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March 05, 2006

Buhari and Kalu: Do not be Deceived; OBJ is in Free-fall to Illegal Third Term

by SpinCity Spinoza --- Obasanjo is in free-fall to his third term ambition if you allow yourselves to be deceived by his thugs. Every object under the influence of free-fall is not necessarily free of its own will. Instead, there are forces at work, propelling the object to some destination. General Obasanjo’s destination is his third term ambition, and the forces being used to propel him there are the current instability, violence, and mayhem in Nigeria.

Christianity and Islam are now his chosen vehicles for actualization of his illegal ambition. Therefore, many innocent Nigerians are bound to be the casualties of this illegal scheme. To think otherwise is to fall into the trap of the dubious mind of this dubious monster.

The current moment of instability and mayhem is the reason Uba and Adedibu are the best friends of the monster. Both thugs are now at work, causing religious tensions in many parts of Nigeria so that the selfish Yoruba monster can achieve his third-term ambition.

It is a well-known fact that the monster does not care about the rulings of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. It is also widely known that many important personalities and opponents of the monster have been murdered without adjudication. It is therefore conceivable that the mad man and his lawless thugs are now using religious riots and mayhems to destabilize Nigeria so that the illegal third-term ambition can sell through.

Despotism knows nothing about legalities and human decency, and is, by definition, the absence of established decorum and laws. Despotism in Nigeria today is the presence of illegal power and authority given to several individuals, notably Uba and Adedibu, to ferment destabilizing riots and bone-chilling mayhems capable of actualizing their intended illegal occupation of the nation. Since the inception of the present administration under the present mad men, despotism has been everywhere and in everything they touch. Every policy, every action, and every move they make has despotism written on it.

Their objective is not to develop Nigeria or to care for our people. Their leading despot has been given ample time to prove that he does not care about the growth and unity of the nation. His only objective is to prove that he is the Messiah sent by Allah to rule Nigeria as he sees fit. He has left enough destruction in his trails. The rule of law has been effectively incapacitated by his careful calculations. Since the laws of Nigeria mean nothing to the monster and his thugs, the constitution of Nigeria is perceived as an impediment to his illegal third term ambition.

In all human societies where human life has value, all citizens know what to expect from one another because laws control and constrain human behavior and empower individuals as they contribute to the social order. In Obasanjo’s Nigeria, the contrary is the case; human life has no value because there is no law to define and constrain human actions. Anybody and anything can be murdered so long as they stand in the path of his personal ambition or so long as doing so can help to actualize such an ambition.

In all democratic arrangements, the presence of laws means the presence of rules of action, prescribed by a legitimate authority invested with competent power and rights to apply the laws. The authority is legitimate because it is instituted by a documented and popular consensus. The power and rights are competent because they are invested in respectful and respected body of wise men. These two conditions are present in all democratic governments of the human world.

In Nigeria today, both conditions are wanting because one mad man thinks and acts as if the state is his private organization. The courts of Nigeria, as the competent authority to interpret and to apply the laws of Nigeria, mean nothing to him because he is the strategic Jesus of Yoruba Land, sent by God to liberate some ignorant goats. Under the Hitler of Yoruba Land, everything is done from his arbitrary whims and commands. Hence intimidation, violence, brutality, and murder are the accepted ways of discharging the daily business of the masses of goats. All credible oppositions are quickly hauled to their graves or to his personal gulags.

It is therefore not beyond the wicked mindset of this wicked traitor and his lawless thugs to use religious riots as the motivating force for keeping Nigerians locked up in their homes so that the constitution of Nigeria can be freely mutilated to actualize the illegal third term ambition of the despotic monster. If Nigerians are frightened to death by religious riots; if mayhems and instability are unleashed on the streets of Nigeria; if our masses are turned against each other, how can they be able to plan for the future of Nigeria? How can they forestall the impending illegalities on the constitution of Nigeria? If General Obasanjo and his thugs, with the terrorist police forces behind them, are allowed to intimidate and frighten our masses into submission to this illegal third-term ambition, then Nigeria is on the way to disintegration. They can freely and lawlessly fall to their third-term destination, but what happens afterwards will be unheard-off in the annals of human history. They can use illegal force, murder, and mayhems to destabilize the nation so that they may perpetuate themselves in office.

But they must know that we, the people, also retain our God-given rights to use any means necessary and available to retake our country. If the blood of our children and fathers and mothers is necessary to propel you to your illegal personal destination, then your blood and the blood of your children and grand children and mothers and fathers must be spilled to dethrone you from your pedestals of lawlessness and murder and mayhems.

Posted by Administrator at March 5, 2006 08:09 AM


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