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September 25, 2005

Obasanjo and Atiku War: Fasawe Arrest - Too Close to Call!

by Jonathan Elendu and Sowore Omoyele --- The feud between Pres. Olusegun Obasanjo and Vice President Abubakar Atiku is in its final stages. The Titans have marshaled their arsenals in waiting. The first casualty of this phase is Otunba Johnson Oyewole Fasawe, a personal friend of Pres. Obasanjo, up until about four months ago. spoke to very reliable sources at the Presidency. Our sources confirmed that the recent arrest by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, of Otunba Fasawe is a preemptive strike by the President. Vice President Atiku’s camp had counted on using Otunba Fasawe as an ace in their fight against the President. Sources revealed to that the Vice President and his people were planning to use Otunba’s business dealings, especially during the privatization process, to embarrass the President. To achieve this, documents have been compiled. These documents would reveal that Otunba Fasawe, who is generally regarded as the President’s front man, was heavily involved in corrupt practices which characterized the privatization process, allocation of oil blocks, and other deals.

Security reports and other sources provided the President with Atiku’s game plan. Knowing that Otunba Fasawe was Atiku’s ace, the President, in a manner reminiscent of a military operation, went on a counter offensive. According to our sources, by this preemptive move, the President is turning a deficit into gains. Otunba Johnson Fasawe and Pres. Obasanjo were so close that sometimes he played the role of the President’s personal treasurer. was informed that the Otunba sat closest to the President in the Presidential limousine every time they went out. It was he, who took care of expenses arising from some of the President’s personal past time. People who work at Aso Rock or who are very close to the Presidency were aware of the Otunba’s closeness to the President. Otunba Fasawe operated from the fifty-room Aguda house for months. This high-brow government guest house was the Otunba’s residence, as well as his office in Abuja.

In a previous story, had exclusively reported a meeting between Pres. Obasanjo and Vice President Atiku. It was at this meeting which took place about four months ago that the President confronted Vice President Atiku with what the President thought was overwhelming evidence of corruption on the part of the Vice President. The President was hoping that Atiku would offer to exit honorably. Instead the Vice President made it clear to the President that he would not resign but would rather fight. It was at this juncture that the Vice President clued the President into his strategy. He told the President he was also complicit in the corrupt practices of the Presidency. Flabbergasted, the President asked for explanations. That was when Otunba Fasawe came into the picture. The Otunba, instead of falling on his sword, gave the President up and admitted that he had been collecting bribes on behalf of Obasanjo. The President was so infuriated that he ordered his pal, the Otunba, out of his sight and subsequently banished him from the Presidency.

Our sources confirm that the President was not only angry at Otunba Fasawe for engaging in corrupt practices, but was also upset that the Otunba did not make complete ‘returns’ on all the largesse that he collected on behalf of the President. Apparently, the Otunba had kept a large part of the ‘returns’ for himself. This betrayal was too much for the President to handle.

President Olusegun Obasanjo, according to our sources, is still hoping that Vice President Atiku will tow the path of honor and resign. However, the President is not holding his breath while waiting. The call on Atiku to resign by presidential candidate and retired army general, Buba Marwa, is part of the President’s game plan of forcing Atiku’s hand. confirmed that Marwa was recruited by the Obasanjo camp to pressure the Vice president who is from his home state of Adamawa.

Vice President Atiku, on the other hand, is fully prepared for war. In the past few days he has made utterances that have been interpreted by analysts as a signal to Obasanjo to ‘bring it on.’ In a speech last week, the Vice President said Nigeria lacked good leadership. This was a direct attack on the President. Later in the week, the Vice President told a radio station that he had personal problems with the President.

How are Nigerians reacting to this fight of the Titans? Danjuma Onuaguluchi, a businessman who operates from Lagos, told, “The country is in a big mess. An American report told us Nigeria may break up in fifteen years. From what I see now, Nigeria may not last fifteen years. How can the President and the Vice President be having an ongoing confrontation on the pages of newspapers? If they can do this in public, only God knows what goes on behind closed doors. We may not have fifteen years as a country!”

We asked some of our sources at the Presidency where they believe this feud might be headed. One replied, “The President will move heavily against Atiku. It is only a matter of time. The Vice President knows it.” Another source informed that the Vice President has vowed to expose all of Obasanjo’s corrupt practices if the President moves against him. Is Nigeria at the edge of a very precarious bank, yet? You bet!


Posted by Administrator at September 25, 2005 09:07 PM


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