 419 elections and just this past November. Obasanjo’s step-son, the one he only days ago said worked hard for PDP victory in Anambara – Thug cum Tout Chris Uba has been in charge of Obasanjo’s Anambara operation that rages to this day.


So this Obasanjo and “shock”, would not Obasanjo be shocked that he sits on a stolen mandate? Would not Obasanjo be shocked that his PDP rigged elections? Would not Obasanjo be shocked that the apparatus of his Three Monkey Regime – the army, police and secret agents that are at his beck and call went on a scorched earth policy all for PDP victory? What else in the myriad of animal happenings in Nigeria would not Obasanjo respond in his trademark fashion – “I am shocked” – hunger and privation, murder and assassination, unemployment and inflation, bribery and corruption, broken educational system ad nauseam? Given the scandalous magnitude of his failure, Obasanjo must be a man shocked beyond what his old nerves can bear!


Shocked, shocked, shocked beyond remedy is Obasanjo, a man whose presence on Nigeria’s pedestal has turned Nigeria upside down and peoples of Nigerian nations against themselves. What would it take to understand that there is a curse on Nigeria today and that curse is Obasanjo? 


If any is looking for a place on this earth where Three Monkey Ethics has been perfected, the one need not look farther. Nigeria is the place, and congratulations are in order to none other than Obasanjo. Obasanjo’s regime that Nigerians, like MUTTs, refer to as  Democracy has as its guide posts the Three Monkey Ethics, and it is such abysmally corrupt edifice run by a gang of shameless thieves that the peoples of Nigerian nations are asked to nurse and nurture at all cost! Obasanjo’s Three Monkey regime that has fed on peoples of Nigerian nations for five years running a la hunger, poverty and all manners of criminalities under the sun.


PDP members, as peoples of Nigerian nations now know are certified liars and crooks that are only interested in feathering their nests and those of their friends, families and cronies. They scheme, steal and kill in a Ba kwomi (I don’t care) fashion, and these include even the professors and other professionals like MDs and journalists among them. What does Obasanjo, the born again Christian do? Nothing. Why? He sees no evil, hears no evil and says no evil. And when his reaction is sought, “I am shocked” is his response; then Ina ruana.


As was Ogbe, I was involved in the 2nd Republic in my little corner – my first stint in a cherished honorable field – Public Service – Public Thievery in the case of Nigeria. Not only that, I was in a position where I was privy to letters from concerned and enraged citizens, directed to the office in which I was a top aide. They were letters from Nigerians of all walks of life directed at the powers that be then. One could not tell if some of the letters came from those who eventually liquidated the 2nd republic. I still have some of the letters.


Then, I was in the system, but I was not a system person, and never have been. I was never what I call a Systematized Nigerian – the beaten up, smashed Nigerian that would do anything to keep his space.  I felt pity, but even in my place in government, I could not do a thing. Government was like a running train that none could stop, certainly not by little me.


Through letters, personal intimations of which I was privy, too, the three levels of governments then were warned as to the peoples disenchantment, just as Ogbe appealed, I mean appealed to Obasanjo now, only to incur Obasanjo’s tirade and tattle and accusation of coup mongering.


It must be understood that the immediate reason for the liquidation of the 2nd republic was election rigging. Looking back today, one could ask, where was election rigged then and at what scale? Had any Nigerian alive been privy to the manner of debauchery, the criminality that Obasanjo and his henchmen visited upon Nigerians just recently in the 419 elections that put him and his henchmen where they are today in the states and Abuja?


Now who would cry for Obasanjo and his gang if their Three Monkey regime were liquidated? Well none other that those that are feeding fat off the criminal largess of the Three Monkey regime, like that indescribable Bad Igbo Man called Ojo Maduekwe – a man whose greed and avarice is larger than Ohafia, the town whence he supposedly hail.


It is a shame to think that this man is from such a proud place in Igbo land. A man of combination of guts and fraud that rears his head each time to defend the indefensible that abounds about Obasanjo. He was the first to rise in defense of the PDP elections robbery, querying the rights of those who were robbed to contest the legitimacy of Obasanjo’s victory claim. Ojo Maduekwe is the type who when justice catches up with him, this time jungle justice, would wonder out aloud – kedu ihe mmere (what did I do). He is another Ukpabi Asika, he is now busy licking and enjoying pears that have ripped for him. Lick on, Ojo Maduekwe, your time will come, and then you will remember Ogbe.


Well, It is the hope of the people of Nigerian nations emasculated by Obasanjo’s gargantuan failure and rape by his gang, represented by the Ojo Maduekwes that their plight could end soon, and it will not matter a damned bit how it ends.


The announcement that the Supreme Court would soon rule on Muhammadu Buhari’s suit challenging the 419 presidency of Obasanjo should be seen as a welcome relief to the disenfranchised and battered humanity in Nigeria.


Buhari, as I wrote in an article not long ago, was the last man of honor to rule Nigeria, following Abacha. Yes, Abacha. In Abacha’s time we knew where all the thieves and swindlers were – Gaol or underground. Those who escaped overseas went about mouthing “human rights” in London and Washington D.C. – along with a bunch of demagogues, socialists and anarchists.


Relief to peoples of Nigerian nations shall come by way of nullification of Obasanjos 419 elections. Obasanjo and his regime are illegitimate, Nigerian peoples know it, the world know it, the tribunal judges must affirm it. If they are illegitimate - that we know - then they, their illegitimate mandate must be nullified! And you judges would have bought peace – however temporary.


Real Democracy shall be seen to exist in Nigeria for the benefit of Nigerian nations only when the Tribunal Judges decide on the merit of Buhari’s case – that the election that put Obasanjo where he is today was sheer debauchery – a rape of people’s mandate, as seen not only by Nigerian peoples, but by International Election Monitoring organizations.


Who is it that will argue today that Obasanjo and all PDP so-called governors were rigged into offices? Who will argue today that Obasanjo knew and condoned all manners of criminality that resulted in him being where he is today and what he deems himself – rule of Nigeria?


Answers to these questions, which are decidedly in the negative, are enough to put out of business the Three Monkey regime of Obasanjo and his thieving gang.


 In conclusion, I here briefly review how Nigeria got saddled with this BURDEN – Obasanjo.


The evil one, Nigerian nightmare, none other than Ibrahim Babangida, a man about whom Obasanjo knew well, together with his “capacity for mischief” – Obasanjo’s words; a man who robbed Nigerian treasury clean and worse, destroyed the elements that binds a nation together – morals - funded the arrangement to make a newly released prisoner, Obasanjo, who was broke and ailing the president of Nigeria.


Soon following his election, the multi-national oil corporation

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Chevron arrived at
Obasanjo’s in a private jet with bags full of Dollars. Soon Otta Farm that had totally broken down was fixed and operational. As only a president-elect, the itchy foot, itchy butt Ajala of Nigeria – Obasanjo embarked on a tour of the US and other countries….as  Nigerian president-elect….for reasons only you and I can guess. Out and about in the world, not a president yet, he was courted and he dined and wined with corporate honchos; in Canada soon after being sworn in, he introduced his son to business men gathered as one with whom to do business. Meanwhile in Nigeria, Mohammed Abacha was being harassed for being a businessman while his father ruled. Remember that Maryam Abacha was never sued over business transactions good or bad, at home or abroad.


In all of Obasanjo’s junkets and arrangements, Andrew Young, a man whose friendship dates back to the days of Operation Feed the Nation (OFN)– better known as Obasanjo Fool the Nation, that gave rise to the Obasanjo/Young Fertilizer scandal two decades plus ago – became the organizer and front man in the US axis for his old friend – Obasanjo.


This would be roadside mechanic, Obasanjo, had indeed risen so high and then hit bottom; he rose again, this time a product of the evil one. What is to be expected of such a product? This time again, Obasanjo had some lessons learned.


The lesson for the people of Nigerian nations is this – You will now be certified fools if you think that Obasanjo will leave his illegal abode - Aso Rock - like the proverbial Aaron, empty handed.  Obasanjo is doing well for himself and family. This while preaching homilies - morals and value and chastising little fries about him – especially the family of a dead man – Abacha.


Hypocrisy, thou art Obasanjo!

Obasanjo's Three Monkey Regime and Gang

Peter Opara is a communications consultant, and author of - Understanding the Nigerian Nation Tribe - Why they Boil; Think In Time - Essays and Encounters of the Last Quarter of the 20th Century; The Man of Biafra - In the City Where America Began


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