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March 27, 2006

Are You Winning the Deceptiion Game? Not Necessarily!

by SpinCity Spinoza --- If only the current administration and its champions are interested in justice and in developing Nigeria, or in keeping the nation united as one Nigeria, then those who defend their actions and inactions would have a leg to stand on; they could point out what the present administration has done to forestall the present mayhems in Nigeria; how and when Femi-Kayode came out in his usual combative mode to criticize and caricature the use of violence and murder as the only means of political protest.

But you will never find any such productive criticism or action from the present administration and its supporters because the present mayhems and conflicts are their own purposeful designs and productions; the violence and senseless loss of lives, confined to only the North and the East, are the products of the monsters intended to distract the public from their illegal tribal ambitions.

As we speak, their terrorist State Security Service (SSS) and police forces are busy arresting innocent Nigerians and charging them with terrorism; the former Speaker of Bayelsa State House of Assembly, Boye Layefa Bedekeme, was arrested and hauled to Obasanjo’s gulag on an alleged charge of funding terrorism. Recall that Boye Layefa Bedekeme is the same patriot who refused to cave into their illegal pressure to illegally impeach Alamieyeseigha. They were able to illegally impeach Alamieyeseigha by first forcibly impeaching Boye Layefa Bedekeme as the speaker of the State House.

A similar injustice happened on two separate occasions a few days ago. It occurred when more than 500 terrorist policemen were used to squash the lawful gathering of politicians from Niger Delta. A second occurrence was in Katsina when the same terrorist policemen shot and killed some innocent citizens who were demonstrating the illegal intention of mutilating the constitution to service the narrow interests of the Yoruba Hitler.

The obvious parallel is there. While many Nigerians are being murdered by the concocted riots, the present Yoruba Hitler and his thugs are busy looking for credible political opponents perceived as standing in their way to perpetual occupation of Nigeria. Therefore, Nigerian masses are being terrorized by those who are entrusted with the power to protect and to service the interests of the entire nation.

Several questions are in order now: Why should Nigerians continue to surrender their lives to this murderous administration? If Nigerian masses can no longer gain protection from the members of the current government, why should they continue to obey and to surrender their God-given rights to such a tyrannical administration?

Every government is founded on the need of the members to gain protection from the savaging instincts of human nature. Because each individual needs and requires such a protection from himself and from others, the institutions of government were created to procure these needs. This is the basis of all governments, whether democratic or monarchic. If the protective function exists, then there is an effective government. If there is an effective government, then the lives and properties of all citizens are secured and safe. Once life and property are no longer safe, then there is no more protection.

The Yoruba Hitler and his fanatical thugs and supporters are in the contrary opinion that the current dysfunctional state of affairs in Nigeria serves them well. But they are dead wrong. The protective function of the government is a self-interested function that serves every member of the society, including the rulers and the ruled. Every instance of dysfunctionality therefore harms the interests of all. But because of their short-sighted congenital tendency, which they have failed again and again to alter, Obasanjo and his clan of thugs have once more preferred to pursue immediate transitory pleasure at the expense of more expansive distant advantages associated with the protective function of an effective government. That this course of action is massively short-sighted and disadvantageous to Hitler Obasanjo and his clan of thugs, the following argument is hereby adduced.

The Nigerian government retains its usefulness only if the rules of justice are obeyed by all members of the nation, including the rulers and the ruled. Every instance of violation of such rules harms the interests of every member. If the rules are suspended today so that group A can plunder groups B, C, and D, then the precedent is set for future plundering of every other group. Group A’s plundering harms the interests of groups B, C, and D by depriving these groups of the protective function of the rules of justice. Group A’s plundering also harms the interests of group A because it undermines the benefits of having the rules of justice available for group A. When Abacha and his clan of thugs were busy undermining the rules of justice and plundering everybody’s resources for their own private gains, they were harming both their own interests and the interests of every other group. The coquettish decay they left on their path is available for all to see.

Therefore, all groups need the rules of justice to be enforced both for short-term advantage of protecting every group and for long-term advantage that the rules must be obeyed by every group if the rules are to be of advantage to any group. The Yoruba Hitler and his fanatic thugs and supporters can momentarily suspend the rules so that they can plunder every other group today. It necessarily follows that all groups, including the Yoruba Hitler and his lawless clan of thugs, are set to be plundered by all future plunderers since the benefits of the rules of justice have been effectively undermined.

Therefore, you must be reminded that you are not necessarily winning your game of politics because your “smart” schemes of perfect deception are at least as impracticable as any “smart” scheme of perfect virtue. If you must impose the rules of justice on other groups and never upon yourself and your clan of thugs, then we know that it is in our best interests to freely choose our own leader who will impose the rules of justice upon everybody without exception.

By SpinCity Spinoza

Posted by Administrator at March 27, 2006 12:03 AM


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